September 26th, 2012 | 316 Entries

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316 Entries for “help”

  1. help me, a very common phrase that really shouldn’t be used that often. Often people ask for it, but not always need it, or should they. Finding out how to do things on your own is important.
    I don’t need help.

    By tyler on 09.26.2012

  2. I need help. Help i need somebody, not just anybodyyy.
    seriously though
    financial help
    emotional help
    support help
    all kinds of help.
    the best i think one could do is not only listen, but actually try to see where im coming from. most people are good listeners and or talkers, but someone that actually looks at things from your perspective is a rarity.

    By Tiana on 09.26.2012

  3. He listened carefully to what she was saying. “So you need a ride?” he asked. “No,” she crooned back, “I need a place to stay.” He couldn’t believe what he was hearing. Mere hours ago he had been wishing for help, for something to save him, and now, the key to happiness had fallen right into his lap.

    By Tori on 09.26.2012

  4. Danger, calm sea turned rocky, waves, down, breathing, down, foam, spray, whispered cry, please oh please, more waves, Help.

    By Bill URL on 09.26.2012

  5. i need somebody. i need assistance in this place im living in. i dont no how to get out of this maze im stuck in. and it kills me to think it should be easy cuz its not so dont say its ok cuz it wont be.
    and belive me thats fine when i think about the up and coming part of my life

    By pym1014 URL on 09.26.2012

  6. “HELP!” She cried as she raced down the deserted streets of Chicago, clutching the ragged remains of her torn blouse to her chest, the other hand holding up the tatters of her skirt to retain what was left of her dignity. Footsteps pounded behind her, echoing ominously through the narrow streets. Tears streamed down her make-up smeared face as she screamed desperately, “HELP!”

    By just URL on 09.26.2012

  7. I never really though about asking for it. It just comes to me, the way i work the way I am. Well sometimes i want help and sometimes i ask for it. Okay so maybe I dont really know what to ask for. It’s all really a game though in life. How can you know if you ever really need help or want help? Life s weird. So is help. because what do the people think giving help really is either.j

    By Jennifer on 09.26.2012

  8. I need help, I guess, in the same ways that most people need help. How do you save a drowning man, when you’re drowning too. It’s weird to think that someone can jump into the water and save the life of someone else. I fell into the water a long, long time ago. Fell in, was pushed in, it’s all the same after a while isn’t it?

    By Kristina URL on 09.26.2012

  9. Help! I need somebody! Help! Not just anybody! Help! You know I need someone! Heeeeeeeeeeeeeeelp! This song is so true with my situation today. I’m far too short to try to staple things to that bulletin board. Thank goodness for tall friends! Aaron, you are a keeper! Hope you enjoyed your episode of Star Trek.

    By Teri URL on 09.26.2012

  10. It is after three AM. I am alone in my room and my only comfort is the glow of my computer screen. You’ve gone to bed and now I cannot even be comforted by a human on the other end of the internet wires. I’m afraid to tell you how badly I need you. I’m afraid to ask for help. You can’t give me what I need, and that’s what gave us this distance in the first place.

    By Stuart URL on 09.27.2012

  11. thats all….. one word is enough for every one….. you can define Love in just one word…….

    By dhaval daterao on 09.27.2012

  12. Dirty, bleeding hands, crying aloud for help. The piercing noise was enough to bring tears to your eyes. Shattering.

    By esky1118 URL on 09.27.2012

  13. Bah! I can’t reach! The rope?
    Oh, okay, I’ll toss the rope!
    . . .
    I. . . I’m trying!!

    . . .
    Just stop wiggling and loosen your belt a little bit

    . . .
    that’s it . . just a little more . . .

    By riley URL on 09.27.2012

  14. HELP. Why did I get this word again? I already wrote about this one. Something that I think could have been the beginning of a scary story. Or at least suspenseful. Would probably have fit well in a horror film. Again, all that’s really coming to mind is a song. Not helpful.

    By A. on 09.27.2012

  15. a helping hand to pass you along the tightrope of life, love and all that’s in between. an angelic presence that guides you. we all need help whether we admit it or not. don’t deny yourself and don’t struggle needlessly – look within and without. help is never a weakness

    By Yvette URL on 09.27.2012

  16. whenever i need a help there will be lots of faces which comes on my mind. The first ones which turns out will be my friends and the relatives which are closer to me. All helped me a lot in various circumstances which i will never forget.

    By smith on 09.27.2012

  17. I need help. this is what everyone says when they are in distress. This is what they say when they need someone there to comfort them. this work is the key to connecting with others in time of need. This can save your life. It as easy as asking.

    By zach on 09.27.2012

  18. Do help for others like gods child, poverty people and whom need the help from someone.

    By ronald URL on 09.27.2012

  19. She had cried the word over and over, though deep down she knew nobody was coming for her. “Please! Somebody!” she sobbed into the empty darkness. Nobody was anywhere near her location, and even if they were they wouldn’t answer her. She was alone. Nobody would help her here.
    Time passed slowly, endlessly.

