February 8th, 2013 | 225 Entries

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225 Entries for “growing”

  1. growing up is a part of life. some of us don’t want to grow up and want to stay little and safe in our own bubble. sometimes growing up can be scary but it is necessary for life and for us. growing up lets us see who we are and what we can accomplish. we all must grow up and get set free.

    By Melanie on 02.08.2013

  2. My brother was a lovingly person. I understood how much I loved him, how much we had in common and what a better person than me he was while we were growing together. Life is sad, because it takes away what you love the most

    By Monica on 02.08.2013

  3. growing is organic like the feeling in my stomach. Who knows when it’ll stop? Is it good or is it bad? Love or fear? There’s only so far it can go before it has to break new ground so it can carry on and reach the sun, or die.

    By Erin on 02.08.2013

  4. Peter Pan. A really beautiful and sad story. My least favorite Disney movie. I hope that growing up makes me better and not bitter. I hope that upon growing I am happier. Growing is a blessing not a curse, and certainly not a sentence.

    By Phoebe Lanham on 02.08.2013

  5. you grow all the time, there is growth everywhere . plants animals bacteria, you. your hair, your height, your personality. growth is a natural human process on the outside and the inside. wha

    By emilycrutwell on 02.08.2013

  6. when you are little you perceive everyone older than you as a grown up and with endless freedoms. You do not realize that that is not the case. Once you are an adult, you may still retain child like qualities and characteristics, but you realize with all of the characteristics you perceived as a child comes a ridiculous amount of responsibility and mastering these will take a lifetime of growing. Growing is never something that stops because it pertains to every facet of every nook and cranny of ones life.

    By Richard Francis Abigail nouget on 02.08.2013

  7. everything grows… besides for most things. Plants grow, kids grow, but at the same time the smarts of Americans shrink. VOTE ROMNEY! (even though the election’s over)

    By Vanessa Schachte URL on 02.08.2013

  8. Barry was just another hippy too old to be a hippy, growing marijuana in the back forty of his property in southern Oregon. He was just another enthusiastic collector of funky bongs and pipes and suncatchers and fun times…until he was struck by lightning and became enlightened and folks assumed that meant he’d be amenable to giving free advice. He spent much time lovingly explaining that the definition of “intensely aware person” is not “blithering idiot”…until their terminal insensitivity took its course and Barry saw that to kill one of them would bring him his current peace in prison, smoking dope with the guards and reading Nisargadatta’s “I Am That” on his back in his cell.

    By Miss Alister URL on 02.08.2013

  9. Growing is the man reason we all grow up right? Wrong. Some people don’t. Have you ever met that one person that acts like a child? Those people unfortunatly have not grown up. Its hard to think how immature people can be.

    By sydney on 02.08.2013

  10. For every time I saw his smile some feeling within me grew, until, eventually, it became love.

    By scribblingface URL on 02.08.2013

  11. She hadn’t touched herself since the divorce. She could barely even look at herself. Not in a mirror, Not naked. She was the unwanted ex undesirable without desire of her own. A locked door.

    The discovery was a shock.

    By penny dreadful URL on 02.08.2013

  12. My skills at work are growing. I’m getting better and better at what I do. Boy, does it feel good!

    When I first started, I was terrible. I was sure that I could never figure it out. I’m more confident in my abilities than ever before, only because I stuck with it.

    By dan URL on 02.08.2013

  13. My head is growing said the lonely caterpillar. I don’t know what I am going to do with all of these carrots anymore because my head is getting too big! I will no longer be able to wear all of my lovely hats anymore either.

    By Ali on 02.08.2013

  14. Grantaire was growing up. He knew this because his voice was a little deeper, his fingers a bit bigger and his clothes growing smaller on him. He also knew he was growing not just physically because he felt a twinge in his heart when he looked at the blond boy he lived next to. Fifteen years old and they were closer than Grantaire was to his own brother. Enjolras had ht his growth spurt first and Grantaire wondered if he felt the same thing that Grantaire did.

    By Apollo on 02.08.2013

  15. danana. danananagrow. dananangrowing. danagrowling. growling. rowling. lol jk. jk rowling. j k rowling. krowling. krowli. krowley. crowley.

    By aaaal on 02.08.2013

  16. A tree grows slow. It takes a long time to get mature. Same as a child. Some take a longer time to grow, and some take shorter.

    By Haylee on 02.08.2013

  17. it blooms only at night,
    blinding all those in sight.
    its beauty growing from day to night.
    only living until the fourth the fortnight.

    By Floyd URL on 02.08.2013

  18. I used to grow. My body stopped growing in middle school. I hit 5’3″ and never grew after that. My boobs on the other hand did grow. My boobs I am afraid will just keep growing until the day I die. I am growing into a mature adult but my spirituality isn’t growing. Sad isn’t it?

    By Kachimurinu on 02.08.2013

  19. Descobri que cresci quando notei que não havia heróis. Tampouco pessoas maduras. É tudo meio frio e real por aqui agora.

    By Sol Aburaya URL on 02.08.2013

  20. One of his dearest wishes was to outgrow a house instead of having to abandon it.

    To grow old and match its precise woodgrains with his own skin as time passed. Houses, he found, he could love unconditionally, know better than lovers because they changed empathetically with their occupants. Every scar he left on the house—a scored floorboard from the time he dropped a lumpy mug he’d made in ceramics, the chipped corner of his room from overenthusiastic bookshelf dragging, and nicked stair railings—stayed in the same shape until he tended to it.

