March 17th, 2011 | 454 Entries

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454 Entries for “gym”

  1. I want to join a gym. I want to work out on a tredmill because it seems better or easier than the exercise i do at home. if i go the the gym, i wouldn’t get distracted so much by tumblr or other things. but i’m 14 and my mother, the hot shot doctor, thinks gyms are too expensive.

    By itsasecret URL on 03.17.2011

  2. i have a gym at my school where pep fests, basketball games, volleyball games, and individual fitness occurs. girls in short shorts run around on the track above and its really amazing to watch. go eastview!! im watching basketball right now, which takes place in a gym.

    By kevin on 03.17.2011

  3. Gym is hilarious. Me and my friends kind of suck at volleyball, but we have a great time sucking. I always find myself hunched over on the floor unable to breathe from laughter because somebody gets hit with a ball or does a superhit

    its great :

    By Rhiannon URL on 03.17.2011

  4. I have that same gym membership that you’ve got. You know, the one you opened when you thought that this time you’d really be dedicated, not like the last two or three times you signed up. You mean it now. I still have to cancel that damn thing.

    By Doug on 03.17.2011

  5. in gym class we do a lot of fun stuff. AND its my favorite clas EVER! learingin bout the body and stuff like that is soooo interesting! and i love it this trimester cuz i get to sit by all the guys and its sooooo fun <3 but ya we excercise and i actually enjoy it! CRZY RIGHT? hahahah ya gym is most definetley my fave. ANd sring break im definetley going to work out in the gym erry day <3

    By Luz Peredo-muniz URL on 03.17.2011

  6. Got to make this happen.
    Youth is fleeting.
    Muscle will help stall the aging process

    By Amy URL on 03.17.2011

  7. Heart racing. Body throbbing. Just a little bit further. Legs turning to gelatin. Keep going. You can do it. Just a little longer. Keep running. It’s all worth it in the end.

    By Shelby URL on 03.17.2011

  8. I hate gym class. It’s just a place where skanky girls get to wear short shorts and the boys get to show off their muscles. I’m not skinny, or athletic, i hate it. I embarrass myself when I run a mile because i get all red and sweaty and my boobs are huge so they bounce everywhere. I hate gym.

    By Ginn on 03.17.2011

  9. My boyfriend works at Planet Fitness. I don’t belong, but I was sure to steal their stickers, magnets, and a lifetime supply of purple and yellow pens.

    By PygmyBlue URL on 03.17.2011

  10. I hate the gym it makes me tired. I should love it though cause Im gaining weight and really need to be there like everyday. The last time I went to the gym was a couple of months ago. I just got so lazy over time. It’s ridiculous. Our new gym is awesome too !

    By Isis URL on 03.17.2011

  11. I very rarely actually go to the gym. I find it silly to exercise without going anywhere among a bunch of sweaty people that aren’t really doing anything. Exercise is always better outside, in my opinion, and ideally while going somewhere at the same time. Like riding a real bike, instead of one of those stationary ones.

    By Omi on 03.17.2011

  12. sweat dripping
    muscle bulging
    face tensing
    teeth clenching
    heart wrenching
    working out for the girl i love baby.

    By Ashley on 03.17.2011

  13. I do not like gym very much. It is too long and people are too sweaty. I think everyone should just have a super long recess, and they can do whatever they want. I love the outdoors. The wind and the sky are just breathtaking.

    By Claudia URL on 03.17.2011

  14. ymca. working out, excercise, hanging out with friends, healthy, i am bad at sports, i like to run, i should probably go to the gym more often, my y membership is going to run out soon.

    By Hailey on 03.17.2011

  15. Standing against the wall, the two least liked kids in class dreading what came next… and then the team captains began calling out names (or in some cases, simply pointing as many of those chosen were simply not good enough to have actual names). Soon enough, it came down to these final two, of course.. who would be the least liked among them? Gym had long ago gone from an athletic event to a talent competition. The captain stared at one, and then the other.. sizing up their potential to accomplish whatever tasks were required. Then a name was called…

    By Kathy Bradford URL on 03.17.2011

  16. She swore she would get fit in time for the competition season. She said she would work out at the gym. No time for the gym though . No money for the gym either. Walk, walk, walk.

    By Sara URL on 03.17.2011

  17. im at the gym
    im so sweaty
    and smelly
    and my jelly is swell
    bouncin and bouncin
    till it drops dead
    that didnt make sense.

    By Maria URL on 03.17.2011

  18. Sweaty and rhythmic; pushing and pumping rhythmic peaking and heart beat racing we collectively moaned and sighed in exhaustion. Welcome to the gym.

    By Tiz's Dream URL on 03.17.2011

  19. Although I hat the gym I need to learn to love it because I’m starting to gain that freshman 15 and that’s not cool. I need to get back to my 130. Its gonna be hard but I have to do it. I can’t let this freshman food get the best of me.

    By Isis Navena URL on 03.17.2011

  20. trhe gym is where you excersie the gym is where youw ork out and get a sweat and the gym is where you make muscle and the gym is where you lose fat and the gym is where you meet new people and the gym is where you make a new you and leave behind the old you that you dont want to meet anymore the gym is where you let go of all of your fears and you set new aspirations for yourself the gym is where the new you is born the gym si where you listen to music and forget about the world.

