January 23rd, 2012 | 287 Entries

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287 Entries for “hinge”

  1. It’s broken, hanging at an angle like someone has forced the door open with blunt force. The kind of force that suggests that someone wanted to get in quickly, viciously to whatever was on the other side. It doesn’t matter who did it. It doesn’t even matter when. What does matter to John is whether they got at the person on the other side. Did they get to them and hurt them?

    By Charlie on 01.24.2012

  2. She became unhinged at the seems, both the visible and invisible ones. Life broke all around her in glass shards of pain and torment. Nothing mattered anymore, nothing made sense. It was all futile and she was torn apart, inch by inch.

    By Nina155 URL on 01.24.2012

  3. I’m planning on a new kitchen but it all hinges on what my husband wants – he is becoming a total control freak! Think Iwill have to get rid of him – he has forgotten that he does nothing in kitchen and that it is my domain!!! pratt!!!!!

    By matilda URL on 01.24.2012

  4. i like it so much built with a giant door and my filthy parents are watching my every move! help me you sons of bitches! I DONT GO TO COMMUNITY COLLEGE!! ITS ADULT HIGHSCHOOL EVERYONE HAS A DAMN SMOKING KID. girls are for men

    By james on 01.24.2012

  5. I slammed the door shut, hearing it rattle on its hinges just added to my frustration. I can’t believe that she would leave me like that. I loved her, and he loved me. Or at least he said he did. I don’t even know what to think anymore…

    By NCISaddict on 01.24.2012

  6. It’s funny, the way things are. Everything you know can depend on just one moment in time, that’s stuck and frozen and place. And then suddenly it melts and its gone. Everything is gone. Disappeared. Forever. Your life- everything about it -is just holding on. Hanging by a hinge.

    By Rani on 01.24.2012

  7. The squeaky hinge filled my soul with so much happiness. I never thought I could love that sound so much. It meant I was closer, I was finally going to be there. To reach into that cold place, so familiar to my senses. To finally, finally, FINALLY, FIIIINNNAAAALLLYYY…eat.

    By Victoria URL on 01.24.2012

  8. a breaking point. about to fall into the depths. turning point. pintch

    By standish james on 01.24.2012

  9. a thing to hold the door, help it open and close freely help to pivot

    By arvinder on 01.24.2012

  10. broken off, I’m fallen. Holding pieces together. Nothing that can help me, I’m stuck here. I can’t do anything.

    By Rose on 01.24.2012

  11. unhinge me.
    I am a joint, an elbow, a knee play.
    Is Einstein happy on the beach?
    I have often been described as ‘unhinged’,
    but I think I’m just lacking the support.

    By blahblah1 on 01.24.2012

  12. Careful not to upset the creaking hinges of the weather beaten door, he slipped into the darkened room beyond. His shadow danced on the far wall as the crept along stealthily, sometimes taking the shape of a man and sometimes elongating into that of something not quite human. He paused, listening for any sign of movement, then silently made his way over to where his quarry lay asleep.

    By WearyWater URL on 01.24.2012

  13. I stared at the hinge. It hung open. I was unsure why to do next. Should I enter through the gate? What would I find when I got inside? One thing was sure. I could not ignore the creaking sounds from below. I had to see for myself.

    By Tami Beld on 01.24.2012

  14. The hinge on that damn kitchen cabinet. Every time I hear that cringing shriek I want to rip the door off and throw it across the room.

    And yet.

    You built it, so it remains.

    By Emily on 01.24.2012

  15. The hinges on the door are old and brass and they know they could break the door down with one well-placed kick but they’re almost too nice to destroy, so they ease them open laughing and tumble onto the bed and the door swings, swings, swings on those rusty things high on the third floor of a building too old to hold them and they know it’s haunted, but the ghosts can wait.

    By askance URL on 01.24.2012

  16. The hinge clatters to the floor, a moment after the resounding thud of the old door. Charlie starts chuckling. “That’s weird.” He picks it up, eyes it for a moment, and then throws it out the window. They hear it make a sharp noise as it contacts with Darla’s car roof.

    “So I’m thinking about moving out of here,” he says. “Without you.”

    By Annie P URL on 01.24.2012

  17. She never oiled it. It was a loud welcome home siren, which gave her just enough time to shove him out the bedroom window and put on her good wife clothes.

    By under that tree URL on 01.24.2012

  18. Faith rests,
    switches back
    limits described by a stop
    by a lack of perfect motion
    so much depends
    so much
    red wheel barrows for all

    By Tom Curry URL on 01.24.2012

  19. I hated being in the middle of everything. They always made me the one to make the decisions. Choose between them; that’s what they wanted me to do. LIke a door hinge. I had to be the one to pick which way to go. I was sick of it.

    By Brittany on 01.24.2012

  20. a gold one, please, to match with the others

    By Nanduinha URL on 01.24.2012

  21. Im on the hinge of the doorknob
    Waiting to swin open
    I see a path in front of me
    Yet I am hesitant to take it
    Im on the hinge of life
    What is past the door is what
    Life has for me next
    Im waiting for it to open once more
    To set me free

    By Carina URL on 01.24.2012

  22. The door needs the hinge, to be a working door. But the door doesn’t know it needs the hinge, and the hinge doesn’t know the door is depending on it.

