March 17th, 2011 | 454 Entries

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454 Entries for “gym”

  1. I just finished licking the spoon after eating one quart of Edy’s Fun Flavors Chocolate Peanut Butter Ice Cream…and gym is todays word. Help.

    By vanhaydu URL on 03.17.2011

  2. i haven’t been to the gym in a long time. no.. actually i did go on tuesday morning, after having a fight with my parents on monday night about how i don’t go to the gym enough.. i really should make it part of my life more, just like it was last september through october. i’m really sick today, that is why i am home, otherwise right now i would be at lifeguard training. i hope i pass the lifeguarding test, that would be cool, to actually be a lifeguard by june!

    By Proma on 03.17.2011

  3. I was going to join a gym a few months ago but all of them that provide any promise of quality are over a hundred bucks a month. No thanks, I’ll… run. Or something. Use a workout tape. It’s funny how we take these things for granted! Back in high school, I never used the gym and the one at my first college was free but rarely visited by myself. Now that I’m going to another university where it’s really expensive to use its facilities, I miss those olden days.

    By Sae URL on 03.17.2011

  4. and then i went to the gym. because i knew that i had to get rid of all that i hated about what i was. and i stayed in that sweaty smelly place until my heart strings twanged and my skin tingled and my chest burned. but the little treadmill screen glared at me, flashing 750 cal, 750 cal, 750 cal. and i knew that it wasn’t enough.

    By Rachel Woods on 03.17.2011

  5. For the physically un-gifted, gym class was always a tortuous time. A time that was guaranteed to be full of humiliation. Never mind that you got good grades in other classes–P.E. was a different kind of playing field (pun not intended).

    By lil_nail URL on 03.17.2011

  6. H: Gym.
    me: Who?
    H: No, THE GYM.
    me: Which Jim?
    H: Can we talk when we get home?
    me: You’re bringing him home?
    H: (click)
    me: HELLO!

    By pd URL on 03.17.2011

  7. i hate going to the gym. i always feel better when i do go but i cant get off my butt and go. i usually go on tuesdays and thursdays. i always see some regulars there that go when i go. the girl that works the desk at the time knows me because i always go at the same time. i should have gone to gym today but i didnt. i wish i had. not. lolllllll

    By Susan on 03.17.2011

  8. Walking into the gym after school, I am nearly run over by the swarms of small children invading our space for wrestling. After I narrowly avoid death by a toddler, I am hit in the back of the head by a junior high basketball player’s missed shot. I think I should just cancel play practice.

    By English teacher 79 on 03.17.2011

  9. I wish I had worn something else. Every time I get ready to head to the gym, I’m more concerned about what I should wear and how I will look when I’m there. I take the time to look at other people while I’m there so what’s to say they aren’t doing the same thing to me?

    By heroisms URL on 03.17.2011

  10. we are getting a new gym at the high school where I am a teacher. it will seat more people than the current gym seats and should be completed next month. this high school has had quite a transformation since it was built 30 years ago as we now have about 5 times as many students enrolled as when it was built.

    By Heidi Nelson on 03.17.2011

  11. i mean, it wasn’t like i didn’t go to the gym. i did. i did my yoga stretches in the dusty back corner, surrounded by old men in bulging, saturated wife beaters, grunting as they hoisted massive weights high into the air. and so i felt the need to leave almost immediately, shoving open the double doors to let crisp air fill my deflated lungs.

    By Rachel URL on 03.17.2011

  12. the gym is a place that you go and rund and streach and diffrent stuff like that and some tims you play games in a gym to like kick ball dogeball

    By luke090 on 03.17.2011

  13. gym the best place for dodge ball i am ok at dodge ball its not the best spert every but it is ok

    By eman URL on 03.17.2011

  14. I hate P.E. a.k.a gym class. my teacher is such a cow. pardon my langaue if u know what i mean.

    By mysticaldeath URL on 03.17.2011

  15. People go to the school gym for p.e. it fun sometimes.

    By alejandro URL on 03.17.2011

  16. The hotel had a smartly outfitted gym. They had passed it on the way to the elevator. But they would not visit the gym this weekend. No. There would be no treadmill run, no weights lifted, no elliptical training. This weekend was just for them… alone… no agenda. Room-service meals and the curtains tightly drawn… all weekend long.

    By Ella Lussuria URL on 03.17.2011

  17. gym is where people work out. Guys go there in hopes to meet girls and to show off their strength to their friends. A lot of people fear it as well, due to the fact that they’re either embarrassed by how unfit they are or because they don’t know what they’re doing. Lots of people will buy memberships and give up one week in. Most people say it’s because they’re “too busy”. The real reason, however, is because working out actually SUCKS, and most people don’t enjoy it.

    By Monique URL on 03.17.2011

  18. Seeing all of you by the door my heart leap and i ran out of the gym, away from the impending sprints that lingered in the near future. and oh how we laughed as we sped away in you car kissing the wind and tasting the sweet freedom of life.

    By Hanna URL on 03.17.2011

  19. when i went to the gym i felt dizzy, and even tho i feel much better now, i still get dizzy even if I don’t actually go, and I feel dizzy till I decide not to go, which is a bit weird. i don’t know if psychosomatic illnesses can really be so strong, or whether i’m just going through a bad patch

    By lauren on 03.17.2011

  20. The first thing that comes to mind when i hear the word gym is p.e. I love p.e. It’s my favorite class.(:

    By Shae!? :D URL on 03.17.2011

  21. exercise, sweat, over worked, smelly guys, boys trying to get girls, girls getting fit, swimming ,treadmills, trainers, water cooler, fruit bars, smoothies, healthy eating, fruit, veg, lycra, spandex, aerobics, training, running, body building.

