June 21st, 2012 | 298 Entries

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298 Entries for “fractures”

  1. fractures in bone
    fractures in her skull
    fractures in her soul
    fractures in her lull

    she slipped out of sleep
    and slid down the steep
    slope of submerged clarity

    “do you remember
    the fractures in your skull?”
    “no, i remember the fractures
    that you caused
    in our family.”
    his snarl split into a grin
    “what family?”
    they’re all pieces of glass.

    By Eddy URL on 06.21.2012

  2. Fractures in the plan. in my bones. the love that grows. or is split. dusty. how can it happen? fracturing the landscape and challenging time

    By tanya URL on 06.21.2012

  3. a bone injury lolol too much pressure. I feel like im in freshman english and this is a snowflake ahhhh no i mean its a ummm WEDGE A WEDGE.. anyways i fracutred my arm once i think it means cracking or something jesus christ i cant do this FUCK MY LIFE!!!!!! shit oh god my time is almost out.

    By Ethan John on 06.21.2012

  4. Fractures can be created in any form. Physically, in bones, like when my friend and I raced down the road after our fellow scouts. The girl we ran after was in a wheelchair, but in her first 5k ever. We were so excited we tripped and my friend fell on me, fracturing my wrist. Fractures can also come metaphorically. Like when they crackle through your life. Since I left high school, my life has been subjected to a lot of fractures. Mostly self inflicted, but still scarring just the same. But I’ve used my metaphorical putty to fill them in, made with tears, sleepless nights, shoulders of friend’s I’ve sobbed on, the love of people I didn’t deserve, and my own hard work at healing them. But even though the fractures have been filled, they will never be the same again. My life will be forever marred by these fractures, but I don’t think they take away anything. If anything, the fractures that have come into my life have arced across it beautifully, like webs of history that I can trace back to the person I used to be. I will never be her again, but the woman I am now, is so much stronger. Fractures don’t make you weak, they force you to absorb so much more into yourself, to fill the cracks, but with all of that, you will never be alone, you will be stronger.

    By Kelly URL on 06.21.2012

  5. The fractures spiraled out, the mirror shattering onto the floor. Blood spread from his knuckles, but it didn’t dull the pain he’d been trying to erase in the first place. He tried shouting instead. Nothing. His own voice echoed back at him and merely served to tell him how alone he really was. So he grabbed his coat and slammed the door, never looking back.

    By AmbyrRose on 06.21.2012

  6. well there are a lot of ninja who suffer bone fractures although its a good thing that chackra can heal them pretty quickly. perhaps all shinobi should have enough knowledfe of medcal justs to heal those simple fractures instead of habing to go to the mednin

    By poiuytfdgxgcg on 06.21.2012

  7. “He’s missing.”
    A pain like fire runs down my spine, and I crumble to the ground, because it can’t be true. It can’t. I can feel my world unraveling around me- splitting pain threatens to engulf me; the fractures in my leg threaten to shatter. Every bone bends, stretching, breaking. A thousand hot needles stab at my legs.
    I imagine that all around me, the world is in chaos. Fires rage- houses are burnt, families torn apart. The very sky threatens to fall with a thunderous crash and I, I am drifting away softly, my last thread unraveling slowly, so that I begin to crumble and drift, like a fistful of sand on a windy day.
    Why am I still here?

    By Emma Crowe URL on 06.21.2012

  8. Like fractures in the glass,
    in some ways we’re all broken.
    Our lives follow uncertain paths,
    like heat cracking panes.

    By Lauren URL on 06.21.2012

  9. i broke my pelvis
    and i broke my nose
    i broke some other things
    but they weren’t bones
    and i bet i’d give back
    what i did to him
    if i knew you’d come along
    and make things stink
    you are hideously tacky
    and you left a big mess
    not for him
    but his house, instead
    he was THRILLED
    to have you go
    and i’ll tell you honey
    it’s nice to know
    how awful you were
    at everything you did
    quite frankly you’re a moron
    and i’m really not kidding
    you were a slob
    even the fridge made me gag
    open packages of everything
    you’re a slobby scum bag
    so find yourself a man
    who likes tacky shit
    and works for his money
    and lets you blow it on tits
    you have no common sense
    and your a suspicious freak
    but you were right about one thing
    you’re terribly weak
    and i, darling,
    won the battle you fought
    and best part about it is
    i never started it

    © L²

    By lauren on 06.21.2012

  10. bones hips and splints. sometimes, you can’t do anything about them. you just have to wait. and be patient. in relationships, they can last a long time. fractures in the earth. fractures in our psyches. a medical term.

