December 3rd, 2013 | 124 Entries

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124 Entries for “geometric”

  1. i am a good student of mathematics in my class. i love geometric portion in maths.

    By samra on 12.04.2013

  2. Geometric shapes–the buildings, the windows. The perspective of the streets. If you look closer, they’re not as perfect as they appear or as they are imagined–instead, with the naked eye, you see cracks and broken pieces, ditches and holes scattered along the concrete.

    By Sarah-chan URL on 12.04.2013

  3. lines were forming across the country. Streetlights were coming on one by one. Under one particular streetlight was Micheal Deitrick, wondering what went wrong, pondering why he was sitting alone in a park instead of laying next to his now ex-wife.

    By Alex Howe URL on 12.04.2013

  4. This path which I walk, inside of it my mind. I traveled for some time to reach a destination, but it was nowhere to be found-
    Gone, I was, the next second seeing me nulled.

    By Jan2510 URL on 12.04.2013

  5. She stared at the geometric shape, wondering why someone drew a square on the paper around her name. It made no sense, her name was nothing special, but here was a box around it.

    By Rachel on 12.04.2013

  6. Geometric patterns of stained glass twinkled on the walls of the high-roofed church. The mass was congregated, sitting quietly as the choir sang admonitions of love to the sky.

    By nina on 12.04.2013

  7. She looks up at the glass-stained window, the amalgamation of colors swirling in geometric patterns and casting shadows around her, wonder in her eyes.
    A noise sounds from behind her, and she startles from the beauty, comes back to reality.

    By Jordan URL on 12.04.2013

  8. Her thoughts swirled relentlessly like the wind, following no particular shape or rhythm. That was the difference between the two of us. Mine were simple, easy to follow geometric patterns. There I’d be, following my daily routine when she’d show up, grab my hand, and whisper “let’s do something” in my ear before sweeping me up like a hellish tornado and landing me in the worst kinds of trouble. I both loved and hated it with all of my being. Nearly as passionately as I felt about her.

    By Foshizzlebeth URL on 12.04.2013

  9. There is always going to be that mystery. The misunderstanding of the geometric properties or how things “really” work. But isn’t that unknowing factor what keeps all of the world spinning? Isn’t that what keeps us on our toes from the day to day? Not knowing what shapes will shift in the world or what shifts will shape us is the greatest part of living.

    By Theresa on 12.04.2013

  10. You are unholy, your corners sharp and your edges mean. I’ve always been soft, just barely fitting into this cutthroat world. But you — you are everything they expect you to be yet not what they want. You’re not what anyone wants — don’t you see? They don’t want something caustic and hard and geometric. Perfection is a curse, you know. You are the most beautiful thing in the world, your triangular corners casting everything around you in shadow.

    You are doomed.

    By Rosalia Vanderbilt URL on 12.04.2013

  11. Shapes are geometric. It is one tp of the fundamental topics in early mathematics courses. Geometrics, or geometry, are also deatt with early on I’m high school. Though they are less prevalent later on. They are vital in vocations such as design, architecture, engineering ,aand construction. Geometrical poor structures will more likely than not fail at what they are designed to do. This is why triangles are on the most commonly used geometric shapes.

    By Lemonte on 12.04.2013

  12. He stepped back and gazed at the blood spattered on the wall. The victim had been removed but evidence of his violent death was painted dark red across the wall like a high gloss white canvas. The pattern of spray and dots seemed geometric. Maybe the killer fancied himself to be Monet or Van Gogh. Maybe Dali, the bastard was definitely mad.

    By EliseV URL on 12.04.2013

  13. time is timeless in a lyric that is so symmetric to the point that it makes none, the sum is not plus one making nonsense to geometrics, if you let it you will be rewired and have a brand new sense of settings. Xs will be added with Os and find amends with the something as senseless as kisses.

    By OnlyMy2Cents URL on 12.04.2013

  14. They tumbled down from the sky in slow motion. Each flake displayed a geometric miracle of mathematics and art disguised in simple fluffs. The inquisitive eye marvels at the perfection of nature, the precision of simplicity, the elegance of a single tiny creation all boggling a seeking mind with awe in miniscule sculptures.

    By JDwrites URL on 12.04.2013

  15. geometry sucks. geometric shapes can be gorgeous. like diamonds and other pretty rocks, when they’re broken or cut the right way. sparkling amethysts are the best. cut jaggedly but beautifully

    By Laura on 12.04.2013

  16. I already had this word. Geometry. I hate math. SHAPES. Geometric system. Is that a thing? I think it is. Running out of time. TRIANGLES.

    By Okay URL on 12.04.2013

  17. Hectic lines shop for dusty corners
    and gridlock quilts
    waiting to intersect
    waiting to snap together
    snap out of their psyche’s
    and snap into geometry.

    By Conor on 12.04.2013

  18. (Geometric) Sweater’s bearing ugly patterns fill the racks. I’m so excited. Ugly, oversized, super-soft sweaters are the greatest. The employee’s all have to wear matching blue polo’s. Sucks.

    By Beth A URL on 12.04.2013

  19. I look at the page of geometry homework in front of me and sigh, turning to my best friend.

    “Why do they make us do this?” I demand, shoving the page onto the floor with a huff. “I’m not going to become an architect or a designer in the future; why should I care?”

    Kein turns to me with an arched brow. “You love math,” he states simply.

    “No, I love numbers. I don’t love shapes.”

    “You’re going to hate Calculus, then; it turns into English.”

    I look at him blankly, and he laughs at me and returns to his work.

