July 21st, 2010 | 221 Entries

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221 Entries for “gift”

  1. given quietly on a paper napkin slid across a diner tabletop she gets his number. he wonders if she’ll really call or if the thrill of confidence was enough of a gift.

    By becca Loo URL on 07.22.2010

  2. Something passed on. Something shifted. Something covered with good intentions, and feelings, and thoughts so that when opened it elicits laughter and joy from the other person. Something to wish to pass on, and something to leave behind.

    By kit URL on 07.22.2010

  3. someone who cares for you or wants to kiss your ass just got you something that you more than likely dont like or need.

    By Matt on 07.22.2010

  4. “Surprise me,” he said.
    He was not going to like the surprise.

    By Martin URL on 07.22.2010

  5. The people I have been lucky enough to be surrounded by are the true gifts in my life. There is no hope or love in being alone. Those around you make you better by allowing you to show the person you really are, no lies – just truth.

    By JedwardMac URL on 07.22.2010

  6. We already did gift? This website is regifting the gift of this word, “gift.”

    By Arnold on 07.22.2010

  7. “Here you go hija,” My aunt said, handing me a small package wrapped neatly in red. I ripped it open and saw the words “Slimmers Cookbook” in large blue letters on the cover.

    By abifosca on 07.22.2010

  8. the best gift i ever had was the gift of life. it allowed me to find this website and then write about the best gift ive ever had. well it didnt really specify if it was supposed to be the best gift ive ever had but if the topic is gift, im goin balls out.

    By armando rolando on 07.22.2010

  9. I like to give gifts. I like choosing something for other people even more than I like receiving gifts. Presents shouldn’t be chosen carelessly, as they say something about the giver as well as the recipient. I don’t know whether I felt this way as a child. Probably not.

    By MM URL on 07.22.2010

  10. it is in giving that we receive. that’s life. giving and receiving. you’re always at one end or the other. anywhere in between is just waiting.

    By Emily on 07.22.2010

  11. I would like to be gifted with a better singing voice. Maybe I’ll write to Santa. Do you think he can come through? Practice and patience are gifts I can give myself.

    By MM URL on 07.22.2010

  12. When we’re young, they so much to us, however, the older we become, our interest in receiving gifts slowly diminishes..

    By Biscuit URL on 07.22.2010

  13. I love gifts,they represent that people like you or they are cool enough to respect your birthday and Christmas,also,and other days,I like giving gifts,too,I love making people happy,it’s nice to see their hungry eyes when they open it!!

    By Manuela on 07.22.2010

  14. It’s not that I’m ungrateful. It’s just that she gives the same $25 dollar gift certificate every birthday and Channuka and no matter where I live, it’s just not a good idea to go to that store.

    By Lauren Scharf on 07.22.2010

  15. I’ve been given the gift of life,of sight,of happiness, and I am so grateful for the fuckup that brought me into this world.

    By Otter. on 07.22.2010

  16. I have a gift for my friend, I don’t know if I should give it to him though. He hasn’t been worthy of my time lately. I still love him though, and I still want to be his friend, but I don’t know what to do. Happy birthday, Matthew.

    By Samantha URL on 07.22.2010

  17. This is a curse, not a gift. This powerful, supercomputer brain of mine which can weave scenarios and instances and complicated mathematical equations just… like… that… Some say I’m smart and that I should be thankful for this smartness. I say I just think too much.

    By miatetangco URL on 07.22.2010

  18. First thought: my brown KAte Spade purse. A gift is an act of generousity from a friend for an unexpected reason

    By Litteacher URL on 07.22.2010

  19. The real gift is of life. Just to be here, on this planet is a miracle. A miracle that we take for granted. We are so busy DOING things that we forget to just sit quietly and think about what it means to be here. We are called Humane Beings…Not Human Doings. Have a peaceful day.

    By Peaceable on 07.22.2010

  20. We gave them gifts of gold, myrrh, and smallpox, and we expect in return nothing less than the surrender of their gods and traditions. I lifted my bow into the air and called out the faint hymn of nature.

    By Ryan Quinn URL on 07.22.2010

  21. Gifts can be amazing things. They should be personal though. Not gift cards, though money is often appreciated greatly as a gift. It’s much better to give someone a gift that is special to their likes and dislikes. It makes it so much better.

    By Mimi on 07.22.2010