May 12th, 2011 | 577 Entries

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577 Entries for “glowing”

  1. His demeanor was glowing when he entered the room, it seemed as though the light gravitated towards his face like it does to a black hole. But instead of being sucked into darkness, it seemed like it entered his soul and was refined for all the world to see that he controlled it.

    By Danish on 05.13.2011

  2. glowing is an aura of bright or when something emits light in the dark. Glowing is when someone is crazy happy all the time and his/her friends say, “You’re glowing.” I don’t know what causes this or how someone would see it. Is it a sentimental thing? Something saps would say? Or is it something that you don’t know until you really see it? I know that the phrase is often applied to pregnant women. I’ve never seen anyone glowing. Is it something you would say to or notice about a friend? That they’re suddenly happy like a light in the dark? How would someone achieve this light? How do you know when you’re happy enough to glow? Is it something you feel? “Okay, I’m officially glowing. I’ve achieved max happiness.” But then what happens when something better happens and it rocks your world? Are you Glowing plus One? Bonus points? Should people really be glowing at all? Is that truly healthy? Being happy without stress is, yes. But why should anyone glow?

    By Jamie URL on 05.13.2011

  3. She sat in the garden, amongst the smell of roses and thought she was going to be sick. Glowing with hatred, she thought back at the past few hours. How could they possibly say that?? She had never strayed, never lied, never cheated. And now they were going to fire her…

    By Anton URL on 05.13.2011

  4. Glowing stars shone through the hazy clouds. I sat on my windowsill, cigarette smoke filtering through the air around me as i gazed at the aging cathedral spires. I knew I was wasting time, I knew I shouldn’t be there, my mind should have been on other things, but for some reason sitting there in the moonlight I could not drag my thoughts away from that one night all those months ago.

    By Annie on 05.13.2011

  5. so bright, so intense. it glows red, then blue then yellow. primary colours swirling into secondary, like ingredients in just about anything, until it turns into one brown mess that no one wants to look at. brown can’t glow. it needs the help of gold and yellow. but they don’t want to help brown out.

    By Morena on 05.13.2011

  6. Off in the distance, just over the tree lined hill it could be seen. What was it that was glowing so brightly? It lit the night sky. More and more cars began to stop on the side of the road, drivers and passengers stepping out, looking off into the distance with wonder. Then they heard it.

    By Gen URL on 05.13.2011

  7. That girl is glowing. It’s like she has an aura of yellow around her. How can i be closer to her. I want to feel that warmth. To hold it and caress it. I need to be with her. Im going to talk to her. Now. But what if she doesnt like me, or thinks im weird?

    By Torri on 05.13.2011

  8. Her face shone as the orb pulsated in front of her. Her skin took on an almost iridescent tone, as if the glowing emanated from within her.

    By Beayvee on 05.13.2011

  9. The sunshine was glowing on a lilypad in the ahhhhhhhhh….

    By Shirley on 05.13.2011

  10. Big beaming smiles can’t be held in. that little corner always flapping around, cliched plastic bags and double rainbows, so happy you just can’t help but grin. screw calm, thrilled.

    By shjomi URL on 05.13.2011

  11. Since I was told to just write, I suppose that’s exactly what I’m going to do. The glowing lights hung slightly about the dimly lit room and in the furthest corner was the object of your, Dear Reader, desire. Tell me, what is it?

    By Janelle on 05.13.2011

  12. The glowing light of the sun was tonly thing Neal could look towards… He enjoyed the pain, the sensation of his eyes watering since it distracted him from what she was telling him.

    By nat on 05.13.2011

  13. Glowing. A wonderous awe that stuns her audience. She glows and shines and twinkles in the recondite night sky, emulating the stars above, and people applaud the little firefly as she performs what she does best – as she glows.

    By Meghan URL on 05.13.2011

  14. I turn to go outside and the midnight sky is glowing with color. Fire Flies light up the night making it one magical memory. He took my hand, looked at me and said “I love you”, as the Fire Flies danced around us.

    By Katie URL on 05.13.2011

  15. The glowing of the moon is one of the most beautiful things in the world. One can only imagine the mysteries hiding in the shadows cast by the obstacles in the light’s path. Are there other worlds yet to be discovered? We can only shed light on these by exposing ourselves to this glowing beauty. But the shadows are what makes it so beautiful, so mysterious, so lovely.

    By Syd URL on 05.13.2011

  16. shining. ball of light that burns my eyes. the moon, looking down with not a care in the world, the shimmering refelction of his face on the surface of the water. fireflies, little balls of fire that do not burn when touched.

