January 23rd, 2012 | 287 Entries

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287 Entries for “hinge”

  1. a hinge is metal on a door or cabinet that swings it open. a joint on a body is like a door hinge. you can be a hinge in this world.

    By mccrazy URL on 01.23.2012

  2. This word kinda rhymes with orange. I don’t know what a hinge looks like or what it is.

    By Drenna(: URL on 01.23.2012

  3. I want you to
    teach me how
    to build fences around
    replace my imaginary ones
    so i can
    be separate from the world
    maybe i’ll be happier
    maybe not

    By Iffath URL on 01.23.2012

  4. My little brother locked himself outof his bedroom and we couldn’t get it open so my dad had to take the hinges off to get it open.

    By Chata97 URL on 01.23.2012

  5. Hinge is something that is on the door and it kinda rhymes with orange.

    By tori URL on 01.23.2012

  6. ugh yesterday i had to help my dad fix a door he broke so we had to buy a door and then we had to carve out spots for the hinge so we could hang up the door.

    By ashlea.schweigert URL on 01.23.2012

  7. A door has a hinge.

    By Shadow URL on 01.23.2012

  8. Is what closes the door and opens.

    By volleyball chick URL on 01.23.2012

  9. The hinge broke off of the doorframe. The door came falling towards me. I was crushed on the floor with a huge, heavy door on top of me and no way of getting out without help. I couldn’t believe it. I just lay there yelping for air and help.

    By j.renee on 01.23.2012

  10. Everything swings on this moment like a big barn door. There’s a whole stack of them, just before, just now, just becoming, barn doors swinging with a terrible weight.

    By Jeff Goodman URL on 01.23.2012

  11. The hinge broke off of the doorframe. The door came falling towards him. He was crushed on the floor with a huge, heavy door on top of him and no way of getting out without help. He couldn’t believe it. He just lay there yelping for air and help.

    By j.renee on 01.23.2012

  12. the door hinge creaked and someone came in. she wasnt sure who but it happened and her mind was gone. the door hinge is all she remembered from the experience that should have scared her for life.

    By onyxjacobson URL on 01.23.2012

  13. “that damn hinge!! I just oiled it and it still squeals like a pig at a county fair!”

    “Jeb! Just fix the thing will ya! I’m getting tired of it wakin up the baby!”

    By kandis on 01.23.2012


    By onyxjacobson URL on 01.23.2012

  15. feeling disjointed, fallen, hanging on a broken hinge…..the weight of the malcontent drags and takes creaking and squeaking to a whole new level.

    By Theresa URL on 01.23.2012

  16. Hinge

    She turned, almost in disbelief. Was it?

    The door opened, and she saw at once, the Master. She hadn’t sensed him. Quickly, she straightened, concealing her emotions as best as she could. She’d become practiced in this over the years, but his appearance, now, had caught her off guard.

    “Come in,” she said, “but stay quiet.”

    “Come in but stay quiet?” he asked.

    She turned to look him directly in the eyes and said “My patient. I don’t want her disturbed.”

    “Your patient,” he snarled with contempt. “I don’t know why you bother.”

    It worked, she thought. He believed she’d been talking to him.

    By Noisy Quiet URL on 01.23.2012

  17. I cringe on the hinge of a binge.

    By Marianne URL on 01.23.2012

  18. what’s a hinge. well it’s on a door. it connects things together, but it’s flexible. it opens the door to new possibilities.

    By elleow URL on 01.23.2012

  19. I’m becoming un-hinged.
    Slowly I’m decomposing and breaking own and exposing it all and
    I try and cover it up, but the pieces are so broken, so bent out of shape.
    It’s almost impossible to try and hinge myself together again.

    By Lor-n URL on 01.23.2012

  20. a hinge is something that hold stuff to the wall. A hinge helps open and close doors.

