October 12th, 2012 | 252 Entries

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252 Entries for “gone”

  1. He was gone. She looked to her left, as her fleeting shadow faded in the afternoon twilight. She felt his eyes piercing into her bare back, she felt his stare digging into her soul. But she was all alone, and he was long gone.

    By lily URL on 10.12.2012

  2. She was gone, just like that. No note, no words. All of the memories created lost face in my imagination. It was as if she had abandoned us. Left us to rot in the darkness of our own souls. It was useless to think that we had any hope in ourselves, for that was not the aim. Her aim was to inspire, to create, to help us become better people, to face personal demons.

    By Valentina on 10.12.2012

  3. She cast a glance around her. Nothing. Nobody was there to wipe away her tears; not that they would, even if they’d been near. No-one cared. Or, at least, it’s what she thought. Really, the boy would do anything to be by her side. But it was too late for that. He was gone, too.

    By Totally Caesar URL on 10.12.2012

  4. Where has time gone? It flies by so fast that I can hardly keep up. Summer whizzed by and now I’m facing yet another birthday…didn’t I just have one?

    By wgirl URL on 10.12.2012

  5. One day or twelve weeks
    gone by in a flash
    gone gone,
    those days won’t again come by
    gone is the face i oft did spy
    a shy glance under lashes
    gone is the motive to study/to think
    i just want a heartless uplink
    He is gone

    By ST on 10.12.2012

  6. If Tony had a heart, it would have stopped the moment he walked into Banner’s room, and discovered that the scientist was gone.

    The bed had been neatly made, sheets tugged up and pressed smooth without a single wrinkle in the soft fabric; pillows fluffed and set against the headboard with meticulous care.

    The bathroom had been cleaned, the white tiles and tub sparkling as if they had been freshly scrubbed; wiped clean of any trace that Banner had ever been there.

    The gauzy red curtains that normally fell across the floor-to-ceiling windows were pulled back on their rods and tied; the early-morning sunlight filtering into the empty bedroom and falling on the open closet, hangers lined neatly in a row and depressingly devoid of any clothing.

    The room was as empty and lifeless as a tomb without Bruce there to fill it, and Tony Stark; genius, billionaire, playboy and philanthropist, realized that he had never truly known how much he had treasured Banner until he was gone.

    By Michelle on 10.12.2012

  7. My youth is gone and all I have to show for it are these scars.

    By leelee on 10.12.2012

  8. She watched until sunlight winked off of the back of the taxi–just a flicker, enough to make her raise her hand to her eyes. Then it was gone.

    He was gone.

    She turned on her heel, a slow pirouette. She stood in the doorway, eyes wide at a house meant for two people instead of just her lonely soul.

    She sighs and makes her way to the laptop; she has an ad to write.

    By Brill URL on 10.12.2012

  9. So wasted, so gone. Another bottle down, you shake your head and sigh. You’ve never felt this upset before than when you’ve relapsed. You look at the bottle in disgust and throw the bottle to the ground. When it crashes, you feel your heart stop for a moment. You think you’ll just sleep this off for the rest of the night, for the rest of the week, whenever.

    By Brittany on 10.12.2012

  10. took all my demons up again
    and all my deepest skeletons
    the one’s i’ve hidden for so long
    swept all away and now they’re gone

    By luciawolf URL on 10.12.2012

  11. The blank black stared at me, and two ice blue eyes stared back. The dark had taken everything. It twisted my life like a piece of clay, breaking my will and shattering my mind. And now, as the tendrils reached towards me, I realized that it was my own soul.

    By kill-the-batterwitch URL on 10.12.2012

  12. The words are gone I am gone where has it gone the silence I miss it I miss it I miss think when did it where go I sleep need need gone it’s not here I’m not think not here I’m not here.

    By Aera URL on 10.12.2012

  13. You’re waiting for some sappy thesis on how much it hurt, right? When Tobias was gone, how empty everything was and how there was this constant ache in the cavity where my lungs should’ve been and how I had to stop doing certain things, little things, STUPID things, not because they reminded me of him but because they reminded me that he WASN’T THERE, because they tore fresh that wound that hadn’t even begun to heal, that wouldn’t EVER heal because he wouldn’t EVER come back and stitch it up. You’re waiting to hear about all that, aren’t you?

