July 20th, 2014 | 72 Entries

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72 Entries for “huddled”

  1. They huddled together in the corner of the darkened house. They were scared.

    By Jerri URL on 07.21.2014

  2. Water huddles around his ankles, successfully slicing them off from the rest of the body, making him look like a pirate with a terrible misfortune with hungry sharks. Strands of leg hair are pasted to his skin from the sloshing ripples, somewhere underneath the murk his toes squish mud between them.

    By StatiKink URL on 07.21.2014

  3. My father had a barn he didn’t use for anything but storing old cars he swore we’d fix up. One winter, one of the worst, I found something behind it I should was just a loose pile of snow. It wasn’t until it started to move, and breath, that I noticed the stark white of the pile was fur bodies all huddled together for warmth.

    By Teh Kail URL on 07.21.2014

  4. Pit bulls huddle beneath sky rockets fallen among the pick-ups and Toyotas. Vagrants gone, food gone, puddles of oil and rain water abound. Somewhere, in an asparagus-green sky, their masters rotate in silver star-condos. A rib cage expands and contracts. Far off, in an apartment building, a girl wakes, alone, in a pile of dirty laundry. She puts on shoes and coat and goes looking for them, with scraps in her pockets and lemon-scented hair.

    By RS Bohn URL on 07.21.2014

  5. Snow fell in not-entirely-graceful clumps, since it was just barely warm enough to melt through the cold, and I sat inside.

    By jupiter URL on 07.21.2014

  6. The team huddled together like a bunch of bananas, all in their place, never drifting, unfree.

    By stumbler URL on 07.21.2014

  7. we huddled together for warmth, it had gone freezing so suddenly, like someone had removed ll the heat from the atmohphere. We thought the aliens were friendly…

    By kirsty on 07.21.2014

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    By Brianna on 07.21.2014

  9. Like a family of judgmental apes, they huddled excluding me with their lack of glance in my direction. I knew the cold better than I knew any of their motivations or desires. I knew too that they wanted me gone.

    By Michael Minto on 07.21.2014

  10. i sat, huddles, waiting for the man to pass by. i’ve never felt so frozen and scared in my life, and i couldn’t believe that i was afraid of that man. the man i had loves for so many years, trusted with my life, never questioned or doublted, but here i was, huddled, waitinting for

    By elaina on 07.21.2014

  11. All three of us huddled together as the storm battered against the windows. I wanted to be close to my roommates out of fear, but I suspected they were driven by empathy. Kira grew up in foster care, and there wasn’t much that phased her, at least outwardly. Blake was raised by a father who attempted to instill machismo in his son, and Blake was in the process of unlearning all those messages, but not far along in the process to allow himself to cower during a hurricane.

    By Amy URL on 07.21.2014

  12. i don’t play football, and i’ve never known anyone who has played full contact football, but i can promise you that every time i seen a real game, either high school of professional league, ever time there was a huddle, i was wishing i was huddled in the middle, surrounded by you. every time you hold me in your arms, i never want to leave. every time you hold me, i feel like i’ve already won the game.

    By Kelsey-Lynn URL on 07.21.2014

  13. I sat huddled in the corner of the room sucking my thumb. I was certain that the shadow had moved. I wanted to scream for mama, but fear gripped my throat. It happened again, and this

    By jennifer on 07.21.2014

  14. The fire roared in front of them as they clutched at each other’s small bodies. Snow fell outside the window, dusting everything with powder. They listened to the crackles, watching as the flames would rise into the air. The flames provided warmth, but they still stayed together.

    By Lackyducks URL on 07.21.2014

  15. Ivy took the huddled passengers to the safe-point. After getting them to a safe location, she looked back to Daniel with a sigh of relief.

    By Hillary on 07.21.2014

  16. They huddled together, the four of them, backs to the crowd. They huddled as if they were one tortoise shell made of four people, hard and impenetrable. They huddled so they wouldn’t see the eyes of the ones who screamed at them, and so they wouldn’t be hit in the face with the dirt, the stones, the garbage.

    By vmontes URL on 07.21.2014

  17. They huddled together, the four of them, their backs to the crowd. They huddled together like one tortoise shell made of four people, hard and impenetrable. They huddled together so they would not have to look in the eyes of the ones who screamed at them. They huddled together so they would not be hit in the face by the things thrown, by the dirt and stones and garbage.

