November 16th, 2011 | 328 Entries

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328 Entries for “hearts”

  1. merp herp

    By Thomas davis on 11.16.2011

  2. It started out as the both of us having fun. I had no Idea our hearts would get involved. I just wanted someone who would be there for me. You weren’t looking for anything. Yet somehow we fell in love.

    By Marina URL on 11.16.2011

  3. Ba-bump.

    Gasping for air and pushed into the first chamber.


    Squeezed through a tiny hole and into a new room.


    Split in two groups
    One to the left
    The other to the right


    The sweet taste of oxygen –


    By niyxx URL on 11.16.2011

  4. Our hearts are entwined—that I know for certain, but the tendrils can be thorny at times, or damaged by blight that accummulates over years of togetherness. Can they continue to beat as one? Perhaps a bit of careful pruning will help us to thrive and grow.

    By Andie on 11.16.2011

  5. I know I can’t take one more step towards you, cuz all that’s waiting is regret. And don’t you know I’m not your ghost anymore, you lost the love I loved the most. I learned to live half alive, now you want me one more time. Who do you think you are? Running around leaving scars. Collecting your jar of hearts, tearing love apart. You’re gonna catch a cold from the ice inside of soul, don’t come back for me, who do you think you are?

    By Evelyn URL on 11.16.2011

  6. She looked at the hearts scattered about and wanted to vomit. She was in no mood to see anything resembling love. Her heart was broken enough, broken and probably going to stay that way because was never going to be good enough for anyone.

    By wendy on 11.16.2011

  7. Hearts is a object that stands for many things. Specifically life and love. Love is a wide range as well. Anniversaries, Valentines Day, Birthdays. Hearts stand for happiness, laughter of children playing, family get together. Hearts are all around. Hearts are found on T-Shirts and shoes, drawings, and books. Hearts could mean a many of things.

    By Morgan Hawks on 11.16.2011

  8. It’s easier to send an emoticon than to say I love you.

    By Peg on 11.16.2011

  9. Hearts are meant to be both broken and nourished. When a heart is broken, one learns from past mistakes and grows from whatever or whoever broke it. And when the heart is nourished, well… that’s when it starts skipping a beat.

    By anonymous on 11.16.2011

  10. stars and horseshoes, clovers and blue moons. sugar, fill em up, spread it around and connect. latch onto it, before they burst or deflate without activity. don’t pass it on, hold tight and fasten. one big chain. pots of gold and rainbows and me red balloons.

    By Eva on 11.16.2011

  11. Hearts can be drawn and hearts can be broken. Hearts can be painted or written in lined paper love notes. Hearts can be desired and hearts can be won over. But with every heart we encounter, we must not forget to take care of our own.

    By jakeG URL on 11.16.2011

  12. Two hearts beating in unison. Their primal rush is a mighty thudding in the ears of a savage. His blood lust will soon be satisfied, and he will sleep soundly.

    By dan URL on 11.16.2011

  13. The queen of hearts she made some tarts but who ate all the pies? there are hearts on my pillow and hearts on my sleeve – but just one heart and just one sleeve.

    By Sharon Wigley on 11.16.2011

  14. Jun sniffed hard and kept his head down, bringing the meat cleaver to cut through the hearts into fine pieces, before swiping his hand across the board and dumping them in the pot.

    “Is it ready?” his mother asked.

    “No, go back to bed,” he replied, and spat a blackened phlegm from his lungs into a cloth, before wiping his hands and continuing to chop vegetables.

    By Fluidfyre URL on 11.16.2011

  15. Hear our hearts’ howls of hankering.

    By Marianne URL on 11.16.2011

  16. I want our hearts to beat together,
    I want us to never seperate,
    I want you.
    I desire you.
    You give me those cliche heartbeats that everyone dreams of having,
    Why are you so untouchable?

    By Linda URL on 11.16.2011

  17. A queen of hearts. My Biology teacher talked about cards and the probability of pulling a queen of hearts out of a randomly assorted deck of cards.

    By Christiana on 11.16.2011

  18. They aren’t that special, honestly. Somehow, they’ve become the symbol of feelings and emotions and love and excitement, but I don’t think that love can be confined to a pump in my chest that cycles oxygen through my body. Love is so much bigger than that, and yes, I’m sorry to be so trite as to talk about love under a prompt about hearts, but sometimes these things need to be said.
    Anyway, hearts are the most unromantic organ ever. They look like squishy and distasteful lumps when they are outside of the boxes that they inhabit behind rib cages. They are the reason blood pumps and gushes out of open wounds until you bleed out and die.
    Then again, that is what happens when love goes wrong and no one is there to help. I’m not talking about lust or childish romances that fall apart when the rubber hits the road, but when a father loses his child or when an old woman loses her husband – love can be destructive, and honestly, most of the time it’s the most unromantic thing I’ve ever seen. It’s ugly and it’s distasteful and it’s messy.
    So perhaps there are good reasons for hearts to represent the seat of love; it may be a pump in the middle of a chest, but it controls the health of the whole body, and can be part of its most inglorious undoing.

    By Bekkah on 11.16.2011

  19. Girls are complicated. Our hearts are like music. You cannot really understand them as first, but once you start actually listening to them, you can really get to love them. :)

    By Gaby on 11.16.2011

  20. the heart guides you on an important journey which will control your life and tear apart your disguise to show who you truly are

    By dfew on 11.16.2011

  21. Hearts are completely deceiving. People draw these cute little loopy shapes everywhere, and what do hearts actually look like? Veiny and bloody and puffy. Romantic, right?

    By Azure URL on 11.16.2011

  22. Why did we choose a heart to represent love? It’s full of weird arteries, veins, muscles, fibers. What does a pacemaker represent about love?