    By Tahina on 06.21.2012

  11. just let us fall.
    let us fall under the tropic
    warm palms of each other
    where sweat sways
    through them like wind
    as we wind-down into a giant
    lack of noise and god,
    where we lose our sexs
    and fill our holes
    and we become even,
    all, whole, unbroken.

    By drew URL on 06.21.2012

  12. When I was ten I broke my leg. It was stupid. What accident at ten years old isn’t? We were playing in the boathouse loft. Emily Brown dared me to jump down the ladder. I told her no way, and then she did it first, so I followed and where she’d landed gracefully on the cement floor below and rolled on to her shoulder like a stunt woman – my right foot got caught in the rungs halfway down and I fractured my tibia in two places – ending my summer, but beginning my love affair with Emily Brown.

    By Creepy_Snowman URL on 06.21.2012

  13. The fracture on his hand throbbed in the beat of his heart. The thrum of it was both painful and soothing. He grimaced and lifted his hand up, cradling his elbow protectively. The motion made the throbbing ascend sharply before slowly descending to his heartbeat. He sighed and flipped the TV on. It would be some time yet before the fracture healed.

    By just URL on 06.21.2012

  14. The fractures on her skin were like those on her mind, cracks spreading across every part of her being like wild fire.

    By Claire URL on 06.21.2012

  15. One day, a little boy named Aaron was outside playing football with his friends, Johnathan, Bobby and Joe. Joe was passing the ball to Aaron, and Johnathan yelled “INTERSEPTION!” And took the ball from Joe, and Bobby tackled Aaron. Aaron fell to the ground and Bobby got up and ran away. Johnathan accidenatlly kicked Aaron’s anckle! His friends told his parents and his parents took him to the hospital. It turned out that Aaron’s anckle was fractured! He had to wear a cast on his foot-anckle.


    By Windy URL on 06.21.2012

  16. fractures occur normally when your ex wife or girlfriend takes a sledge hammer and swings it firmly into your pelvic region. this may be because of forgetting an anniversary or god forbid, actually asking for that sex she promised last year.

    By grady jackson on 06.21.2012

  17. this is when you break a bone. I’m pretty sure it hurts a lot because that’s what my friends tell me. It has happened to them before.

    By Garrett on 06.21.2012

  18. Fractures.
    She broke me.
    (Fractures are all I can see)
    She split me in half.
    (and dared to laugh)
    I cracked and moaned,
    brittle like an old woman’s bones.
    She broke me, she mutilated me.
    She ruptured my brain,
    to make me just as insane.
    (The matter gushed onto the floor
    and I’m not in the right mind anymore)
    My whole life is in fractures.

    By cosmic URL on 06.21.2012

  19. Fractures…
    of the bone
    of the heart
    of the self
    of the Earth
    can the sky?
    can the moon?
    can the universe?
    can I?

    By Selina on 06.21.2012

  20. Fractures are small. So small that you barely notice them. Perhaps that’s why you barely notice me when I get up the courage to slip you a smile or glance at you from across the room and pray that you’re not looking at me. That’s all I am- many fractures stitched together with a wish on a star that I won’t fall apart and slip through the cracks that are me.

    By Julia M URL on 06.21.2012

  21. fractures remind me of broken bones, and how i never had one. it seemed fun to be broken down into parts to get autographed casts, but now it’s what holds me back into creeping fear. I wish i could go back to a time where nothing scared me. not even the fractures of physical pain. whats more important is the heart that won’t get cracked. although it does, at times, its not worth a break. its just a fracture. i hope my crackles won’t get offended because i pushed them away from each other even more than a fracture could have.

    By kristine on 06.21.2012

  22. There are all sorts of fractures. His came from an accident in the middle of a lobotomy. He slipped. Didn’t need the surgery anymore.

    By Lusmerlin Lantigua URL on 06.21.2012

  23. A thick, dark blanket hangs heavy over the world; it sinks so close to the ground you imagine you could reach up and feel its softness against your fingertips. Like a window closed on a tiny room, the atmosphere becomes stagnant and stifling. The air we breathe now is nothing but indirect kisses; oxygen flows from your mouth into mine without our lips touching. Finally, the blanket fractures and the rain comes pouring down.

    By the doorway to doubt URL on 06.21.2012

  24. I’ve never had a fracture of any kind! People always seem to have broken or fractured at least one bone in their body. But, lucky me. I haven’t yet. I’m so thankful for that!

