December 11th, 2011 | 203 Entries

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203 Entries for “gown”

  1. a beautiful piece of clothing woven from (most of the time) silk. the colour of hte gown usually represents the mood or oersibality of a person. a gown is like a dress but more longer and beautiful.

    By manuela on 12.12.2011

  2. What a lovely gown she wore for her big day. She so elegantly places her lipstick and crown on, a dab of blush on each cheek for some glow. Then she place her tiara so delicately on her hair and the little girl playing princess says “look at me mommy”

    By Cee Turtle URL on 12.12.2011

  3. the silhouette of my being covers every piece of what could have been mine. the gown stood there..aloof. not wanting to be worn. i see hatred in those eyes and it kills every depth of me. it succumb through life.

    By heich URL on 12.12.2011

  4. Arms raised, pointing backwards, and eyes focused straight ahead, just as in the final practise this morning (and the sixty-four others she had wearily counted), the princess (queen, she corrected herself) allowed one of her mother’s servants (her servants, now) to place the gown gently upon her figure. She felt the silken sleeves slide slowly up her arm. Like a caress. A sickening, unwanted caress. She had only learned the news of her mother’s death earlier that day, and custom had already demanded she forgo this grief to accept her position. This day would signal her future’s signing over to a life ancient laws and blood dictated she must lead, no matter her own wishes, no matter that she would rather live as a peasant without land.

    She gazed down at her people, a small smile (twenty hours’ worth of training) gracing her expression as she called out in silent despair.

    By Madi URL on 12.12.2011

  5. first thing that comes to mind is a wedding. the white flowy gowns that gives the bride that feeling of eternal beauty and unbounded happiness. then we move to the background and what we see are the many

    By galaxy on 12.12.2011

  6. i remember having a gown when i was a little girl, but i don’t remember what it looked like. perhaps the gown might be my father’s, brown and blue plaid one. i’m looking for a good one now, but i haven’t find any yet.

    By kaorita on 12.12.2011

  7. the ballroom gown swept onto the floor and swept her off her feet; they smiled at each other in their own little world, oblivious of the whispers and the commentary and the biting insults and the shouts of the ignorant. the shimmering soft midnight blue fabric pooled onto the floor of her arms and the creamy green frumpled itself around her waistline, and they touched foreheads and simply drank each other in.

    By Leanne URL on 12.12.2011

  8. There was a lady with a gown. It was beautiful and as the man walked in he was bedazzled by the scene before him. A wedding gown it was, and it was a white one. LOL. White pearl like beads were embroidered on the hem of the dress, acting as

    By Lilly on 12.12.2011

  9. His fingers stroked her crimson gown, the urge to pull at the restrictive corset made his head swim. He had to taste her coquettish scarlet lips.

    By Laura URL on 12.12.2011

  10. Crushed flower petals clenched tightly between trembling hands, the silk brushing against her soft thigh was smooth, elegant, and perfectly delicate for such a blushing maid. The veil is gone, but the gown remains.

    By Brittany URL on 12.12.2011

  11. Look … over there! Isn’t that a stunning gown! It shimmers beautifully … the lady wearing it was quite right to keep jewelry to the minimum … any more than simple earrings and the drop necklace would have taken away from the gown itself.

    By Bonnie Cehovet URL on 12.12.2011

  12. well I don’t know why I can’t just buy all the dresses, I need more dresses for picnics really…. or I could just wear the ones I own. But what’s the fun in that? I want moar. Also, I just bought an awesome princess dress. It’s legit Aurora’s dress. I love it.

    By Ash on 12.12.2011

  13. A wedding, a prom, a funeral.
    Dress me up pretty, make me feel beautiful.
    At the end of the day, I look in the mirror, and I am still me.

    By mela on 12.12.2011

  14. its a dressing robe but in a more fancy way how fun i wish i was wearing one right now but everything is just hanging out it feels kinda nice really.

    By hunter URL on 12.12.2011

  15. what a beautiful gown she wore on that summer day that was her wedding, her husband was a cunt he just kept talking about his big cock while she stood there her flaps flapping in the wind i do mean the flaps from her gown that is.

    By hunter URL on 12.12.2011

  16. she wore night that day, with the stars glistening down her thighs. i grabbed one for myself, when she was talking to all of the young men who were listening to dead heartbeats of the dark eyes that she got from her father’s grasp. each life is precious, and she hid the sun under the skirts.