    By Evelynn URL on 12.04.2013

  20. i don’t exactly know what geometric means but Im sure someday ill learn. or perhaps i can grab the dictionary to my right. however that just be too much movement for the day, for me. I mean, I aleady got UP, OUT of my chair to tirelessly walk to the head. Whew, I get out of breath again just thinking about it. Geometric. Geometric…hmm. I used to like geometry….and I know a band named Metric..yea. GeoMetric. ha

    By Lloyd on 12.04.2013

  21. Shapes make up our world. Providing boundaries so that we know where to begin and where we have moved on to more possibilities.

    By Bchange.Cchange URL on 12.05.2013

  22. geometric shapes sliding over me, washing me away. their sharp corners cut and bruise me, but I don’t care, because they take away the pain. These bright little triangles are all I have now, now that you’re gone.

    By A on 12.05.2013

  23. He was such a rigid person, the contours of his face had become geometric in their pursuit of precision.

    By carrotfries URL on 12.05.2013

  24. We are not alike and
    I am not a pattern
    I am not your pattern
    or your routine

    I fiddle with chaos
    but through your eyes
    straight lines
    We are not geometric

    By Sapphire URL on 12.05.2013

  25. I love to draw geometric designs. From my days at school, I was fascinated by the drawings that we could do by just expanding on the lines that we had on the paper.

    By victor URL on 12.05.2013

  26. shapes. polygons. sharp edges. they’ll hurt you. change the base. be in a sphere.

    By yrjeah on 12.05.2013

  27. The angles and lines blurred in front of her eyes. All the closed shapes. All the corners to be trapped in. All the precision.

    By mrsmig URL on 12.05.2013

  28. Like the exact measurement of every side, line and dot, my eyes are fixed on your every move. Subtle to nest. Wrestle to rest. Tape it. Shape the whole thing.

    By Anna URL on 12.05.2013

  29. To think…she could have stood tall. Now, she would never stand. The loss of legs put her in this chair. To live such a geometric existence.

    By Denise on 12.05.2013

  30. Geometric. Metric. Geo. Geometric.

    By Kayla Pongrac URL on 12.05.2013

  31. euklidész jutott róla eszembe, meg a gravitáció. az általános relativitáselmélet, meg einstein. euklidésznek volt az a könyve… elemek? azt még most is meg lehet venni, ha valaki kívánja

    By pina fasz URL on 12.05.2013

  32. His face was all angles and planes, like a high school geometry lesson. His cheekbones jutted out and his eyes were the points I immediately focused on, two dark pools burning with resolve. But there were curves and bends too. His lips were soft, and his lashes were long, almost feminine. When I factored in his personality, Kade became a construction with too many sides to count.

    That terrified me. I had always looked for straightforward, and open, and simple- three things Kade would never be.

    By Jordan on 12.05.2013

  33. There was no sense to it, at least, not after ten pints of black, black stout. The geometric gentleness of the lacy foam fell, clinging to the insides of the glass, but it never went away.

    The foam slid down the glass, and across the glass, even up the glass, and finally, at last, it made sense.

    The foam had formed letters, and he realized there was a message in his beer. “Help me,” it said.

    By Anthony StClair URL on 12.05.2013

  34. The plan was completely successful. I had managed to distill my life and everything in it into a series of algebraic and/or geometric series, none of which including a string of non-terminating decimals. There were no transcendentals, imaginaries or negatives to be found here, oh no. Here, were numbers. Here, was life.

    By John Doe on 12.05.2013

  35. Take flight into my dreams of night

    rewrite plight in heinous spite
    personal slight, quite a bite of
    trite, vengeance, a sweetness
    so sour, devour and requite
    the price of pursuing your heart’s undenied delight. I might.
    Or, maybe,
    maybe I’ll walk to starbucks
    drink my coffee black
    and watch the starsfuck
    sneak away, toss my trash into a parked truck comets cumming closer now
    (earth’s face struck
    treasure earth’s displeasure
    a violence measure)
    Earth’s face struck like
    wind’s wicked winter wrath
    on soft, summer lips
    those vulnerable kissing tips;
    red roses withered, pink
    now and fading.
    Or, like children walking
    to school next to
    white pebbles
    safety pins on this trail
    in Afghanistan. A misstep.
    Meteor showers in reverse
    creating craters on
    child faces with those
    defenseless lips caressed
    by winter’s breath,
    faces belonging to sons
    of father’s who drive those trucks
    with the trash in back
    on their way to martyr life
    under the rain of comets
    their heart’s delighted
    not revenge, but the first strike

    In my dreams of night.

    By La Bête becomes Man URL on 12.05.2013

  36. geo like the lines of the angles of the shapes and the figures that fill the pages of the books with symbols and words I do not understand, I do not know, these numbers and lines I cannot form them into sentences

    By Nicole on 12.05.2013

  37. geometric shapes geometry algebra f

    By brandi s. on 12.05.2013

  38. Geometry! Aww I hate that lesson… Why should we care about the lengths of the sides of some shapes which are mixed up. I know that there are a lot of geometric shapes in the world. Such as buildings for rectangular prisms and Earth itself is a globe. But the only thing I care about the shapes are that they help us to draw and express our feelings on a paper.

    By Yağmur on 12.05.2013

  39. geometric geometric geometric geometric geometric geometric… It sounds funny, if you say it a lot!

    By yesilsac on 12.05.2013

  40. geo is likeable nice patterns tho sometimes unsophisticatecd and the
    plain and simple kind

    By jack blake URL on 12.05.2013