November 21st, 2012 | 185 Entries

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185 Entries for “hall”

  1. The hall is long and empty. The children have left for the day. No screaming or running in the halls right now. You should have seen it earlier.

    By Teeda on 11.21.2012

  2. The hall was decked with colorful orange bulbs that hung down from the rafters and draped over her shoulders. The closet at the end seemed to suck in all the light. Everything was dark and dank and dusty.
    The hall closet sucked them in and spat them out in the form of tangerine bulbs hanging from the rafters.

    By orange bulb on 11.21.2012

  3. This hall is never-ending. Red-carpeted and dimly lit. There’s no doors. no rooms, no way out. The pattern of the carpet is all swirls: snakes and ladders. And every step forward only leads to three steps back.

    By siobhan347 URL on 11.21.2012

  4. ther is a hall in my school and in mosts houses. my husbands job dependes on working for a union hall. Halls are narrow lanes that allow passage of traffic through. there are small halls and larges hall.

    By Lisa on 11.21.2012

  5. there are halls in schools, there is a hall of fame, the hall of fame is for famous awesome people, I have a hall in my house, halls take you to doors, which lead to rooms.

    By William URL on 11.21.2012

  6. walked down the hall to my last class. the last one with you. last one of the day. i walk in and take my seat. waiting for it all to begin.

    By kathpine98 URL on 11.21.2012


    By gryffindorpuff1812 on 11.21.2012

  8. He was running through the dark, empty hall. He could hear footsteps behind him.
    Actually, he couldn’t recall when things went terribly wrong.

    By Monica Miranda URL on 11.21.2012

  9. he hauled across 3 time zones
    In one day, meeting each one
    With final sweaty heave, wry smile

    Never knowing what he carried
    The job, with its squared journey
    And triangulated route

    Took him from depot to delivery
    To home, when there was nothing
    Left to leave at any other doorstep

    By gsk URL on 11.21.2012

  10. Well now I’m back to hall. Whenever I think of it I think of the corridor just outside of my bedroom at my moms house. Then I think of the various halls of all the places that I’ve lived before and try to decide which one is my favorite, which one is the most like home.

    By Dani on 11.21.2012

  11. She had to be the freest hostage she had ever heard of. She was sent on errands, back and forth from office to office, out to the store, to his home, delivering this and that. She was never followed and never questioned if she failed to arrive back in the usual amount of time. Yet somehow, she had never felt more trapped by the walls around her.

    By Perry URL on 11.21.2012

  12. It was a roadway to darkness. I was surrounded by its cold and bleakness. The hallway stopped abruptedly. I put my hand on the doorknob and was shocked by its touch. It was so cold it caused my hand to turn red. I clutched my hand in pain. I glanced backward and saw endless night-like sky, only it lacked the dazzling stars that twinkled so beautifully. I took a deep breath and braved myself to grasp the doorknob. I reached out for it ,and it felt more warm. I turned the knb with great effort and pushed the door with a mighty shove. My eyes were blinded with a magnificent white light. I closed my eyes in pain. I stepped forward away from the drearyhallway and deeper into the light. with my eyes still closed, I creep slowly forward. I heard the door slam shut behind me and knew immediately that I wasn’t alone.

    By Secret URL on 11.21.2012

  13. The hall was dark, quiet. You couldn’t hear but just the sound of a faint whisper. Laughter came from the doors on the side. The creaks of the hinges sent a cold shiver down my spine. It was all I needed. To just open one of the doors and find out what was on the other side.

    By Leah on 11.21.2012

  14. It smelled of blood and with each step I took I could feel the rusted ground beneath me. The sound of laughter behind the door rung in my ears. I could only think what was on the other side. The door swung open and there standing in front of me was a

    By Leah URL on 11.21.2012

  15. Mr. Smith walked through the abandoned hallway. The shredded carpet and curtains hung like rags out to dry, their faded colours a memorial to their former beauty.

    By Euan on 11.21.2012

  16. The Grand Baron’s Hall was full of red paupers distributing full flutes of sharp mead, poured fresh and honeyed from a boar-hide flask. Marquis Gregarus was busy eyeing the candied the ham with zeal, his wife clinging to his bulbous arm.

    “When do you suppose the Baron will arrive?” she whispered in his ear.

    “Hopefully not before I eat this thing,” said the Marquis.

    By Belinda Roddie URL on 11.21.2012

  17. As I carefully crept down the hall my shadow danced to different tunes from the flames of the candles. My footsteps whispered and my shoulders bunched closer trying to hear the words. I slowly made my way to the top of the staircase. I paused; breath in; and listened, tilting my head; breath out slowly.

    By umbazachika URL on 11.21.2012

  18. long narrow big empty sad souless white basic no friends plain boring no depth portal doorway adventure

    By Yasmine on 11.21.2012

  19. the hall is where you meet people. Possibly your future spouse.Possibly your crush. Possibly your friends. Possibly the people who will matter in the future, and then some; It all depends what you make of it. We don’t realize it, but the people walking the halls of our schools or work may be the people walking the halls of our lives later on.

    By Leo Angulo URL on 11.21.2012

  20. The hall is flooded
    with skipping rocks
    floral floors
    with velvet windows,
    and linoleum ceilings,
    There’s a picture
    hanging crooked
    with a
    chair missing it’s leg
    And fake grapes
    scent the air
    with brocade
    and lace.

    By Mikaela URL on 11.21.2012

  21. walking through it, seeing the people around you not noticing you, but you noticing them. unfamiliar faces, pushing you aside as you go to class

    By Emily URL on 11.21.2012

  22. so many people. you recognize them, but will never speak to them. you know them, yet know nothing about them. faces known since kindergarten, yet never spoken to. a friend smiles. an enemy glares.

