November 21st, 2012 | 185 Entries

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185 Entries for “hall”

  1. I use to have this re-occurring nightmare about this dark gray hall.
    I would walk with my hands sliding along the wall.
    I would see myself at the end of it..
    And I would be on my knees, with my head down
    I couldn’t see anything between the flashes of lightening.
    I was bleeding.
    I was holding a knife.
    There was blood all around me
    And I could hear His laughter in my head.
    And the laughter of a thousand others.
    Always when I walk with my hand sliding on the walls,
    I think of the laughter.

    By AngelDuCiel on 11.21.2012

  2. the hallway was crowded with faceless people. every one of them had a story, but i didn’t seem to care. all i cared about was the man in the corner. his dark hair and contrasting bright green eyes held mine as if they had known me all my life.

    By Annie on 11.21.2012

  3. The hallways at my school are brick, bland and depressing. The people that occupy it seem the same. Everyone wears the same thing and looks a certain way. Whenever I walk down those hallways, I sometimes dream of being a model. The runway stretched out before me with an audience in awe. I like to think that I might be different than everyone else, but maybe we’re all more similar than I realize.

    By Tori on 11.21.2012

  4. halls are where things happen. whether it be a school hall, court hall, or even an event hall, this is the place where things happen. enter at your own risk.

    By Eden URL on 11.21.2012

  5. Down the hall I watched her run, with her brown hair billowing behind her. My heart seemed to follow her through the distance. Once she turned the corner and was lost from my sight, I felt empty and hallow.

    By Kelsey on 11.21.2012

  6. The Hall at the end of the dormitory was surrounded by spiders and luminescence. Students went about like nothing was there, but you could see it clear as day. Sandy walked by and i watched as the thin filament went right through her body leaving in its wake. horror. It was one of the worst feelings ever to see your best friend killed.

    By lexi on 11.21.2012

  7. I watched her run down the hall with her brown hair billowing behind her. My heart seemed to follow her through the distance. As she turned the corner, she left me an empty and hollow shell, staring into the shadows.

    By Jericho URL on 11.21.2012

  8. As I entered the hallway, I heard many tunes – you can tell, some have been practiced so fluently, and some were still in the process. I heard many instruments, and for the the first time, I felt so alive that I danced my way to the assigned practice room. It was then soundproof, I was amazed by the vintage Victorian design and the well known paintings of respected musicians that were framed on the delicate pieces of cushions on the wall. But most of all, I couldn’t take my eyes off the classic black grand piano. Such a fragile, simple yet obnoxious thing, I thought. It just cried, “Play me!!” to me. I put down my bag, took off my cardigan, and played all night.

    By Abigail Rae on 11.21.2012

  9. I am going to walk down the hall. If I run the teacher will get mad at me. I am supposed to keep on the right side of the hall. If we go down the wrong side of the hall I will run into someone and someone might get hurt. Please stay on the right side of the hall

    By Mrs. Roach on 11.21.2012

  10. I am a first grade teacher so this word reminds me of one word – WALK! We teach our students to stay on the right side of the hall so it is their first introduction to driving.

    By Mrs. Roach URL on 11.21.2012

  11. I’m alone in acold dark hall, looking for a door
    This lonely terror is frightening, I can’t take no more
    I need to escape, I need to fly away
    What will be the path I’ll choose to take

    By Margot URL on 11.21.2012

  12. Anxiously i search the dim yellow lit hall, hoping i dont see the face of the last person i want to right now. My heart is beating in my chest, pounding so hard I can hear it in my ears. Theyre not there

    By Bonnie on 11.21.2012

  13. of fame; of cards; of screams; of shadows; … long, terror, open doors w/ darkness inside. of shame; of memories.

    By Deyanira URL on 11.21.2012

  14. The endless hallways of schools. So intimidating are the hallways that enshroud the timid students. Always progressing through hallways these kids, only to plod along one after the other.

    By Jeffreym on 11.21.2012

  15. Halls split apart into glass…shimmering into a plethora of pieces, like water beating against gallium. Like mercury beating against acetone. So hallways lead to life and life leads to the splits of the mind…

    By Rhiana URL on 11.21.2012

  16. The hall ahead of me twists and turns and is full of surprises. It is very mysterious and holds many stories of the past. Giggles and laughs beckon from it’s walls and it invites me in.

    By Audrey on 11.21.2012

  17. Today In The hall I was running a mile then came upon a goose with orange fluffs yelling and quacking but I don’t even think geese quack. But anyway the hall was very narrow and huge with dark shadows running on the walls. As I begin to run the goose begun to follow

    By Ashley URL on 11.21.2012

  18. The halls were bright with the flickering florescent lights.
    Footsteps can be heard, coming towards us from down the hall.
    I close my eyes and look up, the lights still shining through my eyelids.
    I open my eyes as soon as I head the footsteps stop.
    I couldn’t look at the face, but I heard his voice.
    “Everything is going to be fine.”
    I never believed him.

    By Silvercchile URL on 11.21.2012

  19. The hallway was quiet except for the sound of falling dots. Everywhere, the dots were flaking off the wall, floating down like leaves and settling into neat little piles. Sanjay was concerned. He was being pushed down the hallway in a storm of falling black and purple circles. Vaguely, he wondered if it may be just a dream.

