July 23rd, 2012 | 280 Entries

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280 Entries for “fuses”

  1. Her fuses were burning short and quick and you could see it in her eyes as she stood on the windswept street, her moon burned hair tangling in the breeze. They stood across from her, just as hard and cold as anything, but she would never budge and they knew it. Her fingers snapped twice and ghostly dogs appeared at her sides, teeth barred in silent snarls.

    By Mairead URL on 07.23.2012

  2. The fuses blew at once and every house in the neighborhood went dark. The street lights went off too, engulfing the entire area in the night as it was made to be experienced: total darkness.

    By dan URL on 07.23.2012

  3. Hot link between two forces that rdes delicate along a line of possiblities and nuances. Breakable with sligttest off balance of power. Ready to blow, ready to hold it altogether

    By LJ on 07.23.2012

  4. we don’t have fuses, we have circuit breakers.
    We should la elnthem so when the power goes out we can
    Find the right room but we have not And so we live in the dark.

    By Robin URL on 07.23.2012

  5. It never failed. Always at night.  As much as she replaced the fuses, they always seemed to blow after two weeks. It was the house. She was convinced she wasn’t alone.There was some solace in the idea that he might be the one haunting the home. That didn’t  make it any easier, being without him. Still didn’t explain why he liked to plunge the home into darkness every so often. 

    By Meghan Gabehart URL on 07.23.2012

  6. The fuse box was in the basement and really did have fuses. Not breakers, but the screw in, glass top, old-fashioned kind of fuses. She’s known how old the house was when she bought it, but this just confirmed it. Smiling, she reached for the box of extra fuses that was on top, and replaced the blown one.

    By Debbie URL on 07.23.2012

  7. The fuses were lit on all of the sticks of dynamite. KKKKKKAAAABBBBOOOOMMM! and the mountain gave way and turned into rubble.

    By michelle on 07.23.2012

  8. spark, light the night
    cooking dinner, and it stops
    hunting around to find the one, in the dark
    like life, in the dark, it only i could buy a fuse
    at the hardware store and plug it into my life box

    By cassandra on 07.23.2012

  9. the fuses were sparking, he was afraid that it would set the place alight. The fuses, he thought fuses, irony, he was fused with the machine, body and mind fused with the intricate cables and knives of nano sized machines soiling his pure human body so that he could never go home to his native society, and his beliefs, well they would have to change, he was no longer clean, his religion had to fall with him.

    By DSLADE on 07.23.2012

  10. When two things fuse together it means they are joined and would be very difficult to separate. For example, two bits of metal could be fused together by heating them up to melt the ends, then allowing them to become hard once joined. This would make only one resultant piece of metal.

    By Kathryn on 07.23.2012

  11. gases, fums, lighters, cigarestes, tnt, alfred nobel, dinamite, explosion big bang, universe, saturn.

    By marko on 07.23.2012

  12. She fuses ideas together like a crafter with a hot glue gun. If they are in proximity to one another, she will glom them together. No logic needed. And then blather. And blather.

    By Ruth URL on 07.23.2012

  13. “you got sixty seconds!”
    “Shit! What about the bomb squad?”
    “They’re not going to make it in time! You have to cut one!”
    The blond officer looked down at the bomb that had been delivered to his house and looked up at his brunette girlfriend who was telling him this.
    “What should I do?” He asked concerned for both of their lives and feeling hopelessness rise in his throat; choking him.
    “Cut one.” She said calmly “At least than we have a fifty percent chance.”
    He looked down and picked up the wire clippers. His hands were shaking. He neared one of the wires and recoiled a bit then continued.

    By Hannnah on 07.23.2012

  14. fuses are interesting things. its a word with multiple meanings and a various amount of abilities. the color fuses together in my cousins dream which was really weird.

    By audrey on 07.23.2012

  15. Pop! We stumble down the stairs, tripping over each other in laughter. Moving toward the electrical box we find that the fuses are all blown. “We’ve really done it this time” he says, and we fall to the ground lurching and holding our bellies in hysterics.

    By Mary Hawt Mama Sheys URL on 07.23.2012

  16. her grass stained knees kneaded my heart like clay. i’m stuck in yesterdays yoga positon.

    By drew URL on 07.23.2012

  17. The small cylinders awaiting me to light. Watching my every move, taunting me. I stride a bit closer, and strike a match. Perfect. I backup slowly, and watch my masterpiece unfold.

    By Katy on 07.23.2012

  18. Taking the molten hot metal out of the fire, he fuses the hilt to the blade. It shines in the firelight, it’s elfin metal glimmering with all kinds of colors and magic.
    “I will call you Excalibur.” The proud blacksmith announced to himself.
    The next day the magical sword was stolen. The blacksmith was devastated, his life’s work, gone. He heard stories of a King in a faraway land called Camelot who had a magic sword.
    Revenge was on his mind. He will get his precious back.

