July 2nd, 2011 | 405 Entries

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405 Entries for “given”

  1. the thrust of the hammer. the trickles of sweat, we all bent over backwards. it hasnt happened yet. we wait, we pry. lemonade and ice tea. the thrust of the hammer. the trickles of sweat. it hasnt happened yet.

    By SketchTheMessenger URL on 07.02.2011

  2. It’s a given. Moving sucks little green frogs. It turns your life upside down and inside out and makes you weep for the good ol’ days of not packing your life into cardboard squares. Can’t wait for this to be over.

    By Jen URL on 07.02.2011

  3. Fenris looked up at Anders with one eyebrow raised.

    “What is this?”

    Anders returned the expression.

    “It’s a gift.”

    “Why are you giving me something?”

    “Just take it.”

    “What is it?”

    “If you would shut up and take it, you’d know by now.”

    Warily, the elf took the parcel

    By TevinterSlave on 07.02.2011

  4. I have been given much in this life.

    By Lisa on 07.02.2011

  5. I was given a raisin one day when out of no where it grew into a beanstalk. And up that beanstalk was a woman. And near that woman was a baby. And next to that baby was a picture of myself. Am I the baby? Who is the woman? What has happened to the human form? Are we all dead? Am I dead? I awake. I have been given nothing.

    By Nash URL on 07.02.2011

  6. Time after time, it was always the same.

    He’d awake to a sun that didn’t shine, to air that he couldn’t breathe. Everything given to him was empty. Wasted. Wasted on a slave.

    But he would go about his work. It was what his master required, and it he would give it.

    By TevinterSlave URL on 07.02.2011

  7. given. i have given him everything. every part of me. and now, he’s come back to me. he knows that he hasn’t given me enough and he swears he’ll change that. i cannot wait to see what the future holds for us. i know in the future i won’t regret giving him everything.

    By Caroline URL on 07.02.2011

  8. A friend. A second chance. A wonderful family.
    A beautiful girl. A handsome son.

    I have been given more than I should have.

    By Ron on 07.02.2011

  9. When something is given, you know what is to be told. In the past, or possibly the present, whatever it is, it is apparent to you, or the group of people at large.. Given can also refer to something that is gifted to you, in the past.

    By heather on 07.02.2011

  10. To those who much is given, much is expected in return.

    By paulie aragon on 07.02.2011

  11. It’s a given. Something everyone should know. Common sense isn’t common anymore, so nothing is really a given, is it?

    By Callan on 07.02.2011

  12. I was given this opportunity to write in front of you. I believe that be given something is a gift. I was given a cookie once and it was tasty. There are five letters in the word given. Being given something means you are responsible. GIVE IT TO ME!

    By Jamie on 07.02.2011

  13. She was given a necklace. A necklace that explained everything and nothing simultaneously.
    Neither her or the giver particularly enjoyed the necklace.
    It was golden. With four types of stones: none of them matching.
    It was horrendous.

    By Rhia URL on 07.02.2011

  14. I have been given four perfect gifts – so they must be from God! Each is a special blessing and fills my life with a richness that can not be described with only words.

    By Marcia on 07.02.2011

  15. Giving something to someone else makes that thing something that has been given although they may not have wanted you to give them anything they cannot make that givven thing ungiven, so giving someone somethingcan be a way of imposing your will upon them. Now would anyone suspect you of trying to control them by giving them a gift? – of course they would, we all do it all the time and know exactly what we are doing. Even so, most gifts are well received and we thank the giver – which actually perpetuates the whole process and so the giving goes on….

    By Rawnie Jane Haigh URL on 07.02.2011

  16. When I was a child I was given a bike for my birthday. It wasn’t brand new, it was blue, it had curved handle bars. It was old, and it embarrassed me at the time. When my parents gave me a brand new purple bike a few years later, I hugged my Mum and cried. I don’t know if I was happy or sad.

    By Alice Jones URL on 07.02.2011

  17. Given this word to write about, I shall write. Writing is my hobby. Wait, not just a hobby. Writing is my life.

    By Samantha Birchall on 07.02.2011

  18. we are given the present as a gift. what will you do with your gift? i choose to give a piece of myself to all. if they see me and Christ that is in me then I have given my gift to those that need it. the love and joy i expose to all around me is given to me through their smile.

    By JennK URL on 07.02.2011

  19. There’s one day in our life that is unique from other days. It’s one of those memorable minutes and seconds that find us speechless. Like it was pre-ordained. You didn’t need to work for it. It was simply given to us.

    By Angelissa Untalan on 07.02.2011

  20. presents

    By dfg on 07.02.2011

  21. im giving my time right now. DAWG.

