November 2nd, 2012 | 98 Entries

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98 Entries for “guard”

  1. gaurd your soul with every ounce of energy in your bones. do anything you can to keep the devil from reeling you in and taking over. his words are poison and if you allow them to ease into your brain you will become insane with doubt fear insecurity and shame. i tell you now gaurd your soul.

    By Nykkia URL on 11.02.2012

  2. She was always on guard. She never let anyone see her true self. Nobody could get too close. If she let anyone in, they might have the ability to hurt her.

    By Tiffany URL on 11.02.2012

  3. Not enough liberty. The world is just too many controlled. We are not going anywhere. In fact, I’m just lost right now.

    By Milka URL on 11.02.2012

  4. It’s impossible to ever know the entirety of a person. Even if it’s subconscious we keep some part guarded and locked away.

    By EmilyH URL on 11.02.2012

  5. For me this was a challenge. He stood there, clip board in hand. Name? Age? I started to walk past him. He appeared again in front of me. Name? Age? I continued.

    By Louise URL on 11.02.2012

  6. He was blocked by the guard who had a close watch over my heart. I had hired him years prior to protect the one thing most precious to me. Jeri nor I had any idea what we were up against. I could tell he had a special tactical approach and there was no way to stop him. After just 2 months of trying Jeri stopped guarding my heart and handed it over to the man it was meant for. My one true love, my savior, my prince.

    By BriannaNicole URL on 11.02.2012

  7. i keep my guard up because i know that if i let it down, i’ll get hurt.

    it happened last time, you took it down only to hurt me. But i can’t hurt you.

    By Erin on 11.02.2012

  8. guard your great. guard it real sentar like. with shields and swords and bayonettes. guard it with purpose. guard it and be happy. guard your heart and be well. live well.

    By SgraceS on 11.02.2012

  9. Never let your guard down, that’s what I say. The buggers are out to get you – and the will. Maintain a straight face. Don’t let them see what you’re thinking and smile at all times. Like a boxer, be aware at all times

    By Annabel on 11.02.2012

  10. Oh!, i said, i am so glad it’s just you!
    umm someone is a little jumpy today., carla said.
    and that’s when i let my guard down.
    too much coffee, i replied.

    By kathpine98 URL on 11.02.2012

  11. i am on guard of my oreos cookies and i like oreos and all i wanted is a oreo!

    By Hope URL on 11.02.2012

  12. today i was going too the club but i was sixteen and i told the guard i was eighteen.

    By andrew URL on 11.02.2012

  13. I when in for the kill, but let my guard down. I would love to say you saved me, but you did not. You let down like so many before. It seems that i will never get my happily ever after…

    By LuckyNo.13 on 11.02.2012

  14. The ground we walk on is disappearing and the walls that shake from their own weight are built ever higher. We are on guard. We are primal, wary of strangers and frightened of those who should be our friends. The outer limits of what was once our freedom is now ‘controlled freedom’, lest we should hurt or one from outside our walls should trespass upon what is ours and destroy it more quickly than we were. Our brains are filled with war. With war on terror and war on drugs, then the scars are normal because power unused is power wasted. But we are only a dream, our world is only a dream, a paradox formed of our own private projections, as we’re caught up in the stream of end to end ‘stuff’. Stuff that doesn’t matter and that we do not question, not ultimately and not now. We use outsides instead of insides to feather and to plump our continuing avoidance of ourselves, fermented and dangerous but kept quiet behind our walls and above our invisible ground.

    By rhyme79 URL on 11.02.2012

  15. i was to guard the stables over night, for there were horse thieves that snuck in during the night, to steal our horses. i drank coffee to keep me awake. and the next morning, not one horse was missing, and i was fast asleep in my bed in the house.

    By zoe lewis URL on 11.02.2012

  16. Guard me!!!! said the boy to his companion.

    No one was guarding him and when he turned around he saw his companion dead on the ground.

    By poseidon619 URL on 11.02.2012

  17. The guard stood at the entrance to the castle, protecting the castle from any threats.

    By alliekaley URL on 11.02.2012

  18. i let my guard down when the boy pushed me down in the mud!!!!(:

    By SydneyRae(: URL on 11.02.2012

  19. I tried to guard her life, but it was too late for me to block the sword traveling to her heart.

    By epicdeath12 URL on 11.02.2012

  20. An angel that I can’t see guards me 24-7 and I love that guard or should I say guardian angel?! And I want to guard that angel one day too!!!!! <3 :)

    By fancy girl URL on 11.02.2012

  21. Guards are very important people. They do the job that no one else will. They risk their life to protect their master whom ever that may be. I fully respect guards and all of their courage. everybody has a guardian and their there whether you can see them or not, and even if you don’t believe in them they still watch over you.