    By Jazz on 01.24.2012

  23. It all hinges on this one decision. But will she do the right thing?

    By Tanya B. URL on 01.24.2012

  24. unhinge my mind. let it fall off the edge. is it for the better? who knows, but i like it better that way.

    By lucinda URL on 01.24.2012

  25. He just lay there, peaceful. By now we knew he was gone. Gone from us, gone forever. At this I jumped up, head throbbing and nauseous. All I wanted was a shower. I didn’t want to speak, it felt as if my jaw was held by a tight hinge anyways, I didn’t want to eat. I just wanted to hug him and apologize. Apologize for being so bad to him, for never giving him enough attention, for everything. “He was a good dog,” Ryan sad. He was.

    By Paige Noel URL on 01.24.2012

  26. the door swung open and opened my eyes to see and my hands to take the ring off my right hand and ask a man a question.

    By Daniel Damian URL on 01.24.2012

  27. a screeching sound like nails on a chalkboard as I wonder around, plotting my next move.

    By thegirlyoullneverknow on 01.24.2012

  28. a door frame hidden from view. moving left to right. a comparison between the light and dark. a constant turning, moving striving to be in the next space. swingining back and forth between two worlds. like the swing next door always moving in the wind. waiting for someone to sit and take the journey too. always waiting, moving and hoping.

    By erica on 01.24.2012

  29. these people live on hinges. swinging one way and then another. they cannot move, they only watch and swing and wait to die

    but then again they never have to touch– holding hands, smoothing hair, the weight of heads on shoulders, they don’t know these things and they don’t know what they’re missing
    and they never get hurt because they never get closer than across the hallways

    they’ve forgotten how to speak, they envy me because

    i have arms and legs, i have hips and fingers
    i can move– but–
    i cannot move i cannot speak because i want to die
    i am in so much pain and they do not know what pain is, and so i envy them

    they call from across hallways
    i sink into floors and melt across tables

    i need hinges to keep me from falling apart
    i am
    swinging back and forth

    By Seneca S. URL on 01.24.2012

  30. A door, can never be fully removed from it’s frame.
    The hinge keeps it locked there, allowing it only to move a certain extent, without being harmed.
    I am tired of being a door, and you my hinge.
    Just let me go.
    Why can’t I just let go.

    By Madeleine Silvers on 01.24.2012

  31. hinge. there’s one thing that controls where we end up, it could be one decision, one person, one class, one relationship, whatever. It chooses whether our life swings one way or the other. and it makes me think of open doors. we can choose to shut people out, or leave the door wide open.

    By J on 01.24.2012

  32. it’s in everywhere. i don’t know what to say, but a like the gold ones. ok, seems fine for me.

    By Nanduinha URL on 01.24.2012

  33. The hinge of the gate was rusted and tarnished, the wooden squeedked as it the getle wind blew it back and forht. Although it was a scary sound I found it oddly soothing.

    By Yvonne Smith on 01.24.2012

  34. The hinges on the door were rusted. But that was how they had always been. Even since the Hayles had moved into the house, the hinges would scrape and rust would fleck off. It was a wonder how they became that way. Sure the house was very old – it was remodeled, but old still. The hinges had been the only things that had not been changed. For historical value, possibly. Or for aesthetic value.

    By Rebecca URL on 01.24.2012

  35. it all hinges on this. determination or none. doorhinge is the only thing that rhymes with orange, you know? didn’t think it was possible, huh? i don’t think determination is possible. will i make it? go far? do what needs to be done?

    that takes willpower. don’t know if i have that.

    By MJ on 01.24.2012

  36. I feel like im a door hanging from a single hinge. I feel im about to unhinge. onec this happens i will fall. Will I be able to be ficxed once agaifn? is that even possible. Who can screw m e back in place? (in both senses of the word.)

    By Jaxz URL on 01.24.2012

  37. The hinge is broken.
    The door hangs lopsided
    Like a shutter of a Haunted House.
    I can still hear the slam of the door,
    The hysteria of raised voices,
    And the shattering of glass.
    The hinge is broken,
    And you’re not here
    To fix it.

    By Ladywolfrider URL on 01.24.2012

  38. The hinge was not attached very well to the door, though it clung to the jamb with a peculiarly strong will. The door hung loose there, waiting for just the right moment to fall all the way off. They’d tried to fix it, but there wasn’t enough real wood left to hold it. So they treated it gingerly, as they did the topic of Granddad’s drinking.

    By Kathleen Gabriel URL on 01.24.2012

  39. My Life Only
    By: Christine M. S.

    I hate it.
    Always saying this and that.
    Telling me what to do with my life.
    Oh…I have a life alright.
    I can desribe it using one word…
    Music will always be part of my life,
    Or I could say, is my

    By christine on 01.24.2012

  40. It all hinges on this moment. It’s a clear choice, a chance and it’s up to whether or not Sean has the balls to take it. He can be afraid but in that fear it can drive him to leap. He can go for what he wants despite the variables. He got into music for that very same reason. Ryan should be no different.

    By Cassie URL on 01.24.2012