    Well, you’ve heard it now. One run-on sentence, that’s all there is. That’s all I’m giving those two years.

    I want them gone.

    By Julia A. URL on 10.12.2012

  14. Gone, like yesterday was
    Like Frank Sinatra’s mom
    Like Al Pacino’s cash,
    nothing lasts in this world
    My high school dreams were gone
    Old realities, so long

    By Yaya on 10.12.2012

  15. Gone. What comes to mind when you hear this word? Sadness of a lost one, happiness of trials evaporating. Gone has many meanings. I guess it all depends on the person, and their situations. Just like everything else, don’t judge, don’t regret, just live.

    By Carissa on 10.12.2012

  16. You’re gone. And I’m alone again. I’m not sure how to take this. I actually liked you. I know you liked me as well, so what happened here? Wrong timing. Blame it on the time. Blame it on where we’re going. Sure. Those are bad things. I’m not arguing with you, but isn’t life imperfect? Doesn’t everything good come with that ironic piece of shitty bad that we hopelessly try and try and fucking try to avoid? There is always bad timing. But there is also always working to make something out of life’s shitty nothing. We could have made something out of something. We were already ahead of the curve. But you stopped a little short, and I kept going.

    By Rena URL on 10.12.2012

  17. I miss you. I wish you were here. But you’re not. Why? Why aren’t you here? I want you. I want you to come back. And it can be like before.

    By Hannah on 10.12.2012

  18. It was a good idea not to shut the fuck up. Because her father was rude, he never left. She never felt like she was good enough. So one day…gone. She would be gone. Totally and completely, void of herself. She knew she had to get there one day. But WHEN? When would she ever be free of the confines of her own home, her own parents, and her own fears? She had no idea.

    By Alison on 10.12.2012

  19. i am thinking of the two people in my school who in the last month committed suicide. there is a football game tonight dedicated to you, cole. i hope you are happy now. you too anthony. you guys deserve all the happiness. sorry none of us could do anything fo r you guys:(

    By christine on 10.12.2012

  20. Gone can mean many things. Like the movie “Gone with the Wind”. It was a classic movie, but I have no idea why the hell I’m talking about a movie that I don’t like at all, or have even seen for tha matter. I’m just typing stuff about the word “gone” but I can’t think of anything. I think I’m going crazy hehehahahhhoho…. DSF

    By Shawn on 10.12.2012

  21. All of a sudden she was gone. Totally blown away, as if she had never even existed. He watched, cradling the old piece of paper she had given him, convincing himself it couldn’t be true, wouldn’t be true.

    By Argh LEe on 10.12.2012

  22. gone like the wind gone to see her gone to touch gone are your memories of me gone are the feelings you had so strongly tell me why are you gone when you said you’d stay

    By ashlyn URL on 10.12.2012

  23. We’ll never have what we had, and whats left is not what’s right, but for tomorrows news I’d rather just get on with it. Sometimes you need a little head and sometimes you feel dead on the inside or maybe just lack of sleep past exhaustion. But you’re gone and me too.

    By Samyr Laine URL on 10.12.2012

  24. Where has my happiness gone?
    Is it behind the trees and bushes I used to play in when I was younger?
    Is it next to my favorite old stuffed dog? (I loved him so)
    Did I leave it out in the cold?

    Because no matter where I look, I cannot find it.
    It’s simply vanished.

    By hollymarie URL on 10.12.2012

  25. Gone are the days in which my emotions get the best of me. I never meant to hurt anyone, but sometimes my emotions sneak up and cause chaos before I can rationally think.

    By Tara on 10.12.2012

  26. I’ve been gone. I never wanted to do the wrong thing, but I left. I tip toed and I left. But I came back. I wasn’t always gone. Only three mornings. Only three times. I brought back memories, feelings, and regrets. But going gone was the best thing I have ever decided

    By Isabella Schliebe URL on 10.12.2012

  27. Gone. Like yesterday is gone. Like Elvis and his mom. Gone. Like yesterday is gone. Like Al Pacino’s cash. Gone. Like yesterday is gone.