    By exploding chicken 1 URL on 11.02.2012

  22. Im going to have my body guard shoot megan.

    By bayleigh URL on 11.02.2012

  23. i stood guard of the door. no one is coming in or out!!!!!!!!!!:)

    By lil-gaylord URL on 11.02.2012

  24. You see him there, in the fine uniform and standing as still as a statue. You wonder to yourself, is he there to keep the curious out or some persons or creature in? Will you ever know?

    By stripes URL on 11.02.2012

  25. I guard it with all my life it is the secret of all it is…

    By lexie12 URL on 11.02.2012

  26. I wanna get a body guard to protect me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    By embell URL on 11.02.2012

  27. People often put there guard up for unnecessary reasons. People are scared so they put their guard up. I want to be there to help people, but if their guard is up I can’t. Let your guard down, I won’t hurt you, I promise.

    By Emily URL on 11.02.2012

  28. She was crippled, with her chocolate melting hair bleeding onto the hands that guarded her bare chest. There wasn’t anything that could cover the vastness of her naked body now. The eyes ate her beautiful form, and they laughed. She looked back at them, screaming with her tears, but they were relentless. They weren’t going to stop. They were satisfying the hunger of their flesh. She was just a toy. A porcelain doll they could poke and kiss. And she was helpless. Joints bent, grabbing soft skin, kissing a screeching mouth just to cover it with their grimy fingers again.

    Keep her quiet. But keep her close. She is our gift, our stolen ruble of innocence in our darkened world. Let us rip her apart and see if all the kings horses, and all the kings men, can put this ragdoll together again.

    Quick, she is too loud- smother her, smother her!

    Grab those snapping limbs. Nail them! Break them.

    Now she is still. Now we can enjoy.

    By Victim on 11.02.2012

  29. i stand on guard.
    i stand for myself and for others.
    i stand so i do not suffocate, and so i do not cry.
    i stand so i do not lend myself and lose permanently.
    i stand so i do not break.
    i stand so i do not give too much and receive none at all
    i stand so i do not lose grip
    i stand because i don’t want how to loosen anymore
    i stand on guard.

    By jane doe URL on 11.02.2012

  30. I put up my guard hiding my emotions. It’s not as hard anymore. After sixteen years of breaking and hurting, I’ve gotten used to it. Guarding my self, my sanity, is my safety blanket.

    By Ginix URL on 11.02.2012

  31. Never let your guard down. If someone puts you down never let then know they hurt you. Don’t Cry. Stay strong. Stay strong until you know you can let out. Because they wont feel bad they’ll move on. Even if you don’t.

    By bubbles2217 URL on 11.02.2012

  32. i played guard in basketball when one guy coached our team and sat on the bench when another guy coached us. i guarded players and guarded the bench,too.

    By joe URL on 11.02.2012

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    By Brandy Wall on 11.02.2012

  34. The kitten was on guard as she walked through the woods. Her mother had warned her about foxes and other animals that would love to catch her for a snack. She heard a noise and started running into the darkness blindly.

    By Matty URL on 11.02.2012

  35. Caught me off guard
    Not ready to completely change, but wants are not completely formed.
    What next?
    Decide now or lose?
    Will I ever know?

    By dionne URL on 11.02.2012

  36. I am on guard for my heart. It’s been so much time and I still refuse to let my guard down. Standing at attention are the soldiers shame, embarrassment, and rejection. They guard my heart like I can’t. They protect me from myself.

    By JPHuber URL on 11.02.2012

  37. It guarded my heart; it was the lock. My key was held around the neck of my love, and he was the only boy who could get close enough to hold it up to me. I didn’t know any other way to put it, but he was the key to my heart. We held each other when we were cold and when we were sad. He was my best friend. I will miss him forever..

    By Maya Celeste on 11.02.2012

  38. “Guard it,” he told me, “day or night. Keep it in your sigh

    By Celia James on 11.02.2012

  39. Guard, please I’m giving you this take care of it. Love, be careful.

    By Jack Myller URL on 11.02.2012

  40. Guard, I’m giving you this please take care of it. Love, be careful.

    By Jack Myller URL on 11.02.2012