November 2nd, 2012 | 98 Entries

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98 Entries for “guard”

  1. Guard, I’m giving you this; please take care of it. Love, be careful.

    By Jack Myller URL on 11.02.2012

  2. The guard was staring at me, wondering who I was. He had never seen me around here, in this lonely, almost ghostly town, and stared right at me. He looked like never seen anyone around here in a few days, let alone a woman.

    By Rakhee Neebar on 11.02.2012

  3. Normally i am always on my guard. That was until I met him. Everything about me changed, I wanted what I was normally scared of. And here’s the kicker. He was on his guard, but he wanted me too. It’s funny how life likes to tease you.

    By Katie McDade URL on 11.02.2012

  4. She never lets anyone in. Locked tight and secure. Constantly poised waiting to spring into action. Ready to make a quick escape and flee the scene. If anyone touches her hardened armor and makes a grab for her bow, she’s ready.Her judgment is never clouded. Rational thinking is the only thing allowed. She never lets her guard down.

    By mel towne on 11.02.2012

  5. Guard against my heart being throttled again, guard with walls made of self preservation, body guard, heart guard

    By K.O'T URL on 11.02.2012

  6. he took a bullet
    In the chest, it rested
    Between the lung and spleen
    Serene among the arteries and blood stream
    Until the shrapnel split
    And took it over
    The top

    By gsk URL on 11.02.2012

  7. Im the type of person that always keeps my guard up. Never letting anyone in to see who i truely am. Im always scared that if i let my guard down, people wont accept the real me.

    By Eliza on 11.02.2012

  8. I sat guard at the early morning. The fog was beginning to settle into the valley. i wasn’t sure this was supposed to be this way this morning.

    By Julie D on 11.02.2012

  9. He walked past the man, as he always had. The man looked straight ahead, as he always had.
    He was always there, every day, same time, same place.

    This time he stopped and spoke.

    “What’s behind that door you’re guarding?”


    By blackwing1 URL on 11.02.2012

  10. He stood in the guard position, his hands firmly grasping the baton, his gaze straightforward and stern. She watched him from the bush, wondering if he’d ever let up. He stayed that way, hardly ever moving, for hours now. She supposed it was the training that did it, but she still felt surprise. He had never been the kind to stay still.

    By jasmin on 11.02.2012

  11. Keep your guard up, or let it down. You be the judge of what is best for you. If you want your feelings to be out in the open, then do that. If you want to keep everything built up inside, then that is also okay. Sometimes we are not ready to expose our deeper feelings and we need to be content with that. Sometimes it is easier to write it down than say it all out loud for fear of being hurt—at least that is the approach I take.

    By T on 11.02.2012

  12. The guard was a stone statue. Over a hundred feet tall, with a marble sword in one hand and a perfectly round shield in the other. The guard identical to him was set on the other side of the gate, their eyes both staring straight ahead. Past the gate between them was a beautiful castle that they would forever protect; even through it’s downfall.

    By Eliza5 on 11.02.2012

  13. The guard had a mean look in his eyes, stiff shoulders too. I could feel him peering into my soul, he knew I wasn’t supposed to be here. I was hoping he would find some sympathy in my situation and give me a break. I really wasn’t trying to do any harm, I thought my little stunt would be funny.

    By Jamie URL on 11.02.2012

  14. guard it not with your life
    but with your imagines
    for what needs to be guarded
    is in my mind
    it is my mind

    By MS on 11.02.2012

  15. The fences. There are so many, covering the whole of this dirty, disgusting field. The sometimes move in the bitter wind but if you’re lucky you might see them glow. I saw them, just once. I’ve tried so many times since, my friends have told me they saw it, but I never believe a thing they say.

    By charlotte on 11.02.2012

  16. mercury retrograde guards us from making haste decisions.

    By octq on 11.02.2012

  17. i keep my guard up because they don’t know i’m bisexual. I say no when they ask if im gay.. because im not. but i do love girls…and guys. and thats okay. im not ashamed of it. i need time before i can come out.

