October 12th, 2012 | 252 Entries

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252 Entries for “gone”

  1. My opportunity to write the last entry for “wet” has gone by like the second-hand in a digital world.

    By Sean Duffy URL on 10.12.2012

  2. I was gone, gone from my mind. Gone completly, gone forever.
    People are not important anymore, nobody is. Nothing is real, everything is blurry.
    The rain is still going, and the weather, good weather, that weather is gone.
    I miss that weather.
    It’s going to go now.

    By ItsCapra on 10.12.2012

  3. It hurt. There was a giant gaping hole– literally– where you had left, and there were no traces of you or the heart that had once been beating. I fell to the ground, aghast, wondering what had possessed you to leave me this way. Why you were leaving at all.

    Who are you? I wondered this as I breathed my last. Who are you?

    By Courka URL on 10.12.2012

  4. *puff* in smoke you left
    the ashes I kept
    beside me
    inside me
    I found you

    By np on 10.12.2012

  5. Gone was your soul, your heart where did they go there gone. you’re as cold as ice left with nothing but your sick twisted mind. Gone were your sweet words and nice thoughts replaced by cruelty and disdain.

    By LuckyNo.13 on 10.12.2012

  6. Left, gone with the wind. Trees. Dandellion, blowing away, make a wish. Empty. Presents gone at the end of Christmas morning. Dad, gone. To go. The garden. The park.

    By J on 10.12.2012

  7. Gone, i was no longer talking i was mute. I was in my mind that’s how i like it. people they hurt you. My books and my brain they speak the truth. People thought i was gone they were wrong i heard all you said I listened better than anyone else.

    By LuckyNo.13 on 10.12.2012

  8. When you were really gone
    At first,
    I felt this pain
    this agony
    this lonelyness
    I won’t ever forget about you
    about what we had
    about how we loved
    and how we laughed
    Because darling,
    choosing to be with you
    was my best guess

    By Liesbeth on 10.12.2012

  9. You left so quickly. I didn’t even get the chance to salvage the memories you have left behind. Instead, like mist you disappeared leaving no traces behind. I wanted to hold on to those memories. I wanted to cherish our times together, but I’m finally admitting that you are gone.

    By Kristina URL on 10.12.2012

  10. he left, no longer caring. it didn’t matter what caused his flight, what mattered was the emptiness that suddenly consumed her.

    By E.C. on 10.12.2012

  11. he was gone. he had left her. she stared blankly down the road as the dust resettled on the ground. he was gone. he wasn’t coming back. she couldn’t believe it.

    By spidersmalls URL on 10.12.2012

  12. gone with the wind before I had a chance to grab it falling through second chances and memories of what used to be. gone in me gone in your sea of you and I what we used to sing.

    By Bonnie Grace URL on 10.12.2012

  13. I was chopping up potatoes for dinner in the kitchen, when I came to the realization, somehow for the first time, that Mark and the kids were actually gone and making a dinner for four or setting all their places at the dinner table wouldn’t bring them back. I turned around and vomited in the kitchen sink. I was going insane and I knew it. My legs gave out from under me and I sank violently to the tile floor. The smell of half digested whiskey in the sink was too much for my stomach to handle and the rest of the alcohol came out all over my apron.

    By Mark Irving URL on 10.12.2012

  14. He was gone. Just like that. I turned my back for a second & he was gone, as if he & the wind were one. Sad to see him go after such a passionate love. I’ll miss him. My one true love.

    By Chea on 10.12.2012

  15. Your gone. I can’t find you anywhere. I think about what could have been. I regret not acting on my feelings. I have not completely moved on. I want you back.

    By Marina URL on 10.12.2012

  16. those days … they have gone … and so have the people who had been wid u all during those days … n left are the memor4ies … sweet n silly memories … that run through out your mind and make you amile or cry and the most unexpected moments.. they haunt you , they tease you .. u wish those moments and the people in them come back whr u cant reach and pull them back …. hug them right away .. fight with them keep staring into the eyes and talkn 4 endless hours … laughing hard … and somehow create all those magic moment.. bring that sweet lil tym of ur lyf bck … but they cant coz they have already gone .. gone far .. whr u cant reach and pull them back ….they are just goneeee

    By siya URL on 10.12.2012

  17. i’ve gone through many things in these late years of my life, war is overwhelming and nothing help me thing. Nietzsche help me out to think the best things of my life. now, i can die in peace.

    By Nicolas on 10.12.2012

  18. Where has all the time gone? No one knows.
    No one knows how gone everyone is, we have strayed far from our origins and who knows how much longer we have until everything we’ve ever known is truly…


    Maybe it’ll all come back if we start to realize what we did to make it disappear.

    By hayden on 10.12.2012

  19. All seemed lost. She felt neither hot nor cold. Like a beautiful light flickering out she too would soon be gone.

    By Chris Radford on 10.12.2012

  20. Gone. Where was he? I’d been looking for days. I couldn’t find him. He was always there with me, through my whole life. He’d been my best friend and my worst enemy. All my life he had been living inside of me, and now he was simply gone.

