September 26th, 2012 | 316 Entries

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316 Entries for “help”

  1. sometimes she thinks she needs help, because the scars on her wrists shouldn’t be there, and the thoughts she thinks shouldn’t be in her head.

    By georgia on 09.26.2012

  2. it’s easy to ask for help, but when help is needed we seem so unsure if we can help. are we helpless because we do not know how to help the person in need. Do we know how to help – but just are fearful that we may not help in the way it was expected. Does it matter that we just help – so as to be kind. Or do we not help – to avoid being a nuisance, instead of a helper. Hmmmm ???

    By Sandy on 09.26.2012

  3. Sometimes you need it,
    Sometimes you don’t.

    But other times you need but you don’t realize it,
    And that’s what friends are for.

    That’s sometimes the hardest,
    To accept help from others.

    By Beau URL on 09.26.2012

  4. “Help is on the way,” he whispered to me, as I slowly lost consciousness. “Help is on the way.”

    I remember the feeling I felt at that moment. The feeling of hopelessness. Everything started to blur, even his face, the face I knew so well. I felt like I was losing everything dear to me, and that even if help was on the way, I would never get them back. It would never be the same.

    By Cynthia URL on 09.26.2012

  5. HALP! I dont know computer

    how do i make got web doing? button like this?


    i press button make internet but no internet
    is only bad


    plz halp internet

    By Richardton T. Slump URL on 09.26.2012

  6. What would you do if I sang out of tune?
    Would walk out on me…
    Would you believe in love at first sight…
    Do you need anybody?
    Have a little help from my friends…

    By Simon Says.. URL on 09.26.2012

  7. some one please help me i cant see threw these black clouds im drounding in sarrow i dont think i see tommorow! i cant help how i feel this all seems so real~ 365 days times 2 I cried my self to sleep on the floor in sufferance but what for what a waste hell awaits gone in a instance it’s the recurrence of your disappearances, proves obvious it was a conscious decision ! welp since i wont let u bring me down one more day ill help my self now it’s time for disseverance learn from experience never make someone a priority when your just an option. I’m done with your song and dance just bounce!!

    By jennyrae on 09.26.2012

  8. Had this been a year ago, then I’d be waiting for everyone to watch me bleed. But that’s not me anymore, and I haven’t been like that for some time. That past life died with all of the hurts and memories somewhere in a pile of mud over the sounds of “Disasterpiece”. Hate still isn’t enough to describe me, but I’m not somewhere between screaming and crying. I’m supposed to be here. I’m supposed to be.

    By agloe on 09.26.2012

  9. the boy needed help fast. his house was falling to pieces like 3d puzzles that get knocked down. cats were falling from the sky. ice was dripping of the roof. all of a sudden, a rainbow appeared.

    By us on 09.26.2012

  10. “Help, help, please! Someone!” the woman cried. She sat in middle of the busy street, cradling a boy in her arms. He was a young boy, perhaps only 5 of 6 years old. She pushed back his hair, and said to him, “Come on, honey, come on. This isn’t a good time for one of your games.” The boy didn’t wake.

    By Morgan URL on 09.26.2012

  11. I need your help. I need someone to save me. It’s rough living the life of a forgotten girl. A girl no one cares to notice. A girl no one cares to see. A girl no cares to LOVE.

    By DeShonna Johnson on 09.26.2012

  12. help i need some body, not just anybody, i neeee somebody to loooooooove! when i was younger i never needed anyones help oooooh yeahhhh, can anybody find meee somebody tooooo looove?

    By Meghan on 09.26.2012

  13. “HELP!” The man cried, as he stood, small as a star in the sky, at the top of the high-rise apartment building. A small crowd had gathered below, and were watching in mild horror and fascination. Obviously having scaled his way out there with a fierce determination to jump, having made his way half way across the fire escape, the man’s determination had failed him and he was frozen, petrified out of his mind.

    By Caroline on 09.26.2012

  14. Lord help me and protect me from the madness of the world around me. Sometimes it can be too much to deal with. Help

    By eyeinthesky on 09.26.2012

  15. He whispered, as he stepped out of the dark room and into the glaring spotlights. What did they give him in return? A slap on the back, and a “job well done!”

    By mattlock URL on 09.26.2012

  16. Dear Lord, please help me cope. H-elp E-nergize L-ife P-lease. Amen.

    By Chezrobin URL on 09.26.2012

  17. It’s not something most people are humble enough to ask for. For some reason, we take it as a strike to our pride, a sign of weakness. In reality, everyone needs help with something. No one is perfect so why should we go unaided through everything-through all our troubles and our problems and our most difficult tasks?

    By One thousand vices (Vices) URL on 09.26.2012

  18. Sometimes, the hand in the distance seems to be covered in spikes. Sometimes, it’s scary to reach out into the unknown.

    But not really. Sometimes, it’s just too hard to grab another hand, and risk pulling them down with you. That’s what it means to be alone.

