May 12th, 2011 | 577 Entries

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577 Entries for “glowing”

  1. i am glowing because of the sun and i love when make up makes me glow i like it when i like someone because i feel like i have this glow on my face the whole time happiness makes everyone glow all the time it is the one thing that makes human beings show their inner emotions and most of all show their happiness you can tell when someone is happy when they are glowing

    By Varuni on 05.12.2011

  2. the night sky was glowing with shooting stars and distant galaxies shadows. No one could say that it wasn’t the most beautiful thing they had ever seen. Each star had it’s place like a jar on a shelf and the confusing all made perfect sense for no apparent reason. The sky was glowing and we all understood why

    By Gina Oshiro on 05.12.2011

  3. glowing tubes in the disco with people holding them dancing enjoying life live to the fullest i envy them

    By ruben parnass hernandez on 05.12.2011

  4. push me away & keep me closer;

    if we don’t stop spinning, maybe we can stop the world from shining the way it shines;
    casting the harshest shadow against our hearts

    does the friction leave an afterglow? does it make us shine — shine like the world around us?

    By ydoel URL on 05.12.2011

  5. it was glowing. the whole atmosphere was filled the bright sunshine.this sunshine was not only n the outside but it was the inner feeling ..which made everything shinier then before.

    By hibbasaeedsindhu on 05.12.2011

  6. and it was glowing. sometimes you just look at something and know it was meant to be there? this. this was diferent it wasnt even like you saw it and knew it was supposed to be there it was like it glowed with the charisma and love and the expectation that it was worth it. this time it didnt give a shit how many times you repeated a word you just believed in the feeling and the way you felt when you glanced your eyes at this object.

    By jeannie on 05.12.2011

  7. The darkness was a black hand, obscuring all the happy things that appeared during the day. The only thing that fought back this dark, evil monster was the glowing of light. The light made us live in the night. It gave us hope that soon we would all be safe again…

    By Morgan URL on 05.12.2011

  8. how many times do i have to write about give me some other word.okay ,i glow.and yeah now i remember Rapunzel’s hair also grow in dark.and Eugenie’s reaction to it was amazing and hilarious.

    By hibbasaeedsindhu on 05.12.2011

  9. today i was laying on my roof enjoying the glow of the sun. i could feel my skin tanning as i lay there in the warm breeze. the smell of honeysuckle and rose filled my lungs and i could not believe what i had been waiting for had finally arrived…SUMMER BREAK.

    By kina on 05.12.2011

  10. i wish i was glowing today but a lot of things have put me down. i am not understanding anything today.

    i wish i was glowing like the moon and stars and was so far away from this negative world where there is no value for love

    By mehro URL on 05.12.2011

  11. what girls do instead of sweating. what you do after the boy you love tells you you’re beautiful. pregnancy. happiness. beauty. love. everything that’s wonderful. the sun on your skin, the water’s reflection.

    By bry on 05.12.2011

  12. what the hell…glowing again ! when she looked at him there was his horrible face lit by a glowing see what difference a smile makes !!:p

    By hibbasaeedsindhu on 05.12.2011

  13. The way you look me in the eyes, like you can see right through me and know all my thoughts, makes my heart glow with a feeling I forgot I could feel, and even though we will never be anything, I thank you for the moments you’ve looked into my soul and left me glowing inside and out.

    By Rachel on 05.12.2011

  14. The bug was small, about the size of an eraser, and it landed on her hand like a plane setting down on water. Her first thought had been to slap it away, but then it glowed, the bottom part of it, just enough for her to realize it was no ordinary bug.

    By Quinn on 05.12.2011

  15. And they knew exactly what was going on. She didn’t feel it in herself, but her skin gave her away. She was glowing, a goddess of fertility, with skin the color of wheat waving in the dusk light. They smiled knowingly. She just ate her cereal, in distracted oblivion.

    By Kendra URL on 05.12.2011

  16. The night was still young, but throughout the tall grass you could see fireflies glowing. It was a beautiful night. He took my hand as we stood there, Jason and I. Beneath the moon, beneath the stars, beneath it all. It was magnificent, and I am fairly sure he would have told me that I too was glowing; but it wasn’t because of some scientific reason, it was because of him.

    By Melinda on 05.12.2011

  17. she looked up at him, glowing and said: “i would rather be nowhere else”
    it made her think about the moments in life that you wish you could just freeze frame, and keep forever stored perfectly.

    By Jaydee URL on 05.12.2011

  18. The light is softly emanating from the lamp. Flies flit lazily around it. I don’t know what I’m supposed to do. He’s gone. He left me alone. With only this small lamp to keep me company. There is a shadow and it’s gone.

    By Nat on 05.12.2011

  19. she was like a candle. there was blood spread all over her body and clothes. some of it was her own. i couldn’t look away. it appeared she was having the same problem concerning me.

