December 18th, 2012 | 263 Entries

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263 Entries for “game”

  1. there’s a game that we all know about and we are all engaged in and we may only escape in one way. we call that game life and the escape, death.

    By florence on 12.18.2012

  2. Life is full of games…game is life. We have to rise above our games…become aware of the world…to attain wisdom rather than playing games…we dont play games, in the end, they play

    By Mridul on 12.18.2012

  3. the fight for the final cut on this album is a game with the musician and me. who will win, obviously, is not me, but my say is relevant, dammit. i count. i’ve been here for long enough to matter. my words are not part of this but i am part. i am thread wound in the fabric and i am a pawn in the chess board.

    By Lj URL on 12.18.2012

  4. games… they’re a funny concept aren’t they? We all play games, but not all games to be played are fun. No, infact, most of the games played aren’t really meant to be games at all. There’s no set rules or boundaries. No set winners.

    Just deceit. Personal rules. & in the end, no one ends up winning. Do they?

    By Nichole Hemmings URL on 12.18.2012

  5. theres a game that most of the population play and part of the game is when you’ve thought about it, that means uve lost the game and you need to say it out loud. IVE LOST THE GAME!

    By Paola on 12.18.2012

  6. Lets play a game. It’s called love. The rules are this: you try and make me love you, if your ding well you succeed and give me something to miss. Then you tell me you don’t love me anymore and move on. That’s how you win.

    By Alex elbert on 12.18.2012

  7. Love all we need is love, people need love, everybody needs love
    the love is all you can have money you can have everything you want but if you dont have love you have nothing

    By djara URL on 12.18.2012

  8. He thinks that I played him like a game, But I only did what I thought I had to do so that I could try to be happier.. Does that make me selfish?

    By AngelDuCiel on 12.18.2012

  9. The big game of life, you mean? Eames wins everything at it, he Kobayashi Marus that shit like you wouldn’t believe. He knows how to make himself who he wants to be, has developed the skill early enough – sure, in response to what you might call terrible stimuli, if you want to be coy; in short, because it was a matter of life and death, with his Da beating everything in sight on the bad days (and there were a lot of bad days).

    By anatsuno on 12.18.2012

  10. What a silly game, this. It’s like falling with a backpack strapped to your back; present and comforting yet when it comes to pull the string we are left tumbling through limbo, wind flowing through matted hair. Eyes wide with anticipation and sudden realization that in the end it was all a game. A silly, made up game we justify in idealistic minds. We are bound. Chained by circumstances, by expectations.

    By Alecsa on 12.18.2012

  11. this should not be a game to be played by you but by us, this is a game which has not been made to be loathed, beacause love should not be a game, love shouldnt be played, it shouldnt be something you have to lose or win, sometimes you lose someones love and you have to win someones trust, but love itself is more than that

    By someone on 12.18.2012

  12. the game started easily leaving me with a quick impression of mastery. In time however it became harder and harder until it began to come clear that I was not playing the game, but was in fact being played by it. At no time did the feeling of fear and manipulation abate, but rather grew stronger and stronger until I was sure that I would die.

    By PMN on 12.18.2012

  13. The loud cheers eliciting from behind closed doors make him shiver in the most painful and enticing way. This is it. This is what he’s been practicing for six months. Going home at 10 in the evening, drenched in sweat and passion, clinging hi mud-and-grass-filled studs in one hand, and his bag stuffed with other disgusting clothes in the other.

    By Yein URL on 12.18.2012

  14. “Marion, this is not a game!”

    “I never suggested it was.”

    “Then do not treat it so lightly!”

    “I am supposed to be an effervescent flapper! I fear I must treat everything lightly! Even sleeping with the enemy. Especially sleeping with the enemy.”


    “This would be a poor time to confess your love for me.”

    By GloriousClio URL on 12.18.2012

  15. That is not a game.

    THIS is a game.

    I don’t care about Monopoly, or Sorry!, or Connect Four, or Racko, or Risk, or Settlers of Catan (OK, I kind of care about that one).

    This is a game. You, me, and a deck of cards. Both of us lying and telling the truth and trying to figure out which is which.

    All’s fair in poker, love, and war.

    And this game involves at least two of those.

