April 14th, 2011 | 447 Entries

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447 Entries for “hysterical”

  1. Hysterical like jokes. Nothing hysterical about my day. Just sat here. I was sick. Ate some fruits. Yogurt. Even went outside this one time because I needed to get some food. Being sick sucks when your mom’s not around. Even when you are an adult. I wish my mom was here.

    By Janine URL on 04.14.2011

  2. i think of my family. there’s always something hilarious going on. and with my friends too. i never get through a day without laughing. not that i’d want to. because that is my soul. that’s the reason i get up, and the reason i keep going. because it’s too much fun, if i didn’t get to chuckle, i don’t that what i’d do.

    By Madison Gurkin on 04.14.2011

  3. My friends are. Not in a bad way. In a great way. They make me feel sane, the way no one else can. They make me feel whole. Like the hysterical part of me is okay. Because it is. It’s okay. Okay to be whoever you need to be. It’s okay.

    By Matilda URL on 04.14.2011

  4. McKenna laughed. It was a hysterical laugh, full of energy. But it wasn’t the good kind. It was the kind that sent shivers down your spine – the kind that you will always have in the back of your mind, even when it has been gone for many years. She paused, then did it again.

    By Tezcacoatl on 04.14.2011

  5. Insanity at it’s best with a hint of creativity. Manifested wisdom that gnaws at your brain. Jokes & rhymes coming from a whimsical mind.

    By Keli URL on 04.14.2011

  6. hahaha my life is hysterical, seriously. mostly because i laugh at everything. why not? if you were given the choice to never be able to laugh or to constantly be laughing at everything, wouldn’t you rather be laughing? it’s the best medicine there is! i just like to enjoy life, that’s all :) BAHA!

    By Anja URL on 04.14.2011

  7. I always think that people who cry openly in public were the strongest types of people. I wonder if I could ever be that person. My fear is that once I start crying, i will become hysterical and never stop. do you ever worry what people think of you. i think i think too much of it. i go around saying “i dont care what they think of me”, but in reality, i’m not even fooling myself.

    By Breana URL on 04.14.2011

  8. She was hysterical. Glass was smashing against the walls, porcelain was scraping jagged lines across the paint. Things were breaking, and she was just a little hurricane of chaos, unable to do anything but pound her fists against the world around her, and hope that her actions would, somehow, make everything okay.

    By Anne Falcon on 04.14.2011

  9. I am not hysterical. I am always really calm. I am not crazy hysterical, or happy hysterical. I don’t express extreme emotions.

    By lizzyb97 URL on 04.14.2011

  10. I like hysterical stuff. It’s all funny funny when something is hysterical. I wonder what else is hysterical. I don’t think clowns are, because there scary

    By just582 URL on 04.14.2011

  11. Its what I’m going to be if all this is true…..
    I can’t believe i let it go this far. I’m really just disappointed in myself. I am not myself right now. I’m so far gone, its hysterical.
    not funny, tragically hysterical.

    By Ashley on 04.14.2011

  12. means funny as hell fuck it laughing my sox off stoned as hell with the dog of an ox and the mind of a patreotic sanitical buddism sadism sadist at the top of a radical enlightened mole hill with a spliff the size of antarctica and cone the shape of a cornetto on ice! buyakasha!

    By jonny URL on 04.14.2011

  13. A toothy grin stretched across his pale face as he stared down the edge of the building, at the carnage below. Something emitted from his throat. It took Naomi sometime before she realized the sound was actually a laugh.

    The sound grew in volume and strength going from a grim chuckle to an all-out hysterical cackle. Naomi felt her blood run cold as her friend continued to lose all sense of himself, as he seemed to finally break away from all remnants of sanity to which he clung. So desperately she wanted to move, to run away. Yearn as she did to do so, despite herself, she stayed rooted to the spot, eyes transfixed on the hunched figure. Unable to look away.

