April 25th, 2012 | 155 Entries

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155 Entries for “gladiator”

  1. He stepped out into the arena, sword gripped tightly in one hand and his shield in the other. He tried to be prepared for the fight to come, but he’d be lying if he said he wasn’t frightened. He was probably going to be ripped to shreds, which is exactly what the crowd was cheering hard for.

    By Alix URL on 04.25.2012

  2. The gladiator bore blood on his chest as his only armor, standing amidst the sluggish sea of decaying corpses stinking from their own plasma and fecal matter. In the audience above, the emperor of Rome was laughing, clapping his fat hands together over and over, like a toddler just given a shiny bauble. The warrior, sweat mixing with the gashes in his forehead and causing them to sting, could not make himself look at the ruler of the empire. Not even when the audience jeered him to raise his sword in triumph.

    By Belinda Roddie URL on 04.25.2012

  3. Those gladiator shoes shined in the sun. The girl wearing it smirked at me.
    “I’m sorry. Am I in your way?” She said in a bratty way.
    “Yeah, as a matter of fact, you are.”
    “You think you can just stand on someone’s notebook like that, smirk at them, and get your way? Grow up.” I smirked myself

    By Tanya Wong on 04.25.2012

  4. Rome. Empire. Hot actor omg! Haha, the movie was good.
    Brave and just. He fights for entertainment and dies a cold, death. Thats it really. xD

    By Dreamer URL on 04.25.2012

  5. Gladiator

    Forward in time, he
    raised his sword at me, I said
    Crikey, it’s so big!

    By Catherine McClarin on 04.25.2012

  6. Each of these fatal lullabies may be my last when I pull down that mask. Such are the songs sung to champions by way of cheers and chants. Steady. Steady. Steady. The buzz on the breeze, so sickly, so sweet. Beat. Beat. Beat. Oh, uncertainty, the illusion is security which is quickly dashed by the glint of metal to flesh. Fleet. Fleet. Fleet. Cradle this one now with gentle deceit, the sun in the skies and the specter of a lesser man’s death hovers near the back of my eyes. Mercy, mercy, mercy, me.

    By HelenGrant URL on 04.25.2012

  7. gladiators fight lions. helmets made of bronze, outdated, outmoded. part of a gory tradition of the roots of civilization. human nature is perhaps expressed well forcing others to fight to the death.

    By an octopus URL on 04.25.2012

  8. As I walk into the colosseum, our tour guide approaches and tells us we are walking the same steps as the gladiators once did. She mentions that is why the steps are so huge.

    By Salim on 04.25.2012

  9. i saw him, he looked awful look he had just lost it all. But he just won it all. I just couldn’t understand. Then he just walked away and I never saw him again. I loved him and he never knew.

    By Alissa on 04.25.2012

  10. Gladiators were the pride of Greeks. The warriors that knew no bounds. Men with unending capability and courage. Think twice before you name a motorcycle after that. If it is not really great, your product will bomb.

    By Omkar Thakur on 04.25.2012

  11. The Roman Empire. That reminds me of my western civilizations class, we learned about it and watched bits of Troy. Yes, the one with Brad Pitt, haha it was nice cause he is fiiiine in that movie :) I wish I could have lived then..

    By EmilyKay URL on 04.25.2012

  12. Clad in armor and adorned with weapons-well-edged, she approached the conflict as a gladiator, ready to compete in the emotional arena of her mind, that a solution might come to the victor, that a solution might come to her.

    By L. A. Smith URL on 04.25.2012

  13. Once upon a time, there was a marvelous man named Jassed. Jassed was brave and true and could be one of the greatest men, but he was a gladiator. In the town of Hamburg, gladiators were worse that trash.

    By Molly on 04.25.2012

  14. Ancient Rome. New mutiny. My heart-strings have been tied into knots even the seamstresses of fate could not undo.

    By shannon URL on 04.25.2012

  15. So many lions, such a huge crowd looking over my shoulder.

    By Mary URL on 04.25.2012

  16. shoes. troy. st perpetua. persistence of ideal. beauty. class race gender time hope loss love. I wore gladiator shoes last summer and you kissed me and I cheated on you. I didn’t feel guilty until many months later when I realized that what I really wanted wasn’t him but you.

    By J on 04.25.2012

  17. Rome, strong, alive, death, blood, battlefield, destructive, evil, sparta, THIS IS SPARTA, tough.
    The gladiator is deadly.

    By Mark on 04.25.2012

  18. I loved the movie. When I think of gladiator, I think of being free, flying. Also, I’m writing after ages. This is fun.

    By Yachna Khare on 04.25.2012

  19. tough

    By M on 04.26.2012

  20. Sometimes I feel like a gladiator, doing battle with a range of weird animals: the weather, crowds, bad news, not to mention the mosquitos in the night.

    By E A M Harris URL on 04.26.2012

  21. Unfortunately, the image of the movie ‘Gladiator’ is too strong within this word to bring any creative form of thought into mind.