    By df on 07.02.2011

  22. Throughout life you are GIVEN:
    life lessons
    It was always given, but was it taken?

    By teddie on 07.02.2011

  23. So many things are given to us. Our names, our parents. There are some things that we don’t have a choice about. At first, anyway. When you think about it, life has no givens. We can change whatever we want. Isn’t that beautiful?

    By Autumn URL on 07.02.2011

  24. Sex? Um. I have a really bad swollen hip… The stairs gave that to me.. And no i am not a grandmother you dumbshit.. Pleasee… I need ice.. Now.. Preferabbly.. Am i rambling? Possibly.. Yes i am. Any way. Given. Hmmmmm given is an interesting word.. Not sure if its being used in the present or past..

    By Mints on 07.02.2011

  25. It was a given that David would come to John’s place that night. It had been a long day, and they weren’t scheduled to come shoot early in the morning. It was also a given that John would probably not be walking straight the day after that.

    By floppybelly URL on 07.02.2011

  26. given. things that are given are exactly that. once its given there is no taking it back. you can give material things or not. love, sorrow, pity. Gifts, thanks. mostly anything can be given. some things that are given we take for granted. others we wish wern’t given and dont accept it.

    By Kate URL on 07.02.2011

  27. He’d given her something. What was it? She didn’t care. Not one bit; not at all. She’d given him something in return. What it was? He didn’t give a hoot. It was enough that she’d given him something.

    A smile is all that was needed to be given to one another. A smile is all that is needed to brighten anyone’s day.

    By Lis on 07.02.2011

  28. Given? Oh, wow. Not sure what to write about that. No other word to choose from? No? Dang. Oh well, here goes something.
    Given, something.

    By Blake URL on 07.02.2011

  29. “What have you given me?!” Jesse asked as he rolled over in the morning and noticed his crotch was overrun by hungry squirrels.

    Teresa blushed and said, “I’m sorry. I should have told you, but I am afflicted with a rare venereal disease that makes slang terms for genitals literal.”

    By richpee URL on 07.02.2011

  30. It’s given me four reasons and I’ve given it almost six years. Everyone always wants something in return.

    By imchele URL on 07.02.2011

  31. i was given a computer for graduation from my grandmother. my grandmother barely had a full pencil to write with while she was it school. and she bought me a computer. oh how times have cheange

    By talisa flores on 07.02.2011

  32. An offering,
    Burning cinders, in remembrance
    Of what they once were:
    An offering,
    Smoking petals, a payment
    In debt to the earth.

    By Jadam URL on 07.02.2011

  33. once i was given a ring. it was not a pretty ring. it was a blue piece of rubber that he found on the ground. but it meant the world to me because it was the very last gift that he gave me before he was gone forever……the piece of rubber was beautiful…

    By bekah on 07.02.2011

  34. a given circumstance is something that you can’t control.
    most of the time.
    you react.
    you feel.
    you respond.

    i want to be more in control of my reactions.
    i want to be a human.
    but i want to be my own god.
    my own animal.
    my own everything.

    By Peter Mark Kendall URL on 07.02.2011

  35. i’ve given all i can, and yet, you still haven’t returned the gesture.
    aren’t relationships supposed to be a two way street? really?
    that’s funny, because you’re so good at taking and taking until i have nothing, yet you never GIVE.
    i’m done.
    i’m not giving you another chance.

    By Tanya URL on 07.02.2011

  36. The things that she had been given were plentiful; she had never wanted for anything and lived among frivolities. The things she cherished most of all were those that were neither tangible or exposed, safely squared away in the storehouse of her mind.

    By anonymous URL on 07.02.2011

  37. why? given is such an interesting word. it can mean something beautiful and something to cherish but this single word can mean something completely different to someone. maybe you do not want to be given something, maybe you think you don’t deserve it. maybe you know you deserve it but still don’t want to be given this because it will be a constant reminder that you will never be able to give anything back. thats the beauty of giving. sometimes you know in your sub conscience that you needed that reminder, a reminder that a friend loved you so much she was willing to give you something that you need desperately despite the irrational and inconvenient circumstances that might fall upon them because of willingness and their unconditional and irrevocably love for you. that is something that you can sometimes never be able to return…

    By bekah URL on 07.02.2011

  38. “given that you’re more robot then andy,mr.ratchet,you’ll have to get though me to get to andy…and you know what i am capable of.”

    By The Fake Dann URL on 07.02.2011

  39. Here then, gone now. Taken from my arms by the cold grasp of Death, he is here no more.

    By judyg13 URL on 07.02.2011

  40. I was given a silly word to write about when really all I wanted was some inspiration for my novel which was already about 4,000 words behind. I didn’t really know what to do, but all I could think was to open write or die in a window and write as fast and hard as possible.

    By Abigail on 07.02.2011