October 22nd, 2012 | 351 Entries

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351 Entries for “forth”

  1. Go forth, I thought. What an odd phrase to be on a sign.
    So…Medieval. Though, I supposed, the entire place, with its peeling paint and oppressive wallpaper, was faintly anachronistic in and of itself. I went forth.

    By Breanna URL on 10.22.2012

  2. This tall wall just dividing, separating, segregating a forth, a different scene excluded from everything you see, your imagination is the only thing that makes the difference.

    By Mp on 10.22.2012

  3. She stepped through the arched doorway, brushing debris from her gloves onto her riding skirt. A sound startled her and she glanced to were the altar once was, now a pile of rubble. From behind the rubble stepped an astoundingly white wolf.

    By Súil Na Soilsiú URL on 10.22.2012

  4. The words caught in her throat. She wanted to say it. The truth. The words that had been sitting there waiting impatiently all these years. The silence had given way for the words. They were waiting. She just needed to open up and let it out!

    By Louise URL on 10.22.2012

  5. From the edge, spilled the waste

    By gsk URL on 10.22.2012

  6. “Go forth,” they said. So I strapped on my backpack and hopped onto the boat. I don’t know why they thought I was leaving forever, I’d be back in six months. But as I was floating away on the ship, seeing their goodbye waves through the mist, I felt like I would never make it back.

    By caro on 10.22.2012

  7. Just keep walking. They who come forth will be many, but as long as I am fourth out the door I will be happy. What gives them the right to threaten and harass me with their religious nonsense. If I want to believe them it would be my choice, leaving is also my choice.

    By Meredyth URL on 10.22.2012

  8. Back and forth, back and forth. The empty swing set rocked on its own. The girl stood watching, thinking about how the swings, like her life were empty, and stuck in the same place for eternity.

    By jessilou URL on 10.22.2012

  9. The back and forth of your reasoning makes me dizzy. It makes me seasick. Well, it would if we were at sea. Your indecisiveness is bearable, I can see it’s hard to decide on things sometimes. I’m a little fickle myself when faced with too many choices. Put me in front of a supermarket display of anything with more than half a dozen options tops, and I’m there for ages. This is why I think less choice is better. It’s better because it’s quicker and it’s less stressful. Getting wrapped up in decisions that feel important at the time, but that just aren’t, is stressful. And this is why you make me want to hurl. Your decision making processes are a lot like a tennis match, except you are both players and the rallies don’t ever end. You see the issue, serve. You see the alternative, return. But then you see the alternative to the alternative, return, so you go with that. But then you decide not to make a decision after all, you’ll just leave it. Or will you? No, you’ll decide you need to choose, other player serves. I swear, one day I will just pay someone to make your decisions for you. Or pay for therapy. Not for you, for me. Well, maybe you could go for a couple of sessions. You clearly need it. Some days I can actually see the anxiety coming out of your ears. Well, maybe that’s a lie, technically. But you are anxious, a lot. I wish that just sometimes you could see the black and then see the white and then choose one, instead of obsessing over a million shades of grey. Just once, maybe. What’s the best way to find a psychiatrist?

    By rhyme79 URL on 10.22.2012

  10. Go forth he said, slay your enemies he said, be victorious he said, and he forgot to mention how the other guy would also be doing his very best to cleave me in half.

    By River Ranter URL on 10.22.2012

  11. She went forth to see what awaited her, nothing to lose, nothing to gain. Because what lie ahead could be no worse than what lay behind her, already conquered. She headed forward, ready to meet what would greet her through those two doors, excited and apprehensive, but ready.

    By Delaney :) on 10.22.2012

  12. My mind is constantly racing back and forth while on the walks we take together. There are so many things I want to say. And some that must be left unsaid. We walk back and forth like my mind goes.

