October 7th, 2012 | 304 Entries

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304 Entries for “happy”

  1. He felt happy , happier than he had felt before. He thought that everything was going the way it was supposed to. That everything was just right, but he had no idea that someone , somebody was waiting for him outside of his house , somebody who would tell him a secret , one that could change his life.

    By Raneem on 10.07.2012

  2. I am not happy. I consider this “happy” concept to be as elusive as trying to hold buckets of tears in my palms, or gripping hands with the ghosts I sleep with at night. I am not happy. I will never be happy with silence choking at my insides.

    By Ian URL on 10.07.2012

  3. I am not happy. This whole “happy” concept is as elusive as trying to hold all my buckets of have-not-yet-lived tears, as gripping hands with the ghosts I sleep with every night. I am not happy. I will never be happy with this silence suffocating my insides.

    By Pennies For The Poor URL on 10.07.2012

  4. the moment was gone before she had time to blink, the scene before her gone just as soon as the smile had begun to tug at her cheeks.

    ‘what could have been,’ the voices whispered.

    ‘what never will be,’ she answered.

    By Joy URL on 10.07.2012

  5. fdgfdgdfdfdf

    By Lebron James on 10.07.2012

  6. There was a happy dog who lost his shoes. He didn’t mind, even then, he was still happy.

    His friend was upset one day, he’d been left by his girl. The happy dog saw him upset and decided to tell him about his shoes and sure enough they both fell about laughing.

    A good mood can be infectious.

    By dan on 10.07.2012

  7. For the first time in a long time, I was happy. I turned to hug my sister, a smile on my face and so much love in my eyes. Her face was full of pain. Confused for a moment, I looked down to see the sword protruding from her belly, her blood draining from her body.

    By Eileen Maki URL on 10.07.2012

  8. It’s like heaven is smiling down upon you, the rain turning to drops of perfection as they suddenly sparkle in sunhine that’s passing through the dark clouds. You’re looking up from underneath the ocean surface, seeing the little bits of sun find their way through the waves. They reach so far somtimes, into the deepest of darknesses, and they surround you while the water is cradling your soul. All you feel is perfect harmony.

    By Alegría URL on 10.07.2012

  9. He wanted to be. He had always intended to be. As he read back in his young journals, the dusty paper called out to the dreams ahead. There had been so much to look forward to. Then it happened. How could he be happy now?

    By Louise URL on 10.07.2012

  10. Happiness. What even is it? It is so abstrast, so intangible, smoke through fingers, clutching at it, grasping for it. Chasing after happiness? Or letting it come to you, waiting?

    By Ellen URL on 10.07.2012

  11. Happy? Maybe. I can be very happy. Happy after winning first place for the science fair in third grade. Happy after having a marvelous Halloween party at my place every year I was in high school. Happy someone kissed me at prom when I was worried I’d never get to feel the warmth of a man’s lips.

    Yes, I can be happy. But for some reason, it’s difficult to maintain happiness. I can’t explain it. It’s like it’s a habit I’m trying to learn. My feelings fade. My mind blanks. A lot.

    By Belinda Roddie URL on 10.07.2012

  12. happiness is something earned
    one must go through great pain to earn it
    its sad sometimes how things work
    eternal happiness is a dream
    i wish i could have it
    i wish we all could

    By ovdancer URL on 10.07.2012

  13. I’m happy I’m home after surfing in the rain on a muddy battlefield trail
    it washed away the salt from my trip to Death Valley on the other side of the nation. The salt of the basin and Devil’s Golfcourse and the salt of my innards coming out when I left- at your feet- a puddle you simply stepped over and waved and walked to your car. Goodbye. Again. Another how many years? You spoke to me this time which was more than I got 25 years ago which is more than I got from the muddy puddles today. Damn muddy puddles that washed the trace of you clean. But then the message came with this prompt that you sent that said just write- just write about the word “happy.” And I have and I find that you are the salt water that runs through me and drains from me and falls on my head. And you are here with me. Now. Today.

    By K Farris on 10.07.2012

  14. this smile, a scar
    Tar drizzled across the face
    In place of even lips
    Tips frayed and fibrous
    A liveliness of someone
    Smirking to the joke
    The mirror will place
    Fifty years from now

    By gsk URL on 10.07.2012

  15. people always talk about being happy. What is that all about anyway? Being smiley? Being exctatic or simply being content? We are not sure what it is, but we all want to attain this status. Aren’t we strange being?

    By ama on 10.07.2012

  16. How do you know when you’re happy? With so many different factors and elements to life that consistantly change, how can one ever assess their true feelings. Why is this such a challenge? Is it just difficult to truly assess because of fear. Fear of judgement. Fear of rejection.

    By christopher wilgos on 10.07.2012

  17. To be happy is one of the purest forms of human experiences That have been or will be expired. Happy is good, Happy is fine, just fine.

    By Clare on 10.07.2012

  18. The word rolled in and out through her thoughts: happy. What does it mean to be happy? Is it having what you want? Is it doing what you want? Is it as simple as living every day to its fullest? But none of these is correct. Happy is a state of mind, not an emotion, not a condition, but a choice. You can choose to be happy or you can choose to not.

