March 17th, 2011 | 454 Entries

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454 Entries for “gym”

  1. Gym. I remember elementary school gym. I liked it. Even though I often felt like the gym teacher was a complete chauvinist. I loved hanging off the rings, and I loved climbing the long rope. I could easily make it all the way up to the top back then. I doubt I could pull myself up an inch now. Note to self… work on that.

    By Noisy Quiet URL on 03.17.2011

  2. you go to the gym to work out and play basketball and other sports. people go to watch and cheer you on. unless you are from a different school. then they will boo you.

    By mccrazy123 on 03.17.2011

  3. The sound of the weights colliding with each other. Clang clang clang.
    The breaths of repetition could be felt as you entered the room.
    Each person beating their body into submission.
    Each person defying the limits of their body.

    By Josh Williams URL on 03.17.2011

  4. Gym Is one of the worst classes in the world! OooooooooohhhhhhhhYYEYYYYEYEYYEYEJAHHAHSJGOSJF
    Ticky Ticky

    By Slomo URL on 03.17.2011

  5. I think gyms are pointless if I want a workout video games build up my finger strength

    By koryo URL on 03.17.2011

  6. i went to gym for meeting my brother, i was enthralled by the machinery used and wanted to join then an there until i realized it was meant for boys only, i was heartbroken.

    By filza URL on 03.17.2011

  7. Going to them gym is a really good habit to make. I like going to the gym because it makes me feel healthy. You always feel better after you exercise.

    By Kortney URL on 03.17.2011

  8. Gym

    I enter the Gym
    My face is a glow
    My excitement it builds
    From my head down to my toes
    I’m in the winners circle
    A place that I have earned
    With back flips and high kicks
    And silly bar tricks
    This is what it means,
    To be in Gymnastics!

    By lildevi URL on 03.17.2011

  9. to gym or not to gym…that is the question. am i following the crowd? falling for consumerism? do i even have the time.

    By nicky on 03.17.2011

  10. The feeling of being breathless is unlike any in the world. Some smoke, some drink, some overeat all to get the feeling of a body moved past its limits. The gym is where we push ourselves towards health, towards life and towards strength.

    By Tiz's Dream URL on 03.17.2011

  11. Oh my god, I hate gym class. Worst period of the week, that’s for sure. You know, I hate my gym uniform too. Ugly ass red sweatpants with a very unflattering school shirt. What is the relevance of gym class anyways? Seriously. I hate it.

    By Claire URL on 03.17.2011

  12. i love going to the gym. it makes me feel like i accomplished something when i’m doing working out. i love the stretch in my calves and the burn in my side. is this sadistic?? i always wondered that. but who doesn’t like to work out sometimes in the gym with other people.

    By Lulu URL on 03.17.2011

  13. I sometimes feel the gym is an uncomfortable place. People are all around you working out-the same thing you’re doing- and you can’t help but just compare and critique yourself against everyone else there. It’s frustrating and the reason why I mostly exercise outside in the early morning.

    By Sheila on 03.17.2011

  14. the place where I go very very occasionally because it reminds me of times when I used to go to the gym everyday so I avoid it now because I am unhappy that I dont go regularly like I used to. Plus there are usually really hot people there and I never ever feel hot at the gym…well once I did when I was like 26 years old and a size 6…I was kinda way hot back then, at the gym. But that was a long time ago and now the gym for me is a very utiliataian place.

    By Boomie on 03.17.2011

  15. Gym Gym Jim, Find me another Jim. Jim was nice, I miss him. I miss his smell. I should start working out….I’m out of shape.

    By Ashlee Marzipan on 03.17.2011

  16. Sinews strain; tendons groan. Sweat rolls down my temple as my muscles stretch and scream out in effort.

    Everyone always says ‘mind over body’. I believe in ‘mind and body’.

    There is no mind without a body. And no body without a mind.