    By lena URL on 12.12.2011

  17. Her gown was dragging along the ground, as she made her way to the rose covered wedding arch. It was love at first site.

    By Alicia on 12.12.2011

  18. The long gown flowing behind me, I ran. Away from him, away from them, I kept going, my feet increasing in speed each time they hit the ground. All was not lost, my dress in pieces like my heart, there was still time to mend it. I must get away and marry my love, the one who waits for me at the alter of hell.

    By Connie on 12.12.2011

  19. I’m Comming

    By Carl on 12.12.2011

  20. I bought a new gown for my concert. It was hard to find a gown that covered my arms and I can’t wear a gown that doesn’t cover my shoulders and arms. I feel uncomfortable in such a gown and I get cold. Eventually I found the perfect dress, though it is a bit tight.

    By elizabeth b URL on 12.12.2011

  21. In the basement: Faded ivory gown. Tear-stained.

    By Hana URL on 12.12.2011

  22. going down, go on your own, get down,

    By Chow on 12.12.2011

  23. I was told never to wear the dark satin gown hanging in my parents’ closet. There was some story behind it that they refused to tell me. Mum would say it smelled like her mother, and Dad would say it smelled like mothballs. Therefore, I made the connection that my maternal grandmother smelled like mothballs.

    By Sasha Yedrysek URL on 12.12.2011

  24. Du musst nur ganz genau hinschauen. Meist befinden sie sich zwischen Baumwurzeln. Es sind Löcher, nicht allzu groß, manchmal mit verfaulendem Laub getarnt. Sie sehen aus wie faltige Münder und sie verschlingen alles, was sie zu fassen kriegen.

    By Eli URL on 12.12.2011

  25. A wedding gown. An evening gown. A long, beautiful, expensive dress made from fine fabric and tailored beautifully. Probably only to be worn once in a lifetime for a special occasion. Little girls dream of the gowns they’ll one day wear.

    By Sonja on 12.12.2011

  26. When I get married I will wear a gown. It will be a wedding gown made of completely white material.

    By Giraffe URL on 12.12.2011

  27. a gown can be a type of dress, or a dressing gown. gowns can be anything really. you can wear a gown to a wedding or anywhere you want.

    By mccrazy URL on 12.12.2011

  28. Some girls like to wear gowns and others don’t.

    By Celliana URL on 12.12.2011

  29. I have a ton of night gowns.

    Gown- A type of dress
    Gowns- Type of dresses

    See ya all later!!!!

    By Twerewolf URL on 12.12.2011

  30. Gown is another word for a big dress.Gown is a something you would wear to sleep.

    By tum tum URL on 12.12.2011

  31. She quietly slipped on her gown and snuck out of the house.

    By awesomeninja333 URL on 12.12.2011

  32. Gown is a symbol of beauty. A women wears it when they are getting married and they are dressed in it on fancy occassions. When someone dies they are put into a funeral gown the nicest they could wear before they are buried.

    By dbereza666 on 12.12.2011

  33. Cinderalla wore a GOWN to the ball.
    a GOWN is also known as a big dress.
    we wear GOWNS to dances.
    I have GOWNS.

    By pinkydinkydoo URL on 12.12.2011

  34. A long dress, typically having a close-fitting bodice and a flared or flowing skirt worn no formal occasions.

    By bowman URL on 12.12.2011

  35. i wish i had a big poofy princess gown.

    By chunkymonkeyfudgepops URL on 12.12.2011

  36. In the Cinderella stories Cinderella’s fairy godmother gives her a gown to wear to the ball.I never did really like Cinderella stories though.

    By Venus Williams on 12.12.2011

  37. you have grown since the last time i saw you. your getting so tall. grown means that you are growing.

    By lil-gaylord URL on 12.12.2011

  38. Everyone wants a gown for Christmas this year! All the young children are going crazy for GOWNS! I’m too cool for a gown though.

    By Venus Williams on 12.12.2011

  39. mommy all i want for Christmas is a big ball gown, why cant animals or people besides girls where them and get pedicures. not cool .

    By gymnasticsizdabomb on 12.12.2011

  40. build-a-bear come make the new alvin and the chipmunks dolls they come with a gown for only 40$

    By gymnasticsizdabomb on 12.12.2011