    By Kat on 09.27.2012

  20. help me help me…plz help me…i need it….help save me from K………………..

    By harjeet URL on 09.27.2012

  21. Help! I need somebody to feed my anguish and disrupt my fate before dawn. There’s an exquisite pain in my back; sunflowers blow the wind away; don’t try to feel or else you’ll be stoned away by the beauty that lies in the smallest of things… Then you’ll really be cruising… Think about this: if you can observe your thoughts just like you can observe a flower, then who’s really doing the observance?

    By Renato on 09.27.2012

  22. I can’t stand seeing her like this. So emotionally disabled, so crazy, so illogical. Her words are a jumbled mess of curses and jibberish. I want to help her but I don’t know how. What can one person do?

    By Alana on 09.27.2012

  23. cabhru liom!

    By stacey on 09.27.2012

  24. Help? That sounds about right my moms alarm clock has been going off for the last five minutes… I am already awake, but still. Help is sometimes what you need, even though you may not want to ask for it. Remember that asking for help isn’t necessarily about showing your weaknesses but about recognizing others strengths.

    By Isabel Pinaud on 09.27.2012

  25. Help is a four letter word . It means signalling someone for assistance.People usually cry out help when they need someone to assist them.

    By Anwesha on 09.27.2012

  26. help, I need somebody. These words rang out against the cultural storm of in and out radio waves that we call the 60’s. The Beatles revolutionized something we call music. Music is how we interpret the world through different mediums such as instrumentation and expressions such as words from the soul. Somehow music and the Beatles were destined to be as one.

    By Roxanne URL on 09.27.2012

  27. so i decide to help how? help where? do i help my body recovering from severe languour, or do i focus on the mind and see how it can be stilled? or do i just relax and go with the flow?

    By priyanka on 09.27.2012

  28. Help. I need somebody, help. I guess anybody would help. But no, really, I need some one to help. Was I quoting the Beatles just now? Or was I just asking someone to catch me if I trip down the stairs?

    By Pigeon37 URL on 09.27.2012

  29. Help! I screamed. The monster was getting closer. I decided to try and outsmart him. I flicked round and moved behind him, able to get a critical hit on him from behind. The creature screamed in pain and anger, and slowly died.

    By Coby Bolton on 09.27.2012

  30. I cried for help but to no avail.The stones had almost covered me as I tried to get out of the cave after it had collapsed. I was sure that I faced certain death, when my screams were heard by a passer-by who were able to rescue me.

    By victor URL on 09.27.2012

  31. I wish I could help myself to see the world with someone else’s eyes. I t would be like taking two holidays for one price. Would that be something or what! Hooray

    By Ruma on 09.27.2012

  32. He pulled her off the dirty hallway floor, and her eyes dully shone. She didn’t get what she needed; and what she needed was help. “Thanks,” she said in a deadpan as she walked on towards the health room. They never exchanged a word again, but there was always that…connection…between them, barely acknowledged.

    By Mari Xavier URL on 09.27.2012

  33. Help.

    Apathetic is a pathetic way to be, but I can’t fathom the energy to care. I need something to care about, something to help me find reason.
    I just don’t know what.

    By Chrissie on 09.27.2012

  34. Oh my word! I am stuck in a chimney shaft. Somebody help! If i don’t get out of here soon I’m going to die! Ok, maybe I am overreacting. Still, get me out of here!

    By Anna Mae URL on 09.27.2012

  35. Help, I need somebody, help, not just anybody :))

    By Krstina on 09.27.2012

  36. They all want help, but Selly was afraid that she wouldn’t be able to give them any. She had a very limited amount of oil and ointment, and there were one thousand people in desperate need of help. There would be no way that she could get all of them the medicinal care that they deserved. Despite that, she knew that she DID have enough for at least one hundred before the authorities came and rescued them. The majority of the people would be lost to the world, but at least a good hundred would make it out of the island.

    By Brandi URL on 09.27.2012

  37. i could use some… i need to give someone else some… then maybe i would get some too… give and it will come back to you, kind of thing… who couldn’t use a little… everyone could… those with sickness… those with addictions… those caretakers… those with extra work projects…

    By Michael on 09.27.2012

  38. It was dark. There was no sunlight able to breach the shadowy cave. And silence reigned like fire. It was as if every living thing stopped breathing at the exact time. Nothing moved. There was only one thing that stood out to Bella. The shape preparing to pounce upon her.

    By Anna Mae URL on 09.27.2012

  39. We all need a little help.

    By irock12129 URL on 09.27.2012

  40. i don’t need “your” help to find a nasty girl – she will find me :)

    By fabe nae on 09.27.2012