    By vmontes URL on 07.21.2014

  18. please not this word
    my brain is stuck in thinking
    I thought of football as soon as I’d seen it
    though, I don’t have much experience
    not one to play sports though I never have been
    never been in a huddle, not once
    I suppose that this is for imagination
    though the amount of writer’s block I have doesn’t help much
    I must admit

    By Justice URL on 07.21.2014

  19. I remember the days we huddled together for warmth, waiting in the cold, unforgiving wind. I thought nothing of it. I was happy and in love and safe. I hope that even though it’s over now, you won’t be the wind. I hope you will always keep that beautiful smile and warm heart.

    By Junco URL on 07.21.2014

  20. He huddled close to the fireplace as he shivered from the cold. He never liked winter nor will he ever. He liked the warmer seasons. Like Summer.

    By Paige on 07.21.2014

  21. He huddled under the warm blanket as he came in front shoveling snow. He hated the cold any kind weather He did love the holidays, but not the weather. At all.

    By Paige URL on 07.21.2014

  22. Just go on for a minute now. Huddle up with your brother by that tree. Bring Petey. Hold his collar so he doesn’t budge. I’ll be back one minute. Just stay there. Cover your ears. The shot will be a little loud. Don’t be frightened.

    By DMM URL on 07.21.2014

  23. They huddled together, trying to keep the rain off the meager flame. Stomachs growled. Eyes kept on the flame. Nobody talked. All they could manage was to keep themselves together, staving off nightmares and death with proximity alone.

    By Kraal on 07.21.2014

  24. The children in the room were huddled together, too scared to ran out of the building which was on fire. Despite all attempts to rescue them.

    By victor URL on 07.21.2014

  25. She walked into the room with sofia, her doll, aimlessly, searchingly, for comfort, that would have been given to her if mommy was around. She lay on the bed and huddled close to mommy’s pillow, smelling her smells, satisfied, and her lids soon got heavy and shut, tight with sweet dreams…

    By Dewy on 07.21.2014

  26. The rain was coming down in sheets now and it was all Rengar could do to huddle beneath the canopy and try to avoid the water. Of course it was just too late now but instinct demanded that he attempt to keep himself dry somehow. The cub was already soaking wet so really it did him absolutely no good though he did attempt it. A shudder and full-body sneeze wracked the boy’s body and his teeth chattered so hard he bit into the tip of his tongue. Blood dribbled into his mouth and he whimpered at the pain that grew from the wound.

    How had he ended up here, he wondered, though not in so many words. He was a child after all and a very young one at that.

    Where are my parents? My mother and father are not here. I don’t even know what they look like, smell like. Where am I? What is going on? Why is this happening to me?

    Sounds drew his shivering attention away from his inner thoughts and he watched as a dark skinned creature without fur walked nearby. He’d seen this thing before, somehow he knew it was male, the same as him, even though he hadn’t ever seen such a thing before now. For days the male thing had been trying to find him after spotting him down by a new creek created out of the monsoon season’s rainstorms. It hadn’t tried to hurt him but he didn’t know that and was actively avoiding him with all the wherewithal a six year old possessed.

    By Ken on 07.21.2014

  27. Huddled in the corner by the window she could hear them talking. Back and forth, hurriedly, they spat frantic whispers at each other. “What are we going to do if they come tonight, John?” She could hear one of them demand. She could hear the tightness in the other man’s jaw as he replied, “I don’t know. I suppose… we’ll let them take her.”

    By Shannon on 07.21.2014

  28. They clung to each other exactly the way you’d imagine they would. You may also imagine, if you like, the dirt on their sunken cheeks, their stringy hair, the gold flecks in their fox eyes. What none of us expected was what they offered: “Give us your food and we won’t kill you,” said the tallest. There was no attitude, no puffed chest, no hands on her hips. No weapons. Only resignation.

    By Yona URL on 07.21.2014

  29. come forward like a cloud with no place to go. huddled around the table of peace, your eyes meet mine for the second time in an infinity

    By sean m URL on 07.21.2014

  30. this word reminds me of how penguins in antarctica huddle really close together with like an inch between each other and when they get so close they can reach temperatures of 60 degrees fahrenheit inside their own bubble alone. it seems impossible- akin to finishing a novel, but i need the motivation from friends.

    By verbomaniac11 URL on 07.21.2014

  31. The school was being bombarded with whitches throwing potions. We huddled together so none of the glass would wound us. The air started getting thick with the smell of frogs breath and nightly juice.

    By Rocio Aragona on 07.21.2014

  32. I sat huddled in the corner of the room, without a sound. I could hear them in the other room shouting to each other about there finds. I was worried I was next, I figured if I didn’t move they wouldn’t notice me and they take what they needed and left. Then I heard it, the sirens. Thank good, they may not kill me after all

    By Mrs Tantulli URL on 07.21.2014