March 4th, 2014 | 104 Entries

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104 Entries for “hapless”

  1. In that moment i realized that Alexe had as much of a defense to others as I did, and was used to being heartbroken. I felt bad for the man. It wan’t his fault, he just wasn’t attractive to other women. They wanted him for his money, fame, and influence to the modern art world. If only those women had opened their eyes and saw what a wonderful person he was, they would have been truly astounded. it wasn’t about his physical appearance, with the scars on his face and such, he truly was a beautiful soul. And I loved that about him. I sobbed softly into my sheets. I needed to apologize right away. The problem was, i had no clue when i would see him again.

    By Dani J URL on 03.04.2014

  2. The young boy was hapless as he walked to the principal’s office. He knew he was in trouble AGAIN. No matter how hard he tried, he always seemed to be in the wrong place at the wrong time. He hoped that maybe this time would be different.

    By bethany on 03.04.2014

  3. hapless. i’m helpless on this. i don’t even know this word yet. why do i have to encounter this word? i now, maybe, it will bring me closer to being a writer. :)

    By shel on 03.04.2014

  4. The hapless child wriggles in discomfort as the white van bounced up and down, and back and fourth. Why had not she listened to her mom. Never Take Candy From Strangers! too late now…

    By celestial URL on 03.04.2014

  5. Current state, a state of myself. A state devoid of neutral self help. A lesson unlearned, a wish I endure. A choir of those lessons I conduct in my head. And now, involved in this motion, this song, I end.

    By Sean on 03.04.2014

  6. That same night I was feeling hapless.
    That feeling you get when everything goes wrong.
    So many things happened that night and I sensed that it wasn’t going to end.
    I had ran out of luck, just as I ran out of you.
    I couldn’t embrace the feeling of uncertainty because I always thought we were forever.

    Now I know that feeling unlucky was helpful because if everything went right I would have never got to experience sadness or loneliness and those feelings are the ones that helped me understand that the little things in life matter more than you.

    By Stephanie Cruz URL on 03.04.2014

  7. Hapless: A word I honestly don’t know the definition of. Maybe it has something to with negativity. It almost looks like hopeless. But almost like a mix of that and happiness. Would that make a happy medium word? It’s not happy or sad? Well, I hope to one day learn the meaning of this word, because if it is sad, I hope to never use it again. But if it’s happy, I hope to use it all the time.

    By Chelsea Carter on 03.04.2014

  8. It was hapless circumstance falling from my soul ever so softly. Withering and dying a slow pitiful death.

    By Eric on 03.04.2014

  9. they call it a race; a competition to win
    a prize of blonde hair, of freckles, fair skin
    I lost before birth, trapped in the Great Wall
    I keep my eyes on the ground so you won’t see they’re too small.

    By Carly URL on 03.04.2014

  10. we sat their hapless,
    staring at the stars.
    we made clouds into shpes in our minds,
    and the grass never seemed so soft.
    hapless, hapless, hapless.
    sit and still no motion.
    Sometimes it was nice not having to do anything,
    haplessly sitting around.
    moments we enjoy the most in life.

    By Alex on 03.04.2014

  11. He didn’t know what “hapless” meant. He had lost his ability to write creatively, taking to the internet to try and rediscover his talents. But the prompt he received meant nothing to him. The irony.

    By Anonymous on 03.04.2014

  12. terrible something not going well a mistake a person hopeless haplessly hopeless harry potter the uneaten apple in the garbage

    By hotaru on 03.04.2014

  13. they call it a race; a competition to win
    a prize of blonde hair, of freckles, fair skin
    I lost before birth, trapped behind the Great Wall
    I keep my eyes on the ground so you won’t see they’re too small.

    By Carly URL on 03.04.2014

  14. Hapless.
    Only me?? Not so sure.. followed by unlucky events.
    Not sure what to make of it. Only me?? Why not you? Must I endure all the misery on my own.
    Why not you.

    By Angie Gonzalez URL on 03.04.2014

  15. funny how hapless makes you think of pity. i give it to others often, i never want it. we crave sympathy, but we avoid pity. sympathy makes you feel you’re not alone, pity makes you feel hapless. weak. fuck weakness, we say. i am strong. i am bold. i am in control.

    we can try, we can try. stop trying? good luck

    By jaq on 03.04.2014

  16. Accidents always happened to her. No matter where she went, what she did. Vases fell over and shattered on the tiles. She tripped over the gutter and landed in the street. The waitress spilled soup on her lap. Whatever she did, she was hapless.

    By Jean Williams on 03.04.2014

  17. he haplessly reached up, the blood running down his arm, he could feel it cross the ditch of his elbow and remembered getting tattooed there, remembering it didnt hurt as bad as this did now. the glass was sticking out the otherside of his hand, its shattered pieces on the ground about him.

    By eyeballkid URL on 03.05.2014

  18. “If you are one of the hapless consumers who has recently purchased the K204, we recommend that you contact the manufacturer immediately.” Upon hearing this announcement, Sarah immediately ran outside just as her husband was turning on the motor for their new lawnmower.

