September 26th, 2012 | 316 Entries

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316 Entries for “help”

  1. Help, that’s what I do. I am hopeful that I am a help to you. That is what I want most. I want to feel like I am useful. I want to feel like I matter.

    By Diane URL on 09.26.2012

  2. There aren’t many ways to ask for help. There are a few ways to give help. Help can’t always help, sometimes it’s unhelpful to help, but only if it’s the wrong kind of help. So there’s help, and then there’s helpful help.

    By Mark Pavli on 09.26.2012

  3. Someone help me drive. I have mind blowing panic attacks when I sit in the driver’s seat of the car. My head spins, body shakes, eyes dart, breath quickens, and my instructor warched as I fall into an emotional breakdown like no other.

    By Autumn on 09.26.2012

  4. I saw a cat on the road the other day, it needed help crossing the street. When I approached the cat though, it told me it didn’t need any such thing from me. It told me to carry on with my business. Since this was an old cat, however; i decided to help him so he wouldn’t fall over. I finally got him to not be hostile with me, and he turned out to be a nice, wise fellow. He told me about his wife that had recently passed away and his children and grandchildren. Apparently he had about fifty grandchildren. He admitted to me that he couldn’t remember all of their names because there were so many. The old cat became one of my best friends and I walked him across the street and walked him to the store and back, carrying all of his purchased goods. After I got him home, we never saw each other again until a month later. He had gotten much frailer, so I helped him again. It continued to go like this, until one of the times I saw him, I asked him if I could volunteer to be his servant boy and live with him at his house to take care of him. He decided to let me, and everyday now, I take care of him. I got to know his children and grandchildren and became very close with them. I played with his grandchildren when ever they came over and their grandfather was too tired to play or he was talking with their parents. I have vowed from the day I helped him across the street the first time, that I will take care of him, and all of his prodigies until the day I die.

    By Ally Lindsey on 09.26.2012

  5. Assistance for quiet, for a recluse away from the troubles, duties, distractions and conflicting voices. I have my piece, a chapter and a half in and yet I cannot progress, I rewrite and delete, only to be discontent. Why is this so? I need assistance from what?

    By Eric Harrell on 09.26.2012

  6. there was a woman in the hallway. she was leaning over having trouble breathing. i asked her what she need and she mumbled something. i asked her again and she looked at me with blood in here eyes and said, “help me or go away” i ran to get my phone but when i came back she was gone leaving only a trail of blood to follow her. i followed it down the stairs and was surprised at what i saw.

    By paul on 09.26.2012

  7. Help. I need somebody. Help!

    Every once in a while we all say this. Whether or not we’ll actually admit that we need help from other people will decide how we will come out of the other side of our situation.

    Help is good. Helps is healthy. Help leads to a happier and even more fulfilled life.

    By Nicole URL on 09.26.2012

  8. help me
    help me
    i have nothing left
    this being inside of me, eating

    again and again

    i cry out to

    but you can’t see the
    behind my eyes

    i wish this day would
    dissolve inside

    but it continues on and on

    through my mind and heart

    it is replayed
    and relived

    By Sierra Abrams on 09.26.2012

  9. I was helped once and I passed it on to others. Holding a door open can make someones day. Offering a ride to a mother pushing a stroller in a rain storm. Telling a friend when they are straying off path. Life changing gestures. Help is what I offered once and love was passed on to me by others.

    By Sugaree on 09.26.2012

  10. help? where is the button for help? How do I ask for help when I don’t know what it is I want help for? I’m drowning here! And I have no time left

    By tony on 09.26.2012

  11. I need it. More than anything I need help in all aspects of my life. I need it in school and in love. I need help because I don’t know how to be happy. I spend my life trying to help other people and yet I can’t even help myself. But never will I ask for help. Never will I let it show that I need it. I need help more than anything, but that’s my little secret.
    To the rest of the world I am help. To the rest of the world I have the answers.