    By BatonNoir URL on 03.17.2011

  17. I hated that gym. It always smelled like a mix between Axe body spray and damp, sweaty teenagers. Every time I would enter in the morning, I would literally gag.

    By Andrew Walker URL on 03.17.2011

  18. Breathe sweat and sneakers. Watch everyone running in place to get somewhere else. Move until you hurt. Listen to the clank of the weights. Be grateful that your body can take you here.

    By Malinowski URL on 03.17.2011

  19. Well, I already did this word. I clicked on refresh, and I guess the only word available is gym. I hate the gym. I hate to run. I feel like the fattest chick in the club. I also hate when I sweat as I walk, and these idiots run on the treadmills for hours. I hate feeling as though my heart is about to explode. Weird. I hated gym as a kid, too. Exercising has never been my thing. I would rather sit and eat. BOOM!

    By Katie on 03.17.2011

  20. Sitting on the bleachers, I look around.
    All the students are on the ground,
    Doing their sit ups and crunches they need to do.
    All the bullshit they need just to get through.
    They all hate it, they wanna bounce.
    They don’t like school at all, not even an ounce.
    Then years go by and they begin to miss,
    All the times that then felt like piss.
    They wanna go back, they will to anything to try.
    They wish they could be there again so bad that it makes them cry.

    By DUNC URL on 03.17.2011

  21. I hate gym.

    Another excuse to get everyone in on the whole sports routine, which is not my thing.

    They use it as an excuse to make kids healthier, but what does a semester class do?

    Nothing, that’s what.

    Its pointless to have to embarrass people.

    No one likes gym anyways.

    By sunny URL on 03.17.2011

  22. i hate gym class, but it wasnt bad sometimes. you can play sports which are fun, but some girls are mmaadd bitchy. they get really into it, and get agressive… yeh. sometimes the guys would join, which was cool but irritating at the same time. doing sports with guys can be a little intimidating, but also fun cause guys are cooler then girls, in my opinion. my school weight room is complete shit. about 2 out of the 12 bikes work. its a disgrace

    By sophie on 03.17.2011

  23. I like going to the gym sometimes. Right now thinking about going to the gym again reminds me of the times when I used to go to the gym. I have a lot of memories that I’m associating with it. I tend to do that though. Right now it makes me think of HIM and the beginning of all that insanity…ugh but I really do like to work out. I don’t ever talk like it. Even though I’m skinny of as a stick I ddidn’t get this way by working out or eating healthy I’d reather die than eat healthy hah aha but I like the feeling of strenght. I enjoy the feeling aof pushing myself physically oand of knowing that I can do it. I can’t do much though because I never bget enough practice. We didn’t have the money to pay for our gym membership for a long time so of course I efell out of practice, plus school and whatnot would have gotten in the way anyway. But lately we started to get our hgym memeber ship back and that is good. So I’m planning on going very soon. I’m sorry, but why is this site so god damned slow? and why is it that as soon as my word came up it said that my time was up but it let me type anyway? that’s a bit confusing. This is a good idea but I think it has some issues that need to be fixed.

    By Sheri on 03.17.2011

  24. This is the place I go to feel better about myself. I love the feeling of pushing myself and going until it seems I cannot go any longer. Running is my favorite thing to do at the gym. Actually, I love the gym but hate it at the same time.

    By Jessica Hernandez on 03.17.2011

  25. I’m allowed to wear short shorts during gym, but just because it’s okay doesn’t mean I’ll do it. It’s like fucking underwear! And you know those girls who are kinda curvy, little chunky, and they wear them? It’s not very flattering… And then you see those anorexic girls wearing them, and that just kinda looks like a skeleton with a loin cloth on it. And then medium girls, like me, …I guess it might look okay. But it’s fucking awkward. So… no thank you. Might as well take my pants off. <3

    By Kirra URL on 03.17.2011

  26. There is no reason for gyms to exist. The human body is it’s own weight. Think about it. Don’t be a sucker.

    By Jar URL on 03.17.2011

  27. I would like to move from the coffee bar, with its wonderful view of the giant turquoise pool, its fresh coffee, rolls, fruit, newspapers. I would like to step into the changing rooms, feel confident in my work out clothes, run treadmills, cycle for miles, going nowhere, to scrunch and crunch, then take a dive into the water, swanlike, sleek, fast. One day, I will muster up the confidence. Take one small step. Believe.

