June 23rd, 2011 | 568 Entries

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568 Entries for “history”

  1. My history is a very awesome. I could write novels about my past. Perhaps the novels would be bestsellers! I sure would like to know what it would be like to be an author with a book on the bestsellers list.

    By Anthony on 06.23.2011

  2. My history is something i try not to think about all the time. I have some good times. but i look forward, not back. it’s not necessary to think back when you have your whole life ahead of you. fun is to come. it shall be awesome. also, i don’t want to take U.S. History with Mr. LePeau. Boo, hiss.

    By Grace on 06.23.2011

  3. i got kicked out of history class.
    the first and only time
    he thought he’d teach the class a lesson
    they laughed and i paced around in the hallway
    that’s what i get for all a’s and straight-up honesty.
    now i can laugh, but back then i was ready to sprint from the building.

    By Hanna on 06.23.2011

  4. I cannot believe what I have become. My history is blurred, if you can even fucking call it that. This suffocating feeling hurts. History. History. There and back again. Back and there.

    By Laura on 06.23.2011

  5. Will ALWAYS repeat itself no matter what! War will always happen, trends in fashion will always reappear … History will never be in the past per say because it always comes back in the present!

    By Ashlea on 06.23.2011

  6. Sometimes we take for granted the history of that is being made in our lives. Every day we witness things that could be recorded in books for our grandchildren to read later and we don’t even realize it. Maybe we should open our eyes

    By Tara Allen on 06.23.2011

  7. I have my own history. It’s not very exciting; you probably wouldn’t care to read it, or listen to it on tape – if that’s more your style.

    By Clara Riedlinger URL on 06.23.2011

  8. the worst subject in the world. I hated it in high school Some things were interesting but most of it i will never remember. thanks to boring teachers. boring history. its strange how that works. i mean. MY history is pretty amazing. the worlds isnt

    By Teresa on 06.23.2011

  9. Your own history is written by the hands of time, though you may not know it.
    It is scribbled in the pages of the days by the invisible hands of life.
    Each little moment will remain etched in those pages, so that when you look back, at the end of your days, you will know all that you did, all that you didn’t.
    There will be triumphs and failures, laughter and tears, regrets and joy.
    But it is all your own. It is who you are and what made you.

    By B.AM URL on 06.23.2011

  10. I think history is best when written from the perspective that there is such a thing as truth. To be unable to determine whether truth exists renders the pursuit of recording history meaningless; we could rather invent our own stories than tell the facts of what happened, and thus render our words to idiocy.

    By Katherine on 06.23.2011

  11. She used to sit behind me in History. I remember the way she would kick the back of my chair and snicker, pulling her gum out of her mouth and looping it around her finger with a grin, and when I would turn around and ask her to stop, she would raise her hands in surrender. “What?”

    By Madie on 06.23.2011

  12. important stuff that happens that effects us all great stories and characters only real, so so much better. interesting, fascinating, tapestry of human life, consequences, where we’ve come from, romance, beauty, other times,

    By Kelsey on 06.23.2011

  13. everyone has a history we just have to be thone that figure out how we want to write ours and leave our mark on this earth

    By Cristina on 06.23.2011

  14. how different cultures survived is what i think of when i think about history. trial and error.

    By haley lancour on 06.23.2011

  15. Rewrite your history. Make it better. You can be anything you want to be. Don’t let the past hold you back. Never repeat history. If you must make mistakes, at least make original ones. Break free of the chains of repetition and make your own history.

    By AbbieLou URL on 06.23.2011

  16. History is irrelevant if you’re eating breakfast in the gutter.

    By xyz on 06.23.2011

  17. Elena never liked history. She hated it, in fact. She hated memorizing dates, and battles, and the strange names of warlords and generals.

    No, it was the future that intrigued her. The future, where anything was possible, even in impossible.

    By ellalah URL on 06.23.2011

  18. It’s boring. I shift uncomfortably, this seat is way too hard. Whose idea was it anyways for summer school to be six hours long? I know, whoever it was would tell me I didn’t have to take summer school, that I could have taken it during the year, but the issue would be the same. The class is boring, and the desks they have us sit in are far too uncomfortable. Next summer I’m doing online summer school.

    By Katelin on 06.23.2011

  19. History is something that happens, what’s done is done. There is no going back, so do not regret anything you have done it makes you a better person and everyday it makes you stronger, and the person you are.

    By Tia on 06.23.2011

  20. history is what we’re made of. It is everything that has come before us and everything will continue after we are gone. History defines how you live life whether or not you want to repeat it and what you are willing to do to prevent it. History is everything.

    By Melissa on 06.23.2011

  21. History is important. If we don’t know it, we repeat it. It’s boring at times, but it’s good to know. It makes you feel and look smarter. History is the past. don’t get caught up with your past mistakes. they’re over.