    By Poseychi URL on 09.26.2012

  12. I always feel so lost, i never knew what i wanted to do. I always take people suggestions..and make them my own..pretending i actually know what im doing..i really wish i did tho. I just need a hand…anyones hand to help me find my way..silly huh..silly.

    By Lost.Shana on 09.26.2012

  13. “hhhhheeelllllppppp!” I scream till my lung are blown out and the pain comes back. The well turns dark as night sets in. Its going to be too cold to sleep on the stones tonight. My weekly basket of food is half gone and its only monday…I think.

    By Cutter Spindell URL on 09.26.2012

  14. I will definitely need help when I start to write that novel next month. All of it a month. Dream on, but maybe it will at least keep me writing. I need all the help I can get just to keep my butt in the seat. We’ll see how that goes. I will have lots of support.

    By Rachel on 09.26.2012

  15. me im feeling down and i need someone to be around. holy shit i overestimated the time well not really but yes this is so long help meeeeeeee ahh why is it still going, help!!!!! lol last sentence my ass. more like i can actually write. hehehe hehe heh cheating.

    By jennifer! on 09.26.2012

  16. She called for help. But no answer came. She reached for her phone, even knowing that she was out of range and that the battery was almost dead. So close, yet so far.
    Would anyone find her here? What would be left? She heard water in the distance.

    By quinis on 09.26.2012

  17. I need help. Lots of help :)

    By mrrt on 09.26.2012

  18. Screamed my heart
    Though it was squeezed between two lungs
    Too busy gasping for air
    and below my stomach twisted and turned
    contracting around that red bursting organ
    O’ where now could the blood have gone?
    says my head
    before the light went dim
    and my lips parted finally.

    By Erwalton URL on 09.26.2012

  19. She kicked as hard as she could against the restraints, gagging on the rags stuffed down her throat. Her cries of help went unheard, muffled in the darkness of the basement. She was lost in her fear.

    By sheila Good URL on 09.26.2012

  20. Calling for help wasn’t an option here. Instead, as he groped for every open part of me that lay exposed but closed up like a puckering, terrified fish, I was left with one option. I used my remaining strength to clamp my right hand against his throat, ignoring the sting of my new black eye and the handprint on my left cheek.

    My left hand went somewhere else entirely. I twisted. I heard the muffled scream against the closed trachea. His eyes bulged in terror and skepticism.

    “There,” I snarled as I held his manhood in a distorted knot. “Now you know how it feels.”

    By Belinda Roddie URL on 09.26.2012

  21. Help is what friends do when dsomeone is in need. Help is what we all need to get over the day. It doesn’t cost any thing to legend a helping hand, it’s you an act of kindness that deep impact on people’s life’s.

    By Manny on 09.26.2012

  22. i need help a lot of the time.
    but no one seems to notice.
    they’re too busy asking for my help.
    they dont even consider my needs.
    but i always help them.
    ill feel terrible if i dont.
    and in the end im left alone.
    no tune,
    or helpful note.

    By Hazel on 09.26.2012

  23. HELP! when i’m with him i feel like i’m falling, like my world is crashing. The time stops, help me. Help me to control this love.

    By paola URL on 09.26.2012

  24. I feel so helpless. I feel that no one can ever fill in the emptiness inside of me, not even myself. I don’t know what’s wrong with me.

    By Abigail Rae on 09.26.2012

  25. my dog is drowning
    my life is in chaos
    my hair is bad
    my uniform isn’t ironed
    my shoes are broken
    i have a pimple
    i have tan marks
    i don’t have money

    By ellaine frezado URL on 09.26.2012

  26. it finds me. buried beneath all the wine and cheese, all the tears of a flexible schedule and a healthy lifestyle, it reaches for me. all those real things that haunt me, they keep me heavy. where’s the real me? where’s the world I’m trying to escape? Because last time I checked, I wasn’t wearing this fancy outfit. I was broke with a toddle, a child and a dog and watching the world laugh on by…

    By Trey URL on 09.26.2012

  27. Why won’t any come to my aid? I don’t understand why no one will show up to answer my plea for help. What can be done without the brave souls who swore to aid the country? All will be lost in the fires of anarchy if no one comes to help.