    By turttles URL on 01.23.2012

  21. A hinge is on a door so that the door can swing and stuff. Its good that we have hinges so that we have doors and so they can open! :)

    By sarah URL on 01.23.2012

  22. A hinge is the thing that’s on a door that keeps it fastened to the doorframe. The hinge is what allows the door to move. Sometimes the hinge gets stuck and you have to put oil on it so the door will move.

    By Damaris URL on 01.23.2012

  23. a hinge is a thing on the door.

    By jalizah URL on 01.23.2012

  24. These are on doors. They keep the door and the door frame attatched to the door. It keeps them connected. :P Haha hinge is a funny word. I can HINGE over haha!

    By BrokenForeverShatteredRippedAndGone URL on 01.23.2012

  25. a hinge is something that hangs a door to the wall. It holds up the door. For example the hinge tends to squeak often.

    By Jamie URL on 01.23.2012

  26. A hinde is when a door can open or close without u pushing it or pulling it .

    By Dianna0531 URL on 01.23.2012

  27. A hinge is a thing that lets a door open and close easily.

    By imoto URL on 01.23.2012

  28. The word hinge makes me thing about uniting thing also apart of a door. Hinges are AMAZING

    By hailey URL on 01.23.2012

  29. a thing on a door that helps in open and close easly

    By ccarina URL on 01.23.2012

  30. The hinge is that gold thing on doors that connect to the wall and it lets the door open and close easily.

    By Desteny Baltierra URL on 01.23.2012

  31. A hinge is a thing that lets a door open and close easily.It can be used for a cabinet door or any kind of door.

    By eberly URL on 01.23.2012

  32. Everything hinged on her shoulders. Moving? Standing? For what? It all swung on the crick of that door. Open or closed. How do you tell the future you are not ready for this.

    By kt URL on 01.23.2012

  33. you can use a hinge for a door. hinges go on doors. sometimes the hinge falls off the door. always use a hinge when you have a door or the door will fall of the wall.

    By bayleigh URL on 01.23.2012

  34. you can use hinges on doors. hinges help hold the door. you should always use a hinge.

    By basketball08 URL on 01.23.2012

  35. hinge is what keeps the open attached to the foundation. it keeps the closed doing the same. hinge is what opens a world of possibilities whether it be outside of your home or inside of a prison. a hinge is a key to a gateway.

    By joshua camilo on 01.23.2012

  36. The hinges of the door had gone from silver to brown to deep, deep gray, as the wooden splinters dripped with sap and rain from the night’s storm. A few paces away, where the water did not touch the floor or windows, an old man sat in an easy chair, watching a VHS tape over and over again. It boasted bright colors – blues and whites and yellows – and he smiled as the bride went down the aisle again…and again…and again.

    By Belinda Roddie URL on 01.23.2012

  37. She felt another powerful pull of influence wash over her and with one last quick glance, she mouthed “Do it,” to Eric. Her entire livelihood hinged on this man and his ability to save her. She turned back and stepped to Rolf’s outstreched arms. He shot Eric a wolfish grin and hoisted her over his shoulder. They took off, flying through the air as conciousness left her.

    By Nikki on 01.23.2012

  38. It all hinged on this moment. Life and death–what was the line between the two? I was done surviving; anyone could do that. I wanted to live. I looked out at the slick streets, reflecting the gentle glow of the lights. The city looked so calm, as though it were breathing just enough to get by. I was done being like this town. I wanted to feel the air rush into my lungs and fill up every space. I wanted to feel life, not watch it.

    By Marissa URL on 01.23.2012

  39. On the door. It’s shut. To keep the dog in. To keep the heat in. To keep me in. To keep the sound out. To keep the light out. To keep the cold out. I think that I might open it. Soon. Maybe. Now.

    By Jess URL on 01.23.2012

  40. The door sat open.
    Not all the way open — in fact, there was barely a crack. So much light was let in through this door that my eyes watered just glancing at it, but I could not look away.
    Everything started to get shaky, and the door shook on its hinges.
    None of this made sense to me… This was beyond normal, but I’d been wishing for everything to be different for a while now.

    By Lauren Moses on 01.23.2012