October 22nd, 2012 | 351 Entries

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351 Entries for “forth”

  1. forthcoming was the storm in the windy dunes of north holland. It was cold and impossible to walk through the cold win. Jeroen had to protect me from falling over and crawling in the icy-cold sand. There was nothing to do but keep walking

    By on 10.22.2012

  2. Go forth and conquer!! That’s about it… it’s Monday, what can I say. I’m tired.

    By Smoothilly URL on 10.22.2012

  3. Back and forth on the front porch, her chair rocked solidly forward and back. She watched the grasses sway in the field and listened to her apprentice grumble behind the warped old glass of the window over her shoulder. Smiling to herself, she began to hum an old witches’ song.

    By Ama Marie URL on 10.22.2012

  4. The boat rocked back and forth, sloshing around the contents of my stomach in a fashion similar to that of the waves all around us. I lurched forward and laid down clutching my stomach. I mustn’t vomit. We had no idea how long it would be until we were found. This was keeping me alive, this evil bile that sent me to my knees.

    By Ender URL on 10.22.2012

  5. Forth from within it came. A strikingly diligent personality, who would sacrifice pleasure for duty. It came to him when he was on the verge of collapse, when the stress of university life collided with his everyday normal life and threatened to entreat the boy’s secret desire to become a martyr. Now he was on his way – to what? Well isn’t that the question of anyone’s life.

    By Eric Harrell on 10.22.2012

  6. Charles is quite known for his eccentric ways and antiquated speech. His favorite word is “forth”. He often tells his children to “go forth to school and increase your knowledge”.

    By wgirl URL on 10.22.2012

  7. to go forward, many people think fort worth is forth worth, some people may think this is a number before five, it sort of rhymes with worth, sally forth, go forward,

    By debbie on 10.22.2012

  8. “go forth and conquer,” he said, but I had no motivation to leave my room. I had only just barely agreed to wake up this morning; my alarm clock and I were having an argument because my head was having an affair with the pillow and would not be separated from it.

    By James LaFarlette on 10.22.2012

  9. come forth to me young child as i bestow a gift on you for your long journey. though you are the forth to try this, i think you will suceed. but what do i know? im the forth choice for this position why am i typing the wword forth i dont understand what im suppose to do

    By autumn URL on 10.22.2012

  10. forth, 4, four of july, fireworks, lights, colors, drawing, art, class, school, teachers, boring, sleep, night, dark, scary, paranormal activity, movie, actors, famous, artist, red carpet, carpet, socks, electricity, ballons, air, fly, fairy…

    By alexa on 10.22.2012

  11. Forth. Forthcoming. What is forthcoming for me? My life is getting back to “normal”. Even when this has become my new normal. I know two months are not a lot but they’ve been enough for me to accustomed to this.

    By Montse on 10.22.2012

  12. go forth. go and do whatever you can, but keep going. we may stray our path but we are all heading for that final destination. always keep going forth. always.

    By Pou on 10.22.2012

  13. I wish I could go forth with my feelings, but unfortunately things can’t always be that way. If I were to go forth with how I feel than my life would become even more messy than it already is.

    By caity on 10.22.2012

  14. the forth of july was the worst time of the year, so much patriotism for a terrible place. I couldn’t stand it. All the stars and stripes, the food and fireworks. Yet no one saw how awful it was here. How many people were homeless and jobless and in poverty. S

    By Mar on 10.22.2012

  15. They came forth from the cracks and the crevices. Some seemed to come simply from thin air. But inexplicably, there they were, swarming the city in just moments. The people locked their windows and doors, but it was impossible to keep them out.

    By Iam Me URL on 10.22.2012

  16. Forthwith, and all my wandering subjects have left me for warmer placid and solidly stood the ground for them. i urge them on towards the difference.

    By Rachel Sherwood URL on 10.22.2012

  17. Need to improve performance..Looks like we are going to have to improve to get to the first place spot. Work Hard/ Play Hard. Lets go!

    By Richard Aguayo URL on 10.22.2012

  18. the forth letter in. The forth thing in everything that there is

    one two three FOUR THAT IS THE FOURTH

    Come forward and see what is hidden behind the castle walls matey ha ha ha ha

    By ami on 10.22.2012

  19. The fourth step leading up to the front post of my grand parents house was always a little loose. It squeaked and rocked back towards the street a fraction of an inch. The redish stain was wearing thin.

    By Chris Rogers URL on 10.22.2012

  20. Fuerte
    Su piel era fuerte
    Asombraba las erupciones sobre sus brazos
    Su sonrisa me entregó fuerzas
    Estreché su mano y nuestros cuerpos se juntaron en un fuerte abrazo
    Una lágrima corrió por mi cara
    Cerré los ojos
    Cuando volví a abrirlos ya no estaba
    Pero sabía que en algún lugar, él seguía allí

    By Tohe URL on 10.22.2012

  21. Bring forth the tribute. Have her arms and legs tied back like a pig’s feet strapped and dangling from a pit. Throw her upon the sacrificial table and slit her body open to offer up to our patron gods.

