April 20th, 2011 | 474 Entries

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474 Entries for “gadget”

  1. I know that when I submit this and see all of the other entries I will be overwhelmed with Inspector Gadget references. This, of course, will leave me smiling as nothing is better than knowing everyone else had as magical a childhood as I did.

    By The Sophia URL on 04.20.2011

  2. The phone is a modern gadget. It’s very useful. She held the gadget in her pale hands. It was something she’d never thought would be invented. It was ingenious. It was something she’d always wanted, and now she had it. Her computer was a fairly large size. Lots of people used it. Especially her. And it was pretty cool. Lots of modern day gag

    By Helen on 04.20.2011

  3. go go gadget! the TV yelled. I was sitting at my desk drawing up a sketch of the best invention ever created. The lightbulb. HOwever, my dreams were soon crushed when I found out that that was already created. Shit.

    By The Writer URL on 04.20.2011

  4. apple. macbook pro. munch. poison! snow white on the floor. bite out of the apple. fallen from her hand. seven dwarves. prince charming. white horse. true love’s kiss. ride into the sunset. happily. ever. after.

    By Lexie on 04.20.2011

  5. Gadget. It’s just that. Crazy, how these things are.

    By Anonymous on 04.20.2011

  6. something cu

    By Emily URL on 04.20.2011

  7. i think of inspector gadget, but that’s normal for most people i guess. otherwise gadget always had a more james bond kind of feel to it. or steam punk stuff.

    By John Ackerman on 04.20.2011

  8. A machine can be a clumsy thing. But a gadget is a machine in it’s truest and most useful form. Pulled from a pocket, it could save a life or take one. Tonight she intended to do both.

    By Patrick Prejusa URL on 04.20.2011

  9. gadget-happy. what a word. many people are really happy with gadgets. they believe that owning high-tech gadgets is cool. but if you ask me, someone absorbed in such gadgets in public doesn’t look cool at all.

    By Kaorita on 04.20.2011

  10. sometimes gadgets are cool, but mostly they’re just useless. ipad? “if you don’t have an iphone, you don’t have an iphone.” really? thats the best your marketing team could come up with? or “the only phone you can surf the web and talk at the same time.” i have a computer to go on the internet, and a phone to make calls. i’m all set. i’ve survived this long without your gadgets, and i will continue to.

    By Scarlet URL on 04.20.2011

  11. The gadget man looked me dead in the eyes, he didn’t reply, his hat tipped down below his nose and you darted away behind the wall. I ran to the corner after him, but he’d already vanished, like a swift wind, mind, having a coat full of tools, his getaway was as subtle as a train crash and could be heard throughout the streets as he sprinted away

    By URL on 04.20.2011

  12. I can’t believe someone left me with that gadget. Who… the hell…. Damn! Why would they do that? Don’t they know what it does to me? Don’t they know what will happen if someone sees me holding it in my hand?! Bah! They don’t know anything. Or at least that’s what I say on the outside. I’ll use it later on tonight.

    By Jess on 04.20.2011

  13. Gadgets are useful things, they are tiny little trinkets often used in times of need. You never know when you may need one, it may just show up or you may have to search the depths of your messy closet. But like it or leave it, you’re lost without them.

    By Mary Kate House on 04.20.2011

  14. She pulled out her backpack, and rummaged through. She knew just the one she needed for the job. “Where is it? Don’t tell me I forgot to bring it,” She fingered a dozen gadgets before finding jus the one she needed, buried right at the bottom.

    By Carrie URL on 04.20.2011

  15. Inspector Gadget had a beagle, didn’t he? Or maybe I just think he did because I have a beagle and I think they are the best dogs. Pretty sure it was a beagle. Might have been a Jack Russell or something. Dude, didn’t Inspector Gadget shoot toothpaste form his fingers? What kind of power is THAT? BRUSH YOUR DAMN TEETH, PSHOWWW!

    By Julia Fox on 04.20.2011

  16. Something someone uses that can be electronic, such as a phone or technological device. Also – Go go gadget time booooi! Gadget can be used to fix things, it is miscellaneous. Gadgets are many things.

    By Shanda on 04.20.2011

  17. New gadgets were supposed to make her smile. She liked anything shiny that beeped, that had bright colors and flashing lights, but today when he laid the gift at her feet she didn’t even look at it, kept staring out the window at something only she could see.

    “How are you feeling today, Hannah?” he asked.

    She hummed noncommittally.


    She said, “Hannah’s not here. It’s Rachel right now. Didn’t the doctor tell you? There’s two of us in here.”

    By Nagi URL on 04.20.2011

  18. i dont know what this is but i suppose you just write about it and something happens. or maybe not.

    goo goo goo gadget spaceboots.


    By fred URL on 04.20.2011

  19. It’s always good to know
    what small thing you can take in hand
    to do the job
    If only the jobs that really need doing
    could be solved with something shiny
    costing $9.95….

