November 21st, 2012 | 185 Entries

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185 Entries for “hall”

  1. I had planned this morning to write a bit
    About the word of the previous day,
    So I’m rather not equipped
    Right now with much to say
    About today’s word, namely “hall,”
    Which doesn’t seem to fit,
    For ’tis at Christmas when we deck it;
    Perhaps that memo slipped
    From the hand of he or she
    That chose this mas-sive, merry word
    Before I even bought my tree.

    By Julian Christopher Geritz URL on 11.21.2012

  2. The low thrum of his voice carried itself across the tavern’s floor like a mist, Mystindil was at it again, telling his famed stories and more than twice the towns residents had gathered for the harrowing tale. He knew as did everyone else, that his stories were taken from another Story-weaver from less than a century ago but with every story his interpretation pierced the doubts of the crowd, and he was able sway audiences with every pause and ballad. The man went down in history, as famed as the heroes in the tales.

    By Eric Harrell on 11.21.2012

  3. i walk down the hall, i sit in the hall, i stand in the hall. Hesitant, I start my steps again and continue down the hall, away from the door. and then I turn back, a surge of confidence powering my movement. I walk back to stand in front of the door, I reach out my hand to knock on the hardwood.

    By lilly on 11.21.2012

  4. “I’ll Never Be the Same”

    In the morning, you made me breakfast
    You called it “Hall and Oatesmeal”
    I rolled my eyes

    I dreamt of you that night
    singing “You make my dreams …”
    I rolled over
    on to you

    (ooo ooo)

    In the morning, you made me breakfast

    By Bry- URL on 11.21.2012

  5. An empty hall that was all he had left, after all the things that he had seen in the last year a hall that’s what he had

    By Monica L URL on 11.21.2012

  6. I sat in a empty hall. Why I was here, I did not know. I just knew that I needed something here. “Go to the hall,” my uncle said. After sending me on a hair raising adventure with bears and bandits I get greeted at home by going to the hall.

    By no on 11.21.2012

  7. dining hall deerfield where i would eat, i like food a lot and i could really go for some icecream…im not to sure why i like icecream especially when im feeling so fat right now, im not fat, but i feel fat. im not skinny either but its bigger than i think looks good.. and i think it might have to do with my birth control im on or maybe my medicine change but im unsure. i wish i knew though because i feel like this isnt how my body is supposed to be.

    By Shenae on 11.21.2012

  8. So I went to a hall. Thanks family. I come home from an amazing quest and I get told to go to the hall. Who is in the hall? No one. Why am I here? I don’t know. My uncle just greeted me at the door and told me to come here.

    By no on 11.21.2012

  9. Long, narrow, endless, falling back and going forward at the same time. Falling with a direction but not knowing exactly where I’m going. There’s only one way to go, down the hallway. I hope I remember how to get out of here, it all looks the same.

    By rebecca URL on 11.21.2012

  10. angel kept secret by hell,
    let me swim the golden
    waters of your halo.

    By drew URL on 11.21.2012

  11. Deck the halls with boughs of holly~
    The song rang through my ears. I hate that song. I hate my math teacher, Ms. Holly.

    To bad for me, I hate Christmas.

    (not really)

    By Endless Waltz URL on 11.21.2012

  12. Highschool hallways always smell like pre pubescent boys and spilled food and general unpleasantness. Third floor Jho hallways is a magical place of sprinkles and fairytales and procrastination and of SHIT NOT GETTING DONE which is why I’m on stumbleupon right now not doing my work but writing about hallways WHAT AM I DOING WITH MY LIFE

    By Leah on 11.21.2012

  13. Sara rounded the corner and stopped short. Standing directly in front of her locker was Laura and her friends. She wanted to turn around but she couldn’t. She took a deep breath and started toward them. “Oh, look who it is,” Laura sneered. Her friends all laughed. They blocked her locker. Sara stood there, at a loss for what to do. She had to get her math textbook but didn’t want to fight.

    By Sara on 11.21.2012

  14. I followed her last night, she turned her head
    as she walked down the hall
    I followed her click clack stilettos
    They snapped at me and made my jaw click metronome
    I suppose she had gone just to go
    But I follow to go after someone who has gone
    Is it a cycle? Is it cyclic?
    I know not. She calls to me, she has already called.

    By LX on 11.21.2012

  15. We danced through the halls of the kings, now torn asunder by the rioting mobs. The days of darkness were gone.

    By tonykeyesjapan URL on 11.21.2012

  16. She stood there, her heart in her chest beating faster they any speed she’d gone on her bike. Looking into his eyes she forgot her locker combination. She didn’t want him to know how lost he made her feel.

    By Stephanie on 11.21.2012

  17. The long droopy lockers surround me. I am running. I do not want to be here. Why can’t i go home?

    By Murphy on 11.21.2012

  18. I know it’s just a hallway – that’s all it is. But that’s not what I see. I can see the bloodstains on the walls, and hear the screams echoing through the corridors. I can see the pain, as if it is etched into the very foundations.

    No, it will never be just a hall.

    By Abbey URL on 11.21.2012

  19. A passage way that leads people. To the place that can only be taken by the hall. Without the hall there would be nothing to travel with inside a building. The hall is the place of thinking and rest.