    By Kayla R URL on 10.22.2012

  13. walking forward on a bridge, much green on the sides. the ocean ahead. im by myself, its windy, sunset, cloudy day. the ocean is very still. forth i go, with no fear or goal, to an obviously no-ending bridge, but the point is not where im going TO. just that i am going.

    By Paula Magalhaes on 10.22.2012

  14. We went forth on a cloudy day; the sky was grey with terror and foreboding. They went forth on a sunny day – damn their luck! The fifth day was rather indifferent. Lambs made that weird braying sound they make. The wind was gathering momentum. Heathcliffe looked stupid.

    By Aishwarya on 10.22.2012

  15. Come forth my son…

    By Lucy W URL on 10.22.2012

  16. I ran, and placed my hand on the car hood, “ALEX,” I yelled. I searched vast and far for him, but as the sun rose over that hill, I knew he moved forth.

    By Erik on 10.22.2012

  17. go forth and explore the unknown. Pilgrims did it, now it’s your turn. It’s time to have your own adventure, don’t just fantasize about it, it’s time to conquer, to discover. It’s time to uncover your own Mayan ruins, to find your own Ice Cave, GO FORTH AND CONQUER.

    By bfayce on 10.22.2012

  18. she went forth with courage. she thrusted her sword and nailed him in the back. then she stomped on to her next victim.

    By kathpine98 URL on 10.22.2012

  19. Etalia had a habit of leaving you hanging and wanting more. Her sentences almost always ended with ‘and so forth’. She’d throw in an ‘and all that jazz’ if she felt sprightly or an ‘ad nauseam’ if she felt cranky.

    By penny dreadful URL on 10.22.2012

  20. “Come forth and claim your prize”, the annoucer said in a fake tone. I stood unsmiling among the crowd as Rebecca Gladson walked on the stage and was awarded first place. The principal, Rebecca’s father, shook her hand and gave her a bear hug.
    I knew what to expect from the talent show, but I had hoped that, just maybe, Principal Gladson might think someone else was worthy of first place other than his daughter. But, no. Rebecca had won first place in the River Middle School Talent Show for the past three years. She performed the same tumbling act each year, adding nothing new to it.
    Thank the lord eighth grade was almost over.
    Every time Rebecca won, the entire school would hear nothing other than “Yeah, I’m so talented” or “I feel really sorry for the losers, but some people just don’t have talent”.
    What drove me to compete this year, was a mystery. I was just happy that Plateau Highschool gave me a chance to shine.
    So, as Rebecca stood smiling on the stage, I stood and walked out with the haunting words I thirsted to be said to me. “Come forth and claim your prize”.

    By Secret URL on 10.22.2012

  21. Go forth my wayward children who cannot step back a single step on pain of death. Do not look back because the future is forever expanding and you must grasp it in your own two hands and make it yield to you. If not, all is lost. You cannot even fathom what will happen if you refuse to accept the things that happen.
    Not all that is gold glitter.
    Not all who wander are lost.

    By Yuki URL on 10.22.2012

  22. Movement when you go front and knowing that you are going in a direction that you know will be always in front of you or also when you are happy or on a role and you are glad about it.

    By Cristobal on 10.22.2012

  23. One day i was doing cross country and I was running as hard as i could and I came fifty first. I was so happy that I got that far.
    So mum toke me home and made me do jobs and I said thats the forth timee thats happend.

    By ethan on 10.22.2012

  24. A wave of energy coming your way, everything is coming your way. That is the meaning of “forth”. When you think about it, mostly everything is forthing in this universe. The power of gravity is immence. I cannot begin to imagine just how large it really is. What are we really traveling towards? If this word, forth, means to move towards, what is it that we are moving towards? Humanity still remains

    By gg URL on 10.22.2012

  25. Progress, advance, the word advances as well as the people in it, as they did many years ago like the ones they showed us in history class, i like that class, better than most of the others,

    By Hector on 10.22.2012

  26. She puts forth her best effort. And yet she’s left feeling like God hates her. And then she decides not to believe in Him because He sucks. And He does a lot of the time. Why do we blame both our shortcomings and our success on Him instead of on Ourselves? Why should He be the only one to receive a capital letter?