    By Tara Kontra on 10.12.2012

  28. She sat on top of the hill covered with tall green grass. She waited until darkness of the sky was gone. Noises began to arise; a twist of shapes and colors came and went. She felt the warmth of the leftover heat of the comets. She was no longer alone.

    By Armando on 10.12.2012

  29. Innocence is gone. Happiness is gone. The real happiness, like climbing trees and bike rides and popsicles and not knowing about cheating and abortion and foreign policy. Confidence – totally gone. First it’s in your looks, then in your actions.

    By Caro on 10.12.2012

  30. And just like that, he was gone. He had moved away. He was gone from my life, and I would never see him again. It’s been months since he’s left and I still find myself remembering him, and hurting because I need him here. I miss having him around, and sometimes I refuse to believe he’s really gone.

    By Julie Morgan URL on 10.12.2012

  31. you’re gone. and i feel as if you never left. but then again. i wake up in the night with the lingering image of you–us–and i look for the light and i turn the small switch on the lantern beside my bed and there’s nothing. you’re gone. and i’m gone. you took me with you when you left. because i gave you everything. and now you’re gone.

    By Katie Arata on 10.12.2012

  32. it’s all gone. everything i gave and everything i did. the love, the light, the life. he took it with him when he left, because. well. that’s what he always did. he took what he could and he never looked back. and even though i dream of the days when he comes back to look for me, i know that, no matter how hard i pray and no matter how many wishes i make, he’s gone. and he’s never coming back for me.

    By Katie Arata URL on 10.12.2012

  33. I’m gone, lost, I don’t understand where everything went. It’s all a blur, it’s all just disappeared. What happened? Where did everyone go? Where should I go? I’m lost. I don’t understand. I’m going around in circles. It’s.. I’ll never be able to get to back, will I? I didn’t think so.

    By pixel on 10.12.2012

  34. everything i have is gone. i don’t have any emotion anymore or feelings or sympathy. no compassion. i hate everything, i have no future, no ambition. everything i once loved, every thing i did in my spare time, it’s all gone. i don’t know why; i wish i knew why. i wish i knew why i was such a failure and i wish i knew why i have such an absence of future. some fix me please please fix me because all i want is to be normal again. fitting in would be quite nice, also happy. i’d love to be happy.

    By mollie on 10.12.2012

  35. he is gone
    and when he left he took his suitcase
    and his jacket with the long black sleeves
    he took his toothbrush and his laughter
    he took my heart
    but he left the memories and that’s what kills me the most

    By paige URL on 10.12.2012

  36. There was unbelievable relief coursing through his body. It was finished.
    Although they were slightly worse for the wear, the guilt that had loomed over them for the past decade had finally melted away. She looked at him and smiled.

    By Perry URL on 10.12.2012

  37. gone i was. never again myself. i left and never returned. my whole past, present, and future, destroyed. i was never the same again. i was gone. and i can never come back. my life is over unrecoverable

    By kayla on 10.12.2012

  38. The cherries, gone. The blackberry jam, gone. A loaf of bread, gone. Nothing but sweet syrupy stickiness on the counter with tiny fingerprints leading across the wall.

    I found him sleeping on the couch, the corners of his lips purple from his breakfast buffet. He was snoring. His white-blonde hair lay like a whirlwind against his pale head. I pulled an Afghan over him, drawing up his ankles in wool.

    By Belinda Roddie URL on 10.12.2012

  39. Gone are the limits my past, my family, my friends, my world has placed on me. Gone is the sadness the loss the pain of history here now is the future my moment my life my love. Here is the new me the fearless the brave. As one world is gone another is here to stay. Be lovely and know yesterday is gone but tommarow is yet to come.

    By Makeda on 10.12.2012

  40. He is gone. i did not really knew him that well. I know I miss him. I wish that he was here. I would have liked to get to know him better, his in the past, now almost forgotten. Lots of things I do not know now that he is gone.

    By mariana on 10.12.2012