    By Claire on 11.21.2012

  20. the hall was lonely and frightening. The only sound you could hear was the click clacking of shoes slowly walking. the only issue is that there was no one in the hall at all. Its abandoned…

    By Madelaine URL on 11.21.2012

  21. Hall, I guess that is a weird word. Being in the hall is like not being in any room at all. That rhymed. My room in Greensboro is pretty much just a hall since my roommate and I share the loft in our house.

    By Emma on 11.21.2012

  22. the long hall….the distance between who I am and who I want to be….the distance between me and what I want….Education, Happiness, Success….insecurity, too long, but I will manage…I will handle this. I will survive. I will thrive.

    By Melissa Newton on 11.21.2012

  23. i walk though the school hall and i see the guy i lik. he walks at a different pace as i do, he’s faster, he needs to get to class soon, the teacher mght shut the door in his face and he cannot let that happen.

    By Paola on 11.21.2012

  24. She sprinted down the hallway, photographs falling in her wake as the glass sprayed her ankles. She had to get out, away from that tacky wallpaper and staring faces, each seeming to whisper “Why is the rum gone”. Why is the rum always gone.

    By Lane on 11.21.2012

  25. I know someone by this last name. The name suited him because he was as boring as one. Obviously I didn’t deserve him anyways..

    By Kimbrey URL on 11.21.2012

  26. Halls are long. Sometimes they are so long, it seems like forever before you reach the end. Like life. Life is long. It sometimes seems like it will never end. But it will. Don’t take it for granted. Live it to the fullest.

    By Lexi on 11.21.2012

  27. I don’t know how to write about this word. It’s a strange word. I don’t know how, but it is. Somehow. Someway. I must write. Writer’s block. It has to be writer’s block. It has to.

    By Lexi on 11.21.2012

  28. Halls. Halls rhyme with many things. Calls, talls, galls, yalls. Don’t even say it, pervert.

    By Lexi on 11.21.2012

  29. Hall! Hall time! Aw yeah. Hall time.

    I like sitting there with you on spare, harmonizing. Writing. Being accepted.

    All in the hallway.

    With you.

    By marengo URL on 11.21.2012

  30. March of the Barbie Dolls
    Louis Vuittons clattering as one down dimly lit halls
    Manicured hands daintily clutch at their second hand textbooks
    Want everything
    Are nothing

    By Annika on 11.21.2012

  31. I watched him pass me and wander down the hall with friends in tow. I tried not to laugh at his lack of noticing me. It wasn’t like we made out last night. It wasn’t like he was the one to initiate contact. And it wasn’t like I enjoyed it.

    If only I were better at lying to myself.

    By Marissa URL on 11.21.2012

  32. A long path to the unknown, draped in deep navy and spotted with dark outlines. Unspecified by previous knowledge, outlines lacking personality, lacking truth, walking in unison down the hall. Outlines unsure of destination, following blindly their predecessors into the unknown.

    By Nyla Jennings on 11.21.2012

  33. Down the hall
    Deck it
    Let the poser knights check like do u prefer cash of debt it
    Let it flow from the dome like Katrina
    The storm old time worn and quick to be adored
    Can’t afford a different life
    But I make enough to pay
    Selling marry Jane from the locker I have down the hall

    By Chris on 11.21.2012

  34. I sit in the hall. I do nothing in the hall. The hall could be a metaphor for many things. I don’t mean to go on and drag on. I say the same things, I repeat myself, so does a hall. What is it? What do you even notice in that moment you’re in the hall? What is there to do? Are you bored or interested, sad or happy? Maybe the hall leads somewhere. Maybe it does not. Hopefully we can think better of halls.

    By fichtion URL on 11.21.2012

  35. looming
    looking into your future
    looking into your past

    all are immense halls

    By Gabi M URL on 11.21.2012

  36. when we pass we have to avert my eyes, this is what we do now. i don’t like the way we tried to remodel by painting the walls a lime green. the fluorescent lighting never changed. now you are lit from above, your eyes your cheeks pockmarked and contoured by strange shadow

    By gia.mfgon on 11.21.2012

  37. The hall was dark and scary. Nobody wanted to go down it, but they had to. Someone was chasing them, following them. They had to hurry. They ran as fast as they could, but the hall captured them. They were ate by the hall. Thousands of mouths and knives. They were gone and fast.

    By Whitney on 11.21.2012

  38. Voices were vacant from the hall. Paint peeled off the walls, the horrible beige school color that demoted creativity. Condensation ran down the walls, giving the space a clammy feel. It was hot out that day, but the inside of the deserted building was still being air conditioned even though it was scheduled for demolition in less than a week.

    A scream pierced the humidity.

    The girl whirled her head around, her arm jerked up as if to pull herself up, but just as quickly fell back, restrained by a handcuff on the end of a short metal chain.

    By StinkWrinkles URL on 11.21.2012

  39. As I walk down the hall, its as if its all in slow motion. not only do i not feel like myself, but i dont even feel like im actually awake and walking into the school. this is what dread truly feels like. If i could bury my head under my soft pink pilllow that ivfe had since third grade i would be absolutely at rest.

    By Roxxie URL on 11.21.2012

  40. She waits in the hall, alone. She does not even know where to go, nor whom she should call. She has never belonged; she will have to face this, alone.

    By Edna Paulet URL on 11.21.2012