    By Chloe on 03.17.2011

  22. Get the hell outside.

    By Sparrow URL on 03.17.2011

  23. Was a really terrible class that I would do anything to get out of participating in. People used to get really competitive playing basketball and volleyball and I could never understand why they cared so much when all I wanted was for the bell to ring. I remember also the relief when I didn’t have to participate once I got pregnant.

    By Monica on 03.17.2011

  24. Time was ticking away. Only seconds left to play. No time to think, no time to strategise, the only chance they had was to throw themselves into the game. Forget plans. Just go.

    By Sara on 03.17.2011

  25. I don’t have a gym I can go to, but I do have exercise equipment in my basement that I’m supposed to be using. I even asked for that stupid treadmill for Christmas, and it annoys me that of the 4 people that leave here, *I’m* the only one not using it. I don’t know why I can’t get myself to get down there and just do it. I know how much better I feel when I exercise regularly. Thanks, for making me feel guilty today, I think I’ll go take a nap.

    By Suzanne Earley URL on 03.17.2011

  26. I like the gym not for the excercise, but for the inspiring motto’s dotted around the place, such as ‘Winner’s don’t take chances, they make them.’
    Likewise the Steam Room and Sauna are well worth the trip!

    By Holly Thompson on 03.17.2011

  27. I should go to the gym more often. But this week I’ve been snowboarding and it has made me rethink working-out – I’d much rather do it in the great outdoors doing something I actually enjoy than doing repetitive tasks on machines in a stuffy, smelly gym.

    By sarah b URL on 03.17.2011

  28. sick lazy booring always the same football grades shower time running fuck booring thursday homework lazy sick of it! happy. i could punch my teacher every time i see her face :))) totally hate her, granehallen and tyholmen. most of all tyholmen, freakin cold and nasty place. strenght laughter with my friends, lol

    By Maria on 03.17.2011

  29. running, sweating, loose weight, muscles, hot men, treds, dumbbells, stairs, pool, steam room, awesomeness, walking? victory, music, tv, more running, sweating and loosing weight

    By Ericasue on 03.17.2011

  30. Suddenly, out of the corner of her eye, she saw Eric enter the gym. He’d changed significantly in the five years that they’d been apart – a bit fitter, with newer clothes and a fuller head of hair – but the self-confident gleam in his eyes was still there, lingering under his nonchalant facade.

    By emma31893 URL on 03.17.2011

  31. I love goin gto the gym, but I do not like the way the Gym smells. Especiall if it is inside. It seems to me as if your fresh air, is cut off and that everyone is breathing the same air. I need to be more friendly with my thoughts of the gym as it is my friend.

    By Patricia Simmons on 03.17.2011

  32. At the gym, a little girl came up to me and asked if I could help her find her mommy. I responded with “Of course, don’t worry – your mommy is lost, not you!” she smiled and took me by the hand, while going over the details of what her mom looked like (which consisted of, my mom has blond hair) we finally found where she was! She’d just popped around the corner to get a drink.

    By Megan on 03.17.2011

  33. When I was a freshman in high school, I had to take gym class. I was kind of nervous about it because there were a lot of upperclassman in the class, and I was just a little frosh. BUT let me tell you. The senior guy in the class was gorgeous, and he made me feel like I was attractive. I know that sounds cheezey, but every girl likes to feel good about herself. So thank you overly attractive senior, for making me feel good about myself… even though I was a loser frosh.

    By mdnicol URL on 03.17.2011

  34. Feet pounded through the gym as I sweated. “Speedy!” “Throw it to speedy!”Eyes were on me as the red ball moved closer. Slow motion. I stretched out my hands, fingers reaching desperately. The ball slapped agddainst

    By Kara URL on 03.17.2011

  35. I don’t like the gym. For me, exercise is best obtained in its natural habitat–a swim in the pool, a walk on a sunny afternoon, raking the leaves, working on the house, sex. These are exercise. The gym is an artificial environment with artificial lights, artificial movements, artificial smells–how can anyone be motivated to exercise in such an environment?

    By maritov URL on 03.17.2011

  36. at gym…dont go there..dont have money..i work out at home and with my…hm… word…peace,love,happines,music,yay.

    By gagac on 03.17.2011

  37. When I was in high school, she was in my gym class. Her locker was beside mine, and as I undressed awkwardly, I heard the whispers. “She’s bi.” one girl stated boldly. I ignored them all, because they ostracized me as well. The girl beside me was quiet, .

    By Kara URL on 03.17.2011

  38. I had to bite the bullet and join the gym. I was getting nowhere on my own. I f***** hate going to the gym. They have Zumba and kickboxing classes which should ease the boredom of working out on a machine. But still…I hate the gym.

    By ChaCha URL on 03.17.2011

  39. i actually don’t mind going to the gym. the first time i went was in college. but now i am sick and it’s hell week so i’m not going for a few weeks. but the gym is where i watch hot guys.
    HOT GUYZZZZZZZ. working on their hotness. work it. you work that. mm.

    By Megan on 03.17.2011

  40. The gym was the worst place in the world, mostly because everyone stared. At the scars and marks, the old burns and tattoos. He couldn’t help where he’d been, what had been done to him. He just needed a way to work off the energy after a too-long day in the office.

    No one would understand what it was like in a Russian prison.

    “Hey, you come here often?” a woman asked.

    “When I have to,” he said. Not even long sleeves did the trick.

    By Nagi URL on 03.17.2011