November 5th, 2012 | 248 Entries

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248 Entries for “ground”

  1. The ground is solid, and never really changes, at least by choice. I love to be solid like the ground in who I am, just as I would like the people in my life to be. They’re called earthquakes for a reason. At the same time, I do think you have to be flexible, able to like other things, nobody likes a “stick in the mud” as they call it. I think everyone needs to stand for one thing, that makes you who you are, but also understand that no one is going to think the exact same way. On the contrary actually, they might think the exact opposite thing. So, be grounded in one thing, one idea, one trait, but don’t judge others for not being grounded in the same thing. They might have had an earth shattering earthquake that made them not be able to stay so grounded. So, by all means, be grounded, but don’t carry around a whip for whomever does not share that ground with you and is not as grounded with that as you are.

    By kt on 11.05.2012

  2. She is the breeze that cools you on a hot day,she is the beverage you crave ,the air you need,the ground that matches you step for step..she is the woman I want to be,the woman I long to be..

    By Leighsha on 11.05.2012

  3. they play on the ground. the common plain surface. which doesn’t do partiality between two teams or 2 players playing on it. it is same for them all. its fair to all!

    By Rutuja Deshmukh URL on 11.05.2012

  4. the ground cannot take my stand. I shall not be moved. I will be an artist. I will change the world as you see it. I don’t care about t=what they tell me I can and I cannot do. If this is what’s going make me happy, let me be happy and poor instead of rich and miserable. That is my stand.

    By mkt4 on 11.05.2012

  5. The thing about Heaven is that you’re so far from the ground. When the Lord lifts you up so high, the only place left to go is down. Fall from grace and fall to Hell. A fall so far it’ll break more than your back. It’ll break your soul.

    By Kaylyn URL on 11.06.2012

  6. they play on the ground. it is that one common surface.which does not be partial to any of the two teams or players. it is one for all.. it is fair!

    By Rutuja on 11.06.2012

  7. earthy mucky murky I am underneath it. All light comes from my torch. Sometimes I have grit between my teeth. It has been almost a month now. I can’t feel it is doing me any good. But this is the way it has to be from now on. I was burned, you see. Burned bad. They don’t deserve to have me in the real world.

    By Beulah on 11.06.2012

  8. It is nurturing, forgiving, all sustaining. I press against it for survival. I need to feel it’s roughness against my cheek, my lips, my skin. It is all that I need in survival. It is everything. On another note, I am completely separate.

    By Beulah on 11.06.2012

  9. ground means a foundation. A foundation that is a base for everything. Grounds can be of many types, football ground, hockey grouund,

    By shobhit on 11.06.2012

  10. He looked up and tried to control his thoughts.
    He loved her. He had known he did for a long time, much longer than she thought, anyways.
    She was purposeful and sturdy, unwavering and sure. She was everything he was.

    By Perry on 11.06.2012

  11. one day i was walking along a long and winding road and i tripped on a dinasauor i thought i had landed on the ground but no. i just kept falling i really didnt understand i was just going and going and going, this was a nightmare.

    By becca on 11.06.2012

  12. The ground was very stiff and uncomfortable. It wasn’t soft at all. He sighed and continued walking. It was like walking on a dessert ground! He complained to himself. It didn’t take long before he’d had had enough. He ran, dust particles coming up fromt he ground with him

    By Tiana on 11.06.2012

  13. Humbled sat the foundation it sits,
    Keeping there and the penny hits,
    Rolled across the floor to me,
    3 dimensions is all I can see,
    I stand, walk and run
    Run as fast as my feet can

    By Ian Lockerbie URL on 11.06.2012

  14. on solid ground she stood and reached the highest goals never leaving the peace of mind, offending anybody or flattering faulty people solid ground is where she stood yet she loved the skies

    By Elena on 11.06.2012

  15. my feet hit the ground rhythmically, one, two, three…

    By stef URL on 11.06.2012

  16. Settle slowing to the ground. Try to be there without impact, do not move or displace objects unnecessarily. The sounds of nature will cover a slow intrusion, smothering crackles and creaks with the constant sound of water or the rustling of leaves.

    By Meredyth URL on 11.06.2012

  17. The ground looked solid enough, but after the first step, Elizabeth wished she had examined it a bit more closely, for it collapsed the moment weight was upon it. Her fall wasn’t one of those where she had time to consider her circumstances, but rather it was the sudden, jolting kind that claimed all of her senses with calamity and then set them ablaze with the shattering pain of an unexpected landing.

    By L. A. Smith URL on 11.06.2012

  18. Ground cumin and ground beef. Chili on a chilly day. Football blares in the background. Pockets of damp wood pop and sizzle when the flames in the fireplace lick them.

    By essays35 on 11.06.2012

  19. The ground was hard, cold. It was alone, abandoned. No one ever looked at it. No one ever thought about it. But the ground was used to it. The solitude. The cold november nights.

