October 22nd, 2012 | 351 Entries

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351 Entries for “forth”

  1. go forth and be free, go forth and be yourself. that word might take you back, but look harder for it to take you forward. go forth and be someone new. go forth and be you. be what you never thought could happen. Go forth and be YOU.

    By Melanie URL on 10.22.2012

  2. “Go forth, young one.” my master boomed behind me. I meekly made my way forward cowering under the grimace of the Great One. “You have been chosen.” he said monotonously.

    By Rose Silver URL on 10.22.2012

  3. I go up and back again; to and fro. Swing forth; swing away. My feet nearly miss your face. I laugh. You lurch back. The chains are cold in my two hands. The rubber seat digs in to the backs of my legs. I grip harder as my feet kick out. I can fly.

    By Elsa on 10.22.2012

  4. he was the forth one of seven.. two older sisters one older brother.. youngers werent soo excited.. he used to love the copy of oldest sis..

    By oya URL on 10.22.2012

  5. The forth time France and England died first. It was all my fault. I didn’t lock the door, why didn’t I lock the door?
    America died next, distraught over England. Canada and Japan followed right after. Russia, China, Germany Prussia and I were the only ones left. I have to go back. I need to find that clock again. I must remember to lock that door.

    By Tanya URL on 10.22.2012

  6. Leaving through the woods, going forth to find something new. Nothing here struck my fancy so I left always moving forward going forth.

    By Gwyneth on 10.22.2012

  7. going forth through the woods, always doing something else. nothing struck my fancy here so I left. Always going forward. always moving forth.

    By Gwyneth URL on 10.22.2012

  8. go forth and do things you never imagined were possible
    go forth and be the best you can be
    go forth and live your dreams

    By Rf on 10.22.2012

  9. Go forth, they always say.
    They don’t mention the pain of those things and people you leave behind. They forget that to go forth, you must leave where you are and what you’ve been. No, going forth makes it sound all … powerful. Forceful.
    Not lonely.

    However when you learn to go forthy, you put your best face on and you go.

    By Gina Lawton URL on 10.22.2012

  10. dferb

    By leo URL on 10.22.2012

  11. Go forth and never stop until the trees part into the clearing you’ve been searching for.
    Moving onwards continuously and determinedly. Go forth and fulfill your destiny.

    By Stu URL on 10.22.2012

  12. go forth. They will follow. Be an example, and never let them get you down. Try your hardest, and become your best. If you want it, take it. Go ye unto the world. Be your best, and never doubt. Think in the moment, make choices in the moment. Be inspired. Live, laugh love.

    By brick on 10.22.2012

  13. You always go back and forth from nice to angry. No one is more bipolar simultaneously. I try to keep my ears open but I fear that my head might explode if I allow your toxicity to flow into my head any longer.

    By sturmzie URL on 10.22.2012

  14. The forth in a race doesn’t lose, he’s the one that almost got there and did his best. I think tht in sports there should be medals for the first second third forth and fifth. And everyone is a winner not a loser. Sometimes we do wel and some we do not. I play hockey and I’ve got forth place but if I played we’ll I feel good.

    By Maltranae URL on 10.22.2012

  15. You go forth. You do what you can.You try and you try but no matter what you do nothing changes. It doesn’t matter, but you do it anyway.

    By Payton URL on 10.22.2012

  16. The Forth Bridge in Scotland is constantly being repainted. Once they finish, they just go back to the other end and start again. Job Creation, Mitt!

    By tonykeyesjapan URL on 10.22.2012

  17. many people go porth to be brave on must go forth to get what is theres. To claim ones right in life to seize what is your. I chose to go forth and see what adventerous are waiting for me. I will marth forth

    By on 10.22.2012

  18. I wouldn’t be on the podium. I wouldn’t get a medal. I would be stuck with a “thank you for participating” ribbon. Forth place. I could not believe it. It was the first time I had felt bad about myself. I did not only fail for myself, I failed for my family, my community, and my country.

    By Alejandra on 10.22.2012

  19. fractions forty eigth one quarter quarter i dont even know what else to say about this money arithmatic

    By Jaime Robinson on 10.22.2012

  20. Go forth and prosper they said. Plenty of us go forth, but how many of us prosper? It’s a concern in the world we live in. Plenty of people. Plenty of forth going but very little prospering.
    Perhaps we should look more into helping people make the most of their lives, instead of making the most of going “forth” because really, what is the point of going forth and prospering if you can only complete the first half of that sentence?

