July 1st, 2013 | 175 Entries

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175 Entries for “god”

  1. strength ,love, faith, hope, eternal. bonded. belief. trusted. discipline. exciting and rewarding!

    By patrille on 07.01.2013

  2. God is an unproven theory that humanity has made up to explain the unexplainable and have faith and believe in when there is no other hope or reason for a questionable event or unexplainable occurrence.

    By Alex on 07.01.2013

  3. Religious issues triggered early. I didn’t know whether to believe the tale or believe my gut. One thing I know for sure: We aren’t the only thing out here. There is something bigger, much bigger, than just us. There has to be.

    By Alex. URL on 07.01.2013

  4. One who does not have a physical presence yet embodies all that is physical

    By Tami Sarai Nils URL on 07.01.2013

  5. People tell me that you need lots of faith to believe in God, but I think it would be easier to believe that everything came from something rather than everything came from nothing.

    By Caitlyn URL on 07.01.2013

  6. God. Some people believe, some people don’t. Some people have different Gods, some people have more than one. What really matters is that you are staying true to you and following in the footsteps- f me idk :( read a bible.

    By Jordan Alexis URL on 07.01.2013

  7. could be anyone. might be fictional. creates war between everyone on earth. is generally held to a higher standard than anyone that we actually know.

    By alanna on 07.01.2013

  8. “what are you doing to me?!” he screamed to the sky above his head. there was no use. there was nothing. he had nothing left. nothing in the past. nothing in the future. god had abandoned him, he knew it, but he took this moment to give it one last great effort.
    “god! where are you??!”

    By elaine URL on 07.01.2013

  9. I look at the world you created and I wonder. is this what you had intended for mankind? And surely sacrificing us and erasing the faults that came deeply embedded in our bones would have far more merciful as opposed to letting those you call your children, tear apart the world you so lovingly created for them.

    By Yolanda URL on 07.01.2013

  10. who is god up above, is he love? or someone else? is he all that we have conjured? i hope not. what is he? is he a man, a thing, a different sort of being? is he human? i hope not.

    By frances on 07.01.2013

  11. What a loaded word shot out to faggots like me every day. Wounding. Blinding former allies. Creating itchy scabs we pick and pick for years and years. Our atheism follows but somehow we are meant to feel it isn’t the answer.

    By Ruben URL on 07.01.2013

  12. oh god I say your name far too much
    but it’s never the way its suppose to come out
    i curse and i yell
    and i hate myself
    and i pray to you only
    to steal me of wealth
    of breath and of life
    and of living on earth
    and for whatever it’s worth
    i feel like dirt
    i’m torn inside
    and i believe that you see it
    so why god, can’t you fix this feeling?
    i’m begginging always
    to hear your adivce
    but you’re silent
    and i’m still
    trying to hide
    so god, please grant me
    some happiness
    i can’t do it alone
    please make me someone else

    By laurenlackner@gmail.com on 07.01.2013

  13. So many gods in the temple, redolent of sweaty people packed together in a festival, each wanting to acheive that perfect moment.

    By stumbler URL on 07.01.2013

  14. So many gods in the temple, redolent of sweaty people packed together in a festival, each wanting to acheive that perfect moment.

    By stumbler URL on 07.01.2013

  15. Ha, God is good. God is great, right? He controls all and loves all but is He really our creator? Did He actually make us because He was THAT lonely? I love Him. But does He love me?

    By Destiny on 07.01.2013

  16. Oh God. He saw me. No. I was fine until he looked directly into my eyes. Has it really been this long? Four months since he last kissed me? Since I last held him? i thought I was done with those feelings; the nervousness, anxiety, head-over-heels nonsense.Should I go talk to him? No. Wait, yes. Maybe. Is it to soon? Oh God, why I did I have to see him.

    By Jessica on 07.01.2013

  17. “God is great” said the man as he knelt down, over and over. I was confused, because the last time i had seen someone bowing down like that it was in a church, not in my backyard. But our new guest, Muhammed, was unlike any other person that I’d met. In my whitewashed town, I had never spoken to or even

    By EJ on 07.01.2013

  18. The person and thing that guides me and gives and gives me strength every day, in my struggles, happiness, etc. My shelter from all the bad!

    By Ana on 07.01.2013

  19. The solution to everything that you lack
    A handful of bills piled in a neat stack
    You smile with confidence, no longer flawed
    Blessed by this treasure; money, your god.

    By Carly URL on 07.01.2013

  20. There could have been a higher reason for it. Some secret message, telling me how and when and why things were meant to happen. Call it God’s will. Call it Satan’s wrath. Call it any of the gods’ trickeries in between. In the end, scientifically, it could be explained in one way:

    It couldn’t be helped.

    It killed me to know he was gone, but I wasn’t going to let the death slow me down.

    By Belinda Roddie URL on 07.01.2013

  21. I don’t know weather does he exist or not, but I make myself think he does
    Maybe my disbelief is the reason for bad things that are happening to me
    Church makes me believe all my life
    Am I believer or just a robot?
    Do I believe?

