June 23rd, 2011 | 568 Entries

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568 Entries for “history”

  1. What is history but layers and layers of what was once a present and earlier a future? Every single second is history. Every single word is a speech. Every single decision is a battle. You and me, we are history. Today and what’s coming are history. Gone.

    By FaridaEzzat on 06.23.2011

  2. History always repeats itself, right? That’s what we’re always told? I agree. I graduated from high school and wasn’t sure that I wanted to go into marine biology. Sophomore year of college I switched to Aquaculture. Graduated from college and now I don’t want to do aquaculture. So I’m going to go into student affairs or something along that line.

    By Cecilia URL on 06.23.2011

  3. is about the past and how we manage to get to where we are today. its full of facts and interesting news and how america has reached mile stones but yet were all here together trying to make the world a better place! its the foundation to our society. :)

    By mary on 06.23.2011

  4. History

    “You has to know your past to know your future,” he said

    “why?” she asked

    “because, history repeats itself, you don’t want to relive the mistakes you’ve already made.”

    “it’s to late for that,” she signed and it was. How could she possibly fall in live, again, after everything that had happened with Gard! She didn’t want it to happen again. Jet couldn’t die. He couldn’t. She couldnt live with it. If Jet died that would prove her point.

    By Fifi on 06.23.2011

  5. we’re supposed to learn from history, learn from our mistakes. But usually we don’t. There are rare occasions, the Russians defeated Napoleon Bonaparte by learning from there past. But usually we just make the same mistakes, if we learned we would have created a much better world.

    By Everdeen URL on 06.23.2011

  6. where we came from, who we were. We wouldn’t be here with out history. A concept, more than just a subject in school. A place to visit in thought, and remember.

    By phatnubb123 URL on 06.23.2011

  7. she frantically rifles through the folders and subfolders and MORE subfolders (so many she can’t believe her eyes), deleting results and more results. she runs the script again, again, again, replacing the text with one domain name after another. she can’t let them find the places she’s been. her internet history is her history, too.

    By Jessica URL on 06.23.2011

  8. We had such a long history together. Strangers. Acquaintances. Friends. Best friends. And it was so normal for us to get together and just sit. To stare at a screen and say nothing. To feel comfortable in the silence. Best friends didn’t always need to be doing something to be together. It was more than okay just to be side by side for the sake of not being alone.

    By Marissa URL on 06.23.2011

  9. history is only possible if there is those few people that say fuck everything and just do what they want. if everybody listened to what they were told nothing new would happen. DO WHAT YOU WANT

    By livealittle on 06.23.2011

  10. something you learn from. something that’s there to show you where you have been, and to show you the direction in which you need to go. something that shapes your future. the past influences.

    By Aranka on 06.23.2011

  11. I never liked learning about history. Not in school and not when my parents or grandparents ever talked about it with me. My own history, sure. But war and old government policies and acts never really interested me at all. I’m a current event type of person and I feel like I’ll always be that way.

    By Nancy Sherwood URL on 06.23.2011

  12. Back then in school, history never seemed interesting, watching the glare from the teachers bald head that he seemed to shine daily was more interesting. Now, i’m submursed in a bookstore drinking bad coffee and I just cannot quite get enough. Everything seems so intersting now, maybe it’s just my longing to keep going, to keep learning, that i never had when it was forced upon me

    By Alyss URL on 06.23.2011

  13. the history if mankind goes way back to Adam and Eve, the first humans
    each of is a descendent of them both

    By she53lly URL on 06.23.2011

  14. History was always one of my favorite subjects in school, because it tells the story of all the other subjects. Im afraid that history class will be harder for my children though, because in the future there will be more history to remember.

    By Tyler URL on 06.23.2011

  15. history repeats itself, they say, but i don’t see how anyone could recreate the feather-soft touches that you laid across my body, swift and sure and sweet and everything that i had ever wished for.

    By devin URL on 06.23.2011

  16. I hope history repeats itself, if that said history is the history of God’s goodness. And since God is the same yesterday, today, and tomorrow, and since of course history always repeats itself, bring it on.

    By travelingalisssa URL on 06.23.2011

  17. History is
    whatever was once written.
    The true and lies
    of blood and sweat
    through misunderstanding eyes.

    By elle MNOP URL on 06.23.2011

  18. Those who fail to learn from History get a bad grade and their GPA goes down.

    By David Saleeba URL on 06.23.2011

  19. i absolutely hated history class in high school. i didn’t find it interesting and that’s probably because my mind was so small i could only think of myself. i only care about my history. i didn’t understand that i can learn from other people

    By Amber URL on 06.23.2011

  20. It’s what we wished, it’s what we were, but not who we turned out to be. Someday we’ll be annotations at the back of each others lives, but neither will wonder, “what if?”

    By emmystrange URL on 06.23.2011

  21. The history of the world is a complicated thing because there are many sides to every story. History as recounted by a peasant is a far different thing from the history of kings. History is decided by the winners of a war or conflict. Imagine how our history books would read if Nazi Germany had one world war 2?

