September 8th, 2012 | 262 Entries

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262 Entries for “headphones”

  1. The colors of music drifted from my headphones into my ears creating a symphony of music and noises that caused my head to bounce and my feet to tap.

    By umbazachika URL on 09.08.2012

  2. I can’t believe I still have the same red headphone that I”ve been using for months now. I have not lost them. They aren’t broken yet. They are almost as good as the day I opened the package. I like these headphones. They have served me well.

    By Diane URL on 09.08.2012

  3. “Everytime you feel alone put on your headphones, love love is coming through your headphones love, love, LOO-OVVVE! Is coming through your headphones,”
    The song screamed into Mckayla’s ears, filling her head with encouraging music that made her want to belt out the words herself.

    By The Heroine of the Story on 09.08.2012

  4. I still have his headphones, and I have no idea what to do with them. I tried putting them on the other day. You can’t judge someone without listening to them for a while in their headphones.

    So I tried. But I could only hear silence in them, or I couldn’t hear at all.

    By Myona on 09.08.2012

  5. Headphones give me headaches. Never mind. They don’t. Headphones put you in your own little world by separating you from sound in the outside world. It’s so annoying when peopel keep asking you questions, though, you just nod occasionally to look like your listening. I love headphones.

    By Annie URL on 09.08.2012

  6. Oh the headphones she asked for and didn’t get — this was so annoying. She asked her husband for them — surely he had noticed in all these years that she wore hearing aids and would need actual headphones, not funky ear bud things. But no, he brought her earbuds, which were utterly useless.

    By Kathleen Gabriel on 09.08.2012

  7. headphones in mey ear help me escape the harsh reality of life. i love to hear the pounding in my drums and the harmony in my soul. life becomes easier when i can drift away into the music. i love it.

    By Nykkia URL on 09.08.2012

  8. use for music, happiness, joym run, ipod, sexy, god, the best for be alone, i used it evert day, wireless, long cable for fun, i dont know,

    By carlos gonzalez on 09.08.2012

  9. She closed her eyes and sighed as her ipod shuffled back to the song that melted her heart. Throwing her headphones to the side, she felt her eyes mist over with tears. How many times must she relive the memory of him? It broke her heart with every note.

    By Abbie URL on 09.08.2012

  10. They were pink and blue, each earbud a different color. She nearly always had them, except in th shower, though if she could have she certainly would. Unfortunately, it meant few people approached her anymore, always thinking their voices would be blasted out by whatever she was listening to. But that was the trick. The headphones where plugged into nothing. She was listening to nothing at all.

    By Jasmine URL on 09.08.2012

  11. I put my headphones in a keep my head down. The rain is starting to get on my glasses but I’ve walked this path so many times I don’t really need to be able to see. I know that in a few metres I’ll turn a corner and there it’ll be: a big abandoned house just waiting for us.

    By NicoleQ URL on 09.08.2012

  12. I put on my headphones and began working on my computer. Of course, the intern rushes in just that second, splashing coffee drops all over my morning paper. He huffs and puffs, combing back his gelled hair and basically doing everything a fresh out of college pup would do to impress a career guru.
    “Your coffee sir,” Charlie squeaks, placing the cup on the table.
    I don’t know why he talks like this. Now, I know he can TALK, but he insists that I want to hear a prepubescent chipmunk high on life everyday.
    “I added about two cremes, but do you want more creme? There’s a bunch more in the lounge. I can get you some more.”
    I glance down at my soggy newspaper, back at him and grin as best I can. To be honest, it wasn’t very much. Closer to a sneer than anything.
    “No thanks.” I said, picking up the coffee. “This is just great.”

    By Laura Riddle on 09.08.2012

  13. headphones let you hear music or videos. They let you listen to things as others are listening to other stuff. They are useful and are used all over the world.

    By Rene' on 09.08.2012

  14. headphones are the magic of the world, the ears, the listeners. everyone has them too. everyone needs them. to tune out the world and tune into themselves or maybe to get into a certain mood they are the connectors between us and the magic of music its nice to have somethng always there

    By maria on 09.08.2012

  15. Bass

    By Raymond on 09.08.2012

  16. Mary slipped on her headphones, cracking up her music so she wouldn’t have to listen to her mother’s babble. She listened to her favorite band until the headphones were ripped out of her ears, an angry mother giving her a dirty look. Mary smiled innocently, and quickly stuffed her iPod into her jacket pocket.

    By Nell on 09.08.2012

  17. music is loud. i like it that way. i use it to drown out the world around me, not because i dislkie the world, but because i dislike having to deal with my family every once in a while.

    By caroline prelich on 09.08.2012

  18. FUCK!
    I love music, it’s great and this tool given to us through many years of science and progression has helped many people, as well as me, to encounter and experience it.

    By Danny on 09.08.2012

  19. the deep winds blowing menacingly through the fall trees, catching leaves on their way through. i walk with my headphones on, ignoring crunching of the leaves that have made their way to the ground. i imagine every leaf is a memory of my past that i am growing stronger for having been through; crushing the painful memories that sting at my heart like a sore throat on a cold winter day. i am always yearning to move forward, away from it all.

    By Katie URL on 09.08.2012

  20. You would probably think when you say headphones is about putting just foamy solid object on your ears and makes you start to listen to a very loud appealing music to your ears and just set that as your own music and only for you. Not good for fashion is it. But it’s quite a basic need for me, headphones or earphones.