    By Jillian Kelly on 03.17.2011

  21. This one day I was at the gym. There was a girl with red hair and yellow eyes. She was really sweet. The ball came wising through the air and hit her on the face. She went home and had soup her mother made her

    By Candace on 03.17.2011

  22. Seeking refuge beneath the bleacher seats I waited as the slurping pounding noise of footsteps moved across the floor. The echoes in the gym reached down in my stomach and made me shiver with fear. The monster was getting closer…

    By Tsubasa Rose URL on 03.17.2011

  23. Sweaty and rhythmic; pushing and pumping rhythmic peaking and heart beats racing we collectively moaned and sighed in exhaustion. Welcome to the gym.

    By Tiz's Dream URL on 03.17.2011

  24. I told my friends I had been hanging out a lot with this guy Jim. They had no idea his name was really Gym, nor that he was a building. He’s my best friend. I go to him and we spend time together. My friends don’t really understand why I need to be alone with him sometimes.

    By Wasanna URL on 03.17.2011

  25. I go to the gym near my house to run on the treadmill. My father renewed the membership on Valentines Day and that was our gift. Other wives would be offended by this present on the most romantic day of the year. That’s another thing I don’t like. National Singles Awareness Day. Everyday should be romantic – that day is for commercial purposes. I haven’t been to the gym in a while though because I’m not at home with college and all.

    By Karen on 03.17.2011

  26. It’s where lame-o’s go so they can make sure that other people can see them being healthy and fit. They want it to be their “image” not their “lifestyle”.

    By Riley on 03.17.2011

  27. Jim was my old bus driver in kindergarden! He used to bring these sing along tapes and he played them the whole bus ride because there was only four of us on the bus… Our old bus driver threatened to kick us off the bus so many times that we all cried and the neighbor’s parents complained, so our whole block got Jim! He was a good soul, I hope he’s still alive..

    By Megan M on 03.17.2011

  28. I go to the gym rarely. I should probably go to the gym more often but workouts in public are not my cup of tea. However, last summer I joined a gym and it cost me a good $160 for a one time visit. Smart. I know.

    By Brittany Mitchell on 03.17.2011

  29. i hate the gym, it makes me sick. i think i am allergic to sweat because i always sneeze. and there arealways huge men there looking at me. and i get out of there as fast as i can. but thats okay at least i get my work out it. this isn’t really going anywhere.

    By Bri Carnes on 03.17.2011

  30. exercise. 9th grade. walking. being fit. something i’ll never be. looking good. doing something for yourself. being who you want to be. membership. needing money. working your hardest. treadmills. elipticals.

    By Caitlan on 03.17.2011

  31. gym tan laundry total jersey shore term. i should really start going again. i felt better when i did, whatever, i will go on my own time. maybe ill start to GTL lol yeah… good stuff

    By k.rod on 03.17.2011

  32. I hate going to the gym, but it is a constant source of guilt for me. I always hated gym class. I love gyms that have basketball taking place in them. Interesting that I very first thought of work out gym rather than gymnasium, even though thats what it originally meant. I don’t have a gym membership right now.

    By Lindsey URL on 03.17.2011

  33. I should go to the gym more often, but with my joints bothering me, I don’t go unless I am angry at someone. I always work out better when I’m angry. I wonder if that’s the same for everyone. I go to the gym twice a week… should be more though.

    By Jasmii URL on 03.17.2011

  34. The gym is a place where people go when they want to feel better about themselves. Whether it’s to lose weight, to have more energy, or to train for a sport many people enjoy going to the gym. I myself prefer outdoor activities and find the gym boring. But exercise is definitely important!

    By Marcella URL on 03.17.2011

  35. i have a gym membership, i use to go but i haven’t in a while. I probably should, i’m starting to look pregnant and it ain’t pretty. I wish my gym had a pool, i’d go more often.

    By MJ URL on 03.17.2011

  36. i absolutely despise the gym.
    hated gym class..
    hated working out. and God knows i need to, but i would say the gym is the most vile environment when concerning my likes and comfort and personal sanity. working out and athletism is the worst.

    By jordan on 03.17.2011

  37. Fourteen days is a long time to be tired. Instead of gyming it up, consider sleeping.


    Yeah. When you’re gyming you’re going without sleeping, taking for granted that you are sub-optimally routine. Right?

    I suppose that makes sense.

    By Richardton T. Slump URL on 03.17.2011

  38. I went to the gym, or my sister dd. I don’t know which gym. Should I go to the gym? No, I should eat more. Hah, how strange. I bet one day I’ll go daily, but just because I like having toned arms. I don’t have toned arms, so it’s more like I like the idea of it.

    By Erin URL on 03.17.2011

  39. A place where you go to work out. In fact, I got back from the gym not too long ago, I was able to eat since then and am now trying Blue Moon beer for my first time. Slow with this keyboard too, since I am just learning it,

    By Kyle Tolle URL on 03.17.2011

  40. i go to the mca sometimes. i have a membership that i should really use more often… i wonder if its going to run out soon…. probably. i should invite jamie to go the the y with me soon. :) i like running there but should probably start lifting more weights or working on my abs or something…

    By Hailey URL on 03.17.2011