July 19th, 2014 | 36 Entries

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36 Entries for “fleet”

  1. Do not fleet what you fear. Fear the fact that you feel you must fleet. If you do not feel confident in your abilities to overcome obstacles and surpass the odds. you are doing something wrong my friend.

    By Junco URL on 07.19.2014

  2. A fleet of ships roamed the ocean. The blue above and below were both endless. The boat rocked rythamiccaly with the never-ending waves coming at them. The sailed, tried to cover ground, just hoping it was the right direction they were heading. They couldn’t see whats in front of them it was all trust

    By Leahbayah URL on 07.19.2014

  3. “There’s probably more than a dozen of them.” Todd says softly with conviction. He’s slightly drunk.

    Clancey looks uncomfortable, mostly because Todd isn’t laughing like he should be. “Yes, but I wasn’t thinking to that extent. Violet and her team blowing up buildings en masse.”

    Todd Allison slowly stands, still able to keep balance. “She has them all helping her, I know it. Ugh- help me, will you?”

    The two men stagger out of the library, Todd still muttering on and Clancey filled with foreboding thoughts.

    “Do you honestly believe she has that many people following her? Doing what she says?”

    Todd Allison glares at him, then looks up. “More than a dozen. I’m not going to repeat myself.”

    Clancey thinks about it, and sits in silent dread for the rest of the night.

    By kristen URL on 07.19.2014

  4. The fleet of ships that arrived in the area where the aircraft landed after the explosion, was unable to locate the wreckage due to the extreme bad weather and storm that lasted for a week.

    By victor URL on 07.19.2014

  5. a fleet of ships gradually moving across the ocean
    like the fleet of dogs shooting right towards her feet
    and just like the way the ocean let nothing get in its way
    she couldn’t help but be knocked over
    (this was precisely why she considered herself to be a cat person)
    but she still laughed.

    By Nova Lee Adamson URL on 07.19.2014

  6. Ohara left Makita’s office unsatisfied, with no new information, other than the fact that Makita, for some reason, was now in need of a fleet of patrol cars. There were no reports of foreigner bodies being found, no rumours of girls in trouble in any way. It looked like he would have to solve this case the old fashioned way.

    By tonykeyesjapan URL on 07.19.2014

  7. my eyes are full of starlight and I think that perhaps there are enough thoughts in my head to fill a thousand thousand ships that sail on the oceans of my subconscious. The world is a beautiful strange and marvelous place.

    By KelseyMMacpherson URL on 07.19.2014

  8. The fleet was approaching the stratosphere quickly, with no sign of slowing down. The captain was steady and resolved on the bridge, and when the nose of her vessel dipped, she did not lose her balance. A flick of her wrist produced a small knife with an ornately carved handle, which she used to cut off the tip of her cigar before moving to light it with her dead brother’s lighter.

    “Close to enemy contact, Captain,” the XO said. The captain only nodded.

    By Belinda Roddie URL on 07.19.2014

  9. fjying with my feet on the ground
    speeding faster than a bee
    see me excelerate beyound the rest
    I’ m too much for all of you
    I glide on the wind that
    leaves it all behind

    By Protean on 07.19.2014

  10. The swan was very fleet when it raced across the sky winging its way to the mountains. It’s wings glistened in the fading sunlight.

    By Christine on 07.19.2014

  11. A clatter of armor.
    The sound of a salute, chain mail covered fist striking a breastplate. “The fleet waits in the harbor, my lady; just give the word.”
    Princess, nay Queen, Eleyna turned her eyes from the sea beyond her window to those of each of her advisers in turn. Some met her gaze openly, with pride, and others slowly, more reserved, not yet sure of their young rules or her intentions. She would see their expressions change before this war was over; she was certain of it.
    “Then let us prepare for war.”

    By S.C. Lovelace URL on 07.20.2014

  12. waiting to approach me, ambushing me at the time when i felt least able to face you. i have never felt weaker

    By Isis URL on 07.20.2014

  13. The admiral’s fleet were totally annihilated be the opposing army

    By Valentino URL on 07.20.2014

  14. Fleet. Fleet of foot. That’s what his Grandma used to say when he’d run up and down her neat back garden, practising for the egg and spoon race. ‘Up you get!’ she’d call after he fell for the umpteenth time. ‘Fleet of foot!’

    By Sheila McWade on 07.20.2014

  15. The answer is not to fleet away. It’s to stand up to the monsters in your head. There’s always an answer to everyone’s problems and don’t be afraid to fight your own battles.

    By Rachael on 07.20.2014

  16. It was just a moment. A second. It had only taken that short space of time, the space of one breath, for her to realise what she needed to do. She closed her eyes and imagined it. It was within her reach, and she knew it. She just had to find the right second.

    By Jo Cannon on 07.20.2014

  17. The fleet grumbled as the ship creaked under their feet. The waves pounded the sides and the salty breeze flung their hair into their eyes. They could barely see through the fog, but that didn’t matter. They had to get the sail fixed or their fates would be sealed. No one spoke, for it was impossible to hear over the roar of the angered waters.