    By Jeannie URL on 03.17.2011

  28. “What are we doing here?” I asked. I pulled at my shorts. I only wore them about…never. “We are scoping out Nate,” Joslyn whispered. “Why can’t we just go talk to him?” I asked. We were hiding behind a bunch of rolled up mats. “This doesn’t have to be hard. Nate!” I yelled from across the gym. He waved, and I started towards him. Joslyn tried to pull me down, but I swatted her off, so she followed behind me sheepishly.

    By Marissa URL on 03.17.2011

  29. Running. Running. What exactly am I running for? Is there a purpose? To lose weight? To have people view me as average? What am I running for? What am I fighting for? What are you running for? Is there a purpose? Please, share it with me.

    By Haley Nicole URL on 03.17.2011

  30. The gym is a place where I wish I could go to relax

    By Joseph Thomas on 03.17.2011

  31. You hate it. At least you did when you were a kid and incredibly bad at it. In time, you might come to like it though, because it wasn’t really the gym you hated. It was the other kids that watched you.

    By Regnboge URL on 03.17.2011

  32. I do gymnastics. I used to do this at a gym, but there was a lot of pressure to be competitive. Being competitive requires being at the gym about 4 hours every day.

    By lizzyb97 URL on 03.17.2011

  33. I went to the gym yesterday, I’ll go today – I find great comfort in the place. I have some of my best ideas for writing while I’m pounding away at the treadmill or indulging in a pump class. I’ve worked in plenty too and love helping people feel better about themselves. What can I say I LOVE THE GYM. Fairly dull and earnest of me today, I’m afraid:)

    By RJH URL on 03.17.2011

  34. She thought that the answer was in her eating, going to the gym, constantly volunteering, the list went on and on. One day, she found that all that she was seeking wasn’t found in things in the natural, but in the One who saved her long before she came to this earth- long before she turned away from her past. She started feeling that joy in her stomach, something she hadn’t felt in a long time. She felt a smile forming from the edge of her mouth. Everything made sense now. She breathed in a breath of “freedom air”, taking in all that she could.

    By laughalot on 03.17.2011

  35. She looked at herself and instantly hated what she saw. Her thighs, in her opinion, were a tad too large. Her stomach, a bit too flabby. Her body…she hated it. She needed to work out. She’d go to the gym she decided.

    By Jessica on 03.17.2011

  36. We have to take gym as a class to graduate high school. I took it my senior year because I had had band, and I couldn’t fit it in any other year. All I did the whole year was grade papers…so much for being fit.

    By Bethany on 03.17.2011

  37. elementry school. low funding. gym teacher. leam girls. fun. excersize. healthy. must. children. laughter. fun happyness. sun excitement.

    By Misha on 03.17.2011

  38. I hate this place. It mocks me with its metal and pads and weights and men lifting twice my size just because they can. The teachers and coaches all say that anyone can be a lifter or an athlete if they want to, but those guys decided to do that for a living – I can barely run a mile. What does that say about their motivation? It’s complete bogus. So I can’t say I care at all.

    By Sebby URL on 03.17.2011

  39. jungle gym. that makes me think of jack johnson and that cute little monkey that i despised so much as a child. why did i hate monkeys so much? did i not find them cute? i’m not sure. maybe it’s because i associated them with clowns.

    By Candace Struck on 03.17.2011

  40. I was at the gym last night, and I saw the funniest thing. Have you ever heard of the new exercise craze Zumba? Well, apparently this old lady wanted to give Zumba a try, and she was gung-ho. You should have seen her outfit!

    By Karen URL on 03.17.2011