November 5th, 2012 | 248 Entries

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248 Entries for “ground”

  1. falling to the ground feeling the soft grass between my fingers and the gross dirt in my hair

    By eliza on 11.06.2012

  2. some can be soft some can be hard but you never know am been on the ground a lot and

    By tahj on 11.06.2012

  3. The ground is the earth that is made up of dirt, rocks and other Varese things.

    By Emily on 11.06.2012

  4. brown colored

    By Cooper on 11.06.2012

  5. Grass and dirt and rocks are on the ground and sometimes it smells bad

    By eliza on 11.06.2012

  6. Flat,Big,Endless,Surface,Horizon,Long,Fat,Lumpy,Smooth,Rough, AHHHHHHHHH

    By jack on 11.06.2012

  7. Its at the bottom. We step on it. Animals eat stuff off of it. There is grass and stuff on top. It has dirt. It is spelled ground. It has rocks and other stones and pebbles. Sometimes if you dig enough there is clay. There are houses on top.

    By Megan on 11.06.2012

  8. Below your feet.
    need it to live.
    plants,and grass grow out of it.
    dirt,worms, rocks

    By tori on 11.06.2012

  9. It is flat and, it is the earth’s surface and most of the buildings on the earth stand on it. Below the ground are many other layers such all leading to the core.

    By Ethan on 11.06.2012

  10. the ground is dirty and full of grass and sometimes it smells bad earthworms live in the ground

    By eliza on 11.06.2012

  11. The Ground is a very magical thing. You can walk on it, fly on top and if you want to you can run your hands through it’s warm and sometimes cold dirt.

    By Bgleas on 11.06.2012

  12. The ground is can be hard or soft. You fall on the ground if you get pushed over, if you trip or if you fall off of something. The ground can be grassy, or it can be pavement too.

    By Sophie on 11.06.2012

  13. Grounded stop timing me what is happening nooo what is happening

    By Sammi on 11.06.2012

  14. some can be soft some can be hard but you never know am been on the ground a lot and jkjjkjkkjkkkjkjkjkjkjkjkjkjkjkjkkkjkkkjkjkjkjkjkjjkjkjkjkjkjkjkjkjjjkj

    By tahj on 11.06.2012

  15. The ground is a place the ground is our world the ground is muddy clean and sharp its also slippery and sleek the ground it is what we walk one live on and breath o

    By Reed on 11.06.2012

  16. The ground is a cold place where earthworms crawl about and creatures lurk and people walk. I live on the ground, what would we do without it walking on empty space. Where would the world be without dirt? An empty hole where I see people falling, sci-fi comes to life. You would never imagine, flat and emense, I walk. I lay under the stars. I think…

    By Eva Yeo on 11.06.2012

  17. planted his toes, dug his fingers, trashed the other thought.
    spilled some booze, slunk some spine, binned the first conundrum.
    planted his thought.

    By Flibj Dario on 11.06.2012

  18. ground
    where i stand
    grounded with you
    a comfortable state
    pure joy
    i’ve found my place

    By dshanai URL on 11.06.2012

  19. The ground where we layed was soft and wet. When we tried to stand our feet sank into the mud. We were both in need of a shower, so muddy it was gross. But i’d give anything to go back to that muddy spot with you.

    By Annabeth on 11.06.2012

  20. The ground is where worms live. They burrow and eat dirt. If you pick them up they poop on your hand with their dirt poop.

    By Molly Givens on 11.06.2012

  21. I stare at the ground as it opened up beneath my brother’s feet. He looked at me, and opened his mouth as if to say something. I did not see him since.

    By Ming Jing on 11.06.2012

  22. I will touch the ground.

    By jessicada URL on 11.06.2012

  23. the ground was so could.

    By Ryan URL on 11.06.2012

  24. I was laughing on the ground today.
    I didn’t do my homework so i got grounded.

    By Julie URL on 11.06.2012

  25. the ground is a place that you depend on. if you don’t have ground, where can you go? to the beach? to the mall? it’s kind of like friends. family. without it, you can’t get anywhere. it’s a necessary part of life. without it, we are nothing. we are useless. it’s a terrible thing to depend on something so small.

    By jessica on 11.06.2012

  26. ground, I stomp on its face ever day, I squish is cheeks as I walk by I am brutal to my dear friend the ground……..R.I.P -Makyla

    By Makyla URL on 11.06.2012

  27. The ground on the spring day was nice, flowers and dandylions were

    By Noah URL on 11.06.2012

  28. i was laying on the ground i could feel all the tiny particles rubbing against my back the sky was beautiful the clouds were out and t was a nice day

    By Kaitlyn URL on 11.06.2012

  29. as i stared at the ground, i saw my shoe had been untied. i almost tripped because of the untied shoe. i eventually stopped and tied my shoe and made sure the other shoe had been tied.

    By Danielle URL on 11.06.2012

  30. the ground is hard. the ground is cold. the ground is soft. the ground is warm. the ground is many things. but it is something i would hate to fall on.

    By Maranda URL on 11.06.2012

  31. As I walked the ground started to shake and i knew earthquake.

    By emilygra URL on 11.06.2012

  32. I slammed to the ground. it hurt. it woke me up, i didn’t exactly know where i was before. but i all came rushing back to me. i was dead. i was dead, but not in the shadowlands, i was a ghost! but how did i die? i couldn’t remember anything!

    By Tim URL on 11.06.2012

  33. I jumped of the house on to the trampoline nearly falling off
    then I jumped of the trampoline trying to fly but then I hit the ground :(

    By Maddie URL on 11.06.2012

  34. i fell from the roof to the hard ground

    By Benjamin URL on 11.06.2012

  35. I found a penne on the ground. It was at the front of my hous.

    By Marcelo URL on 11.06.2012

  36. The ground is solid rock. The ground is also soft. In Alaska the ground is cold. In my house, the ground is fluffy. In the forest the ground is pokey because of the pine needles and rocks.

    By Chloe URL on 11.06.2012

  37. the ground was hard and uncomfortable as she laid on it. He hovered above her waiting for her okay to make the move. A sign. Anything. She gave it to him in the form of a subtle head nod. The game was on.

    By ali on 11.06.2012

  38. The frozen ground was white this morning. The grass crunched beneath my feet as I walked to my car. I could see my frosty breath.

    By Trouty(: URL on 11.06.2012

  39. I can’t stop staring at you. It’s like your a vacumn waiting to suck up my confidence. The choice alternative for the eyes I didn’t meet. My feet are attached to you, why does my head have to be?

    By shellie on 11.06.2012

  40. Groundy ground. Groundhog. Hedgehog. Hogwarts.

    By Molly Givens on 11.06.2012