    By travelingalisssa URL on 11.16.2011

  23. Imagine our hearts together, imagine them collapse as waves hitting the raspy shore. Imagine we knew it was love, imagine we actually wanted it to be love. Imagine there was no one who didn’t wanted it to happen, imagine it was just you and me.

    By Gaby URL on 11.16.2011

  24. And you stole mine,
    It had become so intertwined,
    So given and so open,
    You took me to wonders that I never knew,
    Without it with me, secure and safe, I became someone else,
    If only that I remained,
    If only I kept it,
    Kept a close eye on its whereabouts,
    Maybe then I would have known,
    You left it on the streets, as you traveled the world on bare feet,
    Never told me, and now I am left looking,
    For it, already ripped and torn,
    Leaving me alone and forlorn,
    You could have told me.

    By Vareesha Khan URL on 11.16.2011

  25. What to say? I can’t even describe my own, so how can I describe others’ hearts? If you could describe a heart adequately, you will have discovered the answers to every question humans have ever asked.

    By hazelwillow URL on 11.16.2011

  26. The Queen of Hearts was outraged. More than she had ever rightly been. It had been at least a week since she’d found a reason to call for someone to have their head removed.
    “Political correctness gone mad” she whispered under her breath as two courtiers ‘respectfully’ advised her the people would object. To hell with the people. It was them she was insisting have their heads removed. “The difficulty with this,” responded the courtier, “is that *you* are their effective Head, your majesty. If you insist on removing their Head, they may well act on your advice”.
    “What did they know about acting on advice?”, she thought. “The people are stupid. Why else did they make me Queen?”

    By Gordsthoughts URL on 11.16.2011

  27. “what are you talking about?” Milly could hardly believe it. “you’ve been completely in love with her for…a year! you can’t just…you can’t just…”
    “…forget about her in a day?” Jake asked, not looking at her. Milly felt the anger she’d felt during the past few days rising like some gigantic tidal wave inside of her.
    “i risked my life so you could finally be with that…that awful girl,” Milly screamed at the back of his head. “and then you just forget about her??” Milly felt the tears starting to fall. “you’re life could have been better, Jake, but now…” She paused, eyes boring into his wet hair, which was all she could see; he still wasn’t looking at her. “How could you forget her?” She asked in a broken whisper. “how could your heart forget her?” Jake turned around, and the look he gave her seemed to dissolve all her anger and sorrow in an instant.
    “my heart didn’t forget her, Milly. It remembered you.”

    By Melanie on 11.16.2011

  28. The thing that perplexed him most was how they could possibly work together. He reached up and prodded at his chest and under his rib-cage. The surgeon had told him he’d show him the x-ray and have a nice little chat about it. He put his fingers to his neck and tried to feel his pulse, concentrating till his head throbbed to see if there was some kind of echo. Or whatever other symptom he was expected to show.
    He caught his reflection in a side mirror, saw how sorry he seemed to be feeling for himself. Maybe worrying represented his fundamental misunderstanding about science. Maybe having two hearts meant he was twice as strong…

    By Sam URL on 11.16.2011

  29. Broken, torn apart as easily as water slips through fingers, worn down after countless rips and tears in the surface. But only a special few reach the center, only a few manage to touch the very core of hearts.

    By Julia M URL on 11.16.2011

  30. I hate mushy. Needy, pleading, cutesy. Man up. Let me give chase. If I really like you, my heart will take me. The chase is the best part of falling for you.

    By Jordyn on 11.16.2011

  31. Two hearts, beating as one. The interconnected thuds, symbolizing life and love. Source of life, and source of death. So important yet so fragile. Both literal and figurative.

    By Cara URL on 11.16.2011

  32. Women love getting anything with hearts on it.It’s something they enjoy getting all the time.

    By chris craft on 11.16.2011

  33. when i hear or see the word heart i think of love, someones feelings towards someone else

    By violeta on 11.16.2011

  34. the two hearts were in sync. they both were going crazy, what they had just done would bond them forever. now their hearts would always be intertwined. there was nothing they could do to forget what just happened. their hearts beat as they looked at the dead body in front of them of the person they just killed.

    By Kim URL on 11.16.2011

  35. the rain has started and the library closes at six. he read the warning labels but probably should have followed them more closely. meet tom: he’s slumped over in a library bathroom his breathing shallow. tonight he was gonna ask his girl to marry him. he was gonna fix his life. today he quit smoking. bought patches and gum and an e-cigarette and used all of them at once. after he staggered into the restroom to wash his face he fell over. he thinks he’s going to die. he thinks that he’ll never get to tell his girl how much he loves her. he’s right. it’s not an overdose, the paramedics say. it’s an allergic reaction. tom was mess. rewind to a week before…

    By becca Loo URL on 11.16.2011

  36. Lollypops.
    And Amy.

    By courtneythefish on 11.16.2011

  37. “winning the hearts and minds” – early wounding.

    By visage URL on 11.16.2011

  38. Hearts

    I have a ‘thing’ about collecting hearts … well, heart-shaped doo-dads. Mostly images of hearts. Hearts in crafts, made into garlands. Hearts in hands. Cards with hearts. Seems to me, I just can’t get enough love — or give enough love.

    By CameoRoze URL on 11.16.2011

  39. Corazones cortados en cartulinas rojas manchadas.
    Puestas armonicamente, unidas por un cordón de plata.
    Asi fue como nacimos
    Unidos por un cordon de plata entre nuestros corazones
    Salimos a la luz y el cordon se corto
    Te pareceria volver a unir nuestros corazones?

    By Tohe URL on 11.16.2011

  40. One heart,
    One soul,
    One body,
    That is all the human race is.
    Hearts, souls and bodies.

    By Kayla URL on 11.16.2011