    By Dagger URL on 05.12.2011

  20. Bright flashing lights. Bugs. Happy pregnant mothers sipping on cool drinks on porches with other pregnant mothers. Loving devout husbands coming back and kissing these glowing women on the space between the hairline and shoulder.

    By Thea on 05.12.2011

  21. the stars are glowing. &&bright. his face was glowing that night. we fought. &&we cried. i lay on top of him &&it felt like we died. the lights were warm that night, too. his face was glowing that night. like an orb of fire.

    By Ahlise on 05.12.2011

  22. your mind is a light
    i can see so far into you
    im going farther and farther
    sinking into your light

    By Stephanie on 05.12.2011

  23. glowing. an abstract thing–glow worms, fireflies, lights from a distance. lights without lines, evoking a certain emotion, i think. if a person is glowing at you, they are radiating something pleasant at you. also connotates nighttime–as apposed to shining.

    By Tyler H URL on 05.12.2011

  24. A pasture with a glowing seed. Mesmerized by its resistance. Resistance, dare not need.

    By kevinc URL on 05.12.2011

  25. shining? like glitter, paris hilton and tweens. i used to love this glowing stars that i stick on the ceiling. they felt down as i was growing. i like glowsticks.

    By nina on 05.12.2011

  26. dark, moon, sexy, blue, sun, mountains, love, beauty, forever, summer, lake, blond, soft, rain, scent.

    By Dessie on 05.12.2011

  27. The night was glowing when Francesca stepped outside. It was the spaceship again, lighting up the sky as she watched, transfixed. The entire neighborhood was out tonight, but no one said a word this time, not even Sigur. He knew that the aliens meant something new for humanity- but even foolish Sigur knew it was nothing good.

    By Hannah on 05.12.2011

  28. The glowing moon filled the dusky night air with light. My eyes stared out in awe at the colour-show dancing around me as the darkness collided with beauty.

    By Sunny URL on 05.12.2011

  29. What a glowing picture she painted to me of the bride. She was just so beautiful on her wedding day., Her skin glowed like a diamond. Her eyes sparkled and overall she just looked so beautiful. The bride was glowing and the Groom looked just so handsome

    By Pamela Sundram on 05.12.2011

  30. I love the way her Skin flow
    Just the way the wind blow
    Her skin so flawless tonight
    I wanna bite…
    Girl I gotta take you home tonight
    I gotta take you home tonight

    By Dexter on 05.12.2011

  31. She was glowing with a light of her own. Never had she looked so beautiful then now. Her dark hair in think curls falling down her back. Her slender body wrapped tightly in her white dress. As she walked to the alter I could only think of how lucky I am that she chose me to be her husband. And from the smile on her face, I could tell she felt the same.

    By Chelsea on 05.12.2011

  32. beach glow, that radiates one from within. luminous skin, indicating health, well being, and happiness.

    By Katherine on 05.12.2011

  33. pregant wmoen are known to be glowing. the sun and the moon both glow. cats are excited to glowing objects.

    By asha on 05.13.2011

  34. He looked at her glowing face and felt something break inside of him. So this was what it had come to. This was his end. The people he had hurt, the skills he had learned – they meant nothing, now. They couldn’t help him save her.

    By Sheila URL on 05.13.2011

  35. erection with a flare of integrity. balls and chins and things with wings. A great essay with tons of spunk. chinese food has gotten me out of this hump. Glowing like a glowering beast. A thing to shine in the night time heat. A flower and daisy, a chain of gold glittering and showing all that its told.

    By Joe Foley on 05.13.2011

  36. She glowed like the sun, even at nighttime

    When people saw her, they stopped
    Suddenly, the world was once again magical

    And they were filled with hope
    And a newfound urge

    An urge to do good
    An urge to make themselves proud

    By Marisa URL on 05.13.2011

  37. The look you get when overwhelmed with joy. Life should leave you glowing. Glowing is beautiful.

    By Chris URL on 05.13.2011

  38. Dirk Spacely re-entered orbit of Earth. It had been a long, arduous journey since his space-rocket got a flat tire when re-entering the solar system just inside the orbit of pluto. Ejecting himself from the doomed vessel, he swam toward earth, for three months, feasting on random hydrogen and oxygen atoms that he collected in an old plastic bag from the ship.

    As he fell toward the Earth, he suddenly realized, for the first time in 3 months in weightlessness, he’d not considered how to land safely. Plummeting earthward at 32ft/sec/sec, and air friction heating him up, it didn’t take long for his skin to begin glowing.

    By richpee URL on 05.13.2011

  39. She looked absolutely glowing! Standing there, at the top of the stairs, back-lit by the lamp behind her, Little did he know that this was to be his last night with her, that she had decided he was no longer necessary.

    By Bonnie Cehovet URL on 05.13.2011

  40. Es ist Dunkel
    sie legt sich um dein Herz
    schnürrt dir die Kehle zu

    Ein kleines licht
    ein glühen in der Dunkelheit
    Ein Wunder das dir den Atem raubt

    By Anuri URL on 05.13.2011