    By Me URL on 12.18.2012

  16. The minutes that when you are distracted, seconds even when you are watching that other player, are where the game is won and lost. It is a balance between waiting to make a decision and acting so that you control the agenda and force your way through. Knowing what everyone else is doing is irrelevant if they are waiting for you or watching you to get out of your way.

    By Meredyth URL on 12.18.2012

  17. Game: a game is a gam plus “me” is “e” and they have only one have psychologue is a game avec les cerveaux et maintenant, c’est difficile a jouer.

    By Hali Brooke Mason URL on 12.18.2012

  18. ‘It was just a game’ they said. It seemed so innocent at the time, children playing a game. Until one of this children died. And I had to live with it. For every single day of my life. And I died. I was miserable, I was a wreck. But I lived. Sort of. If you can call this ‘living’. Life isn’t a game.

    By Delphine on 12.18.2012

  19. He thought it was all a game. But as she stared down at his innocent face, she realized he would never see sunshine, never see the sky. Never see his father.
    And it was her fault. As men in big black suits came to take him away, she felt cold metal against her hands and a man hold her back.
    And they took her baby. Away. Forever.
    She screamed out, and he realized it wasn’t a game anymore, and…
    it was her fault.

    By Emma URL on 12.18.2012

  20. The game. it was interesting, we played it when i was with my ex. the game. we lost it so many times. it was so much fun, we laughed so much! the game. so many memories. when things were good. when they treated me right. the game. i miss it.l those happy times. i wasn’t sad. we just played. laughter would come at any time, because someone said “the game”. now I’m alone. No inside jokes, no game, that’s it. nothing to do but text about smalltalk and sometimes encourage someone who’ll never care about me me the way i do about them. the game.i wish i could play it again.

    By Belle on 12.18.2012

  21. “Want to play a game?” He asks her with a wicked smile, revealing his dagger like teeth. “Not with you.” She replies coolly while walking away from him. He tries to stop her but gets stabbed instead, “Don’t touch me.” She growls at him.

    By Matty URL on 12.18.2012

  22. As a child, we played lots of board games. My family and I would sit down and scream at each other. I was the youngest, therefore worst at playing games. So I learned how to cheat. I cheated at every game we played. I was really good at cheating – still am. Cheating was the greatest thing I learned when playing games.

    By liz on 12.18.2012

  23. scrabble family fun fighting arguments memories sister family friends snow days game me g’s are cute Is this a game? Weird. Why am I doing this? Hmm.

    By Mallory on 12.18.2012

  24. I like to play games. I remember one time, we were playing pit (my mom, Janelle, Naomi, Leah, and Paul and I) and and and….I can’t remember. there were numerous times. My mom doesn’t especially like that game because it is just too fast for her. You have to be able to cope with lots of yelling to be able to play Pit. Personally, I love that game. Brings back many memories :) I just remember things like that that just make my day. There are various kinds of games. There are board games, (I always think this name is quite funny-you can play them while you are board…hehe) there are card games…games you play alone (such as solitaire)…made up games… and games such as playing house or school or the like (and I’m sure many more that I just can’t recall right now). There are so many games, that there’s no way to count them all. Even if you were to just try counting all the board games or the card games, there would be no possible way. I have not seen the statistics; I just know this for a fact because I realize just how many games there are. Games are a great source of entertainment. If you have a family gathering, for example, you may consume your time by playing a slow game such as Scrabble, or, if you wish, play a fast game such as Dutch Blitz. An example of a game you can play on teams is Cranium or Stare.

    By Sarah Lowe on 12.18.2012

  25. I’ve been playing a new game lately, people do not understand me but I am quite amazed by it. Its called moving your feet. Everythime you get mad at something you move your feet instead of yelling to the person you are mad with, that creates patience and tolerance. it is quite cathing and challenging.. it makes me a better person.

    By maria on 12.18.2012

  26. funny game it is. trying to figure out the patterns of life. the various patterns that are scattered all over. loosely, some times strewn strong.funny game.

    By abhinanda on 12.18.2012

  27. working in general
    bored sometimes
    every once in a while
    i form a smile
    in the corner of my mouth
    but i can’t tell if it’s a frown
    or a curved smile upside down
    wondering if it’s worth all the feign
    wondering if the day to day
    is just a game
    but every once in a while
    i form a pretend smile
    and sigh
    it’s just a game.