    By Cantabile URL on 04.14.2011

  14. i wake up in the morning and i lose my head. ways and means are out the window, the pavement hits me like concrete in the brain and what on earth can i do except leap! my arms flap and clap and as i hit the day i cannot help but go roundy-roundy like a roundabout and screaming and laughing all the way

    By Elli Thomas on 04.14.2011

  15. hello, hello, hello, an echo inside of me, so loud, hello, hello. maybe you are speaking; is this my voice or yours? maybe it is ours, maybe i am somewhere else, collective consciousness, bullshit. can you hear me, are you okay, are you okay, can you hear me? from somewhere far away, pounding in my ears, i’d wish you’d quiet down, i’d tell you yes if it would get you to shut up. no, don’t go, don’t leave me, i love you. don’t involve love in this, you can’t hear me but i can’t stop hearing you, a one-way mirror, glass on the ground, hair tangled in the shards.

    By robyn URL on 04.14.2011

  16. hysterical

    He was…
    hysteric and neurotic,
    agitated and opinionated.
    aggressive and oppressive.

    Giving far less of-himself,
    to those around him.
    Closing off chapters,
    before they begin.
    For he was
    troubled emotionally,

    Then there was her
    his wife to be…

    She was…
    Composed, and rational
    calm, and indifferent.
    Peaceful, and fair.

    giving far too much of,
    to those around her.
    Without a chance to breath.
    unattained inner peace.
    for she was,
    The beauty,
    to his vicious beast…

    its hysterical to think
    the two complete opposites
    yet forever linked.

    By lildevi URL on 04.14.2011

  17. Hair billowing out in all directions, she turned in circles on the spot. Her eyes were bugged and wild. Her dress was tattered. She looked absolutely out of her mind with grief. “How could you?” she cried over and over, like a child throwing a tantrum in a grocery store aisle,” How could you!” She clearly didn’t expect an answer.

    By Marty URL on 04.14.2011

  18. laughing uncontrolably. when gigi tells jokes or my aunt actin crazy. how i get around my crazy family. good times. it cud also be hysterically crying but i’d rather not go there. and im out

    By carla j on 04.14.2011

  19. i was there in the middle of the room laughing and carrying on about the joke you told over 50 years ago. I love the person you are and were. Hysterical is what you make me when i feel at my worst moment i love for you and that is all i need to feel right in the world. love yourself as i love you.

    By Irelind Baker on 04.14.2011

  20. Veerin starts laughing. A long and loud and silly kind of laugh. Next thing I know, I’m covering my mouth with my hand, praying that Eliana won’t wake up or my dad come upstairs. It’s been too long since I’ve laughed like this. High and breathless. And I never imagined it would be here, sitting on the floor of my room with a bowl of Skittles and him beside me.

    By Veerin URL on 04.14.2011

  21. Stories are always fun to tell when they are hysterical. But why is that after you tell it for the first time it is no longer as funny the second? Don;t you wish they could be just as funny?

    By Bonnie on 04.14.2011

  22. “Are you kidding me? That REALLY happened?” I asked through laughter. She nodded. “Yeah! My brother is SO stupid.” “I can’t believe it, that’s too crazy!” He said. She shook her head. “No, you should! It was hilarious- it even took me a while to believe!”

    By Lilly URL on 04.14.2011

  23. “I can’t..” Gasp.
    “What’s wrong, you can’t what?”
    “Can’t.. breathe.” Gasp. Tears.
    “Why? Please… calm down and tell me what is wrong.”
    “I can’t. I’m…” Gasp.
    “I’m… sorry.”

    By Carrie URL on 04.14.2011

  24. The hysterical parachute swept across the sky. Oh my! what a wind was blowing that day. All you could feel was the fresh breeze witht the warm sun sweeping you across the field. Or maybe the shore? What a day..

    By Cristela on 04.14.2011

  25. Her eyes were bright and crazed. She lunged at him with the knife, her palm sweaty and moist.

    “What are you doing?!” he screamed. “You are hysterical!”

    “You did this to me!” she shouted, her voice alarmingly high. “You will pay!”

    By Stacey W. URL on 04.14.2011

  26. The moment when you have tears in your eyes is the moment you are hysterical. Hysterical with laughter, joy and fufillment, or hysterical with grief, with tears. Hysterical is when you can’t breath, you can’t see. All you can do is to be hysterical.

