July 2nd, 2012 | 217 Entries

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217 Entries for “harness”

  1. My sadness is my harness. I pull a cart filled with regret. I also keep a dictionary on there to remind me what “gret” is, since re-gret means having this thing again.

    By Jeff Goodman URL on 07.02.2012

  2. I strapped myself on unknowingly.
    Dragging the weight of the family forward,
    ingesting their sins
    so that they may enter heaven
    while I fall down to hell
    a bigger sinner
    than I ought to have been.

    By Jason URL on 07.02.2012

  3. The stripper strapped on the last snap on her harness and walked on stage. She had never worn a strap on before in public and it was a little intimidating, but it was such a turn on. The moment she walked on stage and she felt the light hit her face,all her fear faded….she was in control.

    By Ashley on 07.02.2012

  4. she slipped the harness over his head and around his ears, gently adjusting the bridle between his teeth. he nuzzled against her pocket looking for a treat and stamping his foot impatiently. “hold on boy,” she whispered against his cheek. “not long now.” “well damnit, hurry up” he grumbled “my wife will be home in half an hour!”

    By debra on 07.02.2012

  5. “Just take this harness” The lady handed me the ‘harness’
    “What? You cant leave me with this! I don’t know how t put it on!” I shouted after her but she had already started walking away.

    By mee123 on 07.02.2012

  6. My harness is snug around my waist and torso, each buckle and strap tied with meticulous care, so tight I can barely breathe. Alec looks at me with a grim smile, and something else.
    I feel my chest tighten with anxiety, my heart speeding up. Breathing comes harder. Before us, the door opens, bringing with it a strong, pulling wind that smells of smoke, and blood, and death. Things to be finished.
    I take his hand in mine and smile, excited to end this. “Ready.”
    Together, we fall.

    By Emma Crowe URL on 07.02.2012

  7. Energy is harnessed. Horses are harnessed. The spirit of a human being must never be harnessed.

    By Nushia URL on 07.02.2012

  8. hamurile pentru cai, armura de metal, cingatoare pentru escaladarea stincilor, muntilor, curea pentru ciini

    By Valentin Eni URL on 07.02.2012

  9. Put it on your head and neck and run. You can jump around safely without injury. It holds everything in. You can harness energies in a more spiritual sense, not so physical. A tanginble harness is one thing, but the harnesses we put on ourselves are much stronger.

    By Amanda on 07.02.2012

  10. Aproveitar o que? porra nenhuma, nenhuma apresentação, nenhum aproveitamento, a vida passada rapido como num raio de sentimentos, aproveitar é indiferente, indiferente de viver, viver loucamente uma vida curta.

    By ÍCaro URL on 07.02.2012

  11. The harness feel tough and cool underneath her warm palms. When she was on top of her favorite stallion, her Sherlock, she felt unstoppable. Nothing could touch her, not the wind, not the dust flowing in thundering clouds

    By Joanna on 07.02.2012

  12. She saw time slipping away from her, felt the surge of power leaving her body. She had nothing left to give. The last thing she remembered was the sudden warmth of a strong hand on her back, before her mind melted into nothingness.

    By Les URL on 07.02.2012

  13. Sometimes I feel like a kid with one of those leashes on…and my parents keep yanking me back, but all I want is to see the eagle at the zoo and watch it fly away.

    By Nicole URL on 07.02.2012

  14. Safety. A hold, thats almost unbreakable.
    Devastation when it does break.
    He was my harness, now what will i do?
    I can move on without him,
    its just that i dont want to.

    By AmandaL on 07.02.2012

  15. I harness you and won’t let go. I won’t because your everything I need…your like air to me, I can’t and will never set you free. I want u 2 harness me.

    By kimpster URL on 07.02.2012

  16. when I think about harness I think about horses for some reason.. I guess it’s because they wear harnesses? But I also think about superpowers. you know “harnessing your energy” or something like that. I want some damn superpowers.

    By ayobitches URL on 07.02.2012

  17. You no longer hold this harness on me. I will not cave on this. I will not so much as even bow. I will stand my ground and be the strong person that I know I am. Even if it hurts deep down…

    By AmyMae URL on 07.02.2012

  18. I harnessed the horses and climbed in to the buggy, hoping the new bay would work well with Chester. It was tragic to have to put down Charlie when he broke his leg and Chester missed his friend, but it was time to get back to work.

    By Katherine on 07.02.2012

  19. A horse wears a harness. But does it want to wear that harness? Or is it being oppressed by the man? Literally and metaphorically. Harnesses are not comfortable.

    By Pippa Plenderleath on 07.02.2012

  20. a harness is a thing that you use to hold something in place. it can be a noun or a verb. i harnessed the chain to the wall. the harness kept me from falling off. those are a few examples. this is real cool.

    By tj on 07.02.2012

  21. Harness

    First thing that came to mind was learning to ride horses. So much I could write here but won’t. I learned from someone who was a real jerk. So it’s probably little surprise that when he forced my horse to jump, rather than letting me circle it around to get momentum for another attempt, I was pleased to hear that I’d kicked him in the head while hurtling through the air when the horse threw me.