    By Matty M. on 12.18.2012

  28. game is a shop and also something you play like a computer game or a board game or anything fun basicy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    By soeli URL on 12.18.2012

  29. Game. That means so many things! What would you say a game is? Most people think of either something fun, or something painful, like heartbreak. I think of both. When my heart was alive, we played a game. Everyone laughed when it was mentioned. It was so fun. I wish I could go back to that game and be happy again…

    By Annabeth URL on 12.18.2012

  30. cracking fingers
    walking up your back
    just gently pressing into you
    release. release.
    we breathe in unison.
    release. release.
    and for a moment we take it all in.
    and stop.
    physicality. erotic impulse.
    it’s just a game.

    By Matty M. on 12.18.2012

  31. Isn’t that what it is? You get dropped at the starting line and you start crawling, walking, wandering, running, scrambling, floating, drifting to the finish line. Some people play to win. Some people play for fun. Some people don’t even know they are in the game. But it is a game. Whether there is a winner or a loser it subjective. If you win, you won. If you lose, you lost. I would say, though…everyone should play.

    It is the ultimate game in that the rules are unwritten, unspoken and you are allowed to make them up as you go along. Half the population will score you in violation while others will cheer your name. Maybe the only way you can really lose is if you play the game for someone else.

    By Ray on 12.18.2012

  32. The game is a function of business, whereby all the rules are swayed to the advantage of those who have the most money and can wait out the imminent demise of those who don’t. The object of the game is to gain as much money as possible in the shortest time regardless of potential future outcome. Legal issues that arise from the methods of winning are regarded as “business hazards” and can be traded in at game’s end for a better starting position in the next round.

    By Jeff Sylvester on 12.18.2012

  33. You think this is all a game. Trying to control my own character to lead it where I think it should go. But I keep dying. I keep losing. You keep fighting back and knocking me down. Just like a guy to do things like that. This is why I didn’t like playing video games with my brother. He was always better than me at those fighting games. But he always gave me a chance to defend myself. Not like other guys. At least I was trying. At least I was involved at playing games with him. Now I’m glad that I tried, because I may never be able to play games with him like we used to.

    By Silvercchile URL on 12.18.2012

  34. Funny, interesting, exciting. Generally brings joy to everyone who plays it. The word “game” is only associated with joyness.

    By Sergey URL on 12.18.2012

  35. “Its not a game!”, I screamed at the top of lungs.
    But no one was listening, and my lungs had been traversed to such a height so many times before that the shock my heart felt simply sunk like a stone and hit me in the chest along with the rest of your betrayal. Yes, heartache is a heavy hell we must walk through, and with such souls.

    By aly URL on 12.18.2012

  36. “Your move.”
    Parker surveyed the board with a practiced eye, playing with his little toy house as he studied it. The people around him groaned.
    “Come on, Park, just place the damn house.”
    “Yeah, it’s a GAME, not a life or death situation.”
    Parker looked up from the board to smirk at his two friends. “That kind of attitude is why I always win, and you guys always lose.”

    By hannah URL on 12.18.2012

  37. Games should be for little kids on the playground.
    For boys and girls in bright colored coats.
    They can run and jump and play.
    Lose or win.
    they go home to mom and dad
    they go
    where do we go?
    when we have lost our games
    lost other things
    in other places
    to other people
    along the way
    and why
    at 17
    am i still playing a game?

    By aly URL on 12.18.2012

  38. under the blanket, with a moon full of limericks we ponied up and drank in the hot insulated air just above the mattress

    By Josh Smith on 12.18.2012

  39. Das Spiel ist aus, mein Freundchen. Nimm deine Sachen und geh. Ja, auch die Turnschuhe. Na mach schon! Brauchst gar nicht so zu gucken! Nimm deinen Kram und hau ab. Und lass dich ja nicht noch einmal hier blicken. Bei mir hast du’s für immer verschissen.

    By Eli URL on 12.18.2012

  40. games to keep
    at bay
    and those to frighten
    our nightmares
    games to win the
    comeliest face
    all hips and hair and
    seamless grace

    By katiekieran URL on 12.18.2012