    By Julia URL on 10.07.2012

  19. Being happy is something that most people never get to do. Most people get so stuck up on all of their problems that they never feel happy. Sometimes the only way to feel happy is to take lots of pills. If you abuse your happy pills you will die. I don’t know if people who are dead are happy.

    By Ryan on 10.07.2012

  20. being happy about the simplest things in your life, learn to be thankful for all these single moments when your heart stars jumping up and down maybe because of a foggy sunrise in the mountains.

    By becks on 10.07.2012

  21. Happiness. There is no equal reaction, only an opposite. Sadness.

    By TyeDW on 10.07.2012

  22. i am not happy. how can i be when i’m alone, away from him, away from her. happy rimes with nature, with green, the wind, the water, the earth, the smells, the life. it rimes with me waking up everymorning with a smile, content, grateful, awaiting for the day to offer me its best, and i to embrace it

    By firdawss on 10.07.2012

  23. smile

    By stella on 10.07.2012

  24. you make me happy
    you really do
    and i dont even really know you yet
    and then again
    last night we slept together
    for the ninth time
    but i havent spoken to you
    but you did everything you could
    just to get my number
    and take me to your boat
    that made me happy
    really truly fucking happy

    By LM on 10.07.2012

  25. When I talk to my niece and nephew on the phone. When I hear my parents say sweet nothings into each other ears. When I hear that my little had a good dear. Their sweet joys brings joys to me.

    By Stefanie URL on 10.07.2012

  26. Reaching, reaching out.
    And the harder you clutch at it,
    the more it will struggle
    The more it will scratch at your arms
    the more it will skitter, hissing, away.
    The trick is to ignore it.
    Then, like a child,
    it will come creeping up behind you
    and wrapping you up in its arms
    wondering why you ignored it
    for so long.

    By With Feeling URL on 10.07.2012

  27. Happy. I am now happy. Finally after 2 years. Actually more than 2 years 3 years of hard work and struggling I am finally happy and your not even in my life to enjoy it with me but I’m finally happy. Finally happy without you.

    By Lexi on 10.07.2012

  28. happiness sit on the door step. happiness is what i’ve always wanted to be. happy, a simple word, something that can be a phrase, a want, a need, it can be everything. its what i’ve strived for in my life and somehow i can only find it in spurts.

    By AshleyKay URL on 10.07.2012

  29. Golden andsoft, light floats off the fairy lights onto the make shift dance floor. Had i known was a my surprise,l party, i would have put on a dress, not worn flip flops. but it was perfect all the same, good music and friends, all singing and dancing and connecting and talking and being, we were we, all existing in this moment, and one day this would be nothing but a perfect memory.

    By Quotes? Yes. URL on 10.07.2012

  30. Happiness. Haven’t felt it in a while. Maybe it’s because I’m always at the hospital. You would think that by saving other people’s lives I would acquire some sort of joy. But you’re wrong. Because you see, I’m the best in the department. And you might say, “Well, that’s great. You get a bunch of money, and benefits, too, right?” And once again, you’re wrong. Because if I’m the best, then who’s gonna save me?

    By T.S. URL on 10.07.2012

  31. Happiness. Haven’t felt it in a while. Maybe it’s because I’m always at the hospital. You would think that by saving other people’s lives I would acquire some sort of joy. But you’re wrong. Because you see, I’m the best in the department. And you might say, “Well, that’s great. You get a bunch of money, and benefits, too, right?” And once again, you’re wrong. You see, the people with the “most” always have the worst luck. And I know when something bad happens, it’ll be real bad. And think about it this way: If I’m the best, then who’s gonna save me?

    By T.S. URL on 10.07.2012

  32. I have not been very happy but right now I am. It is very important to stay happy. It’s nice to stay positive and not be all negative. If I’m happy then so are other people.

    By Matty URL on 10.07.2012

  33. Are you happy?

    That was the last thing she said to me.

    She smiled. She paused. She looked at me in a way that told me that she knew.

    And then she walked out the door.

    It was 8 years before I saw her again. In a coffee shop.

    By Leah URL on 10.07.2012

  34. Food.

    By Abby on 10.07.2012

  35. What is happiness anyways?
    happiness is a choice.
    happiness is fleeting.
    happiness is relative
    happiness is subjective
    happiness is a state not reality.

    By Katheryne on 10.07.2012

  36. I am most happy when I am with David. He makes me so happy that I almost don’t think it should be called happiness. It is so far beyond anything that I have ever qualified as happiness before. He gives me this intense pleasure and infinite joy and this feeling that even if the world falls apart, it’s okay, because in this moment, here, I am with David, and he enjoys being with me, and he wants to hold my hand and look in my face. Which is great, because that’s exactly what I want to do.

    By Laura URL on 10.07.2012

  37. I would be happy to be proven wrong. I’d be eternally fucking grateful.

    By Mark Irving URL on 10.07.2012

  38. sad
    good times
    when i win a game

    By TomTheGreat URL on 10.07.2012

  39. i’m happy where i am now. it’s a good place with good people. and what else really matters?

    By Bird URL on 10.07.2012

  40. when im happy i write terrible poetry.

    By samantha URL on 10.07.2012