    By Abigail Kotlarz URL on 04.14.2011

  27. Hysterical laughter can really creep me out. Much more than other spooky things in scary movies. Makes my skin crawl–not a pleasant experience.

    By lil_nail URL on 04.14.2011

  28. It’s not okay. Don’t go insane, don’t submit to hysteria. Remain under control. It’s okay to be scared, it’s okay to be angry, to be afraid, hurt. But keep control of yourself. Don’t let go of control. Never do. Things might go wrong but you must stay calm.

    By Kelsoo URL on 04.14.2011

  29. bring it down and make it loud. let’s bring it all down tonight, we’re gonna break it down, we’re gonna hit up the town, grandpa always said nothing is more annoying than quiet chaos whenever we tried to tame him. let’s go out and preach to the homeless how they ought to be spicing up their signs, let’s be crude, i want to play rough and play it rough, I’ve got a bad lack of risk like a lack of iron in my blood, this is the worst kind of anemia, it’s playing out in my head, all this calm has made me hysterical, i’m ready for some flying fists and careless words, let’s get sick and blow it

    By robyn URL on 04.14.2011

  30. My mothers voice when she is angry. The feeling you get when you study all night long for an exam and realize three seconds before the test, you retained zero information.

    By Katie on 04.14.2011

  31. I used to have a best friend who is hysterical. She made me laugh with every of her remarks, even when she wasn’t trying to be funny. It’s been a long time I live without anyone like her. I miss that.

    By mars on 04.14.2011

  32. Laughing
    We can all be hysterical
    Once in awhile
    Laugh from pure joy
    Cry from pure sorrow.
    Let it all out
    Don’t hold back
    Whatever you feel
    Just let it out.

    By Ash Lee URL on 04.14.2011

  33. “That,” He managed to say after what seemed like an endless bout of laughter, “was hysterical.”

    “You think so?” The Doctor frowned– he’d been doing a lot of that lately; Rory suspected he was trying to appear more brooding so as to impress Amy, but if so he wasn’t doing a very good job of it.

    By Sarah URL on 04.14.2011

  34. I had the audience right where I wanted them. Laughing their asses off. I have proven everyone wrong. Sure, I was dull as a child, but now, I have people actually ROFLing from my jokes. TAKE THAT BILLY!

    By The Writer URL on 04.14.2011

  35. She creeps along the yellow walls
    stripes like bars holding out the world
    holding her back from herself

    dangerous creatures with their messy emotions
    their passions like tigers ripping through lies and conventions

    keep them in those

    By angelofmercy URL on 04.14.2011

  36. What I learned from my encounter with you is that my heart would never be the same. It no longer wished for simple things. I had been spoiled by you. With your blue eyes and easy smile. It was no wonder that people found you attractive, like I did.

    By AudioPicasso URL on 04.14.2011

  37. Todd is my love, my life, and my world. Todd, my best friend who I am deeply in love with. Todd, who is getting married today. Yeah it’s hysterical.

    By Kate on 04.14.2011

  38. The funniest of the funny, the craziest of the crazy. Hysteria. There aren’t many people who can go crazy with laughter but when you find one, you’ll know by their smile.

    By jessica lohmuller on 04.14.2011

  39. Hysterical? What do I write about that that could possibly relate to my life? I guess the first thing that came to mind was all the times I’ve laughed so hysterically until I ended up crying. Or hyperventilating. Fun times. It hasn’t happened much lately. Not that things haven’t been funny, but I think that all the people I shared those moments with are people I’ve grown apart from.

    By Cecilia on 04.14.2011

  40. She laughed as he slapped her arm. “Jared, that’s not funny!” Her voice was serious, though a smile was tugging at the corner of her lips.
    “Aw, come on, Alyssa,” Jared said playfully. “It was a joke.”
    Alyssa shook her head. “It seemed like you were making fun of someone, that someone sounding a lot like myself.” She curtsied slightly, as if being insulted by Jared was something to be proud of.

    By adelyn on 04.14.2011