July 22nd, 2010 | 270 Entries

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270 Entries for “driven”

  1. He looked around the room thinking of how to best duisguise himself in this situation. Should he dress in a different way, or just be the bold man of her dreams. “GYAHH, this lady she drives me nuts! How in the world will i ever think of a good way to impress her if i’m such a slum….”

    By Louisa on 07.23.2010

  2. I’m driven by so many things in life. The most prominent I believe is love. When love is introduced into one’s life they cannot help themselves. The drive to succeed to achieve becomes unbelievably irresistible.

    By Elza URL on 07.23.2010

  3. humans are driven for ambition
    one needs drive to have meaning in life, although others find meaning without

    By Anish Patel on 07.23.2010

  4. you say i can try harder
    you don’t notice my ambition
    you don’t notice my limp,
    my crestfall
    the way i sigh as you gloss over me
    me and my “laziness”
    you don’t see
    how driven
    i am.

    By Rebecca URL on 07.23.2010

  5. I am driven to be a good person. But only by me. Other people have god and the threat of eternal damnation but I think I’ll stick with good old person discipline.

    By Moira URL on 07.23.2010

  6. you always send me back, no matter how tired you are. every time. tonight was no exception, you drove me back, and somehow, i like the feeling of being driven around. thats the secret, thats why i always drag going for driving classes, i’m afraid once i get my license, i’d have to drive YOU around.

    By grace URL on 07.23.2010

  7. Zu weit. Die Kugel drehte sich und landete auf der schwarzen 22. Ich hatte auf die 21 gesetzt. Alles, was ich hatte, lag auf der 21. Ich hatte das Spiel verloren. Aber wollte ich es nicht auch so? Wie sonst hätte ich so etwas machen können?

    By chRIsTinA URL on 07.23.2010

  8. While he tried and tried to get over the fact that he had been stranded, beaten and robbed , he found it within himself to get to the closest gas station and ask for help.

    By Rosa on 07.23.2010

  9. Purple like Summer, the drive takes you there. anywhere you wanna go, the drive takes you there. you may get a flat tire along the way, and something slows you down. But in the end the drive and will to do it, gets you right where you wanna be.

    By Yasmine Carlson on 07.23.2010

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    By d byrne on 07.23.2010

  11. Flying at the speed of light, passing thru every town so fast you would never think that we’d driven this far.

    By Mayra URL on 07.23.2010

  12. He ran and ran through the darkness, not for his life, but to forget the beating he had just been subjected to by his ‘friend’. He wasn’t just going to stand there in the cold for death, he had to get help.

    By rj URL on 07.23.2010

  13. she was driven to drink before, back when things where darker. but now she was driven to dance. driven to run. driven to see something better. because she’d fixed herself, and she would never, ever let herself go back to the dark.

    By Gabrielle URL on 07.23.2010

  14. She was driven to madness by the mosquitos swarming. The night was hot and oppressive. “When would it end?” She thought to herself.

    By Debra on 07.23.2010

  15. She felt driven to end the thing that had begun so long ago, but her life was not her own anymore.

    By autumn Stephens on 07.23.2010

  16. I am driven to be here. I am driven to be me. I am driven to do what I have to do to get where I must. And I will run over anyone who tries to stop me.

    By Sarah URL on 07.23.2010

  17. We were on an old dirty road with trees and stars flashing past us. I had no idea where we were, where we were going. I wasn’t even sure who the man on the side of me was. I think this was a dream yet somehow I was pretty sure I had driven here before.

    By Natalie on 07.23.2010

  18. to drive

    By juliana on 07.23.2010

  19. I am driven insane by my job. I am driven by the desire to be good enough. I am driven around the city because I don’t have a license. I am bound and determined to be the best person I can be.

    By Vickie on 07.23.2010

  20. I have driven alone yesterday since I just got my license,
    It felt amazing, free, independent.
    I like that mature feeling
    I’m kind of a slow typer…

    By Daniel Pavlov on 07.23.2010

  21. “So you consider yourself to be a ‘driven’ individual?” He asked.
    “Yes sir, I do. I know that I can do this job.”
    “Even if it means lying to the public on a mass scale?”
    Sara didn’t hesitate.
    “I look at the bottom line for the company I work for, period.”

    By LManns URL on 07.23.2010

  22. He was driven by madness. He did not mean to harm the young girl, but killing her was the only way to make the voices stop.

    By Amanda URL on 07.23.2010

  23. I’ve been driven all over the place by people
    But I have a license now, so I’m independent, I can drive myself
    I’m driven by the desire to have a nice future still
    But I’ll get a license to drive myself at some point

    By Daniel Pavlov on 07.23.2010

  24. sure, I had no ambition, didn’t everyone always tell me that, those exact words, all of my life? But this time, this time was different. I was feeling something I had no recollection of having felt before. I felt driven.

    By bambi URL on 07.23.2010

  25. He had never been so driven to do anything before. It was this feeling that he could not shake now that made him abandon everything that he once found vital in his life to go on this journey that might just kill him.

    By Kristina URL on 07.23.2010

  26. If I hadn’t already driven so far, I would have stopped for him, but I wasn’t in the mood for conversation… so although I slowed down just a little, I never bothered to check my rear view mirror as I sped off in the night.

    By AlwaysLearning URL on 07.23.2010

  27. Think, why can’t i think?
    I should be writing about driven,
    But nothing is happening at all.
    My mind is more blank than it was when i started.
    I have no idea at all.
    I should be driven to write this poem,
    But i can think of nothing to say.
    So here it is.

    By Brooke on 07.23.2010

  28. I am driven to reach my full potential of what i know is possible in my life. I am driven to discover and live out why I am here, what it takes to be a human being and how much love one can experience through, persons, ideas and the ever unfolding universe.

    By Rachel URL on 07.23.2010

  29. I am driven
    I am driven to do everything in my power to be even more driven
    Driven to the ends of the earth to unmask the fears of all things that instill fear in me
    Driven to do what I consider to not be impossible, but hard
    Driven to open up when I have been enclosed in my own little boxed up world for too long
    Driven to break free of societies demands and dreams
    Driven to make the inevtable change in the blink of an eye
    I am just driven…
    To do what I want in life no matter what the consequences may be
    To be better than the ones that were before me
    To prove myself to me and to only me
    To let myself be a free spirit in the wind of my on integrity

    By Bria Magee on 07.23.2010

  30. Ugh. I love driven people. This is the 3rd time I’ve done this… :( And I cant figure it out for the life of me…Disappointment is what I’m going to think of everytime I see this word from now on.

    By Aleida Alfonso on 07.23.2010