    By Kim URL on 10.22.2012

  27. hello my dear loser you are always where you will always be and love affairs are not in your favor because most things come in twos and threes okay you will be big someday just kidding that’s a lie you will always be the same.

    By breakfast burritoo on 10.22.2012

  28. Go forth, my son, to your destiny. Go forth, my son, and increase your happiness, enrich your life, and enjoy your love. Don’t hesitate to ask questions, make jokes, messes, and mistakes. Fellow your heart wherever it takes you, whether that’s into debt or prosperity. Don’t be mean, just be meaningful in everything you do.

    By Amanda on 10.22.2012

  29. I go forth into this relationship open minded and heavy-hearted. I want it to work. I feel like I need it to work, because I have never believed in something so strongly. I believe this can work, because I am willing to make it. I work at it, and try. The best relationships take work, and that’s what I am doing.

    By kowen15028 URL on 10.22.2012

  30. back and forth towards the center or the middle or maybe the other side I don’t know. I know I can’t figure out what’s ahead of me. WIll I stay with cog neuro or not? Ethnic studies is interesting but I just can’t see myslef getting a job. I feel so lazy but I just don’t want to do the work for neuro. Everyone here is so smart and productive and I feel so beneath them all.

    By Mikaka on 10.22.2012

  31. i’m moving forth towards a fear, always. if there is no fear, there is forward movement, no growth, no expansion of self. everyday i will do something that scares me to keep myself moving forth. without back there is no forth, so there will always be backsteps, but these just keep the aliveness alive.

    By m URL on 10.22.2012

  32. The tire swing swung back and forth in the autumn breeze. I smiled as I caught the tire and put my legs through it’s opening. I closed my eyes and thought about the memories that this swing held.

    By Liz URL on 10.22.2012

  33. Going forward. Not looking back. like a bicycle ride. I like bikes; I used to ride them all the time when I was in California. I rode my bike to the library and to school. It’s not like that anymore here. I take the bus instead.

    By Tao Tao on 10.22.2012

  34. Go forth and carry on.
    Don’t worry about the oncoming bomb.
    It does not depict your future.
    One injury that needs a suture.
    Everything will be okay,
    and that’s way better than being this way.

    By NikkiBacas on 10.22.2012

  35. coming, holidays, further, farther, desert, dessert, trip, friendship and everything leads to the same.

    By monica on 10.22.2012

  36. As I go forth in my journey,
    I look back at the steps I have taken.
    Loves lost,
    Hearts broken,
    Words unspoken.
    It all seems so trivial now, standing here.
    It all seems so insignificant.
    And yet,
    I look ahead.
    I look ahead knowing, feeling,
    That there is something greater waiting to happen.
    My journey has just begun.

    By Audrey URL on 10.22.2012

  37. This is the month when I go forth and advance my writing career. I must go forth and jump off that cliff, blindfolded, not knowing where I’m going or where I’ll end up. And not worrying about it. I must trust in the process. Because that is enough. The writing will take me where I need to go and where I need to be.

    By Mindy Hoffbauer URL on 10.22.2012

  38. i see, tomorrow another day, didn’t think it was this way. no matter, it’s fine. we’ll get a car and do east coast west coast for no particular reason.

    By monica on 10.22.2012

  39. I wish she would come forth about how she’s insecure or something. I don’t know. I feel like she’s hiding something from everyone and won’t tell any of us. There’s something in her that just won’t come out, and I want to know what it is. What makes her unbroken all of the time – her boyfriend? No. It can’t be.

    By Kennedy URL on 10.22.2012

  40. From that day forth, we were closer than ever; sharing secrets and always calling each other up late at night to tell one another how lonely it was without them.

    By Jodi May URL on 10.22.2012