    By Vy Tran URL on 10.22.2012

  22. My sister told me a story one time. Well, Its not a story because it happened to her. But here it goes… I was in Forth grade no, Third grade because she’s two years older than I am. And, she comes home from the Fifth grade track day and says, “I placed forth in the 200 meter!” and I was really happy for her. I can remember feeling happy. Then something came over me to ask how many people were in the race and sure as shit there was only four.

    By DorisDay on 10.22.2012

  23. back and forth, we go back and forth and up and down heartbreaking i dont know what you want anymore i dont know what this is anymore i dont know its making me dizzy

    By Emily Howell on 10.22.2012

  24. The fourth huh that reminds me of doctor who i wonder what the fourth doctor was like i should google that later i wonder where nina is she’s probably down at school for band with jacob and rebecca unless she’s not going to because she’s in guard i’m not sure what else to write now i should

    By Elizabeth on 10.22.2012

  25. Let it come forth, like a rushing rapid. Let it burst from your seams like the eruption of a volcano. What is the power of a king, an emperor, a monarch? What is the power of an absolute when I know the power of you? I have felt the rush of your love; the touch of your soul against mine; a feeling unmitigated by words and actions; a pure, unblemished expression of purity. I have felt you, and I do not mind.

    By Sunny Patel URL on 10.22.2012

  26. Go forth and do great things. Spread love. Create joy. Make the world a better place. Go forth and succeed. Leave your mark. Exceed expectations. Create a legacy. Go forth and live. Go forth and be alive.

    By Kaylyn URL on 10.22.2012

  27. Go forth. Go forth and make something of yourself. Go forth and seek answers to questions you’ve always wondered. Do something unexpected. Strive to be the best. Go forth and make today your day. Create. Destroy. Ponder. Enjoy. Be the person you’ve always wanted to be, but were too afraid to be.

    By kellymara URL on 10.22.2012

  28. Back and forth, back and forth, back and forth.
    The old swing creaked and creaked.
    Eight-year-old Lucy felt as though this old swing was the only place she could organize her thoughts and get away from the rest of the world and the problems that existed.

    By Megan Ronnow on 10.22.2012

  29. Go forth and follow your heart. It’s all you truly have to guide you..not your brain, just your heart. So smile, follow it, accept it, and go.

    By Channing Dippel on 10.22.2012

  30. forth i don’t really have a clue what im writing about kinda expected a different word kinda like happiness or sadness something deep . just like when i was in camp we had a lecture about theory of knowledge before we went to sleep

    By Nicholas on 10.22.2012

  31. Forth as in progress or future, future that we can’t change, like the past. The past can’t bee changed, chanes like the ones we have throughout our lifes. Life is great, and sometimes it is hard, but people always have time for fun, which is what makes everything interesting. What mekes some people successful, is to reach for their dreams, amd goals, by going Forth.

    By Juan Manuel on 10.22.2012

  32. Go forth and be productive. Love life, move forward. Keep trying to make yourself better, always improve. Love the world and all it’s beauty. Try to help everyone, never let yourself down. Keep moving along, even when you feel like you can’t. Just keep going. Just keep swimming, just keep swimming.

    By Kathleen on 10.22.2012

  33. Well if I could just get my fingers to follow my thoughts I could go forth and conquer the world through words. Or at least I could let you know what I am thinking about the the huge implications of the upcoming election.

    By Tom on 10.22.2012

  34. These soldiers have had no sleep for nights. Their rifles cling onto their shoulders. They are trembling, filled with uneasiness and bloodthirst. They have become possessed. Their eyes are cold and distance; no range of emotions. They ready their aim at the enemy and go forth. The sound of marching men erupt in explosions and end with faint echoes.

    By Armando on 10.22.2012

  35. Forth is such a formal word. You cant really use it casually can you? Go forth and do good deeds! Its really just a fancy way of saying “Hey you, get your shit together and go this”. It’s so demanding, and it just has that sound about it that you’re being told to do something important by some scary all-knowing higher power. Or maybe I’m just over thinking things again.

    By sarah URL on 10.22.2012

  36. Forth is a rather odd word. I’m not sure how to feel about it because it deals with the context it’s used in. I’d like to start over. Maybe this just proves how undecided I am… I’m not big on making decisions. The word forth… I’ll be honest, I’m not even sure when to use it.

    By Sam Tuinei on 10.22.2012

  37. Back and forth,back and forth. The swing set takes me back and forth and i’m 6 again, not worrying about silly high school drama and the vile thoughts that consume me. I’m happy for once. Just going back and forth on that swing set, screaming my lungs out.

    By labyrinthine on 10.22.2012

  38. Fourth.

    By Bea on 10.22.2012

  39. In the darkness, she sat, and heard the roar of the crowd around her.

    It was too late now. Too late to convince them that she was innocent. That she hadn’t fired the arrow that killed the Prince’s life.

    Too late.

    But still, she held her head high. And as she walked forth into the sunlight, she prayed that whatever came next–salvation or death–would be quick.

    Executioner. Crowd. She squinted in the sunlight. Time to begin.

    By Brill URL on 10.22.2012

  40. backward onwards future shakespear fork four mouth forwards moving

    By Maggie on 10.22.2012