    By Caitlin McDavid on 05.13.2011

  17. Glowing means something is like lighting up at night.

    By soccer10 URL on 05.13.2011

  18. glowing objects are really cool i think. What if everything in the world glowed,i mean sure it would get old but it would also be pretty awesome. I like things that glow when they blow up.

    By mileham12mileham34 URL on 05.13.2011

  19. my shirt glows in the dark. its a bright light kinda like green or blue one of the two i wouldnt know so ya there you go by by.

    By stavroscastilllo URL on 05.13.2011

  20. a bright light like a glow in the dark puzzle or something like that i will probily look it up after i am done with this one word stuffs!!!!

    By stillmoon URL on 05.13.2011

  21. something u can use at night the sucky part they go out in like six hours

    By red neck URL on 05.13.2011

  22. Glowing means something is like lighting up with color at night.

    By soccer10 URL on 05.13.2011

  23. some thing that lights up

    By littleman on 05.13.2011

  24. its this stuff that u have to break and turn off the lights and it glows in the dark and stuff. You can have them at party or sleepovers.

    By Caitlin Cordova on 05.13.2011

  25. Glowing means for something to be bright.

    By camiwhite on 05.13.2011

  26. i like stuff that glow. i want to cut open a glow stick but my mom wont let me.

    By just582 URL on 05.13.2011

  27. Glowing, the tiny bug crawled across her fingers, leaving tickling prickles in its wake. It glowed amidst the darkness around them. It glowed. Maybe she could learn from this little bug. Maybe she shouldn’t just accept darkness.

    By Vanessa on 05.13.2011

  28. The moon was glowing and the wind was still but I knew that the night was not over, what lay beneath the cellar. I doned my housecoat and opened the trap door. With flash light in hand I blinked as I saw a shadow fleeing beneath the open stairs. Was I brave enough to desend down into the dark depth of the unknown and discover the real truth?

    By Ella on 05.13.2011

  29. Her body is glowing. You just know that she’s carry a little person in her stomach, forming into a version of her. Only pregnant young women have a glow like that.

    By ~BreanneElizabeth~ URL on 05.13.2011

  30. She glowed like the sun a big round ball of fiery being, shining, glowing, shooting right into the eye. She glowed like the apple on a sunny day. Like Edward Cullen exposed to the sun. She glowed like diamonds in the rough. Aladdin in Prince’s clothing. She glowed like neon in the dark, like white in backlight.

    By Jihan Bok on 05.13.2011

  31. one night the glowing stars took upon mars, and glowing lights tooks aliens to probe my knights, as glowing orgasms run upon the island the glowing stars glue upon mars. 18 bars glow stars.

    By Alin Suciu on 05.13.2011

  32. Glowing is what i think about when you see a pregnant woman who is very happy. When she smiles and her cheeks just glow and how when she talks about being pregnant and when she has the baby how you can just tell that she is going to enjoy being a Mother to her wonderful baby or babies and how much they are going to be loved.

    By Luanne R on 05.13.2011

  33. radiating, trapped in sun, a sphere of hazy light enveloping you.
    the warmth of being relaxed and unconcerned, a lie-down in the park without fear of grass stains or someone lifting your bike, a cold beer in the bag you’re resting your head on, to drink when you get too warm.

    By MJC URL on 05.13.2011

  34. bright star you glow when you’re happy, firefly, summer, magical, glow in the dark, light candle, moon, light sticks,

    By aaa on 05.13.2011

  35. I saw the sky glowing. The entire sky was a golden city shining down as I road down the street. There were probably angels and other heavenly creatures there too, but I didn’t see those. I wonder what those dreams are about.

    By Greyson Neipp URL on 05.13.2011

  36. bright! I think… I don’t know a lot of english… I have a poor vocabulary… I don’t remember what “Glow” means… so how I made it?

    By Gabriel on 05.13.2011

  37. She walked into the room and I looked up form my seat in the back corner of the classroom. I couldn’t help but glance up when she came in, because the room just seemed a little bit brighter. As I looked at her, I realized it was because she was glowing.

    By MC on 05.13.2011

  38. sun earth people man women computer house houme dog cat mouse ,hamster,mom,dad

    By Robert on 05.13.2011

  39. So the girl came in, she was glowing in happiness. The best feeling she ever had. Suddenly, she realized that she had left behind his ragged doll, but couldn’t go back. She was already in Paradise.

    By Jessica on 05.13.2011

  40. Her hair whipped across her nose and lashes with the fierce pre-storm winds, her cobalt eyes staring at the fading sunlight. He watched her lips quirk upward, and then those glowing red strands brushed over her skin again, and he pushed them back, leaning into her back.

    By Mintolate Tea URL on 05.13.2011