    By Woody URL on 09.26.2012

  28. But no help ever came. She had to find it herself by jumping from rock to rock over rivers and running up sloping hills. And then, at the top, she’d be able to see everything and begin to understand how the world was made to nurture her, not destroy her,

    By emlex URL on 09.26.2012

  29. Help. We all need it, right? So why is it so hard for us to ask for it? The thoughts that we keep to ourselves, that we never let out, are destroying us from the inside out. We’re out own worst enemies and we hate it. We hate ourselves. For everything that we put ourselves through. For not being good enough for anyone. For not being who we want to be, for losing ourselves. We just want to be happy. We didn’t know life would be this tiring.

    By Sunny URL on 09.26.2012

  30. what people scream when they’re in trouble, in need of assistance or the silent cry of someone trapped in a pit of despair.

    By Caroline on 09.26.2012

  31. she screamed i need help as she lay on her 600 thread count sheets. they didnt keep her warm like his body did. tears fall more than a hurricane can produce. the destruction of a fragile heart hurts more than life itself.

    By AshleyKay URL on 09.26.2012

  32. I am not usually one to ask for this—
    “I can do it on my own, I’ll figure it out.”
    But asking for help shouldn’t make us feel bad about ourselves.
    Asking for help should make us feel wise—
    When one asks for help, it simply means they want to better themselves.

    By Theresa on 09.26.2012

  33. It was no good. She was far too deep in it. What could I do but kill a couple goons. It couldn’t save her life. I didn’t know what could. She always acted so strong willed. But after calculating the odds, I seriously think today is when her luck runs out.

    By Ruben URL on 09.26.2012

  34. you are in so much need of help
    help that i cannot provide you
    help like
    the hospital i was in at sixteen years old
    with the screaming children and the friendly nurses
    and the blonde girl covered in gashes
    i cannot help you
    you cannot help yourself
    you are a lost cause and i don’t give a shit

    By Julia URL on 09.26.2012

  35. help me help me. where were the mountain men of yore. stuck in the middle against the onrushing flow of, what is banal. yeehaw, the monsters on the seesaw.

    By mason barlow on 09.26.2012

  36. “Help me!” she cried out as the shower curtain wound itself around her neck.

    “Please, someone help me!” she gasped as it pulled tighter and tighter, her hand slipping on the wet tiles.

    “Help me,” she whispered as it finally tore free from the rings and smothered her in the bath.

    By alleycat URL on 09.26.2012

  37. “Natasha, I know we’ve had our differences, and things have just been…weird lately. But I’ve known you long enough. Even with all this…double agent…business, I know. I know you. I know you’re different, I know that there’s good. You’ve proved that time and time again. But… please,” he chocked, begging. “Help me.”

    Natasha stared solemnly down at the form of her partner trapped beneath the support beams. Tears stung at the backs of her eyes, threatening to spill. She shut them tightly and turned her back.

    “I’m sorry, Clint,” she whispered. “But what I have to do…I’m sorry.”

    By Lyssie212 URL on 09.26.2012

  38. “What is greatness?” the young individual wondered on their own. So often I have been let down; oh I have experienced the terrors of the world. Yet I have found hope, yet there has been help. That is what greatness is; to help, to love, to give, to sacrifice, to be.

    By kvm URL on 09.26.2012


    By Michelle on 09.26.2012

  40. i need help to figure out what i actually feel. if this means that or that means this or maybe its real. maybe im still in love for 3 years ago maybe i need serious help and i dont understand how all of this works. maybe i need to help myslef and let go. maybe i need to tell him those simple words. i miss you.

    By AshleyKay URL on 09.26.2012