July 1st, 2013 | 175 Entries

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175 Entries for “god”

  1. I am bitter, for everything god means to me. God is disappointment and loneliness, a lack of faith in parents and teachers and people I was told could help. God doesn’t exist.

    By asdf on 07.01.2013

  2. God. Oh god. where to start. I’m honestly not sure where to start. It is funny how one word can conjure so much mixed feeling. I still hold remains of the time when the word god meant someone who judged you from up in the clouds. now god means all. everything. wow. time for some shadow work :)

    By Ashley Smith on 07.01.2013

  3. The buoyant crowds
    Starstruck eyes
    Promises of devotion
    And kind words–
    They had become his gods.

    But in his need
    They would only resound,
    Cheap relics,
    Of his own broken vow.

    And in the rising cheers
    That only fed his fears
    He saw his own web of lies
    He opened his eyes,
    And out to God he cried.

    By S URL on 07.01.2013

  4. God’s away on business.

    By Aley URL on 07.01.2013

  5. An invisible prayer that is never accessible or helping. An “answer” for those looking for life. The one “in charge”. Our leader that leads from confidentiality. A false hope. A lie. Opinions.

    By Loryn URL on 07.01.2013

  6. I believe that the universe has a preexisting creator and personal God. I also believe that this God sent his son Jesus Christ to the earth to redeem the world and reconcile man to himself.

    By Arthur URL on 07.01.2013

  7. Who is god? What does god do? Is god simply a metaphor for every unexplainable thing in this world? Probably. That doesn’t matter. Nothing does.

    By nzj URL on 07.01.2013

  8. I love God, he is myc reator, my salvation, my Alpha and Omega. I fear him, I fear his wrath, his disappointment, his massiveness. I want to please him but I find it daunting to imagine being able to please him properly.

    By deb on 07.01.2013

  9. God is something that has become all controlling. I think that god (whatever your god may be even if it’s tv) should be a companion. We should not let god control our lives, we should let god guide our lives. We are always talking about not letting people pressure us but we should not let god pressure us as well.

    By Sarah on 07.01.2013

  10. There is a god somewhere in us. Something good (then that’s where the word god comes from. Or vice versa) in all of us. Something forgiving and great and god. Find it and you’ll get what a god deserves.

    By Fredda URL on 07.01.2013

  11. God Claurice, stop being such a bitch! You don’t own Michael, you can’t order him around like he’s on a leash. Unless he’s into that, uh oh! Watch out, Michael’s a dirty bird, isn’t he?

    By JV URL on 07.01.2013

  12. It isn’t fair that they have left us all. In broken puddles. Wantless heaps. They mock us, and when we reach our filthy hands for the bottom of their robes they kick us to the ground. We revered them once. That time is gone. What once was God has been revealed as Devil, and all comes falling into the great deathless fathom.

    By Zozojay URL on 07.01.2013

  13. His hands were wrinkled.
    His eyes, they twinkled.
    And with a careless

    By Zozojay URL on 07.01.2013

  14. Only is real to some but on another level it is everything everywhere all of the time. No name, no face, just is. I once believed in a catholic god and then believed in nothing and now I believe in everything as one, everything connected. That is God to me.

    By Jessica on 07.01.2013

  15. As the man walked past, Auma turned around to stare at him. His face was
    etherworldly. She had never seen someone so beautiful before. As he passed her, all she could think was, “This is what a god looks like.”

    By Nicole on 07.01.2013

  16. I was never sure whether you existed, so I live as the man in limbo, always in fear for both “just-in-case” scenarios. I pray to you at the same time I alienate you outwardly. Is it out of Pascal’s triangle or an innate religiosity? I don’t know, but I guess I’ll find out…

    By mozi URL on 07.01.2013

  17. If god does not exist what would we do? How would we control each other with fear and superstition? How would we justify killing, maiming, and raping our enemies, taking what is theirs, in his good name? I know what I want to exist, and it is love, tolerance and democracy.

    By Sir Profligacy URL on 07.01.2013

  18. As he swift moved his hand and lifted his finger he created me. He created you, he created us. With light and darkness the stars and moon. He shines through everything, everything he has touched. He wears the crown of his people known as the crown of thorns, King of kings. Glory to him.

    By zoe on 07.01.2013

  19. divine person, savior, loving, tender, peace, pray, intense.. He is the almight the creator the only one… he whom he must trust….

    By Patricia on 07.01.2013

  20. There’s nothing quite like thinking there may be nothing out there. That there’s always a chance that what your family has been subtly pushing into your mind for 16 years has been because of their own doubt, that if you can believe in their God that He may just be real. But when your doubt is discovered, when you start to consider all the things wrong in your little church group, it can shatter not only your families image of ‘God’ but everything they believed in. Including you.

    By Zoey URL on 07.01.2013

  21. god is the man in the sky who created and ended the world. I love him he is my rock and the breath to my life. when im with him i feel a bliss like no other and a wave of peace that washes over me.