    By Happy on 11.21.2012

  20. Hall? I don’t understand. Is what the German lady down the stairs said. I was trying to explain the meaning of hall to her but she still seems a bit angry to want to comprehend

    By Ashley URL on 11.21.2012

  21. i the hall, there are many people, all carry secrets as they walk through, all carry scars, all carry memories and thoughts that mayy never be revealed, this world, carries a lot of mysteries.

    By Fatema URL on 11.21.2012

  22. It’s my heart that keeps running down this empty hall. She is looking for her mind to set her free from brokenness . Its not that she is broken she is just more neglected to the point of being on her own. It’s hard to discover any thing besides loneliness in a empty hall like this but in the mist of it all it’s still just a empty hall with a broken heart running and roaming down it.

    By Ashley URL on 11.21.2012

  23. I’m not depressed just a bit sad. I’m not alone just a bit by myself. In this hall I recollect, I recollect all the memories that was stolen. Stolen In a crazy hike up a narrow hall. City hall …. Then I was in jail.

    By Ashley URL on 11.21.2012

  24. noises comming from the outside someone´s standing on the other side of the walls listening at me, there´s a crowd, a stadium maybe? its dark i cant see anything the walls are moisy, antique there are ladders every now and then

    By Luis on 11.21.2012

  25. Tommy and Caroline play in the hallway sometimes. We have pictures of the little fobots hanging up there. A hall could also be a place where the throne of a king sits. A lot of himes, there are halls in my stories down which my characters run.

    By Pendragon URL on 11.21.2012

  26. I walk slowly and she waits quickly. We catch each others gaze simultaneously. I wave while she’s looking the other way but she turns just in time to see me try and turn it into a I’m-just-running-it-through-my-hair.

    By Bamshark on 11.21.2012

  27. “Joe give that to me right now!” Carl was really pissed off; he was in the middle of his epic story about how he had met an amazing girl the other night, when Joe stole his Nathan’s hot dog he had microwaved prior. “A amazing? this is what she really was.” Joe runs out of the dorm room into the hallway and lobs the hotdog all the way down to the other end, where it lands worthlessly onto the cold floor. Joe smiles, but Carl frowns, “We’re going out now”.

    By stimjim URL on 11.21.2012

  28. It’s late-ish I suppose. The hive of cleaners buzz their way across the floors. I stare at a poster on a cork board. Free cake for attending a christian board games club, I’ll take that bait.

    By Bamshark URL on 11.21.2012

  29. I walked down the long hallway, trying to keep my head up. I tried as hard as I could to ignore them, but I couldn’t do it. I rushed into the bathroom and started to cry. Again.

    By Virginia URL on 11.21.2012

  30. I slowly walked down the long, long, looong hall. My feet echoed. I kept walking. My mind was set and I refused to think about anything. Not even Life itself. I

    By littleredowl URL on 11.21.2012

  31. The hall was long and narrow, lined with shaded doors.
    Behind one of them was the face of my nightmares, the face of my terror.
    The face I wake up to in the middle of the night with tears streaming down my face.

    By Anastasia Stead on 11.21.2012

  32. This can be a place in your home, school or work bulidng. A place to simply pass through room to room or chat with others. You would often see cute family pictures hanging on the walls or mirriors occasionally. Can be whatever color you desire. A great place to have sexual intercourse personally. Being pushed up agains the wall with your legs on the opposing side and your partner standing between them thrusting in and out of you tight hole.

    By tiereny on 11.21.2012

  33. Down the hall there is a dark room, it is nothingness. Emptiness. Darkness. This hall is my life, I don’t know what the other rooms are, but I am stuck in the dark room now.

    By Kristen on 11.21.2012

  34. In the hall at school I never knew where to look. Should I avoid eye contact with everyone I don’t know? Maybe just look straight ahead, can’t go wrong with that. What if they think I look mad or upset. What do other people think while they walk.

    By Tania on 11.21.2012

  35. a long place
    you can hear the footsteps
    the ding of a school bell
    the murmur of an office
    the ring of a phone
    echos all around
    click click click
    footsteps fall
    down the hall

    By Brianne on 11.21.2012

  36. It is a word for long, stretched corridors, and twisting passages. It is a name of the hated, and a word of the feared. It is in the dictionary of hell and cannot be stopped from unleashing it’s terrible powers unto us. However, some may argue that it is simply a corridor. But we disagree – we know the true horror, the true hideousness behind this one simple world. Alas, they shall never understand…

    By Morgan Clifford on 11.21.2012

  37. I sat in the hall, staring at the faded lettering on my sneakers until the door finally creaked open.
    There was no time for formalities. “Come in.”

    By WearyWater URL on 11.21.2012

  38. huge
    hall of fame. children and students.

    By abhay on 11.21.2012

  39. One time I was in the hallway. It was dark around. Nobody was there. The last thing I had eaten was a cheeseburger. No, it wasn’t. I’m lying. I am a vegetarian. I am currently in the middle of a crippling existential crisis. Back to the hallway. Wait, no. Are we real? Are we truly real human beings? The world is strange.

    By poop on 11.21.2012

  40. in the hall the voices whisper. They bounce off of each surface, contemplating who’s ears will listen. Who’s will answer their calls. What happens when no one is there to listen and no one will help?

    By Bridget on 11.21.2012