September 14th, 2012 | 239 Entries

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239 Entries for “fried”

  1. The fall is great, the tress is moving, I ate a frog and fell down a well. How am I still alive? Where am I? No really, where am I? The other day i saw a ghost, he told me to fuck off.

    By Steampunker on 09.14.2012

  2. “That’s your plan? You want to fry an egg on the sidewalk in the middle of winter?”
    “Well it’s different isn’t it? I just need a lot of heaters and heat lamps and then…”
    “You’ll have a giant electric bill and a cold egg.”

    By April URL on 09.14.2012

  3. The sausage hit the pan and sizzled loudly, a hush of steam rising as they mixed with the onions. Dave didn’t look up from where he sat as Mark stirred the fried bits together. The heady scent of the onions browning rose in the air.

    By Fluidfyre URL on 09.14.2012

  4. i’m fried . I’m sick of it all. babys fried. eggs. we all are. whats next/ why is it this way? i feel so lonely and am not sure why. was i born this way? what’s next? tell me something is next? there’s gotta be more than just these fried eggs…

    By Emma on 09.14.2012

  5. something I should never eat. never ever ever
    it is so magically yummy and delicious however
    he eats it all the time
    i would bake it but the oil is calling me. i swear it is.
    if i could fry my heart i would
    because he would love it more. so much more. I swear.
    I wish I were the oil sometimes.
    So everything that I touched he would desire more and more just because I was around.
    and I would be oh so magical to him.

    By Lex URL on 09.14.2012

  6. I had to think on my feet. I was good at it. I was good of never getting caught off guard. I wasn’t about to go down with this bitch. It wasn’t in my cards. So I did what I did best and prepared myself against a fight with my shadow.

    By Ruben URL on 09.14.2012

  7. She was fried. She knew that she was fried. She knew that there was no hope, anymore, that she would be able to escape the chamber on her own; it was too late. She had refused her companions’ offers of help against the heat, and she was going to pay for it in a slow and painful death.

    Christine had heard stories–horrifying ones. Supposedly, if you stayed in a Chamber long enough, then you would slowly cook from the inside, until you eventually exploded. The Chamber in their shuttle had been busted–someone needed to go in and fix it, and Jasper had been out of commission. Being the idiot that she always was, she went in without help.

    And now she was going to die.

    By Brandi URL on 09.14.2012

  8. fried.past tense of the word fry,.fry is a traditional way of cooking where you put oil on the pan and let it be hot for few seconds and thats when you could put the main ingredient that you wish to be FRIED. fried.

    By joel binay URL on 09.14.2012

  9. I don’t know what is it mean, my language is not the English, I’m Saudi :)

    By Kareem on 09.14.2012

  10. The greasy fried butter was piled up on my plate. I stared in awe at the cholesterol filled fatness. Suddenly, my hands grasped the pile of grease and shoved the contents into my mouth. My heart stopped, literally.

    By Abby URL on 09.14.2012

  11. Dude,t’s like we couldn’t move a muscle, because we were totally fried. It was awesome. The Tv, man. The TV. Pass me the Cheetos, dude.

    By Randy B URL on 09.14.2012

  12. Their skin was nearly fried. The sun beat upon them relentlessly as they continued their traversal. No color was identifiable except the white glare of the sun that engulfed their view, all around them and reflected from the sand.

    By Sam URL on 09.14.2012

  13. chicken. potatoes. sunburn. I mostly think about food, everything is fried now. Unless….it is a person, then fried can be a sunburn. I guess it is the process of being burnt in a large amount of grease!

    By Amanda URL on 09.14.2012

  14. I feel like out of the space. Nobody is here. I’m not here. I see some starts in a black space, but don’t know where is the line between me and them. How to find it?

    By Aira on 09.14.2012

  15. crackled,
    you are the chip crunching under my boot
    forever trying to piece you back together

    By Kyra Bee URL on 09.14.2012

  16. scattered bit of flesh
    sparkle beneath their soles
    never knowing how soft it could be
    only running away from
    the truth behing their eyes
    they were fried

    By Kyra Bee URL on 09.14.2012

  17. The most delicious adjective ever? Give her a think there once: fried chicken, fried catfish, French fires, WHY AM I STILL TALKING? My mother’s fried chicken is the best food you’ll ever eat!!!

    By Aaron URL on 09.14.2012

  18. After a night of drinking and inadequate sleep, I’m fried the next day. For the next day after a binge, I am in constant danger of falling asleep standing up, or saying/doing something that seems insane.

    By dan URL on 09.14.2012

  19. me brains are fried, soooo much organization, papers to write, people to love, uggg im taking a nap now! solidify pressurization

    By Chante URL on 09.14.2012

  20. Fish can really stink up a house. Fried foods are terrible but oh so tasty. Sometimes people reference themselves as fried…burnt out and over it. Crispy I would think I’d lose to

    By Anne on 09.14.2012

  21. My brain is almost fried.
    Ibhave been thinking about one annoying problem all week.
    I need to switch gears and focuson something else.
    I don’t like having a fried brain.

