April 20th, 2011 | 474 Entries

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474 Entries for “gadget”

  1. Gadgets are what make the world work. Little gadgets, big gadgets. A gadget is what led to the first car, the first telephone, the first inventions that became great were nothing but gadgets at the start. They’re fun to tinker with, they spark creativity. Plus, there was an Inspector Gadget. He had a niece named Penny and a dog named Brain.

    By Nichole on 04.20.2011

  2. GO GO GADGET. i miss being so easily impressed by films. I think the internet has made my attention span shorter, which doesn’t help. I want to watch documentaries this summer. On my laptop, which is sort of a gadget? oh, my mind wanders. I hope i can get a good job this summer.

    By Alex URL on 04.20.2011

  3. gadget sounds like such a cool word, no one uses it though, it sounds like something a robot would use, “I need my gadget”. It looks cool too, gad, get. wow, thats’s all I can think of.

    By Dinah H. on 04.20.2011

  4. It was a simple looking thing. According to the professor it had enough knowledge to challenge Cambridge. It was small and gray with a small screen.

    By Pedider on 04.20.2011

  5. creation and exaltation, things going together, or not. invention and creative supplementation. intelligent execution, tools above all else, unneeded or otherwise. things to help us go farther, things to help us look back.

    By tess on 04.20.2011

  6. thing

    By sarah on 04.20.2011

  7. there’s too much to do. my computer is bust
    there’s grime on the screen
    the keyboard’s covered in dust.

    all this work and i’m a cripple
    cause my gadget’s a nipple
    and all i can do is cry

    By Kachchi on 04.20.2011

  8. Gadget. huh?! I would have to start a writing challenge with a word like that. Not a word I, personally, use in daily life. A gadget to me is something mechanical. i am more of the spiritual, embodied sort. Cerebral, some people would say.

    By Jesse Majick URL on 04.20.2011

  9. Go Go Gadget arm! Inspector Gadget was probably the worst police officer their every was. Good thing his smart dog and niece always had his back, and how did that dog know how to drive a car but not talk, but Scooby Doo could talk but not drive a car? I would rather hang with Scooby Doo.

    By CT URL on 04.20.2011

  10. I’ve got gadgets and gismos of plenty, whos its and whats its galore, you want thingimabobs ive got twenty but who cares, no big deal, i want more, i want to be where the people are
    little mermaid

    By The Person URL on 04.20.2011

  11. Professor Caleb Kapsner’s lab was full of odd-ends, doohickeys and other strange gadgets. But it was the jetpack/microwave that I liked the best.

    By Caleb on 04.20.2011

  12. Gadgets. What do they do? they have so many purposes here. technology has definitely improved and today we have so many gadgets. neat little things. they amuse us, they entertain us, they let us use them, they are useful. cell phones are gadgets, providing instant communication to anyone in the whole wide world. gadgets are so neat. what do your gadgets do?

    By Nicole URL on 04.20.2011

  13. The gadget seemed out of place. I don’t know where it belonged, but definitely not at a murder scene. Who would have left it there and why? What was it for? It looked like some futuristic toy.

    By Becky on 04.20.2011

  14. a gadget for this and one for that and yet another for something else
    we are people in need of gadgets these days
    thinking that life will be simpler with them
    although it is only feeling a need to have a new toy no matter what the cost

    By she53lly URL on 04.20.2011

  15. inspector gadget was a guy with a trench coat full of gadgets. gadgets are tools? or items?? go gadget go go gadget inspector gadget. flying hat.

    By Liz on 04.20.2011

  16. I ran up to the wall–two minutes left, I see pipes, levers, more wall, shit, shit, shit, okay, that one’s low hanging. Get up to it, swing around, there goes my hope.

    By gimec URL on 04.20.2011

  17. When I first see the word, I read it as “Gad Get.” But then I see “gadget”, and ponder about yesterday’s word, which was “Robot.” What is with all of this technology afoot? What is this world coming to?! AHHHHHH!

    By Clare Edlund URL on 04.20.2011

  18. It sprang open and stood in front of him and blinked. He looked from his hand to the gadget which appeared so lifelike now. It shuttered and whirred and began to jump on its strange metal legs. The jointed “knees” bent as it landed to cushion the impact of its landings. It made an almost friendly sounding humming noise and one of the visual receptors at the top appeared to wink at him.

    By Stacey W. URL on 04.20.2011

  19. Gadget. That was his nickname for me. Here I was, interning as this high end marketing firm and yet, my job was to fix people’s computer issues. I never should have put “Geek Squad” on my resume. I’ll always be that guy.

