March 10th, 2012 | 253 Entries

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253 Entries for “gourmet”

  1. The table was gilded gold with the finest foods. Everyone sat around, drinking wine and eating the finest venison. It was a rich, snobby place, with ladies in fine lace and men in waistcoats. It was the Duke of Normandy’s dining place of course.

    By Alexis J. URL on 03.10.2012

  2. Food. Top of the line dinners with mouth watering flavor and the candles. The dim restaurants and formal waiters. It makes you feel rich and the feeling in your stomach leaves you content for hours.

    By Rachel Bradley on 03.10.2012

  3. I have always wanted to be a gourmet. However, my tastes do not run the gourmet gamut. I would never eat a snail no matter what it was fed. Lobster is cruel food, how could you eat something that has been boiled alive?

    By Valerie Quarles URL on 03.10.2012

  4. Why, gourmet is such a quaint word. It’s a word that invokes richness, when in all actuality it’s a synonym for gluttony.

    By Nancy on 03.10.2012

  5. the dish was exquisite. Delightful. A gourmet creation of imagination and innovation. I asked for the chef, the master magician of this circus of flavor and intoxication. To me came a withering little old lady not for lacking an inspiring love of the cuisine of her creation.

    By AV on 03.10.2012

  6. gourmet foods are expensive. They don’t always taste as good as I think they should. Maybe I should try escargo. Snails are a little weird. I think fish eggs are weird too. Shouldn’t expensive things taste nice? Seriously….i don’t understand.

    By Maiya on 03.10.2012

  7. Gourmet is yummy food that looks so creative and sometimes you don’t want to eat it because it’s so pretty but it might be very expensive or something you would make for someone you really care about. It has to be good, I mean look at the name.

    By Miranda on 03.10.2012

  8. This is usually thought to be found at a high-class restaurant, with expensive food. The highest of chefs prepare this gourmet food, and the richest of the rich eat it. Or, it can just be used to describe something that is appealing to the eyes and delicious in its simple meaning.

    By Elizabeth on 03.10.2012

  9. gourmet is food, so like when food is really good it’s gourmet food. That’s why there is such thing as gourmet chiefs, and why they aren’t just called a chief. If you really like food you should try eating food in the gourmet isle. I messed up and it gave me some more time to write, opps. Okay well, like I was saying they make things such as cupcakes, cakes, and usually really yummy foods that make you feel happy inside.

    By Victoria Williams on 03.10.2012

  10. Don’t take me out to clean white table cloths and candles flickering in the night. Don’t take me into your home with wooden chairs and wooden spoons. I don’t want to eat before. I don’t want to eat after. I don’t want to eat unless what I am eating is you.

    By Shineapple URL on 03.10.2012

  11. excellent food. when i hear gourmet, i think of fancy people in a fancy restaraunt. one with fancy waiters with pencil thing mustaches. everyone is poppin champaign and eating amazing foods.

    By Michael Murphy on 03.10.2012

  12. Castiel smiled at Dean as he sat a plate down in front of him. “Here! Your very own gourmet Home-cooked meal!!” It was a Bacon Cheeseburger. He looked at Cas expectantly as he took his first bite. “It’s wonderful. Like you.”

    By Sami URL on 03.10.2012

  13. When i go to a restaurant i am sometimes given a gourmet food. These platters are elegantly arranged and the auroma wafting from these delicatessens is similar to that of orajnee restaurant in the fault in our stars. It is as if god himself cooked heaven into a series of plates that have been served to me at a wonderful restaurant, while real and literal balls of bubbly plasma come floating down around our canal side table.

    By natalie on 03.10.2012

  14. gourmet gourment gourmnet gourmet gourmnet goumet gourmet gourmet gourmet gourmet gourmet gourmet gourmet gourmet gourmet gourmet gourmet gourmet

    By Megan on 03.10.2012

  15. foood…. so delicious… i had some gourmet meal once at Fabio’s restaraunt and it was so delicious i almost died… rich amazing pasta with alfrado sauce…

    By blip on 03.10.2012

  16. I don’t really know what about this I’m supposed to be enjoying–the pretensious fucks, the food that tastes like shit, or the random vocabulary that everyone’s straining to use, but it feels like it fits. I’m not happy, but I’m not alone. I’m not satified, but I’m not looking for anything else.

    By Heather on 03.10.2012

  17. I don’t really like to try new things. “Gourmet” sounds fancy. I live on a farm. “Fancy” is not a part of my life and may never be. I am ok with simple. :)

    By Sarah Lee URL on 03.10.2012

  18. well,considering the fact that everyone is staring at the random shit i threw on before i got here, i find myself welling up at the thought of everyones thoughts i pretend i dont care about.

    By Ariel Whitehead URL on 03.10.2012

  19. Gourmet foods are very good. Gourmet foods are good because they are prepared by chefs who have lots of expierence. Gourmet foods usually cost more money, but are totally worth it. Can you say yum?

    By hailey URL on 03.10.2012

  20. As gourmet as giddy giggles, her laughter gives way to uproarious tickles.

    By Marianne URL on 03.10.2012

  21. He was a gourmet chef. Innocent and pure in his thoughts, with only the best intentions. He wanted to give people a new taste. new meaning to food. he only wished them the best. and for some reason, no one wanted that to become possible.