    By Lola on 07.01.2013

  22. not real person that people look to for guidance

    By dillon on 07.01.2013

  23. not real person that people look to for guidance

    By dillon on 07.01.2013

  24. No other word divides humanity against itself like the word god.
    No other word unites humanity like the word god.
    The foundation of the lives of many.
    The one thing most to be feared for others.
    There is nothing weightier or more polarizing than this word.
    So much is contained in three small letters.

    By Mike P URL on 07.01.2013

  25. i was born from fire.
    my tears turned to steam as i wailed, gnawing
    fragile tissue with dragon’s teeth.

    the delivery left scars on my mother.
    her skin crawls, she said once, nails raising welts
    down her arms.

    almost two decades later and it rains.
    she still feels the ache
    deep inside her, body a temple
    left to ruin.

    By invinculis URL on 07.01.2013

  26. The sky is empty and silent, devoid of all life, as it has been this past month. Calamity has fallen upon us. Despite the burning of incense, despite the constant prayers and sacrifices in Her temple, we receive no answers. She remains silent. And yet His warriors carry on in their inexorable march towards us, alive and as vital as ever …

    By terradi URL on 07.01.2013

  27. “I was as a god! The ground trembled beneath my feet and even the wind bowed to me!”
    “Well, sorry to spoil your trip down memory lane, but this isn’t that world anymore.” I said sarcastically.
    She sneered. “You see to dishearten me. But you tell me things I’ve long since discovered for myself. For I was as a god…and I shall be so again.”
    I couldn’t help but swallow. “What’re you planning?”
    She laughed, the sound ranking among the scariest I’d ever heard. “Be patient. And hold tight to fear; soon you will see why the ground saw fit to tremble.”

    By S.C. Lovelace URL on 07.01.2013

  28. I think we generally overstate and overuse the power of religion to both uplift and bring down people. It is a power, that needs to be used wisely. One one hand, it can fill a poor man’s cup full of sustenance and love. On another, it can deny a man the ability to love and marry whomever he wants.

    By Calcipherous on 07.01.2013

  29. everywhere in everything, no prejudices, no judgemet, loving and not religious.

    By ramon costa on 07.01.2013

  30. They say that he peers down from the heavens, observing, sometimes even tampering with the delicate balance we hold in our world. They say he is alone. An omnipresent force that stands above all else. I reject what they say. It quite clear that the gods are gone. It is quite clear that they are not alone.

    By Kyle Clukey on 07.01.2013

  31. I simply folded my arms and started to pray. I felt a feeling of surety as I knelt on the cold concrete. And following it, an overwhelming thought that somehow made tears fall.
    “It will work out”
    I wasn’t sure if it was a thought or was actually said. But it was there. God was there.

    By Annee on 07.01.2013

  32. is he really dead? is he really gone?
    was he ever here at all?
    why do you call out his name in help
    why his name in mercy
    oh help me god
    oh hear me god
    oh see me god
    oh love me god.

    By pini on 07.01.2013

  33. God is great god is good. God is someone I think is wood. Not solid but believeable. Something that has substance and is tangible. Perhaps an idea filled with so much possiblity it is plausible. God, I like that. A

    By Mariana Franco on 07.01.2013

  34. i dont really believe in god not that theres anything wrong with it. but just this idea is kinda weird. if there is a god, he should judge us on who we are, not on if we believe in it. but if he does judge us of whether or not we believe in him, then i dont want to worship him. very confusing for most people. I like to do good things. just because im an athiest doesnt mean im a bad person. sometimes i dont like the church because they hate gays. not all the churches do, but its just their reputation. also churches care too much about money

    By jillian on 07.01.2013

  35. Exists, I think? I don’t know. I want to believe, but the world doesn’t let me sometimes. I don’t know. I feel protected when I feel like I believe, and vulnerable when I don’t. But the rules and regulations involved with “God” don’t agree with my interpretation of who “God” would be. He would be loving and nice and forgiving and understanding.

    By Nicole Wilhelm on 07.01.2013

  36. “Good God, Grace got great!” Greg guffawed.

    By Marianne URL on 07.01.2013

  37. It was a hard life he had, Zeus thought to himself, as he was fed another sheathe of grapes and picked the next mortal that he would rape and impregnate. The gods are filled with desire, lust, power, and with no one else but mere mortals to expend themselves upon, there was never a challenge.
    Until the 21st century, when the time for war began.

    By Siege URL on 07.01.2013

  38. He struck out his arm, and let loose the bolt of fury he was wielding. The other gods where stricken with fear, they knew better than to cross the supreme lord of the heavens.

    By walkingriddle URL on 07.01.2013

  39. We are all gods of our own destiny. We create the life that we live and what it is that we live for.

    By Patrick URL on 07.01.2013

  40. god
    the ever present watcher of years past
    i spent so much time
    trying to please you
    to make myself “good”
    good enough

    then i finally found out
    you weren’t real
    and my entire world
    upside down

    By Candice URL on 07.01.2013