    By Rosey URL on 11.02.2012

  18. Jason pulled the boy behind him, guarding him from Bruce’s view.

    “Don’t you dare touch my brother,” he growled menacingly. Tim whimpered.

    “Jason, I’m not trying to hurt either of you. I just want to help.”

    “Yeah, well you’re no help to either of us. So leave.”


    “Haven’t you done enough already?”

    Bruce’s face became hard and stoic, and without another word, he turned, the soft swish of the cape the only sound as he leapt from the window and off into the night.

    By Lyssie212 URL on 11.02.2012

  19. Love is ready to spread his wings around you,
    To guard and to protect.
    And yet, his wings are made of swords,
    Ready to pierce and hurt.

    And yet you cling tighter,
    Because you know it’s worth it in the end.

    By Abbey URL on 11.02.2012

  20. I watch my son sleep, another day over, another day older. Standing guard against bad dreams.

    By tonykeyesjapan URL on 11.02.2012

  21. “Woah! What’s going on!” I said over the screaming fans. “Listen get behind me and I want you to run back as fast as you can. Do you hear me?”

    By Nickela.Winfield on 11.02.2012

  22. I always wonder which it’s best to be- Perpetually on guard? Waiting for life to screw you? Expecting that someone to break your trust? Is that safer? Isn’t it true that I might admire someone more if they gave in, and trusted; let down their guard and just- believed? I think I’m going to go back to the old me- or try. Not be so guarded. Risky? Yes. But authentic.

    By Jenn Foster on 11.02.2012

  23. The guard gunned the gulls of Guinea.

    By Marianne URL on 11.02.2012

  24. i keep my feelings on guard. there’s a little man outside the safe that locks into place right where my right ventricle must be, the one that must lead its way up to the recesses of my brain where the logic is. i like to think that little man, balding and nervous biting his nails against the possible jailbreakers on the loose is sitting with his head newly shined right at that entrance where my right ventricle leads away from that ring finger that hangs loose at my sides and tries to lead those jailbreakers away from my shaking heart and to the brain instead where my thoughts can race fast enough to confuse them away from opening up that safe.

    By vividexpression URL on 11.02.2012

  25. A guard at the gate awaiting the queen to take her to her chariot to tea and crumpets, is that how you spell crumpets? Oh well, the guard is guarding. Shit. That is all. Go Queen.

    By Molly on 11.02.2012

  26. The word guard means to protect or help something. For example, “I will guard this bridge to prevent the enemy from crossing.”. Guard is an English word and variants can be found in various European languages.

    By Brett on 11.02.2012

  27. to be on guard all your life preparing for the wars to come and know that everything you do will never guard enough for all the hatred in the world. prepare your love’s for what’s to come and know that you are loved. so well for every one to know…

    By Angie on 11.02.2012

  28. How you guard me from this cruel world…i could never understood it before but now as you are gone and I’m utterly exposed and on my own…i understand

    By Maimoona URL on 11.02.2012

  29. The castle was built with huge gray stones and covered with vines. As I approached the entrance, I saw an old bearded guard walking slowly back and forth.

    By marylou wynegar URL on 11.02.2012

  30. i guard my soul. its my soul. lolololol bwah hahahahahahah… they are always after my lucky charms.

    By rachael anne damage URL on 11.02.2012

  31. Stand guard, for those who are watching, weather good or bad.
    Stand guard, for some may be following your example, weather good or bad.
    Stand guard, for who knows the consiquences of your actions, until they are done with?
    Stand guard.
    Just Stand guard.
    For others and yourself.
    Weather good, or perhaps, bad.

    By Kara :) URL on 11.02.2012

  32. “Stand guard. I’ll go in through the window.”

    But she couldn’t fit. Her shoulders were too wide. She lifted herself up from the opened frame and stretched, sighing in exasperation.

    “Okay, then. I’ll stand guard, and you go in through the window.”