    By ali URL on 03.10.2012

  22. food, restaurants, desserts, nice, elegant, luxury, paris, cheese, chocolate

    By Yasmine Tyoan on 03.10.2012

  23. The delicious pie that’s smooth as a Fructise model’s hair, the wholesome mac and cheese from your favorite bistro, the fresh strawberries handpicked on the farm. Such high levels of elegance and artistry all come together to form this single dish, all for you to consume and enjoy. Nothing can top this wild sensation in your mouth, as all the flavors collide together. “I’m so savory!” sweet said. “I make your mouth water,” tangy added. Sour, rich, creamy, salty all came forth proclaiming thier own sentiments.

    By shmarbus on 03.10.2012

  24. MM yum! Gourmet- first off i think cupcakes for some reason. Its true, I am a die0hard sweet tooth. Gourmet also reminds me of france…probably because i think its a french word??

    By Mary on 03.10.2012

  25. Eating sandwiches over the sink, or something directly from a can is not particularly special, but it gets the job done. Candles and napkins are not required.

    By Alison URL on 03.10.2012

  26. Gourmet food chef. Like Sookie. I’m not a fan of the fancy, I would take mac and cheese or regular pizza any day. Nothing mixed. Pees shouldn’t touch catch up!

    By Elizabeth URL on 03.10.2012

  27. The food is good. I mean the food was good before he got to it. He seemed to ruin everything with the single touch of his hand. Always scowling when he looked at anything that wasnt made from his own hands. The kids in town used to think he was evil or something, like he came from some far away town to do something bad.

    By Telaia on 03.10.2012

  28. He spat it out in disgust. “You call that a radish?” I called it a radish. What else would I call it? I sighed, hard. There was only one way for this to end. I flopped out my cock, already swollen in anticipation, and lubed up.

    “This is my house, buddy. And we play by my rules. Let me explain the most important of those rules to you. Now.”

    By Pally McPallerton on 03.10.2012

  29. i’m th ghetto gourmet. i take food and make it good. in th hood. really. no, really.

    By traci URL on 03.10.2012

  30. Recently, her mother had decided to go on another unnecessary diet. This personal sacrifice, of course, was for the entire family to follow–clearly misery wanted company. Every meal now consisted of lentils, rice, and some sort of mysterious tofu-vegetable surprise. Her mother’s cooking had never exactly been inedible, but it could not be described as gourmet either. Junk foods were discared and lunches were packed by mother instead of purchased at school to continue the cycle of vegetative monotony. And so, once the ordeal was finally over months later, she stepped upon her scale to find that, despite all of her mother’s careful control of calories, mandatory exercise, and oddly crunchy tofu delight, her weight had somehow managed to stay exactly the same.

    By WearyWater URL on 03.10.2012

  31. Some people call it snobby. I just know delicious when I see it. Why waste calories on cardboard? Our days are too numbered to fill them with bland, uninteresting non-nourishment.

    By Katie on 03.10.2012

  32. Gourmet reminds me of musty ceilings. >_____<
    Quite nasty … blalalalalalalalalalalalaa Why do I have to think of that? That's a rhetoric question, don't answer.
    JK ANSWER IT .__.
    It also reminds me of soggy bread…

    By Sadah URL on 03.10.2012

  33. gourmet is food especially good food i think it may be french but i possibly inst. its served in resturatns and is used to make food sound fancy example this is my gourmet chicken salad doesnt that sound good and better than chicken salad?

    By Teah on 03.10.2012

  34. I love gourmet, whenever i go to Paris I meet many gourmets who makes me discover things that I would never have imagined , this is a pure surprise and a pure lovely doing, I think that we should meet a gourmet one day.

    By Pendenque URL on 03.10.2012

  35. Really good food that is normally expensive. Usually tastes really good too. Would be prepared at a restaurant that you need to dress up to go to. Just… Uhh… Food….

    By camille on 03.10.2012

  36. food fills my stomach as the hussel and bussel goes around. the smell in the air intoixcates me as i take the first bite into a delisious meal prepated by some of the best chefs.

    By Lacey on 03.10.2012

  37. Yummy wonderful different food. Luxury in your mouth. Once in awhile kinda food. GOURMETTTTTTTTTT!!!!!!!!!!! Mmmmmmm…… T.E.M.R.U.O.G.

    By Robbins on 03.10.2012

  38. It was indeed a vegan burger. Served with steakhouse dressing. Didn’t know if that broke the vegan oath. But I was paid, I was hungry, and it felt good. To spend this much money wasn’t wise, but then again foolish curiosity has always led to ingenuity. And it was time to dig in.

    By Ruben URL on 03.10.2012

  39. Have you ever gone to a posh restaurant that was so pretentious the bathroom faucet had neatly printed and framed instructions on how to use it, yet despite the grander of a lit mini-waterfall with which to wash your hands, you noticed the establishment inexplicably chose to use an underwhelming plastic bottle of generic pink soap in the context of this very elaborate set up? Because I have been to this place and now regret it. Yep, that’s where my wandering took me this evening: snooty wine bar country. The food, sure, was gourmet, but everything else was superficially ridiculous. To a degree, I wasn’t sure who bore the brunt of the joke – them or me – my wager was that it was a bit of both. I sure as hell know where I won’t be going ever again. If only my favorite place hadn’t gotten robbed and decided to close early tonight.

    By HelenGrant URL on 03.10.2012

  40. gourmet has a nice ring to it. it flow off the tongue nicely, like food, which you would expect to taste delicious because most people would describe “gourmet” as fancy or something like that i guess. doesn’t matter, the word itself is delicious.

    By Maik on 03.10.2012