    By Morgan URL on 06.23.2011

  22. civil war, war, war, war. Long, boring classes. Power points, endless power points about nothing i’m interested in.

    By Jordan on 06.23.2011

  23. mr strassburg (civics), mr wilkinson, sometimes boring, interesting, i like movies about it, it starts with an h, the civil war, cuban missile crisis, obama first black president, jfk shot, john wilkes boothe, mussolini, adolf hitler, holocaust, concentration camps, nazis, government, politics, current events, wars, battles, history in the makiing, technology, ipad, ipods, computes, electronics, god evolution, homo sapiens, we originated from africa and then went everywhere else, deer? can’t

    By Devin on 06.23.2011

  24. I really love this subject. It taught me about the different sides of life. It opened my eyes to see everything i may not experience in this life. rich and makes the task of experiencing life easier.

    By ilyssa URL on 06.23.2011

  25. History is a really interesting thing because it’s always written from the point of view of the victor. You never get to hear the loser’s side of the story. They might have fought hard, but the winner always to gets to write history; often neglecting elements of the truth.

    By AFragileSmile URL on 06.23.2011

  26. History has shown many things. Many, many things. Boy, it sure was a lot. You should look in books. There is history in there. You will learn things. (is my minute up yet?) Many, many, many, many. Things. I really don’t feel like doing this tonight. Does it show? See you tomorrow.

    By richpee URL on 06.23.2011

  27. As I fell asleep on my history textbook, my mind numbed by details, I was taken back to a time before the books were written — a time when there was still a chance either side could win.

    By Lauren Cude URL on 06.23.2011

  28. bird

    silly putty


    By melaney on 06.23.2011

  29. I absolutely hate history. I think people should stop focusing on the past and look towards the future. People say history is important because we must learn from past mistakes and in order to do so, we must learn about history itself. However, people regardless of past knowledge, will continue to make the same mistakes time and time again, because we are not ruled by our mind but rather our emotions and desires. Therefore, it is due to man’s fatal flaw of greed and power, that men have fallen. And so, we shall continue to destroy the world around us, bringing all good things to burn in flames if that means we are one step closer to self-gratification and domination.

    By Jennifer N on 06.23.2011

  30. History is bound to repeat itself unless consciousness evolves. Don’t worry, it will. Have you read The Power Of Now? I’m not sure if I like it for it’s content or because someone I thought I was in love with suggested it to me.

    By Gareth on 06.23.2011

  31. i have history with my sister. what am i going to do with her? make more history. i have history with husband and the few ppl i talk to. that is my bond. that is why we see each other. that is what we have in common. having history makes us better. makes us know more. we are alike because of history. history wil be made tomorrow by seeing each other. we will be happy in history. we will learn together. and make mistakes. and get into fights.

    By Fire on 06.23.2011

  32. I love history! If you don’t know where you have been you won’t know where to go. Steve was talking about history courses in college tonight. I liked my African American History course. My history is a happy history. I have had a wonderful, happy life…or perhaps I am just a happy person.

    By Jessica on 06.23.2011

  33. history never repeats…
    I do not believe this. History always repeats. the history of us repeated several times, didn’t it? Friendship, awkwardness, friendship, awkwardness…
    History class, with our square of sanity. I love it… i am rambling on and on and on.
    History never repeats.

    By EJ URL on 06.23.2011

  34. History. everything that anyone has ever been through, ever. facts dates people. history. it’s the most fascinating thing ever. there is so much the world has been through and it’s all our history. your history my history they’re all the same, but at the same time so different.

    By Ryan on 06.23.2011

  35. greeks and romans. WWI. WWII. Napoleon. peace land bread. colonization. king leopold. independence. war.

    By annelise URL on 06.23.2011

  36. Primary colours flood my mind as well as coat-tails and thick books. Just a lot of things that are largely ignored. That bothers me. Not that I’m really into it myself, but it’s just dumb to completely ignore it.

    By Breakfast URL on 06.23.2011

  37. History. its the most amazing things. everything is history this is history yesterday years ago. everyones history is the same, but each person is also different. the worlds history. the whole history of what is and what will go down in history as our lives, our generations, our universe.

    By Ryan URL on 06.23.2011

  38. Information from the past that we study today. Many say we don’t want history to repeat itself, though it often does. Just look at how we go back and forth with leadership in America, between R and D. U.S. though is really a blip on the screen when it comes to world history.

    By matt URL on 06.23.2011

  39. We haven’t really learned anything at all from it, have we?

    By Emily Claire URL on 06.23.2011

  40. History is one of my worst subjects in school. I love history, but studying history is rather dry. It seems like endless memorization. History vs. studying history.

    By Loe URL on 06.23.2011