    He liked that houses couldn’t repair themselves.

    By MONO URL on 02.08.2013

  21. I’m a growing boy. :D

    Growing older, growing stronger, growing taller, and most importantly, growing wiser.

    By Jason URL on 02.08.2013

  22. Growing like a tree in the middle of a desert. You don’t. You can’t. At least not properly. A desert is devoid of the water and nutrients trees require to grow and live. My life is a desert. My soul cannot grow.

    By jaybruff on 02.08.2013

  23. growing growing growing growing growing growing growing growing growing growing growing growing growing growing growing growing growing growing growing growing growing growing growing growing growing growing growing
    growing growing growing

    By Amanda on 02.08.2013

  24. Growing up is a difficult thing to do. It seems to happen slowly at first, then all at once. One day you’re proud to be leaving behind elementary school, then next, you’re absolutely terrified to be leaving behind high school. It’s like you automatically undergo this over night transformation. One day

    By Andrea on 02.08.2013

  25. I am growing in so many ways. Some, I can’t even understand. Puberty is one example. When going through puberty, you grow in some ways that you can’t grow as when you’re a child. I grow mentally, learning more and more about the world. From what I should do this weekend or to mathematical equations, its exciting to learn as I grow!

    By Kazon URL on 02.08.2013

  26. sadness
    new york
    not family
    no children
    no boyfriend
    no husband
    just me

    By veronica URL on 02.08.2013

  27. Growing is something you do every day of your life. From the day you exit your mother’s womb to your death you’re growing. Whether it be by training your brain or your muscles you’re still growing.

    By Kazon URL on 02.08.2013

  28. Growing old is kind of awful. Hair and skin lose their “attractive” qualities. But that is not the issue.

    By darseyrsm URL on 02.08.2013

  29. We are growing together, great and strong. We are growing as people, and in love. We are growing, hand-in-hand. I never thought this was possible, especially in so short amount of a time, but here we are, growing incessantly through love and of sound mind. Things are going well, we are growing strong, because we are growing together.

    By Sara Z on 02.08.2013

  30. Black patches of mold bloomed in irregular intervals across the curtains, unable to be kept from growing after years of disuse.

    By WearyWater URL on 02.08.2013

  31. “My back and legs are killing me today!” I said as I straddled and came to lay over your prone form.

    “Maybe you’re growing–truth is sometimes stranger than fiction.”

    You guffawed as my face grew bright pink.

    By Jayn Adams URL on 02.08.2013

  32. We all grow up, one day. To be the astronauts that we dream of, in search of the stars. Or the explorers of the earth, roaming through the deep. But as we learn from all of this, the stars have betrayed us and the earth has shifted against our wills. We are still growing, no matter what, and will still grow till the end of the day.

    By shaokai URL on 02.08.2013

  33. Gardens are like life. They grow over the years, just like we do. They grow in ways we might not have noticed before. They get rained on, hailed on, even get struck by lightening at times. But all of that is important. The storm is important. The rain makes the flowers grow, and the lightening burns away the bad.
    What are you growing into?

    By Michaela on 02.08.2013

  34. you get taller and taller, it’s called growing. You get older and people say “oh, my how you’ve grown,” you nod and roll your eyes. It’s such a little bit of growing that it’s hard to notice. But you do it. You grow.

    By Ella-Belle URL on 02.08.2013

  35. He’s growing older by the second and you can’t help but feel some kind of gloom about it. Those baby cheeks, those stubby legs, that brilliantly innocent smile–he’ll always be your little boy, but you know that one day you’ll have to treat him like a grown man.

    By Kirbop URL on 02.08.2013

  36. Growing, growing, growing in God. Oh Lord, how far you have brought me from the pits of my doubt and weakness, to such confidence now in Your great love and mercy. Lord, you are so faithful! You have destroyed the assurances of my own intellect, of my own securities in the petty things of this world and brought to a place of humility and contrition where I can bathe in Your glory and Your overwhelming grace. Hallelujah, what a saviour!

    By Wendy P URL on 02.08.2013

  37. I know I am still growing up even though I already feel old and mature. I am mature but at times I can still get loose and act like a kid. I am 19 so I feel like I am in the in-between stage of kid and adult. I was at my mom’s and they told me I could act like an adult but I was allowed to be a kid too if I wanted to. I am still growing so I know I make mistakes but any mistake I do make, I will learn from it.

    By Matty URL on 02.08.2013

  38. We are always growing, every day. I can’t explain myself with words, because I am ever-changing. I’m not who I was yesterday; let’s just put it that way.

    By Samantha Rose Schaefer URL on 02.08.2013

  39. It is growing since april 1999, I don’t really know whyit has to grow but meh. I’l just wait fr it to grow here, sitting, always sitting, with this patience of mine which has made me known as a ver peaceful and serene person. It must be about to finish.

    By gagalosh on 02.08.2013

  40. When I was growing up in the hills of Ireland, I always enjoyed playing the bagpipes. I played every day until I was good enough to be in the movie Brave!

    By Angela Lichtie URL on 02.08.2013