    By TheMund on 06.23.2011

  22. legends are made by men and passed down to their children. we praise some and malign others. the praised become our history and our truth. the maligned are left to the undergrowth, to be covered with leaves and forgotten.

    By Davis Greene on 06.23.2011

  23. washington
    ann arbor
    triangle shirt waiste
    i hate history

    By maddie on 06.23.2011

  24. is pretty boring at times but at times you could actually find it to be very pleasing. you can almost always detect patterns within history which leads you yo think that human behaviour ir very predictable. life is very predictable yet it always surprises us!!

    By Marisiris on 06.23.2011

  25. Everyone’s history is different. Some people have a painful history they’d rather not remember. Other’s have a history that they feel should be shared with the world. In my eyes, it could go either way. But what’s important is that one learns from their history. Whether it’s from their mistakes or from their triumphs. Learning from experience is the key to a successful life.

    By Demi Chan URL on 06.23.2011

  26. she holds no history of how precious she be
    sluggin on life
    but she stays on that speed
    its greatly depressing
    greatly its stressing
    her mind and her life
    as she sits and she presses
    thoughts together
    rainy weather
    no matter where she goes
    she feels as if shes lost forever

    By gerald on 06.23.2011

  27. She majored in history in college. She loved to turn the pages and hear the voices of the past. She was born in the wrong time. She knew it. What she didn’t know s how right she was.

    By Rachel on 06.23.2011


    By delaney URL on 06.23.2011

  29. They say history repeats itself, right? To hell with that, the only thing we can do, is learn from our past mistakes. Whenever new opportunities or experiences present themselves, fear of the new and attachment to the old hold us back.

    Sometimes we need to abandon our past in order to save our future.

    By feyd URL on 06.23.2011

  30. I can’t stand history, as a subject of learning, that is. I am horrible at history and any other kind of social studies. I can’t remember places, names, events, dates, or the importance behind any of those things. Thankfully, I am an excellent writer, and I am very good at math!

    By Andrea URL on 06.23.2011

  31. They shared a history, those wrinkled hands and their partner in the leather. As he curled his fingers around the reins of that horse, he felt the power from this youth coarsing through his nerves, entering his bloodstream, and exploding into virility unknown to his age.

    By Naly URL on 06.23.2011

  32. you and i had a history that beats any fairy tale. sometimes i think about our past and wonder if it was just a dream or a real faded memory.
    we had so many plans, so many aspirations, but i never let it bloom and develop. for a reason obviously, because you’re happy where you are and you wouldn’t be there if i gave in.

    By abra URL on 06.23.2011

  33. History is subjective. History is objective. Our history is really the only thing we own. History can’t be changed. History is often debated, regretted & re-lived.

    By Meagan URL on 06.23.2011

  34. i am taking history or at least i was but i failed it isnt that funny because my parents say that i am very smart but in fact i failed many classes you know i wish i hadnt but i just lack the motivation necessary to pass my required classes and its really a drag. oh well theres always next year.

    By Aaron on 06.23.2011

  35. history is what most of my plans are. it’s also something that I am inevitably and inextricably caught up in. it’s also lots of dates I can’t remember.

    By Jason on 06.23.2011

  36. I hate history. Instantly I begin to think about my eighth grade teacher, Mr. Stephenson. I seriously wanted to slap him with my history book. That man was completely obnoxious, and ridiculous. He made a HUGE mistake at the end of his class by telling the class to write about what they did or didn’t like about this class.I told him the truth. I ended the paper with this sentence, “Thank you for giving me a crappy history class to remember you by.”

    By Kt Perner URL on 06.23.2011

  37. Matt had a history of being creepy. Breathing down necks with his characteristic heavy panting, staring at someone absentmindedly while tugging at the sleeves of those awful turtleneck sweaters he always wore. But this? This was beyond creepy. She fingered the note on her desk, read it for the fifth time: “I like watching you sleep.”

    By Emilygracevee@gmail.com URL on 06.23.2011

  38. history always repeats itself. If we don’t learn from our past mistakes our past will be the future. we are headed on a path a destruction that no one will survive. lets turn back the hands of time and fix this nation.

    By SHAY URL on 06.23.2011

  39. History surrounds us, whether we like it or not. It is in every footstep we take, every breath we breathe, every person we meet. We all have our history, our past, what has made us who we are today. The sum of choices that have led up to this exact moment, this very second, right now, and now, and now. This is History. It is life.

    By Kaye URL on 06.23.2011

  40. History class was always boring to her. It’s not that she didn’t want to understand about her country’s past or anything. It was just that she had never really understood why she needed to review what she had learned years ago. Reviewing had never appealed to her, until a certain someone seemed to take an interest in her study-less case. Then it became all the more entertaining.

    By Rain URL on 06.23.2011