October 7th, 2012 | 304 Entries

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304 Entries for “happy”

  1. FOr one split second, I didint even know her name, but for one split second, I was happy. Blazing awe. One eternal moment that lasted forever then ended.

    By Megan on 10.07.2012

  2. There it is; for the first time you passed that godforsaken line that has imprisoned you from all of the world. You take a step and notice the trees rising up to touch the sun’s warmth. The smell of the ocean breeze with a hint of sea salt. Yet, you seem so sad, because others were too a scared to join you on your journey. You thoughts have changed and your crave for more understanding. What is this world that with you live in? A paradise, a hell, a never ending _______.

    By Armando on 10.07.2012

  3. There it is; for the first time you passed that godforsaken line that has imprisoned you from all of the world. You take a step and notice the trees rising up to touch the sun’s warmth. The smell of the ocean breeze with a hint of sea salt. Yet, you seem so sad, because others were too a scared to join you on your journey. You thoughts have changed, you crave for more understanding. What is this world that you live in? A paradise, a hell, a never ending _______?

    By Armando on 10.07.2012

  4. Are you happy? I’m uncomfortable using the word. It seems to me, to be a superficial response to cover an array of emotion. I understand words like content, exhilarated, stimulated, aroused, complacent, indifferent, and emotionally stable. Happy though is too big an emotion for me to be at ease using it without worrying I have somehow been dishonest because I did not apply it in the correct context.

    By Mark Irving URL on 10.07.2012

  5. Am I happy right now? Well, I’m at least content. I live in a first world country. I’m from a middle class home. I’ve got food in the fridge, a bed to sleep in and a roof above my head.

    By Jens on 10.07.2012

  6. I am trying to be happy all the time. It’s a bright light of genuine energy that consumes me. I think of you and I feel a rush of euphoria. I was drunk last night but I didn’t feel it quite then; I was instead just barely the surface of alive. I was “free” but only you sustain happiness and I cannot create it with other objects, only through love. And I thank you for that.

    By Lana C. Marilyn URL on 10.07.2012

  7. In this happy moment
    I think of you
    I think you would be happy
    You would join me
    And we would dance
    We would laugh
    Then I think of you
    And I miss you
    And the stars shine a bit brighter
    Ahh you heard
    My heart call your name

    By recogirl URL on 10.07.2012

  8. You have to make your best In life to be happy, as you only live once!

    By Lari on 10.07.2012

  9. Line it up, keep focused. The ball smashes the top right corner. Celebration is an understatement.

    By hlyhly URL on 10.07.2012

  10. i want to be happy so so bad, thats literally all i ever want but i live the most boring life in the world and everyone hates me so i am never happy. my life used to be good and i used to have fun and have friends and beee happy but i dont even know what to do to feel that way anymore. i dont knowww anythinggg im just a dumb retard now and watnt to be the happiest like i once wasssssssssss i miss how everything used to be

    By beth URL on 10.07.2012

  11. Smile, family, greatness, is a beautiful feeling that makes you feel that you have everything you want and need.
    Is everything.

    By Torres on 10.07.2012

  12. Joyous levels of interchangeably variated senses filled with bubbling forward sending vibes. Contentment.

    By Celeste on 10.07.2012

  13. I was happy all of time time, to them. I was always smiling, I had my head held up high, I was very cheerful and friendly, and I always tried to point out the positives in every situation. But inside, I was dead. This is was all an act I put up, in attempt to distract myself from the growing blackness eating away at everything in me.

    By Amanda URL on 10.07.2012

  14. I think everyone has their own definition of what happy is. For me, it means having friends that will accept me and include me, and being able to not worry about my looks or how I act around other people. And living in a big city, away from this small town and everyone in it. I wish I was happy, and I don’t think anyone is fully happy.

    By Kennedy URL on 10.07.2012

  15. and p

    By Jaclyn Bricker URL on 10.07.2012

  16. I’m not really sure what ‘happy’ means. It’s a simple word that is supposed to describe a feeling much more complex and meaningfull. Lack of words and the need to describe feelings. That’s our biggst problem.

    By Nina on 10.07.2012

  17. happyhappyhappyascanbe. i love you, darling – i’ve got a one track mind. a broken record that never wants to be fixed. I sound better this way.

    By Kim URL on 10.07.2012

  18. a feeling of sparkles and rainbows and things you love an explosion of laughter a world full of smiles bubbles blowing sun shining family and friends food excitement

    By Ashley on 10.07.2012

  19. I thought my heart stopped
    when I saw him standing in the hallway
    one hand under his chin
    then he smiled a bright smile
    and I knew we were going to make it
    into the happiest stage of our relationship yet

    By Joice on 10.07.2012

  20. I am happy because I am spending midterm break at my best friend Brianna’s house. I like Brianna because she is smart and pretty and we like a lot of the same things, like Supernatural and Sherlock. She also introduced me to FMA which broke my heart and then sewed it back together again, so that was also really nice of her. I am sad that this break is so short because UGH FUCK I JUST REALLY HATE SCHOOL NO YOU DON’T UNDERSTAND but yeah.

    By Julia A. URL on 10.07.2012

  21. happy happy, joy joy, happy happy, joy joy, joy joy, happy happy, happy happy, joy!