    By RebeccaZuvedru URL on 03.05.2014

  19. with a bump
    and a swoosh
    another plate was destroyed
    with a squish
    and a bang
    her forehead once again kissed the sidewalk a bit too hard
    yes, you can consider her unlucky, but you can also say that she’s clumsy

    By thedarkestsheep on 03.05.2014

  20. my friend is a snakeskin
    slithery slipping away
    she sits along with all her collectable daleks
    hapless unhappy
    heart full of artless artifice
    she chokes when she tries feel emotions
    emoticons instead, and disinterest

    By matt on 03.05.2014

  21. he’d given up on love, on attraction, on girls or boys or whatever he’d be pining for had he the self esteem to even dream of touching another warm body.

    By Cole on 03.05.2014

  22. She was only a voice on the phone taking an order but was always making mistakes. She really was a hapless person.

    By Alexandra URL on 03.05.2014

  23. The family tired on more than one occasion to help themselves out of the cruel and hapless situation that they faced each day.

    By victor URL on 03.05.2014

  24. Is hapless referring to happiness? I don’t know what the word means.

    By charlie card on 03.05.2014

  25. the hapless nature of my behavior had been ongoing, habitual and nearly welcomed. it would have to be forced into change. it was —- but not without sorrow and fight. it occurs suddenly—jarring—painful—necessary.

    By Safon URL on 03.05.2014

  26. He was so sweet.
    So unfortunate that he had to come after me.
    Being a witch and all…
    So sweet,
    but I can’t.

    By Brooke Tuinei on 03.05.2014


    By Heidi on 03.05.2014

  28. nowhere,i am lost, i can’t see, can’t hear, i don’t know. I’m helpless. What do i do next? Help me if you’re out there.

    By izzy on 03.05.2014

  29. lost don’t know whereyou are not sure of your surroundings.

    By Emily Farrar on 03.05.2014

  30. i was walking with my friend and then i turn around and she was gone. I don’t know where but i just knew i was alone. Alone in a place i wasn’t meant to be; alone and helpless. i screamed out only to here the echo of my voice reply.

    By Eloise on 03.05.2014

  31. The crickets chirped through the crisp night air like a willow rustling against the small, seamlessly beautiful stucco wall. I wasn’t exactly enthused about the letter on the nightstand, but I wasn’t going to let it lay under the lamp’s sleepy glow without at least giving it the benefit of a once-over.

    By aria autumn URL on 03.05.2014

  32. hapless means we are both crying into pillows
    and i still have your hoodie but of course you’d ask for it back so you could silence the gunshot sound with it
    hapless means i am always sorry for the visions of you dying
    wondering if you will forgive me even though you don’t know.

    By gertrude on 03.05.2014

  33. Sometimes, it’s the hapless events that lead us to the right places. The ones that break your heart, the ones that leave you lying in bed at two in the afternoon, wishing you had the energy to make it all stop.

    But these hapless moments, they will change you.

    Over a year from that day, you will be sitting on a couch with friends. You will have work to do, but you decide that it can wait until tomorrow. There are wine coolers to drink and diets to be broken, all in the company of friends, laughing at some ridiculous comment.

    There are presentations to create and meetings to prepare for, a never-ending pile of work. It would be wise to keep working, but at that moment, you decide to take the night off. You may regret this the next day, but for right now, you are celebrating.

    You made it.

    By L URL on 03.05.2014

  34. He gave her a rueful smile. “Sometimes, we are all the hapless heroes of our own lives.”

    By WearyWater URL on 03.05.2014

  35. i don’t know what is the meaning if this word could you tell me ??

    By Ahmed on 03.05.2014

  36. personally im not sure what that means but in some reason it reminds me of unhappy and i dont like to be unhappy and seeing sad t

    By Ranim Taha on 03.05.2014

  37. The only word I could think to describe her was ‘Hapless”. She was clumsy, awkward, shy, cute, and was constantly losing something. But she was all mine and I loved it.

    By Saffy on 03.05.2014

  38. 16 years ago I did a very foolish thing: I fell in love. A hapless victim of wishful thinking, I quickly got consumed by the fire of that first love. It was a fire that would rage on and on, that is until 6 months ago when he left me. Its funny, when we use to live in this beautiful city, I remember the choppy water looking blue, today its pitch black.

    By Trista URL on 03.05.2014

  39. what a schlump. the guy can’t even pour…, he just doesn’t cut it. but, we have to find a positive in this guy. i guess his haplessness makes us feel better about ourselves. kind of a lousy perspective, but hey….

    By Lee URL on 03.05.2014

  40. just looked it up in the dictionary, and it’s just great
    hopeless romantic, not so much
    hopeless in the means of everything there’s to be hopeless for
    i don’t even understand why it’s called that way
    less of hap i guess

    By emma URL on 03.05.2014