    By Jordan Pinkston on 07.01.2013

  22. who is god? Would it be God Almighty? Or god the king? God of Heaven or the moon sun and stars? Or maybe “I AM a God” like Kanye West’s lyrics? Man thinks too much of themselves which is why there is so much bad in the world today.

    By kayla on 07.01.2013

  23. Some called it a cult; she called it her heart. It was what kept her alive and pumping with enough of the sinful liquid to see a waking sun. Through tongues she attempted to speak with a god. Loss of sophistication, civilization, and maturity helped her try to break through the mirror and talk to her creator. She knew that he might be nothing more than the empty space preventing her from accessing all of her brain, but she hoped that maybe she could make him real.

    By Grace URL on 07.01.2013

  24. I are the all powerful omnipotent, wonderful, wrathful being.
    The wishes of a god are put before man.
    Not God.

    By Hightimes URL on 07.01.2013

  25. She has always believed in God, ever since she was small. And has always felt his presence near her in all that she does, and everywhere she goes.

    By marylou wynegar URL on 07.01.2013

  26. that is the little man i have circled around and around again is this worth my time to try and figure out why he grabs everyone’s attention when they have troubles and not when they’re ok and why does he come with politics and power and money and why is god about punishment and can’t god be woman be free god please be free

    By reluctant URL on 07.01.2013

  27. God is confusing and I do not understand it. Have faith. He died for me and loves me. thank you Lord for loving me.

    By catherine URL on 07.01.2013

  28. i hate god because my dad was a pastor and it was always forced on me. i never liekd church but i had to go but as i get older i feel like it made me a nicer person. i still dont like god but all the people i see today that didnt go to church as a kid are dicks and the kids that did are always kinda nice deep down and dont wanna fuck you over.

    By Reuben on 07.01.2013

  29. God. He made all. He loves me. He forgives me. He is merciful and kind. Why does he love me? I don’t know. Do you? I don’t deserve it.

    By catherine URL on 07.01.2013

  30. God is the personification of faith;many people believe that God can bring them prosperity, luck, and even repair the past, though to be quite hones I think it’s a big load of crap. Why do we rely on him when we can just do things for ourselves? If we control our own lives, fewer things could wrong. Right?

    By Avery on 07.01.2013

  31. almighty benovelolent amazing loving warm embracing all powerful soothing comfort wishes miraclaculous saving holding born all over a

    By patti on 07.01.2013

  32. For as long as they could remember, they chased the sun. They followed its rise and fall, forever seeking its warmth, its light, its ephemeral power.

    By Chris Clow URL on 07.01.2013

  33. the heart of all that exists, the source of suffering and happiness, the reason we are, the shame we feel, the love that inspires us, everything, nothing, unspeakable voice, the pulse of life that reverberates within all of us, the earth under us, the sky over us.infinity.

    By Samuel on 07.01.2013

  34. oh, i feel like i have a relationship with god but i prefer, at this point in time, to imagine that god is a being-less entity, a force of / within nature that is many elements working together to and for the common good. i much prefer to think of god in a spiritual sense as opposed to religious, as cliche and cheesy as that sounds. certainly not everything of this world could exist without some higher power. whatever god *is*, i feel like i have a handle on what god *isn’t* in comparison. god *isn’t* judgmental or preachy or cruel without reason or selfish or arrogant.

    By Shans! URL on 07.01.2013

  35. God is a superior force of nature. ‘He’ is the embodiment of hope and love for christians, but god can be almost anything that people worship and adore over human limits. God is a limitless, supernatural power.

    By Maddie on 07.01.2013

  36. God is the awesomeness that we daily in everything beautiful. He isn’t IN that everything but He made it so He is reflected in it all.

    By Cait on 07.01.2013

  37. A diety we look to for support but the we don’t fully understand or truly know. Something or someone who controls us mentally and can control our society. A figure that has torn our nation apart and has caused war more than helped. The reason for people hating people even though God is supposed to help by bringing us together. Although we may look up to this figure, sometimes we look to much into it. Sometimes we lose our self while trying to be someone who is perfect for this god.

    By Laura Martin on 07.01.2013

  38. god
    of words
    god of wine
    i pray to thee
    to bide my time
    i write to feel
    and feel too much
    words are wind
    we’ll never touch

    By katiekieran URL on 07.01.2013

  39. God shouldn’t have let your path and mine cross. Seeing you should have made me believe in the existence of an almighty, but you’ve made it impossible for me to believe that anyone or anything could have come to find the perfect portion of every single thing that forms you. Any god wouldn’t have let you become the weakest point in me.

    By Isis L. URL on 07.01.2013

  40. He gives me strength. I think lately I’ve drifted, but whenever i feel ;like theres nothing left for me, theres god. its funny how i pray and i feel he always comes through for me but i never can stop what im doing and thank him.

    By Ally URL on 07.01.2013