    Ha! Now that makes me smile. :)

    By Astraiana on 10.07.2012

  22. Guitars.
    Music plays as I spin in circles, giggling madly. My roommate is amused and slightly concerned, I think.
    Trees change, flowers grow, life begins, ends, and begins again.
    I am washed clean in the rejuvenating downpour, drenched to the skin.
    Lace. Ribbons. Ruffles. Beauty–wearable art.
    Philosophy, late at night, with trusted friends.
    What is the virtue of a woman?
    Words, words on a page, smelling of ink and dust and ancient thoughts–or young thoughts, just getting their bearing on life.
    Rosemary and lavender. Baking bread. Sewing. Barefoot in the kitchen, laughing at the flour that coats me.
    Tears. Tears are happy, too.
    Clean laundry. Teddy bears. Boots. Scarves. Earrings. Crystal. Chocolate.

    By livingoakheart URL on 10.07.2012

  23. Happy campers sitting in their campsite. Roasting marshmallows and singing with delight. Oh how I wish to be there, but no, not tonight. FIN

    By Baylee on 10.07.2012

  24. he made me so happy, when i didn’t have to go to the trailer park but instead could sit in his air-conditioned house, and we’d skip stones on the lake and not do our homework. we’d bake cookies but always forget an ingredient, so they never tasted quite right, and we’d listen to old CDS that your mom kept next to the fireplace. we’d dance around the living room and you’d twirl me, and i’d pretend that it was the 1950s and we were madly in love, me in my poodle skirt and you in your bow tie. but you know what? i’d settle for just the love.

    By EJ URL on 10.07.2012

  25. I was happy, so happy, with him, but then everything changed. Isn’t this how it always goes? Everything’s fine and then it changes. It changes sand you’re left long ago and far away with him or her or it. It always changes. That’s life. Change, change, change. When do we get to stand still?

    By Mairead URL on 10.07.2012

  26. That’s what I want to be. Don’t worry about jobs, future, lifestyle. I don’t care about anything else.

    But nowadays, being happy sounds harder than any job in the world.

    Because whenever I see you I know you hate me.

    By Callie on 10.07.2012

  27. Soft skin lingered upon her body. The aroma of love felt so deeply it was almost unreal. She took a deep breath and felt joy, felt happiness. For once in her life did she felt this way…and it was all because of the wonderful being laying beside her…

    By acastellanos URL on 10.07.2012

  28. How can anyone be happy, truly? How can you know what you’re supposed to feel like when you’re happy. What if one day I think I’m happy but I’m really not. I just think this is what happiness feels like. Sometimes I believe that I have this idea in my head of what it means to be happy and because of this belief, I’ll never be able to be happy. But I want to, so badly. I crave it. I crave happiness and I want to experience it forever. I need people to be happy with because have you ever heard of a lonely happy person?

    By Hannah on 10.07.2012

  29. Crud. Really? I got the word, “happy”? How could I not write something completely insipid about this word. But then again, is that really an appropriate response to this word? Maybe I’m jaded. Maybe I’m dissatisfied at some greater level. Am I really that un

    By Joe Wickman URL on 10.07.2012

  30. Happy is happiness and it is a feeling that makes you feel good. like comfort food. like a mothers hug on a bad day. happy is the best thing ever.

    By Nicole on 10.07.2012

  31. Happiness is something we all need. If we make other people happy, we become happy. It is need in the world which is why we have comedy movies and entertainment. Because it makes us happy. Everyone deserves to have joy in their hearts. Happy could be anything really. Either snuggling in a warm blanket with hot chocolate with a good book. Or it might be watching movies with your friends who make you laugh and do silly things. I love feeling happy, hopefully you do too.

    By Hannah Thiak on 10.07.2012

  32. The sun pours through the opened window. What a wonderful thing to wake up to on your first morning officially married. You look over and see her. Still asleep, head pressed against the pillow. Her hair is a mess, going out on all sides, and the longer to you look at her, the happier you get. You let at a small laugh and kiss her forehead before getting up to get a glass of water. You can tell it’s going to be a great day.

    By Amy on 10.07.2012

  33. My girlfriend makes me happy…

    By Charlotte4950 URL on 10.07.2012

  34. happy. I am happy. I am happy but lonely. I am happy. No I am content. Happy means you expect/want something more. Content means you don’t. You are satisfied. Yup, I am content rather than happy.

    By Sheila on 10.07.2012

  35. This word, it’s meaning is so vast, it encapsulates so much feeling for something that is categorised. It’s too much to say its bound by the simple laws of grammar.

    By gospel URL on 10.07.2012

  36. Happy. Hmm. It’s hard to be happy all of the time. I just watched a documentary that said you can’t be happy without first being sad. I guess I have to be sad a lot more often, so I can in turn be happy a lot more often… Funny how those things work. Does it really work though? Could I go through the most devastating moment and then realize 6 months later I wouldn’t be happy without it?

    By Kara on 10.07.2012

  37. Too many people make a goal out of happiness. Happiness cannot be obtained. It can occur, like a cool breeze in summer. You can create it by changing your mind.

    By Jake URL on 10.07.2012

  38. he wasn’t happy. He couldn’t understand why not, his parents had done everything they could to keep him happy. His friends, with bright smiles and stuffed wallets, invited him to all the dinners and parties he had time for. He was bored. He didn’t think there was anything worse than boredom; he’d rather be manically depressed. He’d rather be manic than bored.

    By N. Vargas on 10.07.2012

  39. glad, when i see the one I like. Sometimes when I wanna be more happy, i want to go jupping in the water. I like being happy. but without sad there is not happy, and sometimes life seems a lot more sad than good. But the sun will always shine again, it is behind the clouds somewhere always.

    By lena on 10.07.2012

  40. The child bounces up and down.
    The man walks with his wife.
    Both smiling both happy.
    People say many things are over rated.
    But not happiness.

    By adriana URL on 10.07.2012