    By Sara on 04.20.2011

  20. “Gadget! Heal boy!” steven called to his dog in a shaky voice. “Come away from the edge boy…” he almost whispered to the dog. Gadget was standing on the edge of the grand canyon where his red ball had fallen off. From experience Steven knew his dog would do anything for that ball. Once when it was stuck on the roof he had climbed out the window to get it and had almost fallen off.

    By Julie URL on 04.20.2011

  21. Gadget, a thing we create. Why? For fun I suppose. Or for science. Or to find out something useful or useless about our selves. I think the most fudamental thing about a gadget is it MUST be useless. But in the event we make a useless object, the journey from it’s conception as an idea and its fruition as a physical object will make use better.

    By Declan Candela on 04.20.2011

  22. Alec looked at the little gadget in his hands. “What is it?” He asked aloud, turning the purple thing over once or twice. Magnus replied, giggling a bit, that is was an mp3. It had music on it. If only the Shadowhunter had known what Magnus had put on it…

    By A Kitten in the Stars URL on 04.20.2011

  23. this gadget is more like a badge. it identifies who i am! what i am! what i do for a living. its my life. without it…well i cant imagine life without this. i wear it close to my heart whether im working or not. whether you see it there or not, im always wearing this badge, or what you like to call it…gadget.

    By Katie URL on 04.20.2011

  24. something you play with could be useless small trinket found on the floor under things forgotten after a certain time bought on a whim not sure of the actual use for it interesting for a short time not something to use for awhile

    By Fraser on 04.20.2011

  25. I like to make gadgets out of things I find. They don’t do much, but that’s okay, it is a proccess. sometimes my gadgets fall apart and sometimes I leave them laying around for people to find. It is always fun when my roommate says…Becky what the hell is this!

    By Beckster on 04.20.2011

  26. Go-Go Gadget roller skates!

    By connor URL on 04.20.2011

  27. Gadgets are fancy contraptions that most adults dont know how to use. They are all like “Dag-nam the fancy gadgets!”

    By McCrazy URL on 04.20.2011

  28. Gadgets are very useful tools they can be anything that uses ipods or just technology just like old people hate them.

    By devin21 URL on 04.20.2011

  29. gadgets are technology <(")

    By richardArrazola on 04.20.2011

  30. A gadget is like a tool. It doesn’t mater what you use it for so long as it’s able to be used for something whether it’s broken or not. That is what a gadget is for!

    By ZO3Y URL on 04.20.2011

  31. go-go gadget umbrella!

    By mushihimesamafutari URL on 04.20.2011

  32. Gadget, what a lame word, well that’s what I think anyway. Like inspector gadget, he’s all high-tech and stuff, and hobo’s do not have gadgets because they aren’t cool.

    By Autumn The Great Wilson(: URL on 04.20.2011

  33. There are all sorts of gadgets nowadays that can do pretty much anything you want them to. It sounds rather obvious, but it’s actually really important to appreciate all of this technology. Anything you want can be called a gadget, if you think about it, as long as it does something specialized more efficiently than normal.

    By AshlyW URL on 04.20.2011

  34. I like fancy gadgets:) They make the world go round. The world is becoming full of gadgets. Everywhere you go you will find a “gadget”.

    By Kortney URL on 04.20.2011

  35. gidgets and gradgets
    broken sticks and fragments
    unfinished thoughts and muddy howyoudo’s
    roll over them for a back massage from no one in particular

    By [entury Goth|c Med!um URL on 04.20.2011

  36. HMMM…. hobos want to invent a gadget. its called a hobo shack. one time i say a hobo shack and there was an arrow outside the hobo shack.

    By Jarrett Judkins URL on 04.20.2011

  37. Gadgets are technology in one form or another, not always electronic. An abacus is a gadget.

    By Teresa URL on 04.20.2011

  38. Ah…gadget. Who uses that word anymore? I seriously haven’t heard a person say that. There was some sort of movie that involved the word, but I never saw it. So I’ve honestly never heard a person say the word until this class period started and pretty much everyone said it when they got to this website.

    By Annie URL on 04.20.2011

  39. inspector gadget.. hahHAH it reminds me of toothpaste and that sweet car.. and it makes me feel wonderful that i was a bad ass before i even started smoking weed… :) bahahaha oh gotta enjoy the little things.

    By Estelle Black on 04.20.2011

  40. gadget . . . . . . . . . umm i cant think of anything what comes to mind is inspector gadget cause i heard some students in my class talking about it when they where doing there one word?

    By Jonathan Pizano URL on 04.20.2011