    By Susan on 11.06.2012

  20. The ground where we stood was slipping away slowly as we struggle to regained our composure. It was a frighten experience indeed, when the wall all around us collapse and slide down the hillside, and to make matters worse, the earth gave way under the pressure of water when the pipe burst and the area was flooded.

    By victor URL on 11.06.2012

  21. the ground is hard, like a rock, a very big rock. not a rock you can throw but a rock you can live on. a great rock. the rock. my rock. your rock. our rock. the ground, is a rock. and we depend on it.

    By Alex James on 11.06.2012

  22. My feet hit the ground. I stumbled ever so slightly but I started running like my life depended on it. I could hear dogs barking and sirens blaring in the background of my mind. None of it registered in my mind all i knew was that i had to keep running.

    By Trixibelle on 11.06.2012

  23. I never want to be grounded. There is just too much space above me. A whole universe to explore and and see. Why would you want to limit my possibilities to one rock in orbit, when I have billions to go see.

    By River Ranter URL on 11.06.2012

  24. The ground seemed to crumble beneath him. It was scary, for sure. He tried to get away, to escape from the immediate death that awaited him if he stayed where he was. He didn’t want to die. He never liked dying, so why start today?
    “Help!” He called, tears in his eyes.

    By Elsa on 11.06.2012

  25. Ground is very important to all of us where evryone stands all sports requires Ground .
    Without ground we would be nothing , Ground is the main part of our life

    By GK on 11.06.2012

  26. Being grounded is an expression with unnecessary negative connotations. Staying on the ground, strong and steady, is sometimes the hardest thing to do. To be aware of your steps and their weight, to correctly measure the next one, it can be both instinctive and a challenge.

    By Sue on 11.06.2012

  27. The ground you stand on. The ground that looks you in the eye. The ground that you will just walk by. I’m on my road. I’ve got my map in hand, but I just don’t know where I stand and now I’m here, picking up pieces off the ground.

    By Veena on 11.06.2012

  28. i have seen many grounds but cricket ground is the best ground. ground with green grass looks amazing . i love to see children playing on ground . i would like to have an house on ground floor.

    By Aayushi on 11.06.2012

  29. She was threw onto the ground, beaten, tied, gagged.
    The dust flew up to her nose and filled her mouth, making her eyes water.
    Yet what could she do? After all, she was grounded.

    By narestars on 11.06.2012

  30. the ground is wonderful. full of electrons. grounding is healthy for you. run around bare feet and touch the ground with your feet. feel the earth.

    By dee on 11.06.2012

  31. Every height starts from the ground. This is where excellence starts from, the scratch

    By balogun on 11.06.2012

  32. the problem with us is, there is no ground under us. we can’t walk away from eachother, because the chemistry in the air pulls us together and we are just two floating lost souls looking for the tree of life.

    By Peppy on 11.06.2012

  33. ground cinnamon with a twist of lime
    dropped on the ground , but only one time
    still good, I promise!
    I was grounded my the scent of dirt and swears.

    By beckenbocker on 11.06.2012

  34. The ground is where you walk. It is the source of nutrients for all living things that live in the Earth but not in water. Ground can also be the source of your drinking water and provides the nutrients for the food you eat. The ground is also the place where you may be burried once your lifetime here on Earth is over.

    By Ryan URL on 11.06.2012

  35. The ground was cold as her bare feet flopped onto the floor. She reached over to her nightstand to grab a pair of slippers and placed them on her chilled toes. Had she forgotten to turn on the heater the night before? That was not like her, heat was her best friend. Winter had become her enemy when pain became her companion, not by choice but circumstance. She made a mental note to self to check the furnace, wanting to not wait until the next morning when she was not able to move because she froze up like the tin man.

    By Crisnole URL on 11.06.2012

  36. im young im wild stop holding me down
    im out there and crazy dont stand on my ground
    i no what im doing what ive looked for ive found
    i set the bound
    stay off of my ground

    By pym1014 on 11.06.2012

  37. Beneath my feet. Keeping me rooted to this earth. It keeps me connected. Safe. Always there, beneath me, ready to catch me if I fall. And to help me stand up again.

    By flutefrog on 11.06.2012

  38. i used to wish that there wasnt any ground and that everything was flaoting

    By diamondsss URL on 11.06.2012

  39. it was hard, never soft. It was always there for me when I needed to land. I walk upon it to get to where I’m going, which may sometimes be unknown. There was never anything else but the Ground..

    By toni on 11.06.2012

  40. I really like the ground. It is nice and fresh and it really helps the earth out. If we didnt have the ground, earthworms wouldn’t even have a place to live, think about how sad that is. Speaking of eathworms, we are working on that in science

    By Callie on 11.06.2012