    By Alejandra Salinas on 07.20.2014

  18. She could hear the hearty laughs coming from inside. It was the only window still lit and she knew why. She ran as fast as her legs could carry her, past the sleeping man on the muddy alley and past the dock. Her heart pounding in her ears, she couldn’t believe the fleet had made it back. Vision cloudy with tears, she ran to the light and into the warmth of the room.

    By mamsl37 URL on 07.20.2014

  19. His mother and sister kept trying to speak to him. He could hear their voices but the thunder from afar was just too loud. He could see them all in the distant racing towards him. They rode on horse back and swung their maces, swords and axes round and round, closing in on him. There were just too many. He collapsed in the kitchen still looking out ahead where he could see them. His mother picked up her little boy and carried him off to bed.

    By DMM URL on 07.20.2014

  20. As the waves crashed upon the shore she gazed across the water to see a fleet of ships on the horizon.

    By marylou wynegar URL on 07.20.2014

  21. Yusei was fleet of foot, if he made a break for it now he could probably out pace Ushio and get away scot-free. But he was curious about what the officer wanted to talk to him about. It wasn’t like they had ever really been on the best of terms. Things between them were tense at best.

    He followed the man inside and looked around. It seemed… Nice.

    By Kleptomaniac Can Opener URL on 07.20.2014

  22. Fleeting was the moment.
    She reached out with her arm
    She leant a hand to the broken man
    And helped return him from his harm

    By Charlie on 07.20.2014

  23. Kristy was a very nosy person. This was her first time in Barbara’s house. She excused her self to the bathroom, where she proceeded to go through her linen closet, which only had towels and sheets in it. Next she went through the medicine cabinet to see what might be in there, but it was only band-aids, and other first aid supplies. Next she looked under the vanity that is is where she saw the fleet enema box. It reminded her of her grandmothers house when she was a kid. there was always a box under the vanity. Now as an adult she knew what it was used for, but as a child she had no clue. Kristy quickly flushed the toilet, headed back to the living room and the book club

    By Bethany Herrington URL on 07.20.2014

  24. You can practically feel the rage of the planet underneath your feet, and you barely touch the ground you run so fast.

    By jupiter URL on 07.20.2014

  25. An escape leads to another trap. It’s the fleet in between. The plane of space, lasting only a time’s breath, where we float in freedom.

    By Peskiper URL on 07.20.2014

  26. Among the pool of blinking stars where the dark drink of the galaxy expanded out into all directions, there was a collection of lights that did not stay still. From behind the window of her own ship, Shehish could see just what it was: an approaching fleet of Perial ships like a stampeding herd.

    By Kaillie URL on 07.20.2014

  27. Kapitän! Kapitän! Wo sind wir hier überhaupt?
    Smutje, ich weiß es nicht. Sind wir an der letzten Klippe falsch abgebogen?
    Ich weiß es auch nicht, da muss ich gerade nicht aufgepasst haben.

    By LotteZwo URL on 07.20.2014

  28. That was one thing about their friendship that he could never think it to be. No, it wasn’t fleeting or brief, it grew and fostered a deep love that they never knew that they could ever find within themselves; between the two of them.

    By Lana URL on 07.20.2014

  29. Among the pool of blinking stars, where the dark drink of the galaxy expanded out into all directions, there was a constellation that did not stay still. From behind the window of her own ship, Shehish could see just what it was: an approaching fleet of Perial ships like a stampeding herd.

    By Teh Kail URL on 07.20.2014

  30. The Randall Azbury was mounting their getting ready for the attack to come from Czech fleet. Hey had been at war for six days now.

    By Jerri URL on 07.20.2014

  31. I am the captain, this is my ship, this is my fleet. With Pen and paper I sail.

    By Jay Barnabas on 07.20.2014

  32. I am the Captain, this is my ship, this is my fleet. With pen and paper I sail. The winds of creativity and love shall carry me to the ends the of the Earth.

    By Jay Barnabas URL on 07.20.2014

  33. The fleet of dark ships looming on the horizon, seemed to block out the sun; with the vastness of the long barricade surrounding the island. My home.

    By Natalie on 07.20.2014

  34. If there was one thing that never failed to enchant her, it was the huge airships that would sail out overhead. The purple and silver adorned beasts that just seemed to float, flags flapping in the wind bearing the emblem of the Queen. She would smile and wave when she saw them and wondered sometimes if someone was waving back.

    By Lackyducks URL on 07.20.2014

  35. We’ve all been stupid before but you were the stupidest one of us all with the stubborn head and the desire to leave. I guess that’s why you joined America’s Fleet, so you could leave and travel the world. But you didn’t think about what being a navy officer really meant, did you? I guess that’s why you were killed. Stupidity and longing to run.

    By Justice URL on 07.20.2014

  36. A fleet of ships floated gracefully on the water beneath them, looking more so like a parade than officers destined to fight for our country.

    By Justice URL on 07.20.2014