    By Noisy Quiet URL on 07.02.2012

  22. harness =rope
    hold tight!
    harness energy

    By S Kumar URL on 07.02.2012

  23. Harness: Earth has a harness on all man, we depend on vital things from the earth like water. We think we are superior and have a seperation from the earth when really without this harness of earth we would fall.

    By Shifu Chris URL on 07.02.2012

  24. The wind whipped my hair violently and recklessly, dancing around and ending up covering my face. My eyes peeked to the right, and met the turquoise eyes of the boy next to me. The moment was fleeting, much too fast. I wished I could harness the wind, put it in a glass jar, and keep it next to my bed on the nightstand.

    By Alex on 07.02.2012

  25. She fastened the harness to it’s back, watching as the horse in front of her shook it’s body in delight. It’s long, flowing mane had been detangled and was now flowing gently around it’s face. She could sense the beasts excitement. He’d always loved to race.

    By KayLeigh on 07.02.2012

  26. On a horse or a car or something. Not quite sure if that’s right, oh well. Actually now that I think about it.. harnesss… what rhymes with harness… baroness? I don’t know. Ooh and babies, babies have harnesses sometimes don’t they? Or no wait thats a papoos. YOU ALL SUCK I HATE LIFE WHY DO PEOPLE WANT TO KILL ME ALL THE TIME IT’S LIKE MY WHOLE LIFE IS A LIE AND EVERYONE IN IT AND JUST PIZZA ALL I CAN THNK ABOUT IS PIZZA AND TEETH FALLING OUT AND THE END OF CORONation street OH WAIT I HATE THAT STUPID SHOW WHY DO YOU SUCK SO BAD!

    By Mildred. on 07.02.2012

  27. Strap on a harness, we’re going places.
    Who knows if we’ll ever return, but we’re off.
    Past mountains and over seas, we’re off.
    So strap on your harness, we’re going places.

    By Mandy URL on 07.02.2012

  28. The harness wrapped around her like a comforting hand as she bounced against the rock. Down was always easier especially when heights weren’t a bother. The air whistled past her, curving around her body with a familiarity she had not had in a while, but really she preferred it this way. Relationships got messy, the wind had no lover to tussle with and no drama to bring to the table.

    By Mairead URL on 07.02.2012

  29. Harnesses are tools used to hold something back. Hold me back, man! I put my bunny rabbits in harnesses when I was younger and tried to take them on walks. That didn’t work so well…they kinda lose their will to hop when they’re constrained. Cats, too. They don’t like harnesses much. I’d love to harness all my creativity and start to write again in a way that would promote a healthier imagination.

    By Melissa on 07.02.2012

  30. I harness the snake, ready to kill it. But the snake lashes back, angry. I know it hates me for killing its sister, but i had no choice. She broke my heart and left me for dead. And know, this is my revenge. On the sister snake.

    By Laura on 07.02.2012

  31. I can’t think of anything…nothing at all…it’s kind of like something’s holding me back, kind of like a harness…wait a minute!!! That’s it!

    By Max on 07.02.2012

  32. I tightened the harness around my wait as I looked up at the 400 ft of steep rock I was about the climb. I hope the view is worth it.

    By Alyssa Fator on 07.02.2012

  33. To hOld you down. To support you keep you from danger from falling. Feel lirated without it buy also exposed. Dangerous. Mountain climbing. Reaching new heights. Seeing new things. In a new perspective. Eye opening. Holds you down and simultaneously let’s you be free

    By Beatriz on 07.02.2012

  34. band bind braid tape tie truss
    constrain control curb
    stifle stop strap
    band gear

    By penny dreadful URL on 07.02.2012

  35. I fall hoping this harness you’ve attached is strong. I can feel the the threads plucking away with every swing my body takes. There are no clouds or cushions below me–just your arms. Did you envision this would happen? Was this all a trap to get me to throw away all judgement and ache for your help? If so, it’s working.

    By Desiree J URL on 07.02.2012

  36. Harness your hopes on just one person, because you know a harness is only made for one. My favorite Pavement song. It makes me think I’d rather just be alone. I don’t want to harness my hopes to anyone

    By Shannon on 07.02.2012

  37. dd

    By Annie URL on 07.02.2012

  38. It’s mean , because it means taking advantage of other people and that’s not nice. At all…I mean why cant people just do things without taking advantage of others? So not cool.

    By carla on 07.02.2012

  39. idek what that means, man, i honestly have no idea aha #truestorybro

    By lolno on 07.02.2012

  40. When I think harness, the first word I think of is sex. Then horses. And then love. Harnessing emotion is so hard. Sometimes I’m not quite sure I’m mature enough to have emotions because I’m so passionate. I definitely haven’t perfected my emotional harness. I often brim over and scorch anything within a mile radius lol I’m hoping as I grow in my Christian walk I will have fine-tuned my emotions. I’m also hoping I can learn how to ride a horse :)

    By Brandi on 07.02.2012