    By Ann Treesa Joy on 06.21.2012

  25. Bones fracture. Hearts fracture. Can minds fracture? Sometimes I think mine already has. Its hard to think clearly since the funeral. Everything around me seems broken, altered, fragmented, fractured. Unmendable.

    By S.K on 06.21.2012

  26. The fractures in the mirror marred her face almost as badly as the black eye did. She would never forgive him for this, but there was nothing she could really do about it all now except to leave him high and dry. Her one and only love–she had never wanted anyone else, but it would be stupid to stay now.

    By Rena on 06.21.2012

  27. He sprinted down the street, watching the wet cobblestones fly by beneath his feet. His legs burned like fire, begging him to stop running. He could feel his lungs beginning to wheeze and rattle; he could have sworn he was in better shape than this. He could feel the man gasping behind him; his breaths were thick and stale.
    Suddenly, a large body (although it felt more like a boulder than a person), slammed down against him, sending him crashing onto the stone ground. His arm twisted beneath him and he heard a crunch so sickening, that he began to gag. A sharp pain shot through his body. As tears welled up in his eyes, he knew that his arm wasn’t just fractured . . . it was snapped in half. But he had to keep going, he had to.

    By Rachel URL on 06.21.2012

  28. There once was a boy who was in the hospital because he fractured his leg. His sister pushed him off a couch, and he fell on his leg and his foot landed the wrong way. He was rushed to the hospital, his momma was upset. He got a green cast for six weeks and got everyone to sign in, and years later as he looked back he remembered how he kept it in storage for years and it became smelly and gross.

    By Sam on 06.21.2012

  29. All the fractures in my heart are healed by Your grace and mercy. You wash over all the broken places.

    By Melissa URL on 06.21.2012

  30. the weight of your words crush my bones. fractures are all you left me with.

    By tericampos URL on 06.21.2012

  31. I stop running to catch my breath, and I feel the fractures ache in my mind like they do in my body. The screams of pain call back the spirits of my past. The three ghosts of the past 10 months stand before me. Two gone forever, but the one lost through misunderstandings is still breathing and her heart still beats. Forever, let me put her ghost to rest.

    By agloe on 06.21.2012

  32. Bone fractures, stress fractures, skull fractures…. None of that excruciating pain can rival what I felt after you left.

    By leelee on 06.21.2012

  33. fractures are breaks and spaces between you and i, sometimes painful but with in cracks and grooves you get gold and growth. breaking is all part of healing.

    By sara rose URL on 06.21.2012

  34. fractures shattered glass mirror reflection is incorrect
    upside down right side up
    this side up box
    what can brown do for you
    actually he can do alot

    By pi on 06.21.2012

  35. I like to think of the earth with a giant egg shell with many fractures. Plate tectonics. Something I learned in school a long time ago, and never bothered to become interested in because it wasn’t a subject I had a particularly hard time with. Though, I can’t say I remember much of it at all.

    By Diana on 06.21.2012

  36. I’ve never had a fracture before but i know that it can’t hurt really bad. Like when my sheen starts to hurt after a long day of long jumping. I can only imagine how it would feel to have a fracture. omg!!!!!! the pain!

    By ariah on 06.21.2012

  37. Fractures are probably really painful. I had a fracture once, I think. Cheerleading is the culprit. I did a full and rolled both of my ankles inward and tore some ligaments or something. Other things can fracture too, like relationships. Friends can fracture trust. Fracture is like broken.. Anything can be broken, which is upsetting cause if you like something you shouldn’t break it.

    By Lacey on 06.21.2012

  38. punch, kick the habit it’s had to shack it, bake it and go forget what you forgot break it, fractures on the mirror,7 years of hell.

    By M.Z. URL on 06.21.2012

  39. I feel like my life has shattered into tiny fractures. I’m all broken up but some how I’m still intact. I don’t know where to go from here. I feel like every little good thing in my life was stolen from me and scattered everywhere. They’re so twisted, and I can’t seem to find a way to get them back in one piece.

    By Amy URL on 06.21.2012

  40. Sometimes i think about baby birds and how fragile their little wings are. I think about how I wish i could cradle them all and then i realize that their broken for reasons beyond anything ill know. for reasons i will never be able to comprehend. because I dont know why things break – maybe so we can learn to fix them, maybe so we can learn to repair – but i know.

    By Briana on 06.21.2012