    By angelofmercy URL on 04.20.2011

  20. Sitting on the bench in the early summer warmth, I watched the man on th bench across from me. He was oblivious to the glory of the day, the hilarity and sadness of the passers-by, and the fact that I wasn’t even attempting to disguise my gawking. Whatever the gadget was in his hand, it clearly owned him.

    By Heather URL on 04.20.2011

  21. Here and there little thing you sly smiling grey robot. crawl to me… crawl to them; hide in our pockets fool; hide in the daylight and darkness, and see that this… is not here for you. You are not real. You are only the figment of the humans mind and imagination. Like everything else you are an invention of hope… of hope turned to destruction and we will see you fall… we will see you fall and we will fall with you…. slowly down deeper and deeper into the ground of nothingness. you grey little thing you. don’t be scared. just know what your purpose here is. and live it before its too late. before your time is up.

    By dev on 04.20.2011

  22. I see every single thing we have in our everyday lives – they’re all gadgets. They were made by man/woman. The only things that aren’t made of gadgets? Earth and Mother Nature.

    By rachaelroyce URL on 04.20.2011

  23. “how do you work this strange gadget?”
    ‘U press the button!’
    ‘U know…the button!’

    By mel*** URL on 04.20.2011

  24. A “gadget” refers to something technological and nowadays does have the connotation to entertain although may broadly be referring to any sort of appliance or device. Gadget shops tend to sell many different of appliances, all generally quite small with various purpose.

    By Charlotte on 04.20.2011

  25. Go go gadget! Gadgets are frequently used as tools to help and aid humans in their spying and people-rescuing. Spy kids had gagdets. Spies had gadgets. If you don’t have a gadget, you’re not as cool as everyone else and you should just go die in a hole. I’m serious. Just… stop right now. Gagdets are the epitome of coolness.

    By Linzibee URL on 04.20.2011

  26. there was a man with gadgets for limbs. he was lonely. he didnt like people, so he didnt mind. he built things with his gadgets and made new gadget with his gadgets. he was happy. he often spoke to himself in strange tongues. in languages only he could dream up and by extension understand. he sharpened his gadgets, and minded them. he loved his gadgets.

    By brigitte on 04.20.2011

  27. i like this word. it is fun. gadget. it makes me think of something new and useful. i call my ipod a gadget. it also makes me think of the movie inspector gadget. i wonder who came up with the word.

    By Emily on 04.20.2011

  28. A gadget can come inmany unique sizes and shapes. My favorite gadget is one that many others have never seen prior. It is used in the kitchen and makes designing dinners and party dishes cool. The finished product is simply amazing and astonishes even the best of your critics.

    By Joleen on 04.20.2011

  29. I’m a device, fitting in your hand or taking up your wall. I create, I destroy, I mold, I bend. I’m useful and innovative. I take your jobs and make your world.

    By Sarah URL on 04.20.2011

  30. something that we own to make us feel worthy, usually high tech or electrical, you feel good for having it, sometimes even popular, it makes you 21st century.

    By Yulia on 04.20.2011

  31. Hi.

    Yesterday I added a new gadget on my blog on the right hand side…“Got Questions?”

    Check it out.


    By vanhaydu URL on 04.20.2011

  32. T

    By Sophia on 04.20.2011

  33. Ummm…this is sort of like the last word…oh well. I like gadgets. There useful. They mean a lot in my life.

    By !@#123onetwothree on 04.20.2011

  34. gadgets. The types of things that basically make teens today slaves. too much can be bad for your health… :) idk random ik…

    By Amanda I URL on 04.20.2011

  35. inspector cartoon inept lucky goofy reminds of childhood friends laughing with my parents wasting time dreaming of the impossible

    By jessica on 04.20.2011

  36. Gadget always reminds me of Inspector Gadget. I feel bad for his nemesis, he seems like such a lonely person sometimes. Duh nuh nuh na nuh nuh nuh nah nuh, duh nuh nu na nuh.

    By Ryan Snyder on 04.20.2011

  37. This is insane. Stream of consciousness is just psychobabble. William Faulkner did this stuff in the sound and the fury…which is horrible.

    By john on 04.20.2011

  38. gadgets are constantly evolving. It seems that today they change and improve at almost a daily pace. Gadgets can make our lives easier and more convenient. From a new electric shaver to a key that starts your car remotely technology is always shaping our everyday lives.

    By matt on 04.20.2011

  39. go go gadget is the first thing that pops into my head. miss that movie, was a classic, but of course disney butchered it by making like ten…. whats up with that anyways, like lion king original wasnt good enough they need to make two?…

    By kyle on 04.20.2011

  40. Gizmos, gadgets, thingamabobs, and everything else that you could think of were strewn all over the floor. You couldn’t take a step without some sharp metal or plastic things digging into your foot bottom. And on the other side of the room there lay my shoes.

    By Gabbie URL on 04.20.2011