    By Emily URL on 11.21.2012

  23. Down the dark dank hall, lied the trap. Smithy knew it had caused his furry brothers before him to fall, but it was worth it to reach the smooth, savory cheese. Smith scurried across the hardwood, fallowing only his nose that picked up the aroma of smoky aged cheddar. Perhaps one had come before him, and he would be able to claim his prize unscathed.
    *CLACK* an unexpected trap sprung and clamped down on smithy’s neck.
    No cheese, no glory.

    By Maisie on 11.21.2012

  24. I ran across the hall and saw that my sister was gone. I felt my stomach drop immediately. I was overwhelmed with fear; what if he had taken her away forever? I raced back into the living room and called out her name. “Kara! Please answer me!”

    By Courtney on 11.21.2012

  25. It went on forever, each step slower than the last, delaying the fearfully inevitable arrival of the end. Without the will to turn back, the girl reached to last door in the hall, the last that matter anyway, and slowly raised her hand to knock.

    By L. A. Smith URL on 11.21.2012

  26. Nothing was worse than being called into the Great Hall. When a person enters through its colossal, wooden doors, they never return.
    That is why I quaked with fear when soldiers encircled my house, and the captain of the guard stood at attention before my door.
    “You’ve been summoned,” the Captain spoke, clenching his teeth. I realized that I knew him…in fact, I knew them all.
    I did not have to ask why or felt the need to ask where I had been summoned to. I just knew.
    “Allow me to draft my final will.”
    Sighing, the Captain glanced behind him before edging closer to my side. He whispered into my ear, “You have one hour.”
    I nodded. Tears sparkled in my eyes, but I blinked them back. I had to be strong. For my family, for my friends. For my country.
    “I’m so sorry, Ellen,” he whispered, bowing his head.
    “Don’t offer me your apologies. Offer me a promise.”
    “And what promise is that?”
    “That I will emerge from the Great Hall. And not in a wooden casket.”
    “I do not believe I can promise-”
    “Captain.” Grasped between my fingers, I tugged on his tunic. “I have to live. Please contact the General for me.”
    “He will not help you. You are a rebel.”
    “No, Captain. You are wrong. I am a rebel, and that is why he will help me.”

    By KenzieB19 URL on 11.21.2012

  27. a long hall, dark she walked down it. the lights were dim, haunting the hall as if there were something waiting for her at the end of it. Perhaps there was. She was unsure of whether to continue down the intriguing yet frightening hall. Placing one foot in front of the other, she continued.

    By Rash on 11.21.2012

  28. I knew many by the surname Hall. They were good friends. Best friends even. From the time I was born I knew them. Maybe not technically knowing them, but their presence was there when I was a babe. But as time grew on, and I began to know them, and learn of their personality, I came to the conclusion that these people weren’t truly good friends.

    By Jade on 11.21.2012

  29. the passage way between rooms. the first room in the house. i think if the hall isn’t welcoming, the people are probably horrid. i don’t trust a tidy hall, they need to be messy, covered in post and shoes and bags and coats

    By Ellie URL on 11.21.2012

  30. the halls are lit from within
    like a pregnant woman’s belly
    like the eyes of a loved dog
    like a fireplace
    like a book
    like a hat
    like a
    i lose

    you win

    By steve on 11.21.2012

  31. The great hall defined grand. King Harold had no opposition to luxury, in fact there were vases of gilded lilies lining the door. The ceilings were high and vaulted with murals of people wearing insufficient clothing.

    By Rebecca on 11.21.2012

  32. Down the hall, she could see dark shadows, but she didn’t know what it was from. All she knew was that she was no longer alone.

    By Haley on 11.21.2012

  33. I was in the hall and did not know where to go. It was a strange hall in a strange building. Where would this hall lead me? Give it a go, you never know.

    By Helen Thistlethwaite on 11.21.2012

  34. I walked through the hall towards the principals office. I knew I was in trouble, but my instict told me I could get through it without getting expelled. Alaska and I looked at each other waiting for someone to walk in first, and as I took the first step we headed to the first day of the rest of our lives.

    By Jazmin on 11.21.2012

  35. We sat in your hallway at the base of the stairs barely touching, our voices almost a whisper. We knew what we wanted to do, but we had to keep it a secret. Our fingers met, our hands melded together, and before I knew it your lips were on my lips.

    By Rêver URL on 11.21.2012

  36. At the end of the hall, there’s a door. On the other side of the door, there’s a room. In the room, there’s a girl. Within the girl, there’s a heart. That heart is the greatest gift she’ll ever give to you, because giving it to you means that she’s trusting you not to break it.

    By Risa URL on 11.21.2012

  37. Going from one place to another. Not so much a room itself, but what connects a room to another room. Isolated, yet so connected with everything else.

    By Grace URL on 11.21.2012

  38. As I walk down the hall, I realize just how alone I am. No doors slamming, floors creaking, music playing. Just me. With my thoughts.

    By Lucy on 11.21.2012

  39. The hall was empty, like his soul when he watched her die. There was nothing quite like being empty, he thought. I mean, yeah, you can be full of life on the outside, but what does it matter if you’re broken on the inside?
    But maybe it’s not about being full or something. Maybe it’s about enjoying it, not letting yourself be dragged by the nothingness.
    So he kinda liked the empty hall. It felt full.

    By Peter on 11.21.2012

  40. In a dark hall the sound travels in sight far away,but close in this day,, miss my happy zmile when the rain runs to the stars and the light sparks on the green grass,the tree is to tall for me i can reach a dying star.Some times a fall deep inside my soul forming a round black whole.I see my body floting like a

    By ion on 11.21.2012