    By Anaiah on 09.08.2012

  21. Just bought some for my program. I am taking my recording arts diploma at Grant MacEwan University in Edmonton. You know you belong in a program when you have a three hour lecture about live sound reinforcement and you find your heart sinks in disappointment when the time is up.

    By Katt on 09.08.2012

  22. Headphones are a part of music. Music is a part of life. If you don’t have headphones, your screwed. God so loved the world he gave us people to make music and headphones.

    By Clarissa on 09.08.2012

  23. My headphones were on. I was attempting to block out the world. But you got my attention. I did not get yours. I have not stopped thinking about you. I wonder if I will ever see you again.

    By Marina URL on 09.08.2012

  24. headphones. music. it brings it to life. with headphones on you are in your own little world where you can tune out completely and not even have a care in the world. just you and your music and i love that, i live for that. it rises me up, inspires me.

    By elena on 09.08.2012

  25. As I walk down the street, attempting to avoid his gaze, his eyes only become more tempting. He stares at me, follows the trail of my headphones down to their end at the iPod tucked into my pocket. His gaze riddles me with pins in needles, I am sweating, my teeth grind together like the train wheels sparking on a track, and I finally meet his stare. He smiles, waves his fingers at me snidely, and exits the subway. My frozen fixation follows him. I am defeated.

    By Madeleine H. on 09.08.2012

  26. I can’t wear headphones, I find them cumbersome and obvious. Give me earbuds any day. “sorry, I can’t hear you, I’m jamming to some RHCP”

    By Kelsie on 09.08.2012

  27. i have headphones. i listen to tons of music on them i usually only buy skull candy because i think theyre the best i love two door cinema club in my headphones and i had to buy some shit kind because i left my good ones in new jersey so it was a sad day

    By glenna on 09.08.2012

  28. on my walk today I discovered a pair of headphones lying by the side of the road. I looked around to the left and then to the right and desided since no one was whatching that I would pick them up and have a go. I put them over my ears and pressed the play button on the side. To my absolute horror it was Brittany Spears Hit Me Baby One More time. In disgust I ripped them Off my head and threw them to the ground. They made a spark and then all of a sudden Britnany was playing at a volume audible to the whole neighbourhood. People were rushing out of there homes to see the coffufal.

    By natalie on 09.08.2012

  29. OK SO I WAS thinking about soccer and stuff and i am worried that i won’t make it and ah i hope i do i mean i try and my sister is leaving so i am kinda well no really sad about that and school is nice i guess tom still likes me ugh i suck at soccer though, i know i can do good though! it bothers me a lot that i have so much pressureeee ok so this thing stopped so i am just going to write more i guess lalala ok lalla this is boring me.. like what 15 seconds like 10 9 8 7 6 5 4 3 2 1 byeeee

    By em ollero on 09.08.2012

  30. She slid her headphones on, blocking the noises of the train. She let the moving images on the screen and the words the people on them said sink in. It wasn’t easy, trying to hold back her tears, but she was strong, so she managed to do so. Hearing those words, put together by someone she had once known and was now gone, was harder than she thought. And seeing his smiling face was worse. But nothing could beat knowing that, that way, with headphones on her ears, would be the only way she could ever hear that voice and see that face again.

    By Andrea on 09.08.2012

  31. These things let sounds into your ears. How often do we find ourselves not wanting to hear a thing, then filling our heads with pointless noise with these contraptions? I don’t have anything against them really. They’re great to have.

    By Eddie Martinez on 09.08.2012

  32. headphones are for when you want to listen to music, they come in all different colors! and btw they work better if you put the left one in the right ear and vice versa!!!!! it realy workss :D

    By Brooke URL on 09.08.2012

  33. They are extremely useful and help society because they are better for listening to music in public. Not every one likes your music.

    By Ally URL on 09.08.2012

  34. I already wrote about these today. On this site. What am I doing? I shouldn’t be telling you what I already did. This isn’t creative at all. It’s rather autobiographical. About one minute of my life. Thanks.

    By Eddie on 09.08.2012

  35. plug it in.
    turn up the music.
    turn off the world.

    tune it all out.
    tune in to the melody.
    the harmony of life.

    but silence is loud,
    when all you hear is your heart.
    your veins screaming for release.

    By Dominique URL on 09.08.2012

  36. headphones are are in my ears right now. but theres not even music or anything playing. im not listening to anything. im just waiting for something to play so i can listen for my own pleasure.

    By Wilson on 09.08.2012

  37. I love listening to my music through my headphones. It’s like having my own personal concert to jam out to. They also help when I’m having a bad day, I can tune out the rest of the world and listen to the songs that make me happy.

    By Azela URL on 09.08.2012

  38. the little rounded tipped things that are connected to insanely long wires in which always end up getting all tangles up, and they play music. :) :) :) :) :) :)

    By heartygirlxo URL on 09.08.2012

  39. Everybody always says “headphones on, world off” but I’m finding that recently even headphones can’t block everything out

    By Alexis URL on 09.08.2012

  40. When did big headphones come back in style? I hate them. I personally prefer earbuds; trying running 10 miles carrying a pair of Beats around. No sir! It’s bad enough carrying the iPod.

    By Aaron URL on 09.08.2012