February 8th, 2013 | 225 Entries

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225 Entries for “growing”

  1. The flowers you gave me continued to grow
    but the growing love you give me has bloomed into
    the most beautiful flower I’ve ever seen.

    By Morgan URL on 02.08.2013

  2. Growing is a hard thing to do expecially alone. I grow within my ming and soul everyday. I grow from school and my passion that i persue I thrive off of it. I thrive off of the fdifferent ways i grow. When I am with him i grow in so many ways. I grow intamently, with love and passion. In everyway i grow a passion grows beyond onse own imagination. My growth with him is amazoing and i want to continue to grown with him and grow old with him. I want to grow with the love of art and fashion and grown in a world where people dont judge. Without passion i would never grown and id still be small and immature.

    By Marlena Marie URL on 02.08.2013

  3. Growing is a hard thing to do expecially alone. I am happy I dont have too. I am growing with love of all kinds. Right now my passion grows for my future and i want to become an amzing designer. I want to sprout from the ground and turn into tiger over piglet.

    By Marlena Marie URL on 02.08.2013

  4. Do we ever stop growing? I hope not. I am a 25 year old man-child with a ton more of it to do. Sometimes I wonder how far I have actually come in the larger sense. Maybe it’s skewed through my kryptonite-green-colored glasses and superhero obesession, but sometimes I speculate that it isn’t nearly as far as that which I have yet to go.

    By John URL on 02.08.2013

  5. Do we ever stop growing? I hope not. I am a 25 year old man-child with a ton more of it to do. Sometimes I wonder how far I have actually come in the larger sense. Maybe it’s skewed through my kryptonite-green-colored glasses and superhero obsession, but sometimes I speculate that it isn’t nearly as far as that which I have yet to go.

    By John URL on 02.08.2013

  6. i like growing. it makes me think about life. and life is a huge deal. it seems that it is all about growing in life. so, you choose a good path over the bad one, because you want to grow in a good way, so you are happy in your life.

    By Rosario on 02.08.2013

  7. i love it because i’m growing to all my life to be mum and grandma, and still loving for all my life, with my children, and my beautiful doughters, and my husband, and i kil him because i want his money

    By mai on 02.08.2013

  8. I’ve changed alot since childhood. Growing up from a little tiny baby to a toddler, and soon I was an teenager full of angst and wonder and confusion, turning into a high school student and now a junior in college. I’m proud to say that growing has not finished for me, that I’m still learning from past experiences and learning from new ones, changing and growing, hopefully, into a better version of myself.

    By Julie URL on 02.08.2013

  9. He watched as she grew. From the tiny little girl who used to cry and hold onto him in the threat of monsters beneath he bed, into this beautiful young woman. As her name was called, she stepped onto the stage to receive her highschool diploma and he never felt so proud.

    By overlordy on 02.08.2013

  10. Growing plants, trees, children, young, slowly, quicky, infinitely, continueously. Children growing from mindless beings into adults with endless amounts of knowledge being productive, working, helping, learning more. Then the cycle repeats with their children. The cycle of growth never ends. Growth is part of life and cant be avoided. It is a definite.

    By michael on 02.08.2013

  11. My mom always told me I would grow to like mushrooms.
    Growing up is less about getting older, and more about learning new things.
    Learning is less about the classroom, and more about life.
    Life is less about growing up, and more about just growing.
    My mom always told me I would grow to like mushrooms, and I haven’t.

    By Joanna on 02.08.2013

  12. Growing old. Growing young. Growing, growing, growing. Growing up too fast and realizing that it’s not worth it. Growing up too fast and realizing that it’s actually pretty great. Growing in mind, body, and spirit.

    By Kevin URL on 02.08.2013

  13. Franklin was six feet tall and still steadily growing. His mother began to worry for him when his hands grew bigger than her head. The way his feet stretched far beyond the length of his size 13 shoes. His tongue swelling in his mouth, making it difficult for him to eat anything apart from chicken broth. She took her son to the doctor, and the doctor was white-faced.

    By Belinda Roddie URL on 02.08.2013

  14. I’m growing everyday.
    A young, pink rose.
    But with the beating sun and blowing wind,
    I wilt, I limp.
    My petals dry,
    I think I’ll die.
    And still somehow I grow.

    By Marianne URL on 02.08.2013

  15. They always told her how she grew. How tall she grew. How mature she was growing to be. How she was growing up. But she was shrinking inside with every bit she grew.

    By Grace URL on 02.08.2013

  16. Looking back on my life, I’m utterly floored by what’s changed. I’ve gone from that obnoxious little kid, to this apathetic and cynical twenty-year-old I am today. I’ve grown from that small child to whatever the hell you’d call me now. There’s really no word for that transformation. Maybe just that – a transformation.

    By Rachel URL on 02.08.2013

  17. I’m getting older, better, stronger. I’m becoming a better person. I guess it’s cause the older I get the more I grow as a person. I like it though. It seems like the older I get the more I learn and the stronger I am. Things keep getting better for me each year. I like growing.

    By Katie on 02.08.2013

  18. It kept growing and growing. Out of the room, into the kitchen. Through the windows and down the street. Into the neighbors houses until it covered almost everything Jake could see. My moms going to kill me, he thought.

    By Camjam URL on 02.08.2013

  19. The urge to do something exciting is growing inside of me, It’s making me crazy, creating ideas that have other adventurous stems. The ideas are getting bigger and bigger, branching out to take more time and more money, but for more monumental.