    By Robin on 09.14.2012

  22. the orange county fair is full of fried foods being carried around on food trucks, so the scent saturates the air completely. it’s a tad disgusting to me when I think about the actual food that is creating the aroma, but when I breath in that distinct perfume of sugar, starch, meat, fat, and alcohol, it makes me smile. I can’t help it. It brings me home.

    By Morgan URL on 09.14.2012

  23. Baked in the sun for a long long time and now beyond useless, it’s crunchy and faded, cracked or blackened, extremely thirsty.

    By daniel williams on 09.14.2012

  24. She awoke slowly with a groan which turned into a wail of agony as she tried to lift herself up into a sitting position. The wail turned into an angry scream as she noticed the white patch on her stomach where her book had protected a rectangle-shaped patch of skin…the rest was bright pink. Lobster pink.

    By L W on 09.14.2012

  25. I ate all the fried food I could get my hands on or my mouth around at the Dane County fair. Chicken of course I have a thing for chickens.french fires, cheese curds. The ones from the Stoughton VFW are the best. I prefer the yellow ones. Only the yellow ones. The white ones don’t taste right. And they have to be small. I won’t eat the big ones, they lose the crunch too fast.

    By Lenee on 09.14.2012

  26. Friends + School + Dreams + Grades + Hobbies + Family + Life = Fried

    By EmilyH URL on 09.14.2012

  27. Robert woke up, already thinking about his breakfast. Fried egg. Nothing would be better to start that common day. What he didnt know was, that day would change his life forever.

    By stells on 09.14.2012

  28. His chubby fingers dripped drops of sweat onto the pavement as he held his magnifying glass steadily over the ant. The concentration could not be broken by anything, until the bug had been sufficiently fried.

    By carly on 09.14.2012

  29. {yesterday’s asthma and today’s fried}

    the day is gray
    and i’m just ash in your hair

    try not to breathe
    i might drown in your lungs

    and stay there,
    mostly quiet and unobtrusive,

    and occasionally 
    reminding you of lit matches.

    By h. b. URL on 09.14.2012

  30. Fried chicken wafted in the air. Random squawks filled the silence impatiently waiting to die and get fried. Joey sat waiting for his meal wondering was it worth a chickens life for him to live?

    By Rose Silver URL on 09.14.2012

  31. chicken. always makes me sick to my stomach.
    Toby loves it and so last time he wanted it I made him go to a new restaurant to try it.
    He wasn’t satisfied and I thought it was my fault.
    Felt guilty and had a stomach ache because it was spicy

    By Joanne on 09.14.2012

  32. She sat in the back of the library alone.Stacked next to her were piles of books. Human Anatomy, Medicine in the Modern Era, History of Medicine Abridged, the titles out numbered her own blood cells. She read page after page of text. Med school had always been the dream. She was one final exam from graduating. Her internship was secure, her diploma was signed, all she had to was pass the test in the morning. She recalled terms for hours but she could feel her self nodding off between the page numbers. She felt like she was on life support, brain dead, fried.

    By Mel on 09.14.2012

  33. I fried
    I lied
    I don’t think this will work
    I don t smoke salmon my friend
    Get that out of your mouth

    By recogirl URL on 09.14.2012

  34. My Grandmother made the very best fried chicken because she had to feed my Grandfather, their 10 children, the workers on their ranch and 2 orphans who were friends of the family. So, although they would rather eat steak they had to eat chicken twice a day. She also made biscuits three times a day because no one bought bread from the store back then. She is my hero. And the last days of her life, she was in a coma at age 84, whispering a list of work that needed to be done….wash the babies diapers, scrub the floors, cut the grapes…still working until the day she died. Love you Grandma!

    By paulie aragon on 09.14.2012

  35. He fried that piece of her heart over and over again, until it was only ash and dust. And then she scattered those remains over the world so that she could love more deeply and widely than she ever had before.

    By emlex URL on 09.14.2012

  36. The pure thought and essence of him made me frazzled. It was like everything that I could possibly think of flooded into my mind whenever he was around. It was like my entire brain was fried – all because of him.

    By Alana on 09.14.2012

  37. the person who loves you above all things, even in your most desperate moment, they are there for you, even if you don’t want them there because you think you’ll going to srew it up ans they’ll hate you, tey don’t. so…

    By nat on 09.14.2012

  38. As I lay out in the sun, I try not to remind myself how long it’s been. It could’ve been days for all I know, but I will say that the burning feeling started to intensify as I was being superheated into my chair. However, I would not let this get me down for I need a tan so I may finally be the prettiest girl on the farm or at our prom, whichever mattered more.

    By Grant Montgomery on 09.14.2012

  39. Fried.

    The girl rubbed aloe vera cream over her raw, blistered skin, the cooling sensation of the cream quickly lost in the burning fire of her skin. Sighing, the girl surveyed her ruby complexion in the mirror. It was one of the perils of pale skin, the girl mused, always being fried whenever you step into the sunlight.

    By Chrissie on 09.14.2012

  40. i love fried chicken.although its not healthy but its very tasty.sometimes i feel fries in my brain when a boring person starts conversing with me on an even boring subject.fried, thus can be both good and bad. its like life its self .only over cooked.i sometinmes fry other people.

    By d on 09.14.2012