    By Gaia Serene URL on 07.23.2012

  19. ok

    By Fabric Spell in Ushe URL on 07.23.2012

  20. “You keep flying like that, these fuses aren’t going to last the warp jump!” screamed the intercom built into his head rest. Adrian ignored his mechanic’s warning and slammed the joystick to the right, just dodging the lasers the government cruiser had fired.

    By Isilo Aranel URL on 07.23.2012

  21. In the springtime the colors of the flowers fuse together with the background, making a splash of paints on a once empty canvas. The reds flow with the blues, which flows with the yellows and greens. As the eye stares, the focus blurs, making it all flow together into one big pit. You can not see where the colors start or stop, only that they are. But are they?

    By Satu on 07.23.2012

  22. Short fuse box.

    That’s what I call anyone who has a short temper; I’ve known quite a few people who do that. They tend to get mad at the slightest, silliest of things, not to mention the big ones. They’re very vain … they are overprotective of things that are theirs.

    I hope never to run into a lit fuse other than an imaginary temper one. Exploding things are not good. Especially if you are too close …

    By Patri URL on 07.23.2012

  23. Given that I can’t change a fuse to save my life, I thought it was rather brave of me to step forward and offer that night. It was during the party and Jeff was making eyes at Lorraine again. It’s man up time and so to the fuses I went.

    By E.P. Hantera on 07.23.2012

  24. Fuses, like the present participle of to fuse. Put two things together. You could also take it as a plural form of the word fuse like the electrical thing?

    By Kurtis URL on 07.23.2012

  25. i fuses my penis in her every night. giggity giggity i like sex

    By bobo on 07.23.2012

  26. They come and go never ending currents eloping through infinity which is really all a spectrum of your imagination. Does it whimper when not found and will you hear it when there is no one around. The frequencies of your life are in full range driving themselves to heaven and back.

    By Liz on 07.23.2012

  27. When we go into the garage to open up the fuse box, we have to battle boxes and boxes of books and toys and gifts. It’s hidden in the far back corner under cobwebs and leaning bars of timber.

    By Nicole URL on 07.23.2012

  28. there are fuses in my heart left by you. I can light them when I drink. Or they light themselves. and I’m not sure what happens after that. I wish I could cut them. or pretend they don’t exist at all. except they do. when you’re around. maybe i’ll blow one day.

    By Elaine URL on 07.23.2012

  29. light the fuses and stand back
    hear the hiss and pop
    watch the spark travel
    slow and sinuous
    dancing across the pavement

    tick tick


    By Domiknitrix URL on 07.23.2012

  30. fuses
    jumping, sparking, burning
    so easy to set off, so easy
    once lit, impossible to crush
    singing, stinging, sparkling
    starting a fire that can’t be put out

    By Poppy URL on 07.23.2012

  31. Boom! There’s dynamites everywhere. The building start to collapse after the deflagration. Slowly, firmly, it crashes.

    By Alex on 07.23.2012

  32. Fuses are red, or so they tell me. I dont believe in magic but i´ve seen more than magic in my time you know? Let me introduce you to Melma. She doesn´t wamt tp be my girlfriend.

    By Francisco on 07.23.2012

  33. Fuses. Bombs, boom! Explosions, killing thousands.

    By Tiffany URL on 07.23.2012

  34. Fuses belong in cars and many other devices. They help direct the power to the correct place. When you blow a fuse it has to be replaced. Every house had a fuse box filled with switches.

    By Dallas Sternberg on 07.23.2012

  35. The fuses were wet and, therefore, useless. It made me happy…I was tired of the fireworks going off in my neighborhood from dawn until dusk.

    By Jean on 07.23.2012

  36. The fuses went off like fireworks exploding into the night. Boom! Pow! It left in its wake a fiery sensation of pity and grievance. Something no one can bear to stand… At least as long as you aren’t in the flames. I wasn’t it the flames… I got the sick joy of watching. I’m proud to say, it filled me with a love-hate longing.

    By bay on 07.23.2012

  37. A process in which to things meld together.
    Creating something with two, or more, parts equaling a new whole.

    Also the item that allows the safe use of electricity. Guaranteed to blow when you have no batteries in your flash light or are finally finished with something on your computer and haven’t saved.

    By Cassie on 07.23.2012

  38. They sparked along the walls, scaring all that could see. What were they for? What did they stand on? No one knew. But they brought destruction. Pain, horror. Death. And so they all ran.

    By Emily on 07.23.2012

  39. They sparked along the walls, scaring all that could see. What were they for? What did they stand on? No one knew. But they brought destruction. Pain, horror. Death. And so they all ran.

    By Emily on 07.23.2012

  40. i dont know what this word means… i think it sounds coral! like spongebob, cool is called CORAL!!! Im special that way! i love peanut butter… and milk. so i think this has to do with fire. but idk. “i like glitter and sparkly dresses!” ~taylor swift monologue song (lalala) jumping through the forest with my horse sage shes so cute! bye for now.

    By jo on 07.23.2012