    By Ginger on 02.08.2013

  20. growing up is one of those things you dont want to do ever you dream of being young forever but you just cant my heart is young and so is my soul but my body just isnt the same i love growing up be i do also hate it the older you are the more problems you have

    By nick grynevich URL on 02.08.2013

  21. growing old is a bit like withering. It disturbs me to see old people with tattoos because it reminds me that at one point they were young and irresponsible, passionate and reckless.

    By woodsie URL on 02.08.2013

  22. I looked down. The ground was already far away, the strange vendor shrinking into the distance. It was working. I was growing. It was a new bigining!

    By Maddy URL on 02.08.2013

  23. When I was growing up, there was never a lot of money to go around. When you’re young, it doesn’t really matter to you. You have food to eat and clothes to wear and nothing really bothers you. It’s when you get older and need things that cost money that it occurs to you that your family doesn’t have any.

    What we short on funding, we made up with love. There was never a shortage of love around our house.

    By Eileen Maki URL on 02.08.2013

  24. Growing grasses fill the masses.

    By Marianne URL on 02.08.2013

  25. I can feel you growing inside me, a constant need getting larger by the day, more demanding, more depressing, more uncontrollable. I can feel you taking over, every muscle, every movement, every thought.

    By Danielle La Paglia URL on 02.08.2013

  26. growing up is crazy. it is one of the hardest journeys ever. growing emotions, growing responsibilities, growing bonds, everything. growing up gets too much to handle for people like me. i wasn’t good at it.

    By ria on 02.08.2013

  27. She watches the little girl play, watches the way the wind tousles her light blond sugar spun hair, the way her bright lips curve into the merriest of smiles. The girl runs up to her a fistful- a bouquet?- of flowers in her hand. Her laughter rings clear and gay. In her mind, she pictures her in a wedding gown, the same bouquet in hand, the same smile on her lips. She takes the flowers from the little girl, holding it to her heart the way one does a vivid sunset- knowing that sometime, it will soon end.

    By Wraif URL on 02.08.2013

  28. We’re all growing up. It’s crazy, a year from now we’ll all be so different. Different places, different faces. I look back on all the memories and realize how much everything has changed. Growing up, getting older, moving on, becoming bolder.

    By mia URL on 02.08.2013

  29. A growing business is like growing a tree, you need to nature and care for it but most importantly give it the opportunity for sunlight.

    By Kat on 02.08.2013

  30. I’m not growing. Growth is a figment of our imagination. It’s not meant to actually happen. Growth can be seen in nature, but not in my nature. I don’t feel growth, I feel shrinkage and pain. I feel recession. Are we not meant to feel growth? And are we really growing when we’re always inching closer to death? What are we growing towards if not destruction and destructive tendencies.

    By Breanna on 02.08.2013

  31. My little girl is growing before my eyes. She’s almost three years old now and I can still remember every detail about the day she was born. It was the most painful, beautiful day of my life. Now she is two and she’s learning new things every day. Sometimes I can’t believe I’m the mother of such an amazing, beautiful, smart and wonderful little girl.

    By Carie on 02.08.2013

  32. They’re growing. Yes. Those urges. The urges to leave. The urges to just get the hell out of this place. Why? I’m sick of these people. I’m sick of the politically correct, liberal snobs who eat organic kale and listen to Seal and Crofts on the weekend and remember the “good old days”. I’m sick of it all.

    By simone URL on 02.08.2013

  33. Growing is: To expand beyond what you are, to continue, to get larger or more complex, To become something more. The act of getting bigger or older

    By micah on 02.08.2013

  34. Growing can mean anything, For example some people ‘grow’ to fall in love. Which is emotionally growing. On the other hand some people ‘grow’ to be taller, which is physically growing. There’s lot of growing, but the main thing is every person develops or grow in different way

    By Sandy on 02.08.2013

  35. When I was a little younger I had aches and pains all over my body. My mom always said it was growing pains. Today, I am applying for universities. I’m worried about my choice. What do I do for a career? Where is my girlfriend going? Does my family have the money? My head aches as I think it over and walk home. I guess I’m not through with my growing pains.

    By Sean on 02.08.2013

  36. We grow up; you cannot stop that. Similarly, things change, that is inevitable. No matter how happy you are, it can never last. And if you suffer, eventually you will find your storybook ending…. but that will also fade away.

    By MayaPapaya URL on 02.08.2013

  37. Up. Growing old. Growing alone or together? It’s hard to tell, at 20 my life seems so full of growing but I don’t know in what direction. Growing back maybe, back to where I came from and my roots. But I wanted to get away from all that, grow into a new person and live my life. Growing up sucks, and when we were little it’s all we wanted to do. But now I want to go back, when things were simple. But I can do a lot more now. Growing up sucks but is worth it. Learn every day, love harder, grow until yourself and away from things that could hurt you.

    By Megan on 02.08.2013

  38. ‘It’s been a long time since I’ve done this’, I stretched out my arms as I thought about my abysmal past which ahs lead me to this point here, about to stretch again, my fingers slowly inching further and further away from me. Yes, I am growing, I have spent too long being squat and feeling victimised by my situation. Yes, it is time to meet the sky.

    By Flowersinherhair on 02.08.2013

  39. Learning how to soften life’s hard edges until they are bearable to touch. Learning how to fall and get back up again, fall and get back up again, fall and get back up again, fall and get back up again. Never stop improving.

    By Drii-joon URL on 02.08.2013

  40. Growing is a slow process that happens too quickly.

    By Amanda on 02.08.2013