    “Are you kidding me? I’m bigger than you.”

    “Okay, maybe you’re rounder…but you’re more pliable!”

    “You’re saying I’m squishy?”

    “Yes, I’m saying you’re squishy! I’m not! Help me out, will you?”

    By Belinda Roddie URL on 11.02.2012

  33. She let her guard down the moment he walked in. It wasn’t love at first sight, but more of an infatuation where she wanted him to break down the walls. In the end she knew she would walk away from him, but for now she order two scotch on the rocks and walked over.

    By Stultus on 11.02.2012

  34. i guard my heart. my feelings. my words. my life is guarded by one who walks on water. i tiptoe on thin ice-hoarding my feelings and thoughts. but when the ice melts, my guards, my walls: come down. like rain, they submerge everything; a melody sweeps across all of the surface. I guard it all, behind a dam, until I am freed
    and my guard falls.

    By beautyinthestars on 11.02.2012

  35. He was my guardian. I loved him, and now he was gone. He tried to take care of me the best he could. He loved me, he protected me, and he guarded me from the outside world. Just like that he was gone. This lonliness over took me for days on end I tried to escape, but everything reminded me off the man I will never see again. I can’t say his name still. My father… is gone, and I will never see him again. I can not believe this. I hope still that I will see him in the street that a man will turn around and smile at me and it will be him, but it’s not. The day I give up hope is the day that I accept that I have lost my father.

    By brick on 11.02.2012

  36. i say i don’t feel beautiful anymore.
    i’ve forgotten how,
    the more i grow
    out of this skin.
    (i shed it at night
    when no one’s looking.)

    i draw your face in
    bright eyes;
    people think i am in love with you.

    i say i don’t feel beautiful anymore
    and i know you
    and i know your kindliness
    and i know you will say:
    look in the mirror, you are so lovely.

    but my mirror hasn’t been washed for
    years. i stare at a
    bleary dripping face
    and i think: you are a liar.

    liar liar liar. i am cruel.
    the truth is i am in love
    with the way you are in love with me.

    By invinculis URL on 11.02.2012

  37. Something that always seems to be up. Whether I’m so open I’m closed, or I’m hostile, or so pleasant mention of something being wrong beneath the surface is unthinkable. And, letting down that guard I worked so diligently to build, it has been, and is, a long, enlightening, battle; and a road I walk most often alone.

    By kvm URL on 11.02.2012

  38. NAK wrote: “I turned to God for the recipe, he said ‘Guard your hearts because lately it’s been affecting me.’ And so I love you and forgive you though you don’t feel the same.”

    Things will never be the same. Each day feels more and more dangerous. The meds grow effectiveness degenerately while the sun sets much faster than it should. Though it no longer matters, for as long as I am happy, I may find my own sunshine, and make my own medicine. Maybe that is all I need that I cannot provide for myself, light. The only person I will ever need is the one that will shed me light.

    By amangelindiore URL on 11.02.2012

  39. i say i don’t feel beautiful anymore.
    i’ve forgotten how, the more i grow
    out of this skin.
    (i shed it at night
    when no one’s looking.)

    i draw your face in
    bright eyes;
    people think i am in love with you.

    i say i don’t feel beautiful anymore
    and i know you
    and i know your kindliness
    and i know you will say:
    look in the mirror, you are so lovely.

    but my mirror hasn’t been washed for
    years. i stare at a
    bleary dripping face
    and i think: you are a liar.

    liar liar liar. i am cruel. who is the liar.
    the truth is i am in love
    with the way you are in love with me.

    By invinculis URL on 11.02.2012

  40. He pounded on the bars of the cell again, as the guard walked away from him. “NO!” He shouted. “You can’t leave me in here! Please, I did nothing wrong!” He screamed desperately. His words fell on deaf ears as the door slammed shut. Silence fell upon the hall, and he was completely alone. His hands gripped the bars tightly, the cold metal biting into his skin. No.

    By Claire URL on 11.02.2012