    By Aly on 09.26.2012

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    help cried the wolf
    my foot is stuck on a rock
    wait no he said
    thats just me tripping

    By g on 09.26.2012

  20. sos

    By Doolly on 09.26.2012

  21. Teeth gritted, nails scrabbling for purchase agains the stone, I whirled on him. “And what about you?” I demanded. “I suppose you intended to help me just like the others did, right?”

    By WearyWater URL on 09.26.2012

  22. Something everyone needs, something not many get. But something so many take for granted. I want to help someday…in some way, even if its just one person. If I can find something that helps me do that…I am set. Its hard to get through to people sometimes, I wonder if that me?

    By Karina on 09.26.2012

  23. Help! You know I need somebody.
    Help! not just anybody.
    Help! You know I need someone.
    Help! Help!

    By Blue on 09.26.2012

  24. “Help.” The word came from her mouth like something she never even thought about. She turned around, confused by her place. Where was she? Why was she? Maybe that’s why she had said the word. “Help!” She said again, louder this time as she looked for another form of life. Would anybody help her? Could they?

    By Calista on 09.26.2012

  25. Help. I want to go far away. Help.

    By kt URL on 09.26.2012

  26. I looked over at Bogdan. He didn’t seem to know the answer either. Nervously, I glanced down at the paper in front of me and tried to guess what the teacher wanted from me. There was nothing there to help me. I was stuck with no answer and my class reputation on the line.

    By Julia URL on 09.26.2012

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    By Laeu URL on 09.26.2012

  28. Please help me. I don’t know what to do. I can’t handle this anymore. Nothing makes sense. Nothing is clear. What’s going on?
    Should I be the one giving help? I don’t know. Help me.
    Help me live, and laugh, and meet people. Help me survive alone. Help me survive at all.
    I don’t know how.
    I’m fighting with myself, my emotions, my life.
    And I’m losing.
    Can I even win?

    By aimee on 09.26.2012

  29. Help, no matter how much you give or how much you get, itll never be enough.

    By ambivalent URL on 09.26.2012

  30. what do you need help with? nothing at all. everything is a destiny anyways. those three words, can mean everything to someone, and nothing to someone at all. But it’s a small word, a small word.

    By Dominika URL on 09.26.2012

  31. I need it. I desperately want it. In the form of money and transportation. But no one will give it because the more we earn the more we think we desertve, unless the situation is desperate, then you need some. Apparently I am not desperate enough, so I will not get it. The median of helpless and unable to be helped. Hello.

    By Chris on 09.26.2012

  32. Help me friend, I can’t seem to find the exit, and the longer I am in this room, the more trouble I seem to find.

    By Paulette on 09.26.2012

  33. I couldn’t believe it. I was stuck in a coffin. No air to breathe. Nothing but silence and the sound of my heart slowing. I screamed for a while but it did me no good. I scratched the walls till my fingers began to bleed. Nothing i could do would save me from this hopeless situation. I whimpered as the air was to thin to even suck in. My eyes slowly fluttered shut in defeat. With the last word to ever leave my lips. “Help.”

    By Anna Zimmerman on 09.26.2012

  34. the Help wanted a raise
    she wanted to be raised up
    from her current slump
    so that her sons
    could witness the moon eclipsed

    raised on silver spoons and
    significant science education

    By Phil on 09.26.2012

  35. Struggling to find myself in a sea of people.
    i need you to come to me
    do you hear my plea?
    help is all i need right now.
    just someone to care for once
    im all alone
    and i really suck at writing
    so this is what i really need help with
    like my transitions?

    By kelsie on 09.26.2012

  36. Help. I don’t need it. Help. I am drowning. Help. Who needs it? Help. I’m dying. Help. Its for the weak. Help. I’m lost. Help. I can do it on my own. Help. I’m alone. Help. Is too needy. Help. Help. Help. I need it

    By Katheryne on 09.26.2012

  37. I need help. if you’re out there. please. he’s getting closer. it’s almost too late. you let this happen to me. i hope you know this is all on you and only you. when i die I’ll haunt your dreams forever and make sure you know what you did. help.

    By Tyler Harrington on 09.26.2012

  38. I like to help people. There is a girl in my class that cuts herself. I want to help her but I am afraid that doing nothing might be better than make a big deal out of it, for fear of making her hostile or insecure..

    By Louisa Crane URL on 09.26.2012

  39. i’m too afraid to ask for help. i like being on my own and i like feeling like i’ve done something by MYSELF. i dont want any favors. if i had to ask for help then i owe you, i am lesser, and i cannot be on my own. it’s not worth the risk and I learned that from my father.

    By kelsey on 09.26.2012

  40. I’ve needed help many times in my life, and I can honestly say that help always comes alone with a task that needs to be completed. I’m glad to say I’ve help many people in my life, and many have helped I. I’m not sure what else to say on the word help, all I can say is it brings great fortune to many. Just relax, and help people out for a change. Change the world. Be a better person.

    By Daniel on 09.26.2012