    By Betty on 10.22.2012

  21. From this day forth you will see everything as you need to see it.
    Forth fourth froth first fourth forth

    By Steven URL on 10.22.2012

  22. I hear His voice. “Go forth!” And it is both an inspiring call and a terrifying one. For how can I do this? I, the insignificant mortal that I am? But I know that His love is enough for all of this. It doesn’t depend on me.

    By Dane Rosengren URL on 10.22.2012

  23. go forth, be forthcoming, fourth? i like the number four, it’s my favorite number. i don’t know why, just love it. shall i go forth about the word fourth? ah, fuck it.

    By Sara URL on 10.22.2012

  24. Coming forth from the misty background, I fell to my knees. The fog was dusty and blinding, a combination of soot and ashes. I wondered is these ashes were the posthumous memories of the people, my people, burned in this fire. I wondered if I could’ve stopped it. I wondered if I would have.

    By Rosemarie on 10.22.2012

  25. Drawing the needle forth, I saw blood reach the top of the syringe. A rush of second thoughts about my choices rushed faster than the feeling from my arm.

    By Rosemarie on 10.22.2012

  26. The boy looks out at the sun rising past the valley. He has been sent forth from his home, exiled for crimes he did not commit. He must move forward, and he shall with only one goal in mind. Revenge.

    By thelonehuman URL on 10.22.2012

  27. “Go forth,” he murmured. “Walk the paths that lead deep into the forest, and bring back what you find there.”

    Her tears fell, shining droplets splashing onto the red cloth of her basket as she walked into the woods.

    By Kenna URL on 10.22.2012

  28. I must go forth from here. I can not stay in this place of inner isolation and dispair. My feelings are not met, but life is moving forward and so must I.

    By Nicole URL on 10.22.2012

  29. Go forth and be merry. Celebrate the life you have been given. Go forth and put smiles on strangers’ faces. Go forth and eat dessert before dinner just because you can. Go forth because others do not have that ability. Go forth and live for the good of all kind.

    By teeps on 10.22.2012

  30. go forth. go on that path your supposed to be on, dont wait for me to catch up because maybe i never will. maybe im never supposed to see you again and maybe i was only here to get you right where you are now.

    By AshleyKay URL on 10.22.2012

  31. “Go forth” she said to me with a sullen tone in her voice. I complied as I took a deep breath and put my best foot forward. I heard a sudden roar of wind as I leaped off the 10 story high building with a rope tied to me back. It was truly an amazing adrenaline rush. My first bungee jump.

    By Lynnette Oon URL on 10.22.2012

  32. go forth, inspiring, go forth makes me think follow my dreams, shoot for the stars. why forth tho
    go fivth? sixth? forward probably. welp……..forth.

    By Dayton Beutler on 10.22.2012

  33. i move forth into the realms of the untold, the unheard and the unknown.

    By imole on 10.22.2012

  34. What forth means to me is forward. This word can be used to describe someone’s attitude, or even movement.

    By Carlos on 10.22.2012

  35. Go forth and light up the world.

    Set it on fire with the passion of ages.

    Let it blaze and glow as it burns down walls and barriers that ought to have vanished centuries ago.

    Tear off the irons and shackles of oppression and distress.

    Give in.

    Give in.

    Show me what you are made of.

    Prove that you deserve to live.

    Share your soul with the same fervor in which you defy death.

    Go ahead.

    Go forth.

    I dare you to live.

    By Sara H. URL on 10.22.2012

  36. i move forth into the realms of the untold, the unheard and the unknown.
    i move forth to my darker, wider futures.
    i move forth in a journey to discover the ME in me.

    By imole on 10.22.2012

  37. back and forth, the swing dangled in the wind. i stood and watched it like it represented my life in some way. i couldn’t understand why it meant so much to me, but it did. it’s like i could understand everything that was going on in my head, just by metaphorically looking at that one swing. i was completely taken with it. i couldn’t look away.

    By katie on 10.22.2012

  38. He came forth, riding on a pale horse. The crops laid withered and barren across the brown landscape. The farmers laid on fenceposts, skin and bones only visible, no muscle in between. They looked up at the rider first with fear, then with an expression of happiness. The rider was Death.

    By John B. on 10.22.2012

  39. the desire to move on. we are all trapped in a rut that is scraping away slowly at our sanity. the only way to escape this is to move forth. this is with our hobbies our lives, our relationships, everything. we must break the barriers of normality in order to create a happier and more worthwhile existence.

    By Mackinna on 10.22.2012

  40. She brings forth a previously graded essay with a large red “f” marked at the top.
    “what’s this?”, I ask.
    She tells me she wants a redo.
    I tell her to unbutton her top and show me how much she wants it.

    By courtney on 10.22.2012