    By Sue Lee URL on 04.26.2012

  22. I could care less for a prince charming, give me a gladiator. I’d like to see him bare it all beneath fitted armor, selflessly helping me fight my battles.

    By Desiree J URL on 04.26.2012

  23. “Whether you like it or not, you are going,” his mom said.

    “You will make me dress up as a fairy,” he replied. “I only want to go if I can be a gladiator.”

    He saw her smile. “There is not much difference between them from what I can see. We will have a go. Do gladiators have big handlbar moustaches?”

    By Meredyth URL on 04.26.2012

  24. golden like song he says he is strong, but old, like the sun. Will he carry me to a world of no troubles. No. No. No. I say it is mine to harbour

    By puppetpoet URL on 04.26.2012

  25. You fight like a gladiator, he always said. The kicks and punches that I dealt him were stronger than anything a gladiator could have given him though. I know that I’m special, that my strength is nothing he can compete with.

    And I hate it. I hate that I’m the strong one. That I have to be the one who always has to show him how to fight.

    For once I’d like to just sit back and watch Nathaniel fight the battles. Not me. But it’s always me.

    By river URL on 04.26.2012

  26. I’m reminded of our fourth grade halloween parade. I was Gene Simmons, my best friend was a gladiator. What were you?

    Do you have a short story?

    make one up and share it with me

    By vanhaydu URL on 04.26.2012

  27. I’m a gladiator in the arena of life. We all are, but i think we should stop battling, stop tearing eachother down, and instead aid each other. We don’t need to fight just because we’re in an arena. The arena means nothing

    By meliora URL on 04.26.2012

  28. Sword in hand, he stood in the arena. The roar of the crowds filled his ears. And so it should. He was the best. His sword had sliced more enemies than any other. It was soaked in blood and stains that never came out.

    By quinis on 04.26.2012

  29. His name was unknown. His origin was unknown. Al that was known was that he had all of the answers–all of them.

    They called him the Gladiator.

    He was well-built, and appeared younger than he was. Not one would call him handsome, but he wore himself nobly. He was dressed in pure gold armor, off of which dangled rainbow feathers.

    By Diana Fourall on 04.26.2012

  30. There’s a tall man in the doory way. He’s old, broad, a figure of a warrior. His wife rests on the massive bed, sprawled like an angel, oblivious. He watches her sleep, unmoving.

    The dim light of the morning peeks shyly through the linen curtains, and he frowns sternly. Deep set scars on his face reflect his otherwise stony nature in the expression.

    He’d nearly lost today.


    Just inches away from death.

    By Allie on 04.26.2012

  31. The gates were opened, the lions went out of there cells, the gladiators stood in the middle of the arena. Unsure of what to do, praying for the sake of their lives, shaking and anxious. They weren’t prepared for this fight. They were armed, with swords and shields but that wasn’t enough. They have to strategize and to kill. Yes kill. In this arena, it’s killed or be killed. But in their case, it’s mostly going to “be killed”.

    By RmCalderon URL on 04.26.2012

  32. Gladiators are like the young 22-year-olds I have R-rated daydreams about boffing. Muscular, virile, and mostly stupid.

    By Viviane Spindrift on 04.26.2012

  33. He hates being strong. Strong meant sacrificing what you love most for what you’re supposed to love, and that wasn’t him at all.

    By みか★ちゃん URL on 04.26.2012

  34. Sometimes she felt like a gladiator against the ignorant people of the world.
    She had to correct speech and spelling; nobody cared about accuracy anymore.
    People didn’t even know they were making mistakes. What happened to high standards. She was the only gladiator left.

    By Robin on 04.26.2012

  35. The gladiator in the area was chasing a frog! The frog hissed and ate the galdiator. The gladiator said ah!!!

    By Lism,sam and nate on 04.26.2012

  36. HI, Mr. Ryan? Yeah, it’s me Susan in apt 4b. I think my gladiator needs to be fixed. What? My gladiator. You, know, where the heat come out. It’s freezing in here. Oh, radiator? yeah. that thing.

    By 3 berries on 04.26.2012

  37. He was walking down the hill , holding the sword in his hand. Then he heard running, people coming towards him . He pulled out his sword and swipe it across their faces. The ground was immediately splattered with fresh blood. One by one , bodies fell to the ground like snow , red snow. “haha” He snickered.

    By 8nimator URL on 04.26.2012

  38. sobs i’m out of ideas
    i love gladiator shoes
    no honestly

    today is not a good day for writing. (/_____\)

    By 데니스 (´▽`)/ URL on 04.26.2012

  39. I wanted to be your gladiator. The two people in my life that meant everything to me, even though I had never met you. I prayed for your safe keeping everyday. I prayed for your health and happiness. I wanted to be your champion, your gladiator. To be the big sister I have always dreamt of having.

    By Crystal on 04.26.2012

  40. I’d never seen a female gladiator before. In all my years in the city it had been large man after large man to dispose of, but never this. She was a little woman, and probably had been pretty although it was hard to tell with all the wounds on her.

    By zebra URL on 04.26.2012