    By Helena on 10.12.2012

  21. There is no sense in holding on to your past, especially if it holds bad memories, the past is gone.

    By marylou wynegar URL on 10.12.2012

  22. He is. He is gone and I am glad. I feel set free from his anger and suspicion and paranoia. Gone too is the belief that I am unworthy of love on a high level of respect, compassion, gratitude and affection. Gone. I will not go back. Moving forward. Moving toward Love in all it can be.

    By Polly~ on 10.12.2012

  23. Gone were the days of smiles getting me everything I wanted. The coquettish turn of the head and a pouty little smile. I saw her doing it to him last night and I was taken back to younger days. I wondered if he even knew what she was doing… or for that matter if she did?

    By Katherine on 10.12.2012

  24. Gone…. Time flies, and when it does, it’s gone. Once trust is gone, there’s no getting it back. Once love is gone, it can be regrown, but it’ll never be the same. Nothing left to say, my brainpower is gone.

    By Nica on 10.12.2012

  25. one moment there and then disappeared,
    away for good,
    never to come back,
    out there somewhere,
    lost in the world,
    a million miles away,


    By helen xxx URL on 10.12.2012

  26. Going, going, gone. All I can see now is a fading blackness into the night…

    By all4imagination URL on 10.12.2012

  27. Gone’s a funny thing, isn’t it?
    You never quite know who’s gone,
    Whether it’s you or them;
    Always running,
    Never gone,
    Maybe always-
    Never fully here, anyways,
    Past, present, future
    All at once

    By L URL on 10.12.2012

  28. Time flies, friends carry on their own way. Only memories stay. The others are just gone.

    By melek URL on 10.12.2012

  29. i feel gone. gone one song palm poop duppooopppppaoaoaoaoaoqwop. gone is the very definition of every girl i’ve ever been with and their shitty self esteem. I make them feel bad because im so beautiful. dont even worry about it society. elephants fly backwrads, forwards, and allllll aroouuuuunnnddd

    By Wilson on 10.12.2012

  30. He hadn’t gone. I woke up and reached across, expecting to find a fistful of bedsheets, but I felt flesh. I opened my eyes and looked around. In front of my eyes was the guy of my dreams. Eric. People always say that relationships at work don’t work out. I beg to differ. At work, you see more sides to the person. As I know I have. My shifting around has caused Eric to wake up. “G’morning, love.”

    By T.S. URL on 10.12.2012

  31. gone is a small word with a huge impact. Just look at it… “Gone”. It says something was once there and made a big enough statement on your life that you recognize it’s not there any more. Maybe it’s a lost relative or relationship or a goal you didn’t achieve… gone…

    By caroline URL on 10.12.2012

  32. Eventually everything will be gone. Whether it be the ones you love or existence itself, it will all end. Tick tock goes the clock.

    By Oz on 10.12.2012

  33. I hadn’t expected just how hollow the house would feel when I returned. Because he wouldn’t return. He was gone. And with him went the soul of the house. It wasn’t breathing anymore.
    Still. A stillness that steals you into disquietude.

    And just like that, I, too, am gone. Maladjusted to a life again alone.

    By Lindsey on 10.12.2012

  34. gone. aren’t we all gone in our own way?
    at all times we either aren’t physically there or emotionally there or behaviorally there and so on and so forth.
    everyday we lose a part of us. and it is gone.
    all gone. we lose a part of us everyday..
    but what do we gain?

    By jess drex on 10.12.2012

  35. the word was so familair to me. everything i knew. everything i ever loves. Gone. it was a term that knew me welll. a term i had grown up with for me whole life. i didn;t like the word, but it was stuck to me like glue. a shadow that was forever follwoing me. i can never get rid of it. even though i want to. i just want the gone, to be gone.

    By Emily on 10.12.2012

  36. She was gone, where was she? I missed her. She made me happy when I was sad, she made me laugh when i was angry. She was my best friend. Without here i was nothing. What was i going to do? I had to find her.

    By Mina on 10.12.2012

  37. I woke up and you were gone. I shouldn’t have been surprised, really. There had been signs for weeks – avoiding my glance, staying out later and coming back after I had already left for work. That’s assuming you came back at all. So when I woke up to the text, it didn’t hurt me as much as I thought it would.

    By Kate on 10.12.2012

  38. It was here, but now it’s gone. The light inside that led you through the dark. Maybe now you have no hope because you don’t need it anymore. Maybe everything is perfect, even though perfect is fake. It’s impossible to be truly perfect. You can only be your perfect self.

    By Erin Jane Moore URL on 10.12.2012

  39. Once upon a time is gone. The fairytale is over. Reality begins. I´d rather have it here, by my side. Gone. Away. Far. If I´m gone and ever return, will you be there, waiting for me?

    By Fredda URL on 10.12.2012

  40. Gone like the wind. Hear one moment, and vanish in the next. My